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will there be a new kingmaker path for 2.0 with the pc game ?

i just got the new book but i looks more like starfinder? in meny ways but will keep reading

there are 1/2 lvl characters in pathfinder

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this new look is BAD!!!!!!!!!!!

crystal some of us like the background info from the player's guides to give us help for making pc for this ap it would have helped alot

so where the play's guide it been more then two weeks now

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there is a pathfinder comic that cover this in part

sorry for harping this but can we not have a blog post on a out line for if not us for our player to see ?

how about a base overview to tie us over

where is the player guide ?

ohhhhhhhh nice

what the point here

at last the runelords are back

happy new year mr.jacobs

all i have seen is from pathfinder is a small bit about an azland trips to the near by star sytems whair they found dead races and there was something still there and they ran home fast it was from a iron god book

have look in frist world

he was kidnap by little green men from mars

there is a cantrip from 3rd it's called finger of fire 1d3 fire

theres a trait for human lowlight vision 10 feet in a player book

ok got it

is it a frist lvl spell in the new player's book ? 10 points healing with holy water ?

look in to the trait whip master plus 1 to damge

not good get someone to put a temp on the traits out for all to see till the player's guide redy

don't forget razmir prist

with the wild shape tattoo and the fox feat you would have three forms, human, fox, and the totem from from the tatoo

get the wild shape tattoo from magic market place then you can use the feat no probem as you will be shape changeer

in some ways kingmaker needs to be reprinted or up dated, as there have been a great deal of rule updates to the game. in our game we are starting our kingmaker over to make use of all the new stuff we have to play with great fun coming

look pdfs just do not cut with some and some book just have to be reprinted like it or not . sorry that just the way it is

try patlober