Is Lastwall Golarion's version of the Crusader States?

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I'm wanting to run a few sessions set in an area reminiscent of the Crusader States in the Eastern Mediterranean. Would Lastwall be a good fit for this? It seems to work (constantly needing new recruits, besieged by multiple enemies, always on the edge of collapse), but I'm not 100% sure there isn't a better option somewhere else.

There's always Mendev


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What part of the crusader states are you trying to personify?

Lastwall fits the "surrounded by enamies" feel (think Kingdom of Heaven) with the Hold of Belkhazn and Whispering Tyrant on either side.

If you're looking for an area where the leadership is constantly changing and getting overthrown, look at Galt. Its set to be a bit later in time, but the rulers are overthrown every few years.

If you're looking for two armies leading forays into each other's territory back and forth for years. Nex and Geb can fit that bill.

If you want to depict downtime in between crusades, Isger is rebuilding after the Goblinblood Wars.

If you're looking for a constant flood of fighters moving cross the world to join the fight, then Lastwall and the Worldwound share that privilege.

If you're looking for the cultural feel of those states, then the Taldor/Qadira line, where battles over the land have happened for years, and you have the Armored nobles vs the Arabian Nights might fit it best.

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