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Will look into this for sure

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zylphryx wrote:

Glad to hear it! So what were your favorite parts? Were there any articles that really stood out for you? How was the art?

And before anyone actually posts their answers to these questions, why not take that minute or two you were going to spend posting a reply and post a review instead?

What? Too soon after my other request for product reviews?

You know, there is one definite way to get me to stop posting requests for product reviews ... one guess, that's all you get. ;)

EDIT: Seriously though, I am glad to hear everyone is enjoying the issue. I just see "reminding folks about the importance of product reviews" as a secondary job once an issue gets released into the wild.

As requested, I did review it. As it was my first review ever, it was done to the best of my current ability.

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HOLY HELL!!!! My favorite Wayfinder by far.

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Not really, but yes. Its not hit point damage, its a hit point adjustment, same as if the con score was raised by 2 points the druids (or any class for that matter) hit points would go up by 1 per hit die. So using 10 as the con score as a base: for every 2 points that the con score goes up via spell, gaining levels, etc, the characters hit points raise by 1 per hit die and for every 2 points the con score drops by spell, poison, disease, etc, the characters hit points drop by 1 per hit die.

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How about a book of encounters, like Guide of 100 Encounters (5 encounters of CR 1 - CR 20? Something to help with when the PCs do something truly unexpected, random encounter, or you need an encounter on the fly.
You could do the encounters based on location (city, dungeon, ruin, forest, sea, etc).

How about and expanded settlement qualities/disadvantages?

Background and goals of secret societies.

I would like to see more one night stands.

And add me to the list of people wanting a Talented Bestiary.

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Any of the Manowar albums; esp. Triumph of Steel, Kings of Metal, Louder Than Hell, and Fighting the World.

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would adding new domains be a possibility for an addition with doing a domain channeling upgrade to it? Because neutral aligned channelers get no love. How about an Inevitable Domain?

Heck, even an Inevitable blood sorcerer.

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I've read most of it and find it to be very fantastic and adds depth to the domains, in my opinion, for the better.
As most of the 3pp that I have is from Genius, I would like to see the Godling Domain (with maybe a subdomain for the Godling domain as a bonus?) get some love. If I can think of others I'll update, just at work right now, so...