Fields of Honor 2010 Spring Edition in Des Moines, IA March 26-28

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History in Miniatures is proud to announce that this year there will be two Fields of Honor in Des Moines, Iowa. Fields of Honor Spring will be held the weekend of March 26-28th at Stoney Creek Inn in the suburb of Johnston. Roleplaying games will include D&D 4e Living Forgotten Realms and Pathfinder Society as well as other games, including historical miniatures, Warhammer 40k, various boardgames, and much more.

Pre-registration badges cost $20 each for the weekend.

At the door badge prices are:
$25 for the entire weekend
$10 for Friday
$15 for Saturday
$8 for Sunday

Payment for pre-registration must be received by March 15th, 2010 or you will have to pay the “at the door” price. If you pre-pay for a badge it will be waiting for you at the registration desk when you arrive. If you are mailing us payment please post it by the 10th of March to ensure that it arrives in time!

For more information and a list of events visit Fields of Honor. We look forward to seeing you!

Dark Archive 1/5

Bumping this as we've posted the schedule for PFS scenarios.

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