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Name: Kuro Izanakami
Race: Kitsune
Classes: Magus 4
Adventure: The Thrushmoor Terror
Location: Thrushmoor city streets at night
Catalyst: Murderhobo

Kuro was apparently responsible for the death of a homeless man who stole food, and he did not appreciate his murder. The man returned as a revenant and got his revenge on the fox-man-thing that killed him.

Name: Azrael Kenrith
Race: Half-Elf
Classes/Levels: Sorceror 7th
Adventure: Varnhold Vanishing
Location: Just south of the Nomen Tribe
Catalyst: Soul Eater, man. Soul Eater
The Gory Details: The Party was camping out after meeting with the Nomen tribe, only for a Soul Eater to sneak into Azrael's tent during the second watch. Thankfully, the entire group was alerted by the Alarm Azrael cast on his tent, allowing them to slay the creature before it absconded with Azrael's soul.

Name: Dust Crowfeather
Race: Catfolk
Classes/levels: Rogue 6
Adventure: Rivers Run Red
Location: Hargluka's Lair
Catalyst: A Rock Troll and Hargluka's necklace of fireballs
The Gory Details: The party got stopped from advancing on Hargluka by the rock troll essentially providing a solid wall at a bottleneck, and Hargluka took the opportunity to throw a fireballs at the clumped-up group. In the end, Dust went down to the Rock Troll's attacks, and then taking fireball damage while unconscious.

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Simple, really. Efreeti know not to do any wish crafting where they live. The long term effects are rather... Extreme.

1). Yes.
2). Yes.
3). Yes.

All three are dead magic zones.

"Sometimes these shards of power go unnoticed and boil away into nothing over time." - Bestiary 6

So I just wanted to check and see if there are any unintended consequences for the character creation limitations I'm placing on my players. I have told them to go with a "natural" theme for their characters, mainly because I like the idea of Nature vs Mythos. As it stands, I know that I'm going to have a kinetic Knight phytokineticist, a winter witch, a druid, and a shifter, with two more players undecided. Aside from encouraging someone to take the skills needed for the Dreamlands ritual in book three, is there anything else I should be careful of?

There's always Mendev

Salvatore has the information they need anyways, so if your party decides to not take Laori's help, things should be fine. Also, it's super easy for her to bug out using a preset word of recall, so that enables her to be recurring as well.

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Another point to remember: Coins have weight. Every 50 gp is a pound.

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Mystic_Snowfang wrote:
Am I the only one who read this as Gorilla Suit?

This isn't surprising. After all, these sorts of suits do lend themselves nicely to Gorilla warfare!

... I'll show myself out.

captain yesterday wrote:

Why you don't ask me if I need help when I'm shopping.

Worker at hardware store: Can I help you with anything?

Captain Yesterday: Yes, which of these chainsaws would you recommend I attach to my hand, in case there's a Zombie Apocalypse?

No, that is a reason to always ask you if you need help. Clearly you are one of the great thinkers of our time, and need every possible opportunity to share your wisdom.

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Kudaku wrote:

I'm really happy to see that you followed through on your promise to take another look at the Shifter. It's still not quite where I'd like to see it but the Wildshape changes are definitely a huge quality of life improvement for the class. :)

I realize it's late for a playtest but if you're looking for some feedback, like I mentioned previously I'd really love to see an option that lets you speed up shifting in combat. That way you can really leverage the strengths of the different shapes. Things like changing to a stag to charge a creature too far away for your bear form to reach or swift-changing to an owl to fly over difficult terrain and then turn into a tiger in mid-air to pounce on your opponent seems very in character for a shifter. As it stands right now shifters feel fairly "static" in combat - they tend to pick a combat form and stick to it. Other shapes are mostly used for utility, scouting etc.

There's Shifter's Rush for that, which is immensely helpful with the changes to Wild Shape now.

@avr: I'd less consider the insta-gib factor, and more consider that it's a level 3 insta-hit and insta-crit for a standard action. Sure, a CR 3 monster is going to pass a DC 17 fortitude save about 50% of the time if Fortitude is its good save, but even then they just took 17 out of 30 hp.

However, what I certainly would change is removing Mutated Wild Shape and Planar Wild Shape. There's much better feats that I would want as a grappler: Bushwack, Deadly Grappler, Kraken Style and Kraken Throttle, or Rapid Grappler.

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Hex Nails are nice and flavorful in this regard, and dirt cheap to boot.

PossibleCabbage wrote:
What's the preferred 1-level dip for weapon using elementalist who's looking for proficiencies? Barbarian for rage and fast movement (downside no heavy armor prof)? Fighter for a feat? Green Knight Cavalier b/c it's thematic and gives you free Diehard?

I'd go for fighter myself. The others really aren't good dips in and of themselves. That being said, Barbarian is a fun one to multiclass, especially if you have Wolverine as one of your Shifter Aspects.

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Archmage Variel wrote:
mourge40k wrote:
So, out of curiousity, why did you rate the Shifter Aspect for Deinonychus so low? It's a far better option to take than the likes of Eagle or Frog, especially when you're using Chimeric Aspect. Add in that you rate Reactionary blue, and I'm just confused.
I decided to rate the effects of the minor form red because in order to gain the benefits of the initiative bonus, you need to be in your minor aspect before the encounter starts. This severely limits its usefulness as a minor aspect. Abilities like reactionary are constant, and reactionary is a very good pick for a trait. The Deinonychus minor ability on the other hand has things like enhancement bonuses to ability scores that it must compete with, on top of the fact that it's status as a minor aspect negatively impacts its use as an initiative bonus.

So you rate it at red, while what is at most a +8 bonus on Perception (most of which are made before an encounter starts) a green rating, and a +8 on Swim checks and Acrobatics checks to jump (which are both invalidated easily by magic early on in an adventurer's career) a yellow? I'm still not seeing the logic.

There's Rending Claws.

So, out of curiousity, why did you rate the Shifter Aspect for Deinonychus so low? It's a far better option to take than the likes of Eagle or Frog, especially when you're using Chimeric Aspect. Add in that you rate Reactionary blue, and I'm just confused.

MageHunter wrote:

There seems to be a high correlation between powerful overlords gaining ground and death by scrappy ragtag underdogs. It's the funniest thing...

I mean, Tar Baphon was a mythic 10 Archmage Lich Wizard 20. How do you screw THAT up? He even killed the Herald of Aroden, which is like... really hard...

Just remember: One of the scrappy underdogs working against Tar-Baphon was Iomedae. Add in the fact that the Shield of Aroden breaking destroyed his form, and didn't actually kill him.... Well, suffice to say that for all the effort that went into stopping him has mostly just delayed him.

I have a few recommendations for oozes! First off, you could throw a few Sanguine Ooze Swarms at them. While swarms are normally really challenging for a low-level party, these things don't do a ton of damage by themselves, and are mostly just annoying. Secondly, I suggest a good old-fashioned Giant Amoeba or Amoeba Swarm. All of these can easily be kept around for general body removal purposes, or perhaps because slimes they produce can be refined into some sort of valuable/illicit product.

You could be a Green Knight cavalier. Maybe he was getting hung, wished he wouldn't die, and a Fae heard him and went "A'ight, I can do that."

So, couple of important questions come to mind for me. Firstly, who else in town would actually buy 50 feet of rope? That's an awful lot of rope, and I can't think of many people in town who would need that much. Secondly, are you quite sure that you want to make the party dislike Ven? Because this is an excellent way to accomplish that. Add in the upcoming events in the sawmill, and things could quite easily become quite unpleasant for our poor vendor.

34. Nocticula

Allens (In which a group of space marines go to an overrun colony world to fight the teeming hordes of Tim Allens that have replaced the colonists)

Just kindly remind your players that the person in charge of this army organized the defeat of Fort Rannick and it's standing army using three people, and is known to employ shapeshifters.

29) Because there's an app for that.

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4). You encounter a Will-o'-wisp

A geokineticist seems to be an excellent choice for a tank, as you can easily be a very clear threat while still being able to take some major hits.

Hrm. Well, for 300 gold, a necromancer could get himself a nice skeleton out of this corpse, which has the nice side effect of not needing a lot of preservation. Of course, there is also the fact that this was probably hard to find, and took some effort to kill. I would say that this croc could easily fetch about 900 gold from a necromancer.

The Game Hamster should not rule this city because he's not a Miniature Giant Space Hamster. Accepting anything less would be simply unacceptable!

Hrm. So let me get this straight: You guys come across Mr. Undead, and handcuff him, after finding another plot hook. The fact that you have him completely at your mercy like this does mean you could easily kill him, yes. But seeing as you have this nice juicy hook that is obviously connected to him, it is also prudent to see if he knows additional information. Judging by the fact you use interrogate, I am assuming that this is the general line of questioning that occurred. Unless they were trying the whole redemption thing, I see less a case of Stupid Good, and more a case of not fully clearing a place and covering your backs before trying to get info.

Also, is this Rise of the Runelords? Because this sounds an awful lot like RotRL.

Well, before giving out any advice, I have some questions. First off, what class is said Good character, and what deity do they worship, if any?

After a bit of research, it seems that Razor's biggest saving grace is the countries he is surrounded by. Ustalav and Kyonin both have much bigger problems than this tiny little country supposedly controlled by a god, and the rest of his immediate neighbors are River Kingdoms. Simply put, Razmir just isn't that big of a deal once you get out of Razmir an.

Goofus immediately posts about the clear superiority of the fighter over other classes, and how everyone who disagrees with him is a Commie*.

Gallant is willing to listen to his players suggestions about plots they would like to take part in.

[spoiler=obvious disclaimer] No offense intended to our socialist brethren present on the boards.[\spoiler]

Before I can give you some advice on what skills you should take, I believe it's a good idea to see what everyone else in the party is playing. But even without that information, I can tell you that Perception is a godsend, and something you're going to roll every session.

Goofus stabbed the character while he slept and looted his corpse before raising him as a loyal zombie servant.

Gallant does his best to help new players learn the game, and gives helpful suggestions about good feats and spells.

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Alright. I've got a list of potentially fun little things to throw in.

- Colour Out of Space. If you want it smaller, just throw the Young template on it. Though do be warned that the Young template makes it quite a bit nastier.

- Lead Golem. Golems in general, really. That way you can throw all the evocaion spells you want on top of them, and laugh as they don't melt under the force of your magical fury.

- Trench Mist While technically too big, the flavor fits wonderfully with an evoker, and provides Juju zombie minions to help out as well.

Let's not forget the ever-popular Steelblooded Arcane Bloodrager, or an Abjuration/Illusion specialized Battle Host Occultist.

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Alright! Caught up on my reading there. Now to get back into things, starting with Marzin's additional notes!

Marzin, The Clockwork Harvest
Marzin is typically portrayed as either a massive inevitable whose gears are clogged with soil and ink, or a treant wearing dainty spectacles and carting around a bountiful harvest. It is said that every deity who values law and order has received instruction from Marzin at one point or another, even if the Clockwork Harvest is later forced to disown them for extreme behaviors. He dotes on Thenaka in particular, with conventional stories saying that the Fruit and Thorn is in fact his daughter.

Oddly, Marzin is one of the few older deities to be unaffected by the so-called Divine Madness, a trait he attributes to his staunch dedication to "good, honest work" and an adventure-free lifestyle. How accurate his interpretation actually is, none can say. What is clear is that Marzin and his priests present what is one of the most stable churches in Maniaron, who work tirelessly to ensure that both farms and trade remain as workable as possible in the face of growing madness.

Marzin's herald is a unique Inevitable known as Counts-Every-Grain. Counts is surprisingly organic-looking for an Inevitable, and close examination reveals that it is actually made up of tightly packed soil, carefully cultivated vines, and various farm implements. While as disdainful of adventuring as his master, Counts-Every-Grain is nevertheless easily capable of saving entire communities from danger, whether that danger is marauding hordes threatening to ruin the season's crop, natural disasters disrupting trade routes, or harsh trade restrictions starving those who are simply trying to make a living.

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Wow, I have a lot to catch up on here. Time to roll up my sleeves and get to reading!

I find this not entirely distasteful, Myza signed to Danira. Hopefully the other three will be able to actually handle themselves.

There's the Mock Gladiator trait, which lets you choose one type of weapon and deal non-lethal damage with it with no penalties.

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Well, off the top of my head, I can think of some very good reasons to not go all "PURGE THE F*#!ING CHURCH." First, there's the fact that Iomedae was Chelexian before she got her god-powers from the space rock. Even if Her Majestrix doesn't like the followers of Iomedae, the simple fact of the matter is that the Inheritor is a massively important part of Chelexian history, and one hell of a feather in the cap of the country's ego. If there's one thing Chelexians at large love, it's the fact that they're "better" than everyone else, and Iomedae being in the Ascended is incredible proof that there's more to that than idle boasting. Deciding to destroy that would be a polarizing decision, to say the least.

Secondly, Good religions have this nasty habit of working to help each other out in the face of oppression. If you declare war on one, there's no telling just how many others will begin to rise up as well. Milani would be obvious, and it'd be easy to see Cayden suggesting his faithful stand by his fellow Ascended's followers as well. Add in Sarenrae, Erastil, Shelyn, various Empyreal Lords, and some good aligned followers of neutral dieties, and you've got a real mess on your hands real quickly.

So, yeah. Trying to wipe out Iomedae's church in Cheliax would be a profoundly stupid move on Abrogail's part, which is why she isn't doing so.

Well, the first thing that comes to mind for me as a good tank is the Battle Host Occultist. It gets a free set of masterwork heavy armor (or possibly a masterwork weapon if he wants to go that way instead), and if you use focus on Illusion and Abjuration, you can wind up with a lot tankiness rather quickly. From there, I would personally go for worshiping Gorum, and pick up his Divine Fighting technique for a bit more oomph. Add in the buff spells that an Occultist can learn, and he'll be in good shape.

Alternatively, he can go with a Steelblood Arcane Bloodrager. Just do the standard bloodrage with a great big two-handed weapon, and he'll be in good shape!

Nefreet wrote:

I suppose a Raven would have to.

As a Tengu, I'm halfway there, so it requires less effort.

I dunno, Ravens have a few too many sharp bits.... An accidental peck, and suddenly you're gushing everywhere.

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Squiggit wrote:
basil888 wrote:


Also wow one hell of a thread necro.

And we now know that the Thread Necromancy spell has verbal components for sure. I mean, verbal components do have to be loud, after all.

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You can't really include Bardic Performance with general lack of help from their class. In fact, Bardic Performance is really what cement the bard into being a combat capable class. Let me whip up a quick 6th level build for you in order to help build up your bardic knowledge.

Barry the Human Bard:

Stats (15 point buy): Str 12, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 7, Cha 19
Feats: Weapon Finesse(1st), Arcane Strike(1st), Lingering Performance(3rd), Harmonic Spell(5th)

So, without even touching any spells, you can easily net yourself a +2 to hit and +4 to damage, which lasts for 3 rounds if you expend one round of performance. If you use a spell, you get to maintain your performance for free. So, before taking magic weapons and buff spells into account, your rapier is going to be rocking a +8 to hit and 1d6+5 damage. This isn't anything too spectacular, I admit that much. But that puts you at hitting the average AC of a CR 6 monster on an 11+, which is pretty much 50/50 odds.

When I have more time, I'll elaborate more on this, such as which spells can really seal the deal.

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Personally, I find Curse of the Crimson Throne to be a really solid and simple AP to run, though the fact that it's 3.5 does complicate things somewhat. Sadly, I don't have as much experience as I'd like with other AP's, and the ones I do know (Kingmaker and Carrion Crown) aren't quite as new-GM friendly.

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Just take Leadership. There you go, the problem has now solved itself.

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