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I'm currently running my group through the mod and reaching the end of the first part. I like to plan ahead so I have started looking and I'm having problems finding a module to move to after the group finishes it. Has anyone found a PF2 mod that falls within the 4-5 level range to run after Plaguestone that is not part of an adventure path? I'd prefer to move the group into another stand alone mod, but not finding any for 2e. I've found some 3P ones on Drivethru, but they are higher level starting around 7-8.

Has Paizo announced a stand alone that would fit and I've missed it? I've been keeping up on all the news and pretty sure they haven't announced anything. I would prefer not to start in the middle of an adventure path or other extended module. Nor do I want to convert something from 1e.

Has anyone found a modules that will fit after Plaguestone for their group? 3P mods are fine. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Most of the PFS modules are in the level 1-4 range, so you could run some of them to get the party from 4th to 5th level. They are all pretty much standalone adventures. By the time they reach 5th level, the first level 3-6 modules will be out. Once they reach 7th level, those 3rd party modules at Drivethrurpg will work.

The only real question is whether those level 5-6 modules will come out in a timely enough manner to cover your party at those levels.

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