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Wow game moving faster than in a long time. Can text if it's my turn and I haven't posted. I'll let the others know the rats and conserve my spells since almost all dead anyway

I'm here. Had pretty major surgery last week but I am ok.

Silas go for it, do we need to stop by a store on way to Miliauka?

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GM Mort wrote:
Well my Strange Aeons game ended in book 3,I suspect in part because the party found the Dreamlands section weird. Like they never get any loot that can be taken back to Golarion. I think the PCs have to be self motivated for this AP.

100% not because of loot. I liked the dreamlands section myself.

Sorry about that no problem.

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Wow Mark you sound very different all of a sudden.

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So it works on madness checks.

"Alignment is a tool for developing your character’s identity—it is not a straitjacket for restricting your character. Each alignment represents a broad range of personality types or personal philosophies, so two characters of the same alignment can still be quite different from each other. In addition, few people are completely consistent."

"Characters also risk having their alignment changed if they continually act in accordance with an alignment other than the one they chose. For many characters, this matters little, but in the case of characters bound to a specific alignment for rules-related purposes, an alignment change might mean having to reimagine their entire character. Instead of springing this on a player, make it clear when an action risks violating an alignment-related requirement. Sometimes this will be seen as the voice of the character’s conscience, and allow the player to refrain from the action or suitably justify it to themselves (and you) to bring it into accordance with their values."

Sounds to me like Seamus suitably justified it as he doesn't see this dumb bag of detritis as innocent. And he hasn't been continually acting contrary to his alignment, either.

At least you got the comeuppance for acid guy out of your system. Leme know when we continue.

I really wish I did stab him.

I'm not interpreting anything. It's very simple. Your interpretation is based on a spell that affects for for X rounds. Inspiration is part of the skill or ability check, not a temporary boost. It has no time limit other than once per check. You compare apples to oranges and then say it's a valid interpretation which is not RAI or RAW, it's just trying to justify an unwarranted nerf on something that you don't want to happen.

It'd be one thing if you said, "new houserule that your main class ability doesn't work as written", instead of trying to say it's written or interpreted in some way contrary to what is actually there.

And apparently there's another house rule about uninterrupted rest requiring nothing happening at all around you even if it doesn't involve you. Which is beyond bizarre and seems like you just want to flat out disallow the recovery mechanic without outright saying it.

The inspiration bonus doesn't have a duration. It is used as part of a check. It doesn't matter whether the check is an immediate action or takes 6 days, you only use inspiration once (whether or not it is free to use with that skill).

And it can obviously be used on profession and craft. There's even a talent to make it free on profession. You could take another talent to make it free on craft if you wanted also.

If it didn't work on some ability or skill checks it would say so. It works on any of them, though. That's just the way it is.

At the very least don't use a rounds per level booster to compare something that helps "once per check or roll", which would be defined by whatever the check or roll uses.

Leonard can decide for himself. I am going to finish dreamlands. I'd rather he go than not but I'm going either way. After we rest.

Lol no. Drove to Austin and back to pick someone up, was 4hrs both ways plus we did stuff there and ate so it was a good 14hr ordeal.

A keelboat is not what I was imagining for some reason

Uh oh.

On the hunt for the red caffeine lead by Sean Connery aka James bond. So blcheck back later.

If it was dependent on sleep it would sound like this: "He must choose and prepare his spells ahead of time by getting 8 hours of sleep and spending 1 hour studying his spellbook."

'Typically' does not mean 'only'

If they wanted what you said, it would say that it refills each day after a restful sleep, or after 8hrs of sleep, or only after restful sleep.

"An investigator’s inspiration pool refreshes each day, only after he gets a restful night’s sleep. Otherwise the pool does not refresh."

That's not what it says. It's only indicating time of day. What if I slept twice a day? It only refills once a day, typically after I sleep. Like cleric spells, who can choose dusk or Dawn, but typically it is Dawn.


I am fatigued? Am I able to recover extracts? Also, the inspiration says it refills EACH DAY, typically (not always) after a restful sleep. Not sure why it would not refill, it doesn't say it requires it unlike some abilities/casters.

Do I think the animated dream was responsibl? I know enough Spellcraft to know someone had to target me with it.

And why is there a new studying if we didn't actually do the last round? Are we considered to fail that mission? Or are we just studying the next one ahead of time?

And finally, is there a rush? If I woke up jacked up wouldn't I just recommend we wait a day before proceeding to dreamlands? I assume whatever it is isn't the nightmare curse from the dream since it has a different effect. But it does have a nightmare SLA. I don't think I'd have volunteered to do a ritual if I think there's an enemy around somewhere while we are sleeping.

I don't need to move to the door I'm adjacent to it...

And you said ritual is 50minutes long and mutagen not up. So basically I cast my spell, open door, 5ft through it. Otherwise I'd have had the imp open it for me.

The dream isn't the only one smart enough to not stand in a room of confused people.

Got distracted by healing Howard and missed that bit!

How long am I out of action?

Might as well if just one monster type have all players go so we can post when available and cut down on waiting? If someone wants to hold for another player they can just say so?

Full round action is not 1 round of dancing I believe, it just uses all their actions on their turn? Not that it matters at the moment.


I obviously have not finished my submission, but I am building towards a human raised half orc, middle aged, who is an engineer and mathematician in addition to having a proclivity for map making and desires to be the cartographer of the newly acquired territory. Will be going spellslinger wizard, and then prestige into arcane savant (at 6th) to add other useful spells to his list, along with being able to identify, UMD, and analyze dweomer later on. He will use a gun, but mostly to fire spells through when needed. He won't be very minmaxed but I like the flavor a lot.

Awesome. Holidays are definitely slowing me down lol

I wouldn't mind making a spellslinger(wizard), with possibly a level dip into gunslinger or maybe Eldritch knight.

Christmas is looming, so I won't have anything right away. But half-orc naturally, in a nice suit, with a gun and a pair of glasses. Interested in mapping the new land and documenting the travel.

I'm gonna hit her... It was hypothetical haha

Get better soon


Sounds good I am busy this weekend anyway.

Also my posting will be erratic this week as I am off and it's Thanksgiving. I'll still try to post 2+ per day but not sure what times. Feel free to bot me as usual if it's holding things up.

Hey brv, is there a reason the hound archon couldn't go shopping for us? It's a pretty good idea and we could disguise it with spells. Costs money to do it anyway.

Paizo keeps logging m out and taking 10 minutes to load login so might be slow to post. Following party and listening. Present evidence (notes) collected about lowl


Forgot to level. Probably won't get a chance this weekend due to work but asap I will.

Oh! :)

Holy crap Robert was at the Stefan game? I didn't even get to say hi.

Haha that's probably a little strenuous on me as well :D

Also apparently forgot to make a section for extracts!! Bleh. Will try to do that sometime tonight or tomorrow.

Was waiting for Howard to post his first post but I would suggest proceed as group and go in order. Intelligence check says typically you don't assemble a group to do tasks that one person can do :)

I do have those also, as well as abyssal and infernal :D

I'll post with my character in a few. Had to re-analyze some things and work decided to interrupt me twice in a row (today and yesterday).

Howard yeah Finding Haleen is what i was referring to. open source it's called finding your kin.

If you take it I think we need to work out who it is. It says if multiple PCs have it they are looking for the same person?

Finishing up now :)

I was super excited about taking bonded investigator with an imp (at 7th level) with the figment archetype until I noticed it removed their SLAs. The idea of having an abberant, usually invisible 'figment of my imagination' whispering in my ear for this game was so cool!

Instead it looks like base imp will have to do.

I'll have trapfinding, anyway. My question about trapfinder the trait was more of a "can we take other sweet campaign traits like finding your kin too even though we have one from this campaign" :)

Also, I can use CLW wands as an investigator, so there's that.

Thinking about doing long spear and reach, since I will be kind of squishy. At least in the beginning. Might move towards rapier/buckler.

My investigator will be able to do melee. Sort of. He's no tank, lol. And will probably not do it very well at 1st level. Finally getting a chance to finish up today lol

Doubt I'd be going ranged, you need feats plus a feat tax to do ranged study to get your attack bonuses.

Dwarven forge

Lol unfortunately my 5 year old now 6 tends to be like:
Me: you meet a tribe of natives and they look at you cautiously, one says something foreign.
Him: I climb on his back and ride him!
Brawl ensues. He makes his checks and cows the tribe via intimidation.

That's a given. No child of mine could not be into dnd with the massive amounts of minis and terrain and games going on :)

I have a large collection of dwarven forge that I only get to play with with them, lol.

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I got 3 kids and the wife and I work a lot. :) I get to check games while working but not spend time with the family, so they tend to consume my free time on weekends lol

Awesome. Will try to be ready by Monday but weekends are iffy territory.

I am still working my character over. Is it possible to start on Tuesday instead of Monday? My activity on weekends is pretty crappy so if I don't finish by today my demanding wife and children may prevent me from finishing before Monday :)

I am thinking of investigator with a possible dip into archaeologist. Might go half elf or halfling, maybe even half orc or human (still undecided).

I am leaning towards half elf for investigator but that's not for sure. So doesn't look like dark vision unless I go for a different race. Or take an alt trait like you did.

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