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The Jenni Lynne folds into space, her passengers and crew along with it. Moments later it reappears in a solar system outside of the Inner Sphere.

Upon arrival at the cargo bay, Frau Hoffen is already there talking frantically into her portable comm unit. The compact woman paces in a figure-eight pattern around and between the legs of her own Valkyrie battlemech. She must have been in the bay when the ship made the FTL jump, a practice frowned upon for civilians as a safety risk.

She wears a sleeveless long black dress and her white hair is pulled up into beehive. The hair around the temples and back of her head has been shaved clean. One side of her face and neck, and most of her right arm, are covered in old burn scars, long since healed. A silver necklace, from which hangs two gold rings, is the woman's only jewelry. In complete defiance of her gown, Frau Hoffen is wearing the heavy boots of a mechwarrior.

”Nein, nein. Wir hatten einen zustimmung, Herr Ling. Welche komplikation? Oh. Wann? Ich werde sofort jemanden schicken, hör auf, dir sorgen zu machen.”

No, no. We had an agreement, Herr Ling. What complication? Oh. When? I will send someone right away, stop worrying."

If anyone tries to interrupt her, she simply holds up a finger in the 'give me a minute' gesture and resumes her pacing.

Also, since I'm fairly sure Kyle would have done a little homework first...

Kyle Lambert:
The bullet point brief on Frau Hoffen as you've learned from various sources:

  • Born Molly Marie Fitzhugh on Skye.
  • Graduate of the Nagelring.
  • Posted to the 10th Lyran Guards in 3024.
  • Saw action during the 4th Succession War in Operation GOTTERDAMMERUNG.
  • Officially given a medical discharge following a ground car accident.
  • Married Herr Erich Hoffen, 30 years her senior, in 3030. Hoffen was a minor baron whose family amassed a fortune building a shipping empire.
  • Reportedly helped train the rebuilt 10th Lyran and helped plan a logistical piece of the raid on Teniente.
  • WARNING: suspected to have ties to Loki. Unverified and unknown how deep those ties might run.

  • This is your discussion thread!

    I would like a little help with a few things since this might be a daunting project. I would like us to figure out a good character sheet format we can use as standard, figure out what info and how to format the class/level bar, talk about how much or little bookkeeping we want to do, and how we want to adapt the rules for smooth gameplay that still feels sufficiently Battletech.

    The first two are pretty easy...but I welcome pitches and suggestions.

    Also, feel free to make minor changes as you muster up here. I can see swapping some languages or skills as you figure things out. Also, I know at least one of you is looking for an answer to a question, I should have it before much longer.

    I will create the game thread shortly. Once it is open, just go ahead and bring your character in however you want to introduce them!

    "Your attention, please! Our ride has just relayed our count-down and we are five minutes from jump. So strap in and hold tight. Also, just a friendly reminder, Frau Hoffen has paid extra to come in at a pirate point and bandits have been known to these parts. So if you're religious, we here aboard the Jenni Lynne would ask you to send up a prayer to your god, gods, ancestors, whatever...four minutes."

    "Oh, right. Frau Hoffen also wants her specialists in the cargo bay after jump. Heading into final sequence. Say goodbye to the Inner Sphere folks."

    Frau Hoffen is looking to hire 6 specialists with a range of skills for a contract lasting 12-24 months. She needs mechjockeys and spies, pilots and tech specialists, warriors and thieves. And her mission? Recovering an ancient Star League era warship with an experimental K-F drive system. A find like that could be worth hundreds of millions of C-Bills for the vessel alone, and Frau Hellen is offering each member of her specialist team 2% of the proceeds of any find!

    In addition to a huge payday if LostTech is recovered, she has ComStar managing her crew and team salaries using an escrow account which is already fully funded, proving that the Steiner noblewoman may be a little crazy, but she's not stupid.

    Critical Information:

  • Using MechWarrior 2nd Edition (MW2e) and associated source material for RPG end.
  • BT rules may be modified slightly in mech scale tactical combat situations...it will be a bit of a learning experience for all of us and we will have to feel our way through at the start.
  • Set shortly after Tukayid in the Clan Invasion era. Exact date is TBD.

    Character Creation

  • Characters must be created as per the standard rules for MW2e.
  • If you happen to be playing a human without a mech or other vehicle you can select an additional +3 attributes or +4 skill points or +1 advantage points as your "Priority 1" choice.
  • Roll Unit assignment as normal, however, you can apply the results to any official unit assignment table that is appropriate for your character. Clanners in Clan vehicles need to justify their selections in some way that lets me write additional drama :D
  • Provide some snippet that gives me some depth on your character submission like a short bio, brief scene, etc.
  • If you've already linked/posted a submission in the interest thread, please repost here.
  • Recruitment will be up for a week.

    If you've PMed me about this at all, be aware I'm super slow with PMs but will eventually read them.

  • Total Longshot, but would anyone be interested in doing a FIRST EDITION MechWarrior game? I had an electronic copy of the book for years but only recently actually took a look at it. I kinda love it...easily the best version to integrate with actual Battletech.

    It would be an intrigue on Solaris VII type of setup where the characters are a gladiator stable up front and a spy shop in the back. Likely set just after the 4th Succession War. If folks wanted in I would be looking at three or four players with two characters each. One mech jockey (because it isn't a front of you don't have someone in the games) and one other character who is not.

    I could consider something more like a combined arms set around the Clan invasion era, but I feel like the added complexity would be too difficult to deal with. As it is I don't know how feasible combat would be...

    3 Gozran, 4710 (First Year)

    The mountains become hills. The trees thin. The South Rostland Road becomes little more than wagon ruts and a hoof-packed trail surrounded by two to three foot tall shoots of green grass which sways in the breeze like an ocean's waves flowing to a shore that never comes.

    By mid-morning Oleg's Trading Post can be seen at the edge of the horizon. A brown island in the sea of green. A tiny tendril of smoke touches the expansive, deep blue sky above. The smoke dissipates long before it can reach the mountainous fluffy white clouds that float lazily in the highest reaches of the sky.

    Late in the afternoon a path branches off from the main road heading to Oleg's. The ruts are a little less deep and the horse trails less tightly packed by a stream of riders. The site is more visible from the top of a hill where the path starts. It is composed of several buildings surrounded by a tall wooden stockade. The post is supposed to be fairly recent construction, but it looks to have already been well weathered. The gate stands closed.

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    This is the discussion thread. Let's see builds when ready, figure out details, and whatever else!

    It is a cool spring day on the road to Shadowdale. The skies are clear with a few wispy clouds gracefully floating across the midday sun. The green rolling hills echo the sounds of distant hoofbeats.

    Just opening for dotting, lol.

    Welcome to the SOtD Discussion thread!

    Just to give some background on how I am looking to run things, I am using existing modules, true, however I will be altering plenty about them. I'm also taking encounters and situations from other modules and accessories. I want to keep my own tinkering to a minimum, because life is busy, lol.

    One way I will be setting this up is by using a sort of video-game style semi-sandbox. There will be a main quest line, but rumors and wandering into certain places will trigger side quests.

    I want you to have as much agency as possible. The only real buy-in is that the characters have decided to be involved in helping Daggerdale and/or fighting the Zhentarim for now. The starting post is going to make an assumption along those lines, and will begin with the characters already on the road in pursuit of a minor task. Blame the dragon for the in media res, just seemed the best way to make sure everyone was there from the start! This mission is being undertaken on behalf of a bard, and is supposed to be a courier run to Shadowdale.

    If you have any character storylines you want me to work in, make sure I'm aware! You can choose to know or not know anyone else before the start, hammer that out below.

    When you post in combat or other round-based scenes, be sure to add the following information to your post:

    DM Dickie wrote:

    Declare your action as a player using the out of combat tag. On the next line display your Weapon or casting speed. Below that roll your initiative modified normally, and any rolls you need to make for your action (attack, damage if attack hits, proficiency check, etc.).

    +/- Weapon/casting speed
    Initiative: 1d10 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 1 = 6
    Any other rolls.

    Recommended format for classes/levels line:

    AL Gender Race Class (Kit) 1 | HP X/Y | AC 10 | DA -1 MDA +1 | PPD 20 RSW 20 PP 20 BW 20 MS 20 | Reaction Adj +1 | Vision XX’ | [spoiler =Status]None.[/ spoiler]

    If anyone has a format for aliases that's clean to read they feel like sharing, feel free. I will be putting up links to things over the next few days as well as other useful information in the campaign page. Sorry for the wall of text!

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    The Year of the Shadows is now in the past and the Time of Troubles appears to be over, yet a dark shadow brings no end of troubles to the Dales. It is a land in desperate need of heroes...

    Character creation:

  • Stats: Roll 2d6+6 six times, arrange as desired. You may roll twice total and select your preferred set.
  • Players from the Maztica thread may import their rolls if they desire.
  • Any Forgotten Realms race, class, or kit from any official Forgotten Realms book is available, as are any options from general AD&D books (Complete series, etc.)
  • Kits from other sources may be allowed with DM approval.
  • Take maximum hit points for first level.
  • Any non-evil alignment is allowed. Good aligned characters are strongly encouraged.
  • Take maximum starting wealth for your class/kit.
  • Languages: any bonus languages as a result of Intelligence score will grant an additional language and a bonus NWP. If you have a 12 Int you have three bonus NWPs and can speak three languages in addition to your native language.
  • Combat styles, expertise, and various "feats" from Player's Option series are fair game. Approval is required, however.

    We will use the AD&D 2nd Edition rules. I am still debating whether I will use Roll20 or Google Drive for maps and handouts. I'm looking for four to six total players. Please post any questions!

    Useful Information

    I will be using material from several modules set in the Dales, especially Daggerdale, but I'm going to mash a few together in a way that allows the characters a chance to bounce around on their own rather than be placed on railroad tracks.

    I will leave it up to the players exactly why their characters came to the region and how they became affiliated with one another. We will presume they've decided to form an adventuring party looking to protect the Dales, fight the Zhents, explore ancient history (Dwarven ruins, elven ruins not far!), or whatever else. Natives to the region work well, they may be interested in helping the House Morn returned to power. Maybe they're affiliated with the Harper's and have been tasked with keeping an eye on the Zhents.

    Don't expect big cities to play a large role. Wilderness and dungeons will be common. The Zhentarim could be used as a favored enemy if desired, they will pop up a lot. Any other guidance or questions? Ask away!

  • To the rest of the Realms it is the “New World”. To the Maztican natives it is the “True World”. A wild land with lakes of blood and cities of gold. A place to find glory and wealth, or escape the past.

    I am going to be running a 2nd edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms module set in Maztica. My goal is just to play the game as close to rules as written as possible for a play-by-post AD&D 2nd Edition game and complete the Fires of Zatal module. If things go well, I would consider taking it further than that module, but for now the focus will be the module itself.

    Character creation:

  • Stats: Roll 2d6+6 six times, arrange as desired. If the total for all six abilities is 70 or less, you can reroll.
  • Any Forgotten Realms race, class, or kit from any official Forgotten Realms book is available, as are any options from general AD&D books (Complete series, etc.)
  • Kits from other sources may be allowed with DM approval.
  • Take maximum hit points for first level.
  • Any non-evil alignment is allowed. LE may be allowed depending on the concept.
  • Roll for starting wealth as normal.
  • Combat styles, expertise, and various "feats" from Player's Option series are fair game. Approval is required, however.

    Some Additional Useful Info

    For the purpose of this module, urban focused characters would not be recommended. There are some cities that the characters may visit, but there will be a lot more time in the wilderness. Animal encounters are likely to be frequent, as are encounters with a variety of humanoids. Expect jungles, rivers, deserts, and a little travel by ship.

    I would expect three posts a week on average. Sometimes, especially in scenes that are mostly RP focused, I could end up posting far more frequently. Other times real life gets in the way and things may slow down. We should all try and update each other about absences as early as possible, if possible.

    I can use either Google Drive to share maps/images, or Roll20. I feel a little more comfortable with Roll20, but if folks do not have accounts or prefer Google, I will use that.

    DM Dickie: wrote:

    When you post in combat or other round-based scenes, be sure to add the following information to your post:

    Declare your action as a player using the out of combat tag. On the next line display your Weapon or casting speed. Below that roll your initiative modified normally, and any rolls you need to make for your action (attack, damage if attack hits, proficiency check, etc.).

    +/- Weapon/casting speed
    Initiative: 1d10 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 1 = 6

    I will resolve combat actions in an end of round post, feel free to flesh out those results in your next post. I will also do a brief round recap post to try and keep things organized.

    Special/House Rules in Effect:

  • Hovering at Death’s Door (-10 hp to die).
  • If your action in combat is pre-empted, you receive a +1 to either AC or a single roll taken in your next action.

    I'll copy the above list to the campaign page when I create it. That way we can add other things as required in a central spot.

    Questions? Just ask! Otherwise, roll up some stats and toss me a concept. All that is required for recruitment is class(and kit)/race/stats and a general concept. I will be looking for between 4 and 6 total players.

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    Star Law Headquarters
    4th Floor Briefing Room

    ”Welcome to the 'Jacks’. As in, jack of all trades. Your unit will be assigned to work keeping the peace along the Frontier, and your team's specific posting for the next few months is going to be doing security and logistical assistance for a Planetary Survey Administration colonial research team. Don't worry, we will rotate you back to civilization before you know it. In fact, probably too soon.”

    I am looking for 4-6 fresh UPF Star Law officers to begin their careers on the Frontier! Yes, I will in fact be using Star Frontiers Alpha Dawn/Kinght Hawks rules.

    If you don't have access to the rules but really want to do some old school sci-fi gaming, well, don't worry. They are super simple and I can share enough relevant stuff easily.

    Theme: The Jack's can do it, whatever it is.
    Mood: Upbeat pulp adventure!
    Tagline: Upstanding heroes take on a conspiracy threatening the peace along the Frontier.

    The campaign is an original story of my own. I typically expect about three posts/week on average. Sometimes real life allows faster rates, sometimes it doesn't. If anyone plans on being away, just drop a post in the discussion thread so we know! I will use a shared Google Drive folder to display maps and handouts and such. Any other questions? Just ask below!

    Character submissions need to be posted in this thread to be considered. I don't mind if you hold off on spending credits or need to make minor tweaks after the team is selected, or creating an alias until you're in the game for that matter, but for now please provide your character's stats and a brief description, plus any other fancy character info you want to provide about goals, enemies, aspirations, whatever. I'm trying to work up a template for the alias to make character sheets easy, so however you want to organize the info is up to you right now. The story takes place in various locations, so don't assume you'll always be on wild alien planets or futuristic cities, this team will need a range of skills!

    The guidelines below assume you're familiar with the game. If you are looking for a sci-fi game and you don't know the rules but still want in, I am happy to work with you, just ask!

    Creation Guidelines:
    • Roll 1d100 four times, assign pairs as desired (table in spoiler below).
    • If the total for all 8 ability are 360 or less, you may reroll.
    • Any official material is fine, other well sourced materials require my approval.
    • I may allow races from Zebulon with a good backstory/explanation, but prefer to keep it simple so generally trying to avoid that book!
    • I am looking for some pulpy, dashing heroic types!
    • Find a character token or portrait (with an easy way to denote facing) and have it handy. It will make maps easier to work with!

    Ability score chart:

    01-10 = 30
    11-20 = 35
    21-35 = 40
    36-55 = 45
    56-70 = 50
    71-80 = 55
    81-90 = 60
    91-95 = 65
    96-00 = 70

    I will leave recruitment up until November 30th, minimum.

    Opening the discussion thread for general use, OOC crosstalk, off-topic stuff, level-up information, etc.

    The air is hot and hazy and the sun is already beating down on Athas' parched landscape. The smell of mekilot droppings baking in the dawn sun fills the air outside of the gates of Urik, mixing with the smell of two dozen gathered humans and demihumans. A squad of four white-cloaked templars patrols the outside of the walls, eyeballing the crowd of misfits and mercenaries waiting to be contracted by House Stel as caravan guards and hands. A short and squat bald human with a well-weathered face and a gleaming steel sword on his hip exits the gates. He approaches the templars and converses with them.

    Successful Detect Noise or Reading Lips Check:
    "Be glad to see you get these degenerates away from the city. You know how he feels about chaos, and look at those...things over there, you know they are all anarchists and criminals," the lead templar tells the newcomer.
    "Aye. They're perfect for this run." The man rubs his chin.
    "How so?"
    "They're expendable."

    The templars laugh then move on as the bald man steps forward, throwing his arms up into the air to make himself the center of attention for a moment. "Alright you rabble, we are loading up the last of the cargo and will be ready to move out in an hour. This is your last chance to change your mind about working for House Stel. If you desert the company once we are on the road, you will be blacklisted by us and every other trading house on Athas. I am Kor of House Stel, the caravan master for this run. You will do exactly what I say. Got it?" Withouot waiting for an answer Kor turns and heads back inside the walls of Urik.

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    Always wondered if you have what it takes to survive the post-apocalyptic Dark Sun campaign setting? Have a hankering for old-school 2nd edition AD&D? Maybe you know Athas well but simply yearn to hear the arena crowd roar once again as you spill your opponent's blood on the parched dust?

    Well, good news, because traders are hiring caravan guards for immediate employment, and they don't care if you're a slave on the run! Yes, it is dangerous work but it is also rewarding. The merchant houses take care of their own and know where to find water.

    If you're interested, submit your 2nd edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dark Sun character below. If you need a refresher on the rules check out this site for the core rules.

    Character creation:

  • Characters start at 3rd level, as normal.
  • Stats: Roll 4+4d4 six times, assign as desired.
  • Any Dark Sun race, class, or kit from any official Dark Sun book is available.
  • Kits from other sources may be allowed with DM approval.
  • Take maximum hit points for first level only, roll as normal for 2nd and 3rd.
  • Any non-evil alignment is allowed. LE may be allowed depending on the concept.
  • Roll for starting wealth and wild talent as normal.
  • Combat styles, expertise, and various "feats" from Player's Option: Combat and Tactics is fair game, just note I will be using group initiative for PbP ease and we will not be using the other Player's Options books.

    You don't need to fill in every detail or create an alias right away. If anyone needs access to the campaign setting box see this folder. That folder will also eventually contain things like combat maps and handouts, but I will repost the link later.

    I will begin as soon as I have three or more ready to go and recruitment will be open to anyone as long as I have no more than six total in the party. I'm planning on using the old modules mostly, however I want the characters to feel free to explore the world. Characters will be assumed to be working for a merchant house at the start of things. I don't have a specific start year/date, but we will be somewhere between the death of Kalak and the reimprisonment of Rajaat.

  • I have been away from the world of Athas too long and am jonesin' for some. Would any folks be interested in doing either the original or second track of modules using the old rules? I can loan some of the materials and the rules can be found online for 2nd edition...

    Station Paxem - Starboard Living Quarters
    2200 Local Station Time

    Partitioned by a canvas screen lie four stacks of triple-tiered bunkbeds. The walls are bare metal, the floors are scuffed but clean slip-resistant tile, and the recessed overhead lighting hums persistently. There is a heavy smell of recently used antiseptics.

    "The uh, facilities are that way," points a young lashunta mercenary. "There is a common area over there. Someone will be here at 0745 to escort you in the morning. Ready or not, they will drag you out of here. Good luck. Oh, and uh, glad to have you in the company. I hope." The kid grins and walks off. He is barely two steps away before he shouts across the other partitioned sections of the barracks to tell his friends he's off duty officially now.

    Welcome to the discussion thread, squad. Check in when you get a chance. If you want to make some alterations to gear purchases or swap a skill point so folks are matched up, just give me a heads-up on the changes.

    Figure out who is going to take which of the traits available. If I can whip it up quickly enough I'll add a gameplay thread to allow you guys to dot in or even do some inconsequential style RP before we officially get going.

    "Welcome to Station Paxem, recruit! You are ordered to report for induction and orientation at 0800 local time."

    Station on the Borderworlds is a Starfinder/StarJammer play-by-post. It begins at first level and ends about 4th. I am looking for four players to play new recruits for the Blackvine Company, a mercenary organization dedicated to protecting the Cyrollia System safe from pirates, evil cults, and anything else that threatens the good souls of Cyrollia.

    If you hadn't guessed from the title, this module is based on the original AD&D Keep on the Borderlands, but in space!

    I'm looking for four players, as I said. I'm more or less taking the first four folks who want to play, though I'm holding one slot for a potential player for a day or two.

    That means if you're interested, commit now before the slots are filled!

    Character Creation:
    Characters will mostly be built using the standard Starfinder rules. Anything that is Paizo official rules is allowed.

    StarJammer character options are also freely allowed, and the adventure includes rules from that line of products.

    Other 3PP rules will be considered so long as the GM is able to access them, either through his own copies or online. Regardless of access, GM approval is required to ensure the concept will function in the scope of the adventure.

    In addition to using the standard Starfinder rules, each character must select one of the special Campaign Traits. Each trait may only be selected once; no two characters can have the same trait.

    Take note that characters will be about or just over 4th level going into the end. The module uses the "Advanced" experience track.

    Good luck recruits!

    Intro meta-fiction here!


    Seattle, Downtown
    447 Cherry Street, Floor 11
    10:30, February 8, 2073

    Ryna paced the empty floors of her new, not-yet-renovated, office. Shared space with other small businesses. Sketchy security. She’d warned her employer about the difficulties, but her boss had insisted on the location. It was too close to the ACHE. The view was less than stellar, unless you liked staring at abject poverty from high above.

    Ryna knew for a fact that her employer did indeed enjoy such pursuits.

    The red haired gnome had finally come to the correct conclusion: this choice of office space was meant to mock her. Like so many other things. She’d been told the floor was turn-key ready, but framework covered the empty floor and fluorescent lights were hung without any real fixtures to speak of. Standing in the middle of the floor, she felt a little like she was trapped in a cage of aluminium. Alone. Her feelings were off; she was not alone.

    Her burner buzzed. It was her employer. “Ryna Cer-” her cheerful greeting was interrupted by the voice on the other end. High above, clinging to a strand of wiring, a tiny bug’s microphone picked up volume levels exceeding its programmed threshold and began recording her side of the conversation.

    “Yeah, I’ve got the keys and security passes, but you haven’t sent me the funds to furnish the place yet. No..No. Of course I did! No. Okay, no, I didn’t yet, but come on! Okay. Okay. No! I don’t want that!”

    Her sky blue eyes tinged red and began to water.

    “Please, boss, I swear this group will work out. You don’t have to do that. I know the last two were not, no, no, no, c’mon! Ma-” The bug nearly picked up the shouting from the other participant in the conversation, but it would take several attempts of scrubbing with several very powerful nexi to pick up what would still be mostly unintelligible swearing.

    After a moment, “Tonight. The invitations are being sent today. Where? Yes, it is a simple question, its just that you had told me you were giving me full authority over this op and I don’t think you need to micro-manage...oh. Bean’s Beans. Yeah, no the manager is totally cool. We went out dancing after her shift last...oh. Yes, I remember. C’mon boss don’t make me. Fine,” she let out a heavy sigh, “I will remember not to provide you with any information that has no value to you at all. But you know that since you never listen anyway that you wouldn’t know it if I did have something of value!” There was a long pause. The bug nearly shut down its recording process.

    “How would I have known that?” Ryna’s voice trembled through the question. “So what if he has an apprentice. I mean, its probably a female. She’s probably tall, most likely a human, and drop-dead gorgeous. Everything I’m not.” Ryna was exactly one of those things, drop-dead gorgeous, but she’d never let herself know it. Years of abuse had led her to having very low self-esteem. “She’d be lithe, agile, and active. I mean, magically, not that she runs.” Ryna hesitated before continuing. “She probably runs.”

    “Hey! Maybe I should get an apprentice?” Ryna’s face went blank for a moment. “What’s a, ‘second fiddle?’” Click. “Hello?”

    Ryna sighed melodramatically and pushed those thoughts out of her mind. They weren’t worth worrying about. She logged off the burner and pulled out her main commlink. In twenty minutes, her special invitations would be sent, bounced through multiple routers and scrubbers and whatever other term the kids were using these days. With luck they’d all respond and be at least as good as their meager reputations claimed they were. Hopefully better, but Ryna would settle for them just being as good as advertised. Ryna began to place another call, but she’d left the bug’s range by them. It shut down the microphone and went into power save mode. For another few days the bug would remain in position, picking up any further one-sided calls or in-person conversations, then it would crawl off to its rendezvous spot for pick-up later.

    Ryna and her boss’ plans would already be in motion by then, but the information it had already recorded, and would soon add to its database, would still put those plans into jeopardy.

    Back to regular play!

    Alright, here is your discussion thread! Woohoo, overdue and over budget already!

    If you haven't already specified where your character's primary residence/lifestyle is located, please make sure to update that. You don't have to give me a street address (though you can, there are some neat Google Maps of Shadowrun's Seattle), just a general location.

    Characters may know one another before beginning, whether by reputation or from having worked a minor job or two in the past. Totally up to you guys.

    I think I pulled in a balanced group out of what was available.

    From time to time I might have a post that is very much meta knowledge. I had been using some fiction to provide the player's with some stuff to give them more depth on NPCs and foreshadow things when I first started this as a live game forever ago. I really like the idea still as a way of teasing and tantalizing players and anyone that might read the gameplay stuff. Just remember it is not something the characters would know.

    In fact, I am going to make the first post of the gameplay the prologue fiction...that will be coming soon.

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    Seeking tomorrow's talented professionals...

    Alright, my craving for Shadowrun has taken control of me, so I am resurrecting a storyline I had developed years ago and adapting it for PbP format.

    I have pretty much everything for 4th edition, so that is going to be the ruleset I will go with. I know it has issues, but except for first edition (what? I liked staging...and program carriers…), it is my preferred rules. The year will be 2073, but more to align with 4th edition source material than any other reason. Characters will be based out of Seattle.

    Mapping will be done via Roll20.

    So, if you need a job, chummer, here is how you apply:

    Standard 750 karma point build. Anything from any fourth edition book is fair game, and custom lifestyles are preferred but not required. The common “free contacts” house rule will be used as well, so remember you receive CHAx2 free points for contacts.

    Give me the brief biography, though feel free to keep dark secrets hidden for now, we will work them out if you’re selected.

    Also, provide a detailed answer to one of the following questions in-character:

    Question Set 1:

    What are your short-term goals?

    What are your long-term goals?

    What is your greatest flaw?

    And one from this list:

    Question Set 2:

    If you could kill anyone in the world and get away with it, who would it be and why?

    How did you get your street name?

    Who would mourn you if you died on the job?

    And finally...because initiative and PbP format can be a tough mix, every player must include a “simple AFK script” just as a contingency in case real life unexpectedly distracts someone.

    That’s pretty much it. I will leave recruitment up for about a week, and set a specific cut-off for applications in a few days, so watch this space if you’re interested and ask questions as needed.

    You are goblins of the Licktoad Tribe. Or at least you will be someday. For now, though, you’re whelps—ravenous, amoral, grumpy goblin children who learned to stop eating rocks only a few months ago. But with every day that passes, your whelping cage seems smaller and smaller. The outside world increasingly beckons to your goblin curiosity (and appetite), but the hateful cage bars holds you at bay. A few other whelps flourish in the cage, even as the smaller and weaker ones are thinned out. Kettlehead stands literally head and shoulders above the competition, being a goblin of impeccable flatulence and having already fashioned himself an impressive hat from a teapot left lying too close to the cages. Even adult goblins—legendary Chief Rendwattle Gutwad among them—have taken note of Kettlehead and his advanced skills of poking the rest of you with sticks and delivering bruise-inducing noogies.

    But today is special. Today, instead of a bucket of fish heads, whelp-wrangler Loptop brought a key and unlocked the door to your cage, spilling you sorry lot into the world for the first time. Other Licktoads gather around, eyeballing you and chewing on the fish heads that should have been yours.

    “You all are too big for cages,” Loptop snorts. “But you’re not Licktoads yet. Licktoads gotta be useful. Licktoads gotta be tough! Licktoads gotta earn their places in the tribe. And that’s what you’re gonna do now! Show us where you belong, even if that ends being the boneyard!”

    Loptop opens the cage and smacks the whelps pouring out with a pole, pushing them into a rigid line against the cage. "Kettlehead, you go now, Chief said you already prove your worth, so you go straight to getting toads. GO!" Loptop snaps as he uses the stick to keep the rest of the whelps against the cage. "Now, who wants to prove they smart 'nuff to be Licktoads? Huh?"

    Guys, we'll use this thread for standard OOC discussion and also because I think scary-you-know-who-guy will be joining us and might need some helpful guidance in character building and using this site. I will create the gameplay thread after everyone has setup an alias.

    The first meeting with the townsfolk of Belhaim did not go well for Spitter. A little human farm girl screamed in fear and her parents acted like parents would. Since then, the people seem to be a little on edge. He might have hoped to make up for the bad start by befriending the local druid, but he has yet to track him or her down and has only seen the occasional marking in the secret language of druids here and there. Spitter has also seen some signs of other kobolds in the general area, but up until five minutes ago had not seen them.

    Five minutes ago, he watched a pair of green scaled kobolds approach a large human dwelling. They knocked and an old human answered. After a brief exchange Spitter could not hear, the human slammed the door and the kobolds scurried off to the block, ruined castle tower everyone in town seems to avoid.

    Two minutes ago, the ground began to shake violently. A sinkhole opened beneath a portion of the tower, and the building collapsed in a deafening landslide. Spitter can clearly see a couple of crushed kobolds in the rubble. Three kobolds emerge from the rubble, running quickly for the door to the manor they had been to earlier. One grabs the door handle and is immediately immolated by a powerful magical trap. The other two flee after their compatriot's charred corpse hits the ground.

    Things become quiet for a moment, but the town is beginning to investigate. It won't be long before the townsfolk arrive wondering what happened.

    Everyone Else:

    It seemed like a simple caravan job. Pay would wait until a hire-on left the caravan, but the food was remarkably good despite being cooked on the road. Silas Gribb, the caravan master, even had imported coffee from Katapesh. The weather was pleasant and mild for late summer, and the most dangerous situation the caravan ran into before Belhaim was a harmless prank involving shoes filled with mud, likely perpetrated by some rambunctious fae.

    Things changed radically when the caravan came to Belhaim. Within seconds of arriving and looking forward to sleeping in a real bed at the local inn, The Wise Piper, a group of guardsmen led by Sheriff Benhovy arrested everyone.

    An hour later the sheriff is convinced that none of you were involved in Silas Gribb's smuggling operation and cuts you loose. Unfortunately, no one is getting paid since all of the caravan goods have been impounded and the sheriff and town's best deputies are taking them, Gribb, and Gribb's crew through the Verduran to Cassomir.

    "You poor dears, caught up like that because of a criminal!" Talia Orem, the proprietor of The Wise Piper, says to you, "You four just take a seat in the common room, we'll get you some stew while I have a maid prepare some rooms. You can stay here a day or two while you figure out what you need to do next."

    Before anyone can get comfortable there is a loud crashing sound from the east side of the town. A sort of continuous peal of thunder that reverberates and echoes for what seems like a full minute. A human woman runs into the Inn's common room and shouts in a tone that is both excited and anxious, "The Witch Tower! It is gone!" This causes a commotion and the town begins to pour out into the streets.

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    Welcome to the game everyone! You can find the Roll20 link in the campaign description so check in when you get a moment, claim a slot in the character journal and upload a token/pic. The journal tab will also hold a short list of active quests (some of them are sort of like video game achievements rather than quests), so they can be helpful reminders.

    I try to check in daily, on occasion I might be unavailable for a day or maybe two, but anything longer than that would be announced ahead of time.

    Take a little time to figure out if you want to incorporate background skills or not, or any other minor tweaks you might want to make such as swapping languages or knowledge skills to feel more covered. I will open the game thread in a day or so with an intro. You'll pretty much find action demanding your attention right a way.

    So I was going to run Dragon's Demand for a random group on Roll20, but real life decided to mess with me and many of the group I had assembled. Their loss is a PbP group's gain! The module is already fully prepped on Roll20 and I'm totally familiar with it. If we finish the module and folks want to keep the group going, then I would be totally up for it, but I want to focus on completing DD!

    So what should you submit to this recruitment thread if you want to try and get it?

    • A brief (no more than two or three sentences) concept of the character.
    • 25 pt stat buy.
    • Any alignment is open (but see Things You Should Know).
    • No 3PP. This is a Paizo module, so Paizo only.
    • Anything Paizo is fair game.
    • Maximum starting hit points as normal, when leveling hps will be as PFS standard (retraining is allowed, but time may be a factor late in the module).
    • Use the average starting gold listed for your class to purchase gear.
    • Two traits and a drawback is allowed.
    • Note: Each trait must come from a separate category of trait, including any selected along with a drawback.

    I know there are things I am forgetting, there always is something, so feel free to ask questions as needed.

    Things You Should Know
    This is a very classic sort of high fantasy module. As a result, it assumes that the characters will take an interest in the town the module takes place within. The town itself is a major factor, and talking to resident's can bring in useful information, extra exp and gold, and even make the finale a little easier. Good alignments are more likely to fit in (but it is not a requirement).

    I'm going to leave this recruitment thread up for one week (submissions accepted until March 21, 11:59 PM Eastern). You will need to have, or be willing to create, a Roll20 account to access maps and things of that nature.

    Here is some open space for you to discuss the team, perform build-related rolls, ask rules questions/ask for clarification and general out-of-character talk once the game starts. My main focus is toward testing the rules first, but I have no problem keeping things going after the initial module if everyone is enjoying things.

    Are folks okay with using the New Orleans module/is anyone familiar with the plot to it?

    Is everyone okay using Roll20 for maps/handouts? I could use Google Drive, but would prefer Roll20.

    So for character building: Use the "self-determination method" of ending generation. I am planning on using an alternative initiative system as presented in the book, but at the time of this posting seeking some additional clarification on it from the current publishers. Characters will begin with 10 experience points. These are intended to be spent on some of the new rules I'm testing, but they're your points. I will soon be PMing everyone links to the folder in Google Docs where the review copies are. There is a section I'm planning on reworking some, but those edits should be handled very soon.

    There is another section I was thinking of adding in: Randomly Generated Home Community (based on the Traveller TNE homeworld generator). This wasn't part of my original plan for these rules, merely something a friend suggested adding after I sent my pitch. If you're interested in this idea at all, let me know and I'll buckle down on starting the roughest of drafts for that.

    "Monsters are real!" a bum shouts from the corner. Private police drag the monster-shouter off the streets and into an alley. You know he is right. That man may or may not be delusional, but he is right. Monsters are real. Fighting them is difficult. They have their tendrils in every aspect of human life. Politicians are owned by them, corporations do their bidding. Every two-bit celebrity has been brainwashed. Somewhere, aliens are developing new weapons for their evil masters to use on people. Monsters are real, but most die when you pump them full of lead.

    I have been working on a new product for the current edition of Dark Conspiracy and need to expand my pool of playtesters. Time constraints make live games more difficult, so I'm taking it to PbP. I am ultimately looking for five players to run through an older module I'm converting for the current edition. I am looking for players who can post a few times a week and are willing to provide solid feeback on the rules to be tested. Knowledge of the game system would be helpful, but is not required. If you're familiar with any of the old GDW games (Twilight 2000, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Traveller: TNE, 1st or 2nd Edition Dark Conspiracy, heck, even Space 1889) you should be able to pick up the rules easily.

    I will be using an older adventure module, as I said before, to make sure I'm able to focus on testing, rather than writing up original material, to save time. I am planning on using the adventure "New Orleans", but depending on the interest level and whether or not those interested have played it, can alter that to a different one, but will use one of the older published modules because I must save time to get additional testing in ahead of my deadline.

    I'm not accepting completed characters at this point, because a significant portion of these rules deals with character creation. What I am looking for in applications is character concepts and players willing to provide serious feedback on the rules to be tested. I will be using Roll20 for maps and handouts.

    This link has a couple of chapters provided by the game's publisher to assist in character creation. Those selected to join the game will be provided the links to the new rules before character creation.

    Applications must include:
    A name and basic concept of your character idea. Keep in mind this is a modern/near-future setting. Since evil has started showing up in our world in force, psychic powers are on the rise.
    Your posting frequency.
    That's about it...

    The letter was delivered by a well-armed halfling courier wearing the uniform of the Shieldmarshalls, the elite military and law-enforcement force of Alkenstar. On the wax seal is the crest of the High Parliament.


    I hope this missive finds you well. My name is Minister Eliza Baratella, and I am in need of adventurers like yourself. Tough independent contractors who can exercise discretion when needed, and explosive talent when discretion fails. I can promise that you will be well rewarded for your efforts, should you succeed at the appointed assignment. Please visit me at my workshop at the Brass Guild tomorrow morning, an hour before lunch."

    Given the tension in Alkenstar recently over the Guild's Brass Guardian's dangerous and violent malfunctions in recent weeks, it should not be too difficult to figure out the basic reason the Minister is seeking, "independent contractors."

    Feel free to chat away, decide whether you're an established group or going to be pulled together by events (it can go either way from my end). Also, established players, feel free to drop some hints to the newbies.

    Please set your Class/Levels line to include Class, HPs, AC, Saves, Init, and Senses. As an example: Male Human Rogue Unchained | HP 9/9 | AC: 15 FF: 12 Touch: 13 | CMD: 12 CFF: 9 | F: +1 R: +5 W: +1 | Init: +7 | Per: +5 SM: +1 | Status: Normal |. As long as the critical details are there, the specifics are up to you.

    I am looking to pick up two additional players for a Wardens of the Reborn Forge PbP. I already have two and a possible players, one (and the possible) are new to PbP and I'm looking to bring him/them up to speed. If you're interested post an application or link to your application here.

    First a brief word on the module itself: it is a mid-to-high level module taking place in Alkenstar and the Mana Wastes. Firearms will show up, and magic can be...funky. Players should expect their characters to level two or three times over the course of the module.

    Now, character building rules for applicants.

    • 20 point stat buy, apply stat increases from levels after purchasing base stats.
    • Create characters at level 12.
    • Any race/class from an official Paizo product is wide open, including Vigilante using most current playtest rules. No 3PP material will be considered under any circumstances!
    • 108,000 GP starting gold.
    • When purchasing equipment, please recall the "Only official products" rule.
    • Two traits from different categories may be selected.
    • A drawback may be selected for an additional trait if desired.
    • Do not roll hit points yet, instead note full HPs for 1st level, total Con bonus, and class hit dice. If selected, you'll roll the hps in the Discussion thread. I do apply a "No-Bad-HPs-Roll" rule where I only accept rolls that are half the die or higher.

    Any questions, feel free to ask. Please be on the lookout for any additional material I might need to add, but this should be the proper starting point.

    The thread is open for business. Anyone who needs to take actions before arriving at the meet should feel free to do so. Play nice and have fun!

    Use this space to tweak characters and party. You know that already though.

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    So I'm quickly learning the ropes of how these boards work and would like to expand my learning to the GM side of the screen. In order to accomplish this, I'm interested in preparing Council of Thieves, the first AP I ran at my in-person table. I'm an experienced GM (over 20 years on both sides of the screen) and a half-decent writer.

    For those unfamiliar, it takes place almost entirely within the Cheliaxian city of Westcrown and involves heroic PCs operating under the radar to throw off a darkness threatening to overtake the city. I would be applying the downtime rules and would encourage characters who have a stake in protecting and improving the city.

    I would ultimately be interested in no fewer than four and no more than six characters, and would prefer to stick with Paizo material, as I have limited access to 3PP books. If folks think I should proceed, I would also want to utilize some mapping system, possibly Roll20.net or Google Drive, to ensure combat moves smoothly. If enough folks respond I will update this initial post to be a "recruitment thread" and include the character creation details, so double-check it if I run with it.

    So...anyone in?

    I'm sorry if this or a similar question has been posted already, I'm not the best at sifting through sorts on forum boards...

    Since everything from the old Dungeon is held by WotC, I'm assuming that there aren't going to be direct translations of certain elements from previous Adventure Paths, however none of my gaming group has picked up any products as of yet dealing with Golarion as a campaign world. Are there analogs to some of the people, places and organizations that are not copyright protected?

    For instance, the Vanderboren family was quite obviously intended to be a sort of soap-opera family, do they still exist just under a different name? How about Cauldron, the Isle of Dread and whatever the heck the starting city from Savage Tides (just can't recall the name...)? I could have sworn I saw a reference in something I picked up recently to a coastal city with a large arch that sounded suspiciously like that city. Ditto with organizations such as the Seekers or the whatchacallit High Crafters or whatever they're called (boy do I wish I had some of those books in front of me...)

    Sorry again if this is old material that's been covered and thanks for any help :)