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Since VTTs are becoming more main stream I would love to see official pawn sets from Paizo designed for token use online. I would definitely pay so I could use them without having to create them myself first. Add it to my Paizo Christmas list!

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I have put together a document that compiles every possible combination for all 16 classes. It's just the stat stuff and the level progression table for each combination. Feel free to take a look. Any feedback would be appreciated.


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It has been brought to my attention that the use of “plus” in damage is not inclusive to the meaning:

“Definition of plus. (Entry 1 of 4) 1 : algebraically positive. 2 : having, receiving, or being in addition to what is anticipated.”

In this case it’s in reference to crocodile damage and the addition of “plus Grab”.

I was listening to Roll for Combat and Stephen (GM) had the crocodile move up to the target, bite, and then do a death roll that requires grab (which was described as part of the bite). Vanessa informed him that the death roll could not be performed because the grab is an action. Normally I would agree, but the grab is listed as part of the damage as such:

“Melee jaws +10, Damage 1d10+4 piercing plus Grab”

The plus indicates that the grab is an additional part of the damage, which with a crocodile makes since as once they latch on they don’t let go if they can help it.

In addition the Grab action states:

“Requirements The monster’s last action was a success with a Strike that lists Grab in its damage entry, or it has a creature grabbed using this action. Effect The monster automatically Grabs the target until the end of the monster’s next turn. The creature is grabbed by whichever body part the monster attacked with, and that body part can’t be used to Strike creatures until the grab is ended.

Using Grab extends the duration of the monster’s Grab until the end of its next turn for all creatures grabbed by it. A grabbed creature can use the Escape action to get out of the grab, and the Grab ends for a grabbed creatures if the monster moves away from it.”

The requirement to perform the grab action is either it is part of the monster’s damage descriptor or the monster takes the grab action specifically. The effect of either one is that the target is immediately grabbed.

Stephen says he has spoken to someone here at Paizo about it and it is supposed to be an action that is taken, but per the requirements, and the meaning of “plus”, Grab is a free action as part of the damage.

If it is meant to be a separate action then it needs to be removed from the damage descriptor, as do several other cases throughout the Bestiary as “plus Grab” clearly indicates under the requirements for Grab that the condition has been met and no separate action needs to be taken.

What is the official Paizo stance on this?

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When combining the skills from both classes in the event of duplicate skills do you: throw out the duplicate or (as in the case of a duplicate from ancestry, background, class in general rules) replace the skill with another skill?

Example: druid and ranger both get nature as trained

If you toss the extra that would give the character 7+Int total skills, whereas if you switch it they would have 8+Int skills.

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I sent an email last weekend detailing that I'd received/bought the core set and was missing two of the cards (Wounds and the Acolyte). I haven't heard back yet and was hoping there was a way to get those cards without having to return the product. Is the lack of response due to the inventory being done?

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My group is almost finished with the second act, gearing up to face the boss.

I realized they may need to use the potions found at Hallod's place. The importance of this, which seems to have been skipped over in the mod is that Vilree put drugs in his supply to help control him. Has anyone thought or is playing with this aspect? I'm sure it wasn't in all the stuff she gave him, but it's at least in the stuff she gave him as mentioned in the back story. The party found at least two vials of it.

I'm thinking of using the drug rules if and when they are used. Just wondering if anyone else realized this and thought about doing the same thing?

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I'm currently running my group through the mod and reaching the end of the first part. I like to plan ahead so I have started looking and I'm having problems finding a module to move to after the group finishes it. Has anyone found a PF2 mod that falls within the 4-5 level range to run after Plaguestone that is not part of an adventure path? I'd prefer to move the group into another stand alone mod, but not finding any for 2e. I've found some 3P ones on Drivethru, but they are higher level starting around 7-8.

Has Paizo announced a stand alone that would fit and I've missed it? I've been keeping up on all the news and pretty sure they haven't announced anything. I would prefer not to start in the middle of an adventure path or other extended module. Nor do I want to convert something from 1e.

Has anyone found a modules that will fit after Plaguestone for their group? 3P mods are fine. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I've decide to get out of Pathfinder for the interim as with two kids under five I just don't have the time anymore to play and keep up with the game. I figure by the time they will be able to play there will be a new edition out and I'll be buying new books anyway. So I'm selling my collection, as well as my Star Wars Saga books, in order to buy camera gear and pay for new board games and such. Here are the links to the auctions:

Pathfinder Corebook Autographed by Jason Bulmahn
Pathfinder Corebook Beta
Pathfinder Gamemaster Bundle
Pathfinder Inner Sea Bundle
Pathfinder Module Bundle
Pathfinder Bestiary Bundle
Pathfinder Chronicles/Companion Bundle
Pathfinder Player Bundle
Pathfinder Book of the Damn Bundle
Pathfinder Goblin Books
Pathfinder Freeport Bundle
Pathfinder Beginner Box
Pathfinder Gamemastery Deck Bundle

Star Wars Saga Bundle

If you know anyone who might be interested please spread the word. Thanks!

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(If this isn't the right place for this could a Mod please move it. Thanks.)

Hey, just wanted to let people know that I have put part of my Pathfinder collection up on eBay. Haven't done any gaming in almost a year so figured I might as well get rid of my extra books and put them to better use, namely supporting my photography schooling. Click here for auction.

And speaking of my photography feel free to look over my site here or my Facebookpage and checkout my black light dice photos I recently posted.

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We have 18 icons so for in Pathfinder but, outside of what's his name on the cover of the Gamemastery Guide, how many iconic villains are there now?

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So I saw that Jason posted that he's made a lot of progress on "The Project". Any thoughts on what it might be?

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So I was wondering if Pazio would have a problem with a Fan made Wiki designed and aimed to provide story content for a Post-Apoc Golarion? Would that violate the license since it would be altering the setting or would it be acceptable since it would be a fan site with a theme? Inquiring minds would like to know?

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I've been thinking of creating a witch for my home campaign to serve as either an NPC or a fill in character when people are gone. I want to model her after the Aboriginals of Australia, including either a kangaroo or wallaby for her familiar. I'm just trying to figure out what would be the best set up for the familiar. Any ideas on the bonuses either would offer? Thanks.

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So any news on Pirates of the Bronze Sky, inquiring minds want to know?

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Anyone planning on doing a spreadsheet or word doc with the variant class stuff worked out in base class format (level chart and whole class write up) for ease of reference?

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Woot! I like it, I love it, I want it!

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The real question is when is Paizo going to come out with the Girls of Pathfinder Calendar??

But to answer your question... no. ;-)

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Gencon being just a couple weeks away now I'm wondering what will be announced as next years big product. I personally would like to find out they're going to come out with a Sword & Planet RPG, including beta test but figure that's probably a 2012 release. What will probably be announced though will be the Asian rulebook and setting. What's everyone else's thoughts?

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History in Miniatures is proud to announce that the fall Fields of Honor in Des Moines, Iowa will be held the weekend of September 24-26th at Stoney Creek Inn in the suburb of Johnston. The convention features historical miniatures, Warhammer 40k, roleplaying (including Pathfinder Society), various boardgames, and much more.

Pre-registration badges cost $20 each for the weekend.

At the door badge prices are:
$25 for the entire weekend at door
$10 for Friday
$15 for Saturday
$8 for Sunday

Payment for pre-registration must be received by September 18th, 2010 or you will have to pay the “at the door” price. If you pre-pay for a badge it will be waiting for you at the registration desk when you arrive. If you are mailing us payment please post it by the 15th of September to ensure that it arrives in time!

For more information and a list of events visit Fields of Honor. We look forward to seeing you!

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So I was going over the list of all 759 words in the Game Mastery Guide and found a few words that were missing I believe should be known. I understand that not all words could be included due to space restraints although some may have been simply forgotten. I thought it would be nice for everyone to list words they felt should be known in addition to those found in the Game Mastery Guide. I’ll start with those I thought of.

cocksure (insert "ocks" since the filter thinks it's dirty)

Anyway those are just a few I came up with.

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I'm hoping this is a right area for this. My fiancée and I are expecting in a couple of month so money is tight. I've decided to put up some of the game books I don't play with in order to help pay for upcoming games I want to purchase, as well as help with some bills. Here are the books I have available for auction:

4e D&D books up for sale
Open Grave
Adventurer's Vault
Martial Power
Arcane Power
Draconomicon: Chromatic Dragons
Manual of the Planes
Paragon Module Bundle
Heroic Module Bundle
Misc Modules Bundle
Epic Level Module Death's Reach
Forgotten Realm Module Scepter Tower of Spellgard

Non D&D books
Alpha Omega Rulebook
Cthulhutech Rulebook
Anima: Beyond Fantasy Rulebook
Legend of the Five Rings 3rd Ed
Hackmaster Basic
New World of Darkness 9 book lot sale

Thanks for taking a look!

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Mm, fried cow-heal, just like mom use to make! However the clear soup tastes a little watered down to me.

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Mm, shiny!

Must. Have. Now!

Though I don't know why the witch has the whole Seoni thing going on as far as the hair goes.

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Another foray into alternative rules, this time a look at Turn Undead. I’m hoping this has a little more going for it than my Sneak Attack rules. Anyway here’s my thought about Turn Undead, which might not be a new idea as I don’t always follow the homebrew stuff.

I decided to model Turn Undead after Combat Maneuvers but wasn’t sure how to work it out until the epiphany stuck. The cleric’s Turn Bonus (TB), determined using (½ Level + Cha Mod), is rolled against the undead opponent’s Turn Defense (TD). Turn Defense is determined by using the formula (10 + ½ Wis score + Cha Mod + Turn Defense Resistance (TDR) (if applicable). If the TB beats the TD the undead is turned, fleeing away from the cleric for a number of rounds equal to 1 + ½ level + Wis modifier with a minimum of one round. If the Turn check exceeds the TD by more than five the cleric also deals damage equal to (½ level)d6 in holy damage, minimum 1d6. If the Turn check exceeds the TD by more than 10 the undead is destroyed if it fails a Will save equal to 10+(½ level)+Wis mod of the cleric.

For now I’ll use Channel Resistance in place of TDR

Recap before demonstration:

Turn Bonus = ½ Level + Cha Mod
Turn Defense = 10 + ½ Wis score + Cha Mod + Turn Defense Resistance (TDR) (if applicable)

So a first level cleric with a Wis of 18 and a Cha of 16 would have a TB of 3.
A fourth level cleric with a Wis 19 and a Cha of 16 would have a TB of 5
A fifteenth level cleric with a Wis 20 and a Cha 16 would have a TB of 10

A ghast has a TD of (10 + 9 half wisdom + 4 Cha mod + 2 TDR)= 25
A ghost has a TD of (10 + 5 half wisdom + 5 Cha mod + 4 TDR)= 24
A ghoul has a TD of (10 + 7 half wisdom + 2 Cha mod + 2 TDR) = 21
A skeleton has a TD of (10 + 5 half wisdom + 0 Cha mod + 0 TDR)= 15
A bloody skeleton has a TD of (10 + 5 half wisdom + 2 Cha mod + 4 TDR)= 21
A zombie has a TD of (10 + 5 half wisdom + 0 Cha mod + 0 TDR)= 15
A lich has a TD of (10 + 7 half wisdom + 3 Cha mod + 4 TDR)= 24

I started to get a little worried that my math wasn’t working out since the more powerful monsters still seem to have a low TD, as shown above for the ghost and lich while the ghast has a pretty high score for such a low level monster. I was contemplating switching to a hit dice based modifier in place of the Cha modifier, but then I realized that ghosts and liches would probably be in environments that offer other resistance bonuses to balance for the low numbers on higher monsters. As for the ghast, well some monsters should be tough if you think about it, but an alternative solution would be to make a roll of 20 an auto turn undead. It’s not really overpowering if you think about it and would still require them to meet the other requirements.

TB should also be modifiable by feats, which would add some flavor for turning. As for outsiders I’m still thinking about it, but just to put it in perspective a pit fiend would have a TD of 33 before adding any kind of bonus resistances for environment.

So thoughts? Is this a little more on target?

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So I was letting my mind wander at work and came up with an interesting idea for a rework of sneak attack that would really up the rogue in combat. The general gist is this:

Sneak Attack: Rouges have learned how to fight by exploiting their enemies weaknesses and finding vulnerable spots in armor. Because of this knowledge whenever the rogue exceeds the AC of their opponent by more than five with their attack roll they score a sneak attack, doing an additional d6 of damage. A sneak attack also triggers whenever a critical hit is confirmed, however it's damage is not doubled. As the rogue advances they learn new ways of inflicting sneak attack damage, starting at fifth level and every five levels after that the damage of sneak attack increases one step (d8 at level 5, d10 at level 10, d12 at level 15, and 2d6 at level 20). At level 10, the rogue auto sneak attacks if the attack roll indicates a threat, no longer needing a confirmed critical, and starting at level 15 sneak attack damage is also multiplied if a critical hit is confirmed.

Granted this is just ground work and probably will just stay as speculation but I thought it was interesting. Thoughts?

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While reviewing the write up for Orcs of Golarion I couldn't help but notice this line in the description: "Pathfinder Companion: Orcs of Golarion provides Pathfinder RPG players everything they need to fight—or play—orc and half-orc characters, bringing this shadowy race to the savage forefront!" I'm wondering since this book will include the official player version of the orc race for Pathfinder will we be allowed to create orc characters going forward from its release or will it only be allowed for material related to half-orcs? I know orcs weren't allowed before because they were only found in the Bestiary, but this book will replace that.

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I’ve been mulling over our discussions concerning evil campaigns and I'm wondering something concerning characters which is, what if part of the problem is certain classes don’t actually fit into an evil campaign? Should there be a mix up or perhaps specific classes excluded from an evil campaign, maybe even different ones introduced so as to allow exclusive classes to the campaign?

Paladins as portrayed in the core rules are definitely not cut out for a straight up evil campaign since most of their abilities are counter productive to the nature of the setting, except when fighting rival factions. There has also been some alternative classes introduced in other settings/systems which might fit in nicely, namely the assassin classes and the dread necromancer to start. I think I’d go with the assassin as written up by AEG for their Warlord RPG when it comes to that one. I like their ability to study an opponent then take them out if they succeed in hitting and then the save fails. Their version of the scout might be a good replacement as well for the ranger, but I don’t know if that class needs replacing.

Are there any other classes you think should be altered, excluded, or included to make an evil campaign work? What about incorporating classes geared toward seduction or the occult? What about prestige classes and their function within an evil campaign?

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So I'm bored and wondering what's the longest character name you ever came up with for one of your characters. I'll start with my retired gnome illusionist who was nicknamed "Onetree". Seems short I know, but then it's not his full name which is:

Onetreefallenoverasmallstreaminthemiddleofafieldafterafiercethunderstormrol ledthroughandstruckitwithlightninginthemiddleofsummer

Okay, your turn.

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Splintering off from the evil campaign discussions in the general forums I'm wondering what elements would make for a working "Evil" campaign? What type of stories do you think should be presented? What elements do you think should be included to help keep an campaign on track? Should vices be included as elements to portray reality or should they be just window dressing that aren't really addressed (such as drug use)? Anything else that might be added to an evil campaign?

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From enWorld in this thread. Just thought folks might want to know.

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Found this surprise over on enWorld just now.

GMforPowergamers wrote:

You herd it hear first...

Amazon link

I can hardly wait....

You can read the thread here.

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The thought occurred to me about making either or both the bard and the rogue masters of traits. This could be done by allowing them to take two traits in place of any feat they might gain. Bonuses from similar sub-types do not stack where other types do So if the character has two social traits that grant a +2 and a +1 the +2 would supersede and not stack. However if you have a faith bonus of +2 to a skill and a social trait that also gives +2 then they would stack together to become a +4 bonus. Any thoughts?

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Wondering if anyone has heard anything about the progress of making adaptables so that retail modules or APs will be allowable in PFS? Josh mentioned they were looking into it, but I haven't heard anything recently. Any news?

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Just thought I'd point out that there's a mistake in the store in the Paizo.com Exclusives section. Some of the Conflict Chip sets are list priced at $0.00 with Paizo's price being $4.99. Don't know about everyone else but I'd be trying to find the store giving them away instead of paying money for them, not to mention shipping fees. ;-)

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Bumping this as we've posted the schedule for PFS scenarios.

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Here’s a wild idea so take it as you will. I'm posting it here because it is something that involves not only players but 3PPs as well. Anyway here's what I have to say.

I’m wondering what everyone’s thoughts are about a completely 100% OGL living campaign? I mean where every aspect of the campaign is determined by the majority of players and then designed and published by the industry as a whole.

The way it could work is a community website could be established where voting could be conducted. The votes could be used to determine everything from the name of the campaign, to what races are playable, to even how the world might look. Every aspect directly and indirectly affected by all the players interested in the world from the ground up and then designed by the industry.

The way design would work is that each company interested would submit their ideas for the different territories. This in effect would create something akin to a patronage program, and after getting community consensus that company then gets free reign to design everything related to that area of the world with the players interested in that region giving their input via their support for the product. The game companies could also provide modules if they are interested, but the majority of those would be via the player base involved in the living campaign.

It’s an ambitious thought I know, but I think if done as suggested, so that each region is effectively its own identity for the controlling company, it shouldn’t be to big a problem. Companies interested in supporting would be assured that they are the only company doing a product for that region so they get exclusive rights to it. Then to appease players who might be afraid that a given area might lose support it could be amended to the campaigns OGL that if a company fails to supports a listed region it becomes available after a given period or in the advent the company forfeits its control.

As I said it’s ambitious, but would be taking the spirit of the OGL to the maximum. Pazio and the Pathfinder Open Beta could be just the beginning. So what’s everyone’s thoughts?

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Didn't want to threadjack one of the other threads but I wanted to say that I really would love to see the Seoni Christmas art, as well as at least four other designs, available next year as Christmas cards we could purchase. Then again, as many fans might be out there, you might need more than that or people will end up with 20 copies of Seoni. Maybe two or three variant cards per iconic? Any thoughts?

You know if you think about it, it's an untapped market, holiday cards for gamers.

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Has to be one of the best pictures of her todate, ever!

Merry Christmas Paizo!

And get to work James!

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Hey everyone,

I found a surprise on Amazon and realized that it's too good to pass up and thought I'd let everyone know who might be interested. Amazon has the complete Farscape DVD collection for only $58 which is 61% off of the normal $150. If you do the supersaver shipping that's all you'll pay. Not sure how long the sale will last so figured I'd get the word out for those who might not have heard and have been wanting to get this show.

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So now let’s look at the eldritch knight as a template since it’s already an existing prestige class from the Player’s Guide that we’re familiar with and I already mentioned it in the base section. Remember I’m working with a concept idea that isn’t fully worked out so it will be rough.

Eldritch Knight Template
Foundation 2 (arcane/martial)
Opposition Templates: None

Tier 1 Template
Requirements (Keeping these the same for now as they make sense)
Weapon Proficiency: Must be proficient with all martial weapons.
Spells: Able to cast 3rd-level arcane spells.

Expanded skill list: The following skills are now class skills for this character if not already. Climb (Str), Knowledge (arcana) (Int), Knowledge (nobility and royalty) (Int), Linguistics (Int), Ride (Dex), Sense Motive (Wis), Spellcraft (Int), and Swim (Str).

Diverse Training Trait: The eldritch knight has learned how to combine the abilities from his Foundation into a lethal focus of steel and magic. When determining the character’s base attack all foundation levels add together and count as the martial class before adding any other classes. (Thus the fighter 1/sorcerer 1/mage 5 in the foundation example counts as a fighter 6/sorcerer 1 for the purposes of determining base attack.) The eldritch knight also adds all foundation levels to meet the requirements for gaining a feat related to any of the foundations. (So the six levels may be used as either a fighter 6 or wizard 6 when picking feats.)

Stout Defender Trait: The eldritch knight gains +1 on fortitude saves.

Tier 2 Template
Requirements: At least one level since Tier 1 was gained.

Spell Mastery Trait: Whenever an eldritch knight advances levels in the martial class that met the weapon proficiency requirement for the template it gains an additional level of spellcasting as if it took a level in the arcane class portion of the foundation but gains no other benefits from the arcane class. Also when casting spells all foundation levels count when determining caster level for effects and concentration checks.

Quick and Dirty Trait: The eldritch knight gains +1 to reflex and will saves.

Tier 3 Template
Requirements: At least three levels since Tier 2 was gained.

Stat Bonus: +1 Str

At Home in Combat Trait: The eldritch knight is at home on the battlefield and has learned a few tricks. The character gains a bonus combat feat selected from the foundation’s martial class bonus combat feat list. The eldritch knight may do this twice more as long as the foundation’s martial class level doesn’t offer a bonus feat at that level and it has been at least four levels since the last bonus feat granted by At Home in Combat.

Tier 4 Template
Requirements: At least six levels since Tier 3

Stat Bonus: +1 Int or Cha determined by arcane foundation

Spell Critical Trait: Whenever an eldritch knight successfully confirms a critical hit, he can cast a spell as a swift action. The spell must include the target of the attack as one of its targets or in its area of effect. Casting this spell does not provoke an attack of opportunity. The caster must still meet all of the spell’s components and must roll for arcane spell failure if necessary.

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I love the write up in the blog concerning Karzoug, but it would be nice if we could see the picture! ;-)

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I've reported all my sessions and marked it complete, but the event is still showing. Do they no longer disappear after you have completed them? If not that would explain why two cancelled recent events didn't disappear either.

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Hello everyone,

Awhile back I created an Amazon listed Getting started with the Pathfinder role-playing game and recently updated it. I decided to post it so people would have an easy reference for people they meet who might be interested in getting started. The main focus is for people just coming into the game. So if you know anyone out there looking or debating you can point them to the list to get started. Take a look and if you have any suggestions let me know.

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Josh posted the latest Open Call for PFS over on the blog. I'm glad that Paizo is continuing to take the next step in advancing the campaign by continuing to allow player interaction with the campaign by allowing non Paizo staff to create modules for the society.

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Anyone doing a compiled list of traits? Either a list or actual full document listing them in one place? I want to offer them to my players for character creation but not sure where to find all of them beyond the free traits guide.

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