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Is there any kind of weapon that can deliver non lethal damage at range?

Blunt arrows are a thing.

The Exchange

Weapons of mercy?!

Blunt arrows could work. However there is the -4, and I need to spec for bow.

Merciful, not so sure. I am looking for a non magical thrown weapon that deals non lethal without the standard penalty.

I'm trying to build a rogue/ninja type that maximizes on the Sap Master spec.

There's the Mock Gladiator trait, which lets you choose one type of weapon and deal non-lethal damage with it with no penalties.

A light crossbow is unlikely to kill someone, and stacking poison doses can bring the save DC up. Tears of Death causes paralysis for a minute and has a DC of 22. That should give you time to get close to the target.

Just for the record, Sleep Arrows deal non-lethal, in addition to potentially making the target fall asleep.

Apply che Merciful property to your ranged weapon

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The following are all of the ways that I know to deal nonlethal damage with lethal weapons without a penalty. Many of them should work with some ranged weapons.

Blade of Mercy (religion-Sarenrae): all slashing weapons
Merciful Scimitar (combat): scimitars
Mock Gladiator (social): any one weapon

Bludgeoner (combat): all bludgeoning weapons
Merciful Bane (general): any weapon currently affected by your Bane class ability
Stage Combatant (combat): any weapon for which you have Weapon Focus
Virtuous Creed, Mercy (general): all weapons

Weapon Special Abilities
Merciful: any weapon

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Boxing glove arrow.

Wow! Never knew there was so many options! Great ideas everyone, this will work! Thank you!

Softstones (sling)

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