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Letters from the Flaming Crab is a monthly series of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game-compatible supplements. Each Letter focuses on exploring a different topic to give gamemasters and players new, exciting options that can be dropped into any campaign.

Within County Faire, we take a trip to the fantastic Fantasia County Faire! It's the perfect location to take a break from dragon slaying and dungeon delving! There is plenty to do!

Play a variety of games of skill and chance! Can you hold your alcohol like a dwarf during the chug run? How many hot peppers can you handle in the flame mouth competition?

See one of a kind spectacles and events! The finest cows, goats, sheep, and pigs are on display at the livestock contest! Watch a variety of animal races, everything from horses to humans to rats!

Between events, be sure to pick up delectable treats. The faire has anything and everything you crave (most of it is fried, of course)! Children and adults with a sweet tooth will especially love dropping by Sugar's Sweets!

We've also included a mini adventure for 1st or 2nd level characters! The PCs are employed by the fireworks specialist—the Splendiferous Spranza—to guard her tent from nosy locals and mischievous children. While the default setting is the Fantasia County Faire, it can be used at any faire, festival, or celebration.

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5.00/5 (based on 2 ratings)

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An Endzeitgeist.com review


This installment of the damn cool "Letters from the Flaming Crab"-series of oddball, unconventional pdfs clocks in at 20 pages, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial, 2 pages of SRD, leaving us with 16 pages of content so let's take a look!

This pdf addresses a concern I have encountered in my games a couple of times, and from what I've heard, I am not alone. You see, my games tend to be pretty serious affairs and feature some darker themes; as such, faires and circuses tend to result in...ehem...unpleasant adventures...to the point where my players have become suitably paranoid regarding county faires...which feeds into the law of diminishing returns.

This pdf, then, would actually provide rules for county faires that are not based on lethal horrors; after a nice flyer and introduction, we are introduced to a variety of games. The games are provided with notes on how they work, the entry fee, the prize and a brief, fluffy note on the respective game runner.

The first would pertain picking the correct key to opening a chest from a selection, with various difficulties included. The second would be a dwarven tradition - the chug run: 2 minutes, several booths and the goal of chugging drinks and moving to the next booth...which can be pretty hilarious if your simulate it...and yep, it has notes on cheating. Rules for egg races and flagpole climbing can also be found here. The chili-eating contest flame mouth would be one I'd love to participate in real life. I also love the contest to throw dolls representing Lady Strongarm towards the tower, where Prince Dazzling is held captive - and here would be as good a place as any to note that relevant skills, here Knowledge (engineering), while not required, do help, grounding the games in the mechanics of the rules.

Speaking of which: Modifications to the settlement's GP cap and the like are included, showing a nice attention to detail. Beyond aforementioned mini-games, the pdf also features several events, from animal riders to dancing grounds, livestock contests and gambling, there are a lot of things to do...have I mentioned the masquerade or the shooting competitions. While not all of these feature mechanical effects, several do...though I'm a bit bummed that druids etc. don't get an edge in the livestock challenge.

Of course, food is an integral component of a faire -and beyond the more mundane offerings, we actually get more of the cool culinary magic: Fire-grilled Ba-corn Cobs, for example...which are surprisingly tasty! Yep, much like in the book, you can actually recreate these recipes. The lavender-infused lemonade is decent (I added sparkle to mine, though) and mulled wine helping against the cold...well, you can observe that every day in wintery Germany. Cinnamon Dough Rings can help versus age penalties (and taste delicious) and artistically cut onions can inspire indeed. The respective food is organized by stand, all enhancing the (optional) leitmotif of the Fantasia County Faire that suffuses the pdf like a metaplot.

The pdf also contains a mini-adventure, dubbed Fireworks at the Faire, intended for characters level 1 - 2. To talk about that one, I have to go into SPOILERS, so potential players should jump to the conclusion.




All right, only GMs around? Great!

The Splendiferous Spranza is a traveling alchemist and in charge of the faire's fireworks display - it is assumed that the PCs try to help the alchemist, for his competition tries to sabotage him...and they're not the only ones. You see, the local kids REALLY want to see the fireworks NOW and have banded together with various strategies to get to Spranza's fireworks - handling the kids provides for a nice first part of adventuring that requires unconventional approaches. Next up would be Harold, deputy burgomaster, who considers it his right to inspect the tent - and he's not particularly sober. Of course, Spranza's nowhere around...so it's up to the PCs to defuse the situation. During the day, goblin firebugs will also try to get inside...and in the end, the thief will make his move; perhaps the PCs have noted him before, but his (bonus halved for some opaque reason - that could have been a bit more elegant) potion of invisibility does allow him a fair chance of getting the material...and if there's combat in the tent, there is a decent chance of causing a random mishap from an associated table. And yep, the PCs should better keep any flames under control - fire + tent full of alchemical material do not mix well...

Pretty amazing: We actually get a map of the faire, including a cool, player-friendly iteration!


Editing and formatting are very good - apart from an instance where a bolded header wasn't bolded, I noticed no grievous glitches. Layout adheres to Flaming Crab Games' two-column full-color standard and the artwork featured would be neat, original b/w-pencil drawings. The pdf comes fully bookmarked for your convenience.

N. Jolly, Lucus Palosaari, Kelly Pawlik, Maria Smolina, with dev-work by J Gray, provide one amazing, friendly and evocative little book; As a perfect break from doom, gloom and world-saving, as a high-spirited counter-point, as a distinctly humane and fun environment, the county faire depicted herein is a change of pace most appreciated...and if you're an evil bastard GM like yours truly and haven't done that before, you can still have it all turn to hell after the PCs had their fun...

...but honestly, perhaps you shouldn't. I actually restrained myself and, for once, did not make everything turn sour...and frankly, the experience, in spite of this, was truly refreshing. The mini-games featured herein make for great "traditions" to scavenge for festivals and ceremonies; the maps are a great addition and the wholesome, fun tone make this an inspired, fun supplement I thoroughly enjoyed and wholeheartedly recommend. Hence, I leave this county faire pdf like you want to leave any faire in real life: Satisfied and with a wide smile. My final verdict will clock in at 5 stars seal of approval.

Endzeitgeist out.

Let's go to the faire!!!


Disclaimer, I was fortunate enough to receive a free copy of this PDF as one of the first ten folks to register an interest in the supplement when it was added to the paizo.com store.

The fair, the festival, the carnival… all fantastic ways of bringing a town or village to life within your game - it could be the backdrop for an event that will set your adventurers on the road to greater glories, the main event itself if the adventurers are seeking to immerse themselves in local culture or even just an amusing break from delving the depths of your fantasy world… however once the GM gets past describing the local colour, the glittering flags, the music, the smells, etc it comes down to the question, ’So GM... what is there for us to do at the fair?’

…and now, in a neatly compiled ‘Letter from the Flaming Crab’, we have the answer!!! There are games (six different ones with appropriate PFRPG rules for running them), there are events (well over ten) ranging from a 1d6 table for types of fortune tellers, through to a livestock contest, and all the way to shooting / strength competitions; my favourite of the many events is the Lantern Release… it’s dealt with in no more than a paragraph but it’s a lovely inclusion into the bustling excitement of the Faire… and then we arrive at the food, three and a half pages of different stalls (with ‘read-aloud’ text for the GM to set the scene) - the menus are wonderful with both 'mundane' and, surely no surprise from the publishers of ‘Culinary Magic’, magical foods on offer…

So far, all good… there are ideas aplenty for the GM to play around with and the Country Faire will certainly be seeing a lot of use in my games when I want to make a ‘stop off at town for supplies’ into something a lot more fun…

…but that’s not all; there’s also a small adventure (for levels 1-2) presented here - the players are tasked by one of the Faire’s proprietors to guard a tent and, over the course of the day, there are a number of events - a mix of RP and combat - that will have the players really earning their money… the final combat has, with a table of ‘mishaps’ that could occur during the fight, the potential to become very exciting… it’s a well structured ‘adventure’ that can be easily run alongside various other events / games presented in this supplement…

For your money, this PDF (18 pages long of which 13 are content) is densely packed with ideas, rules and fun… the hallmark of any good RPG publication must surely be, ‘do I want to use this?’ and I can quite happily say that my players will get to enjoy the delights of the ‘Country Faire’ at some point soon.

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Now available—and courtesy of Flaming Crab Games, the first ten posters in this thread will receive a free copy.

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I suspect this got lost so here's the bump.

This book is a result of the hard work of N Jolly, Maria Smolina, Kelly Pawlik, and Lucus Palosaari!

This really does sound like a bundle of fun - could I stick my hand up for a copy? This time I will definitely endeavour to get a review up :)

The Exchange

I would also like to go to the fair, my players wont, but I definitely will, if there are any left :-)

I would love a free copy :)

5! Or 6, do you count Liz?

Sovereign Court

If there's another free copy about, I'd love one. Book looks like a lot of fun!

This looks like a great book, I look forward to going though it.

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Looks interesting. :)

Ooh! I'd like a free copy!

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I wish for a free copy too :-)

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I would love a free copy.

Silver Crusade

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Glad to see people are into this one, this marks my debut with the Crab, and it was a really fun project on which to work. Everyone on this project was super chill, and really made for a great book. If you snag a copy of this book, I'd suggest giving it a review because reviewing is what the coolest kids do. That and respecting their parents.

Scarab Sages


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PDFs granted and in your Downloads. I'm sure the publisher would appreciate a review! ^_^

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Thanks, looking forward to reading this and getting some ideas to throw into my campaigns...

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Thanks Liz!

Sovereign Court

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Dude, this sounds like a blast!!

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Zesdead wrote:
Thanks, looking forward to reading this and getting some ideas to throw into my campaigns...

Thank you for the review Zesdead, and I'm glad you liked my contribution (the adventure-y bit at the end!)

Lucus Palosaari wrote:
Zesdead wrote:
Thanks, looking forward to reading this and getting some ideas to throw into my campaigns...
Thank you for the review Zesdead, and I'm glad you liked my contribution (the adventure-y bit at the end!)

Indeed, thank you for the amazing and thoughtful idea!

Zesdead wrote:
Thanks, looking forward to reading this and getting some ideas to throw into my campaigns...

Thanks for the great review! I'm so happy to hear you liked it, and that you thought the menu was "wonderful." (The food was my contribution.)

Reviewed first on endzeitgeist.com, then submitted to Nerdtrek and GMS magazine and posted here, on OBS, etc.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Yay! Thank you everyone!

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