How to get the Rend ability.

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I'm making a character that has a natural attack build. He has 2 claws, Bite, Gore, and Tail attacks. Is there any way to get him the Rend ability?

There's Rending Claws.

That feat is nice and I am considering it, but it gives extra damage and not the rend ability itself. It doesn't let my character qualify for Rending Fury, for example.

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Monstrous Physique spell line can get it i think.

20 levels of Brute Archetype Vigilante
15 levels of Shifter
6 levels of Synthesist Archetype Summoner

Rending Clawblade?

Mask of Giants
Giant Form Spell
Monstrous Physique IV spell
Beast Shape IV spell

Speaking of spells, you can also get it with fey form III, undead anatomy IV, or invoke primal power.

Be a Sahuagin with Greater Blood Frenzy feat
Geta bunch of your ratbuddies to take Rending Swarm feat

Thanks for the info, everyone.

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