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I haven't even gotten last months issue let alone this months it is totally unfair that some people are getting Septembers issue when some people haven't even gotten August's issue yet. In july my copy of the armory was messed up they said they would fix it and send another copy and I haven't gotten that yet either. I seem to be lost somehow I have been paitent for 2 months now waiting for my return of the runelords subscription how much longer do I have to wait.

So sometime in mid august I got an email saying I was going to be charged in about a week for my august subsciptions and I would be receiving them about a week after that. Well I am still waiting apparently they got added to my September subscriptions which I also haven't been charged for yet. The people that don't have subscriptions have been enjoying the august releases for a month now and I am still waiting paitently. just wondering why I have been forgotten. It has been 6 weeks waiting for my books. It just seems a little long thank you for helping me in advance.

Hi I received my copy starfinder Armory today and the pages are like really screwed up. The pages all seem right until I get to what is supposed to be page 66 and it says 74 then we have 75 then back to 68,69 then we skip to 78,79 then back to 72,73,74,75,76,77, then we have 78 again this time in order 79,80,81-89 is ok then we have 82 and 83 again then it skips to 92,93 then back to 86,87 then 96-160 are ok. I am missing pages 66 and 67,70,71, 90 and 91 completely and I have doubles of 78,79, 74, 75,82 and 83 and Im not really sure from their I would really prefer a book that isn't so messed up thank you Lisa.

The writing has been on the wall for a while now on this. Paizo is a company in the business to make money. The livihoods of several dozen people depend on them making a profit. And while paizo doesn't release sales figures some third party companies are talking. They say fifth edition waaaay out sells pathfinder and even old school rules does better than pathfinder so I think if Paizo wants to survive they have to do this. I for one have mixed feelings as I always do when change is announced. What will happen to all my old books? Will they become obsolete? Will they be easy to convert? But I feel the people at Paizo are way more with it so to speak than the leaders of wizards during the scary switch from 3rd to 4th. And if any one can pull this off they can. The truth is in order to grow a game they need new people to join up and asking someone to purchase 28+ hardcover books at $40 a pop is not gonna get a lot of new people coming your way. What I have always liked most about Paizo and pathfinder is the adventure paths and it sounds like we get to keep them. Hopefully after the core rulebook and bestiary they will follow up with a book with the best of the rest of the classes and then they can move forward from their. Looking forward to the new edition :)

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Thank you so much Taig :)

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Please add me

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While I see why doing a book on Gigas would not be good and also filling a beastiary with 50+ pages of Gigas is also not good would it hurt to include 2 per bestiary in the future like you do with other creature types I like creatures like Gigas and want to see more of them. This book on the planes was a great opportunity to slip a new one in. I always thought that was what made you guys at Paizo different from certain other companies that you were gamers and understood us. You give us Daemons, and other cool creatures why not Gigas.

I also understand that Paizo and Pathfinder in general have serious problems right now with no easy solutions. The game has reached a point where all the obvious topics have been done and the remaining topics are more and more niche which is why I suppose you are finally getting around to doing a hardcover on the planes. A topic I have wanted for a long time but not everyone would agree with me I suppose. So you have to decide weather to forge on doing books with less and less interest generated or do you start over with pathfinder 2 and risk losing even more especially with 5th edition looming out their as a slicker simpler solution to many. Hopefully Starfinder is the solution I hear it is doing quite well. I just think you all need to listen to us that still stick with you and produce the books we want.

Hi It looks like everyone is going to be getting access to the pdf's tomorrow and even though my bank account says I paid this month I have not yet received my pdf's or an email saying my order is being shipped if you just haven't got to me yet sorry to be a bother if I was forgotten I'm just reminding you thanks Lisa.

I would say the chances of Carrion crown being chosen for a Rare Hardcover conversion anytime soon is very unlikely. I would say Kingmaker,and Second Darkness have the best chance and of the newer AP's I would guess that maybe Shattered Star might be chosen because of the Runelord theme but to be honest I think it will be a very long time before they do another one, if ever.

several months ago I pre-ordered starfinder and then last month I subscribed and it said that would take away any pre-orders and with the AP that was true but I still have the corebook ordered as well as the subscription and I only want one starfinder book the one in the subscription so could you please cancel the extra one thank you.

Not sure if Lindley counts or not so if she doesn't I would love a copy.

It is big 384 pages I got mine a week ago and it's fabulous. :)

Somehow I have been charged for 2 curse of the crimson thrones could you PLEASE cancel one of them thank you

The problem with a Dragon themed AP at this time is that they can't really end it with anything less than a "Super dragon" at the end WoTC has Tiamat/Takhesis to end their dragon themed AP's with Paizo does not. And although I''m sure the creative team at Paizo could certainly come up with a great "Super Dragon" it would take mythic/epic abilities to take on a CR30+ creature. Ending a Dragon themed AP with a CR22 dragon would be like a letdown so until they introduce "epic-like" rules a dragon themed AP is not going to happen.

Hi all I need to ask that all my subscriptions be cancelled at this time. You are a wonderful company and I LOVE your products but personal events in my life demand that I give up this hobby at this time. Also please cancel my pre-order to Curse of the crimson throne. Thank-You. Lisa

If it is not set in Varisia in honor of the 10 year anniversary I will be surprised. That being said I would like to see it set somewhere other than Inner seas region but I'm not holding my breath on that.

Hi the street date for this months pdf releases is in two days yet I seem to have been forgotten and have not gotten my pdfs yet let alone a mail delivery is their a way this can be expedited :)

I would love a copy

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I like your ideas Wszebor I guess the problem with forum's in general is that when people agree or are happy with something they are less likely to comment it is only when they disagree or are unhappy that they have to imput their 2 cent worth. You should go ahead and run your campaign anyway you like and not listen to any of these people trying to rain on your parade they aren't gonna be their :)

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I am in

I think the answers to what does and doesn't sell well lie in what they put out 2-3 years later, since book development takes 1-2 years added to the 1 year to get the final figures on what sells. I think it is real obvious now that the Iron Gods AP sold really well because they certainly wouldn't be putting out Starfinder if they had found out people don't like sci-fi in their fantasy.

They put out distant shores for the sole reason of letting people vote with their wallets did you all buy it I did. If it sold reasonably well they will probably move toward doing a continent hardcover if it didn't don't hold your breath. If it sold really well then We will probably get an announcement at Gen-con that next summers big hardcover will be that book.

Ultimately they will probably have to move in that direction at least somewhat as they run out of places to make sourcebooks for in the innersea region.

I personally was not excited about a hobgoblin invasion as a topic for an AP and I highly suspect the next AP after Iron fang will go back to Varisia and another runelord in honor of the 10th anniversary.

And while Strange Aeons sounds interesting, Hell's rebels was meh and Hells Vengeance is somewhat disturbing, I read these books and I find myself rooting for the character's enemies.

I would love a free copy :)

Last Fall they put out a little book called Distant Shores which basically featured a little bit on every continent. And the purpose of this product was two fold first to scratch the itch of all the people crying out for more fil-in-the-blank continents but more importantly it was a test product to see if people would put their money where their mouth is. So basically if it sold well we will probably see more stuff on non-inner sea continents if it didn't don't expect that hardcover on Tian-xia any time soon.

And while I don't think Paizo is in any financial trouble they are surviving I don't think things are as good as they used to be. Let's face it, it has been a while since they released a universally accepted AP The more recent ones have all been to much sci-fi, to much evil to traditional, etc, although I personally have all 106 books. They are at a point where all the best ideas in both AP's and rulebooks have already been done and generating excitment is getting harder. And of course 5th edition has to have taken a bite out of their sales. So they are going to be more careful than ever. And they are taking their first major risk in years with Starfinder so don't expect any other risks for a while.

As for my opinion of a hobgoblin invasion while my first impression was MEH If it is done well it could it have real potential to be one of the best AP's in years. I mean if they were announcing Crimson Throne today and they described it in a sentence or two which is all we have for Darkfang Invasion how many would be excited. I can remember that I wasn't excited about Crimson Throne at all until I read it and then it was like WOW.

I think the second secret project is the AP for Starfinder which they will probably announce at Gencon :)

So Paizocon is in full swing so the announcement will be soon so any last minute inspiration on what it will be. :)

Well from things I have read this last year mostly from JJ's comments They do not have anything planed that takes place out of the inner sea region ( yeah their might be a short visit). Also as Crystal has implied this will probably be a traditional AP which makes sense considering that both evil and Cthulu mythos as themes would both be considered experimental so it is time for traditional.

Now for guesses. I think they will save Varisia for the 10th anniversary so stay tuned to gen con for that announcement (maybe) so where haven't they gone recently or ever.

I am thinking Galt is out not for location but for theme we just spent an entire year fighting insurrection from both sides of the alignment wheel. Cheliax is certainly out like for sure.

To me old school means a good old dungeon romp so maybe some drow goodness (or other cave dwelling nightmares) in the darklands. That hasn't been done since second darkness only this time they can do it right so that is my guess the Darklands. As for where in the darklands who knows.

If you think its a joke you haven't heard of ponyfinder an entire campaign setting of unicorns and pegasi.

Yes everything is great. :)

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I have supported nearly 100 kickstarters(that actually funded). Some were big projects from major companies and some were small projects done by a single individual and all other sorts of companies in between and only one failed entirely so far.

So from my experience as a supporter I will tell you what I find important and what makes me back or not back when I check one out.

First stretch goals. I feel that stretch goals should always be more content for the project. More words/maps/art for books/pdf projects, more mini's for miniature projects and more terrain for terrain based projects.

Things like dice, t-shirts and whatever physical booty you all can think of just adds to your final shipping cost and these are things you all have to pay for to provide to us so while these can inflate your total this isn't money for you even if you are including a small profit in your pricing, you are taking risks you don't need to take and it is adding a headache you don't need to add in attempting to obtain said physical items. Way to many of the kickstarters I have supported have been even later because of difficulties the creators have encountered trying to get these "booty" items finished up.

What we do want is a bigger book with more content. Maybe small side PDF's of both new and older books that you have available. It is to your advantage to make the stretch goals cost as little as possible. If you have a library of PDFs of older gaming material available to you that sells an occasional copy offer these as stretch goals it costs you nothing and attracts people in.

Next Value. Your customer wants to feel like contributing funds a year or more early is getting them something a little extra. A deal so to speak. Nothing ticks off a contributer more paying $25 for a PDF waiting a year for it to come out and then watching it go on sale to the general public 2 days after they got it for $9.99. Yes I have had that happen to me.

A recent Tabletop RPG Kickstarter made more than $1,200,000 because of value. Yes it was a big name writer with a solid reputation and a nostalgic title being offered which on its own would have gathered a few hundred thousand but I believe what made this kickstarter go crazy was his offering the entire library of related material in PDF form free with any purchase of the book and as the total grew so did a long list of incredible stretch goals which added more and more value so that for $60 you got a 300 page hardcover book and about 50 full sized pdf's thrown in for free. Wow. No wonder more than 10,000 people joined in. and all those older PDF's cost the creator nothing. He made an extra Half million dollars or more because he gave up an few hundred dollars in annual sales on these PDF's.No not every creator has these resources available to him but those that do should probably make note of this.

We want you all to succeed. Gamers are intelligent people and we understand the realities of the industry we know it isn't easy and that most creators do this in their spare time. We want you to make a profit, and we will pay full market price for the items in question but we want some value to make it worth our while to pay months even years in advance. You need Cash to pay for writing, editing, layout and oh yes art, but we need a little something out of the deal as well.

Ok on to lateness. I am a patient person and am willing to wait but you need to be honest with us. It is frustrating when a creator says the project will be done in less than a year and implies he is almost done during the campaign only to find out he hadn't even started yet after it is over and to hear nothing but problems, excuses and more promises in updates over the course of years. Honest and frequent updates are important if only to let us know you haven't forgotten us. Throwing half finished work at us helps and we can even help with picking out typos, playtesting and advice. After all your backers have already paid for the material and they like to feel included in the process. Look to Patreon for more ideas in this area.

It is very important to give an honest date on when this will be done then add a few months to that for problems that will arise and they will. Everything from the flu, or other illness to you or a family member, problems on the day job, artists who have illness or problems on the day job, printers that have bigger clients that come first or longshoreman strikes that delay your books arrival from China. I have heard all of these and more in apologetic updates from numerous creators.

On to special perks, we want to be the first to get our hands on the project after all we were to first to pay. We want to be the first to read/play with the product. I had one project where Books were sold on kickstarter for $60 each and they went on sale on Amazon for $34.99 three weeks before the backers got their copies. Not good.

Other perks can include exclusive material. This is a good way to convince a prospective backer that paying now is a good thing rather than waiting for it to come out and getting that Amazon discount. Things like bonus PDF's, signatures, and maps or charts in the book that won't be in the general book. Also things like your name in the book can't hurt I like to look to see if I made it.

So what should you include in the information that will convince potential backers to back or not to back. Video's are nice but not necessary. While I do watch them they usually don't convince me one way or the other. But I am told seeing how many people watched them is a good indicator to the creator how many people have looked at the kickstarter.

I like to see a good description of what the book is about and art previews are nice. This is especially important for first time creators. How well done the kickstarter page is a good indicator of how professional the creator is. How well he knows what he is doing. If I feel the page is amateur I will question if the person is up to the project. Look at other kickstarters both successful and unsuccessful ones to see what they did imitate the successful ones.

Finally, and this is something I haven't seen anyone comment on before. you really need to be very active in your own kickstarter. The most successful kickstarters have creators that really work at it. Lots of updates, lots of comments, answering questions and concerns lots of activity on web sites, facebook, and rpg community boards. And don't be afraid to cross over into the boards of related games many gamers will convert if the subject is their cup of tea or they play multiple styles of RPG. You need to get the word out. After all if I see you are not even trying during the fundraising effort I will really question how hard you will work on the project itself. Start pushing several day before it starts because a good beginning is very important the faster it funds the faster you can get to stretch goals which all adds into the value I talked about earlier. If I see a kickstarter that has little to no interest I get concerned on why their is no interest, why is nobody interested in this what do they know that I don't, so the first day is crucial.

So good luck hope to see your project soon.

So are their any plans to make all these new mythic monster books into a mythic monsters 2 hardcover book (legendary minds want to know)

I would be happy to do a review of the product here and on drive thru I Love equipment based books they are my favorite.

When the backerkit goes out is not what's really important its when the books arrive on your doorstep that counts the backerkits usually take a month or two anyhow so no worries and I'm expecting my northlands saga and borderlands any day now and am not to worried about backerkit for the blight as long as they send it out before shipment day that's all that matters.

Im in looking forward to it.

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Well having read this whole thread it seems to me we need to gather what we do know.

1. Their are at least 2 secret projects.

2. That one will be announced on or before paziocon/gencon and one will be after.

3. James isn't the only AP developer that is not going to be developing AP's for a while since Crystal Frasier is going to be developing the one after Strange Aeons which brings up the question what is Rob going to be doing next after he finishes up Hell's Vengeance.

As to guesses even though it has been stated that James is going to help on Horror adventures I don't see these being rulebook's That is Jason's job and I don't see them moving James over to help him. They have other more rule oriented designers that would make more sense if Jason needed help.

So my guesses are.

1. A hardcover on a new continent

2. A hardcover of shadows under Sandpoint (boxed sets don't make money)

3. Something totally original and unexpected.

4. Something 10th anniversary related (second project)

I also think that one of them will release late this year or early next year (the one being announced first.) The other will probably be out around Gencon 2017 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Runelords

Thank you BobROE found it in wrong place :)

Hi I can't find blood of shadows in my downloads even though it says it should be their all my other subscriptions items for this month are present thank you for helping

Sorry I don't count ones that don't fund unfunded projects don't matter people don't pay for those I am talking about funded projects. It is silly to count unfunded ones since nobody is charged for those. A failed project is a project where the Creator takes money from pledgers and then fails to deliver what he promised.

Perhaps I am lucky and yes FFG is one of my favorites have backed all of their kickstarters but Skylancer4 said the vast majority and that implys like 75% or more fail that is simply ridiculous. And spreading rumors like that hurts the good companies out their trying to fund our hobby via kickstarter.

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@Skylancer4 It's not true that the vast majority of kickstarters fail I have backed 92 of them and of them a few are not due yet and several including this one is very late but only 1 of them has actually failed. So my math skills being poor I'd say that puts my kickstarter luck at about what 1.5% failure rate. Kickstarter says 9% fail in their update so that means to me the RPG related kickstarters actually do better than other industries.

That being said I agree with those who say it's not the lateness that bothers me its the lack of the truth from Gary. I'm sure he has had things happen in his life that he didn't anticipate when he launched this kickstarter that take up all his writing time. And he could at least come clean. And no if someday after he finally finishes this one if he lanches another kickstarter I will opt out and wait for him to release the product because he has not treated us well. we gave him $40,000 and he gives us pretty artwork every 4-6 months to look at.

Its not to late either if he can out today with the truth I am a forgiving person and would love to hear the truth from him. If its going to take a few more years then let him tell us this.

And as a quick note I should point out that the one that failed was for minatures and not for a book or pdf.

Count me in for a free copy

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I would love to be considered.

Their is a product called Pale Designs: A Poisoner's Handbook from Bastion Press which while written for 3.0 is still viable since poison is really equipment and that part of the game didn't change that much in the change to pathfinder the DC's run from 10 to 26 and their are perhaps 200 or so to choose from as well as lots of other cool poison related stuff. RPGNOW sells it for $9.99.

I would really love a copy of this.

I would love a free copy :)

I'm In too.

This has gone live and has already topped $3500 :)

So if your still giving out free copies I would be interested. :)

I got mine Saturday and it is damaged and he won't respond to my message even to say too bad it has separated from its cover and ripped in half fix it yourself.

Woohoo! more froggod goodness.

How many pages is it?

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