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N Male Mul Gladiator3 | HP 30/39| AC 7 | DA -2 MDA +1 | PPD 13 RSW 15 PP 14 BW 16 MS 16 | Reaction Adj +1|
Armor Opt +1 AC

"That would probably be a good match," Khar says nodding. "Sometimes stable owners will mate gladiators to produce children that are strong and capable, and also to seal alliances with one another. A sort of binding contract. It is how my people came to be. It is how I came to be. If you are both talented in The Way, your offspring would have a good chance of excelling."

We might be a little socially awkward in this group, lol. Also, I now have an image of a thri-kreen in platform shoes wearing a wide brimmed purple hat with a feather in it stuck in my head, thanks for that. =P

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"Every day. Every single day, they say even when I was a a baby, he would tell me, 'You exist only to fight, Khar. To fight for me, your owner and master. You will spill blood and make me a very wealthy man. Or you will be fed to my inix.' I yearned for his approval. I knew nothing else. That my master needed me...it was a wonderful thought, I had purpose. Then he told me I was sold to another master. I felt a pain in my heart and I wanted him to hurt as I hurt. So I hit him with a rock in the head. I don't know why the Templars didn't execute me. They sent me here."

I see Khar as very conflicted, confused, and suffering from a sort of Stockholm Syndrome.

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BTw, since things got so held up here I will be doing more of a narrative combat for dealing with these punks and we will see how it rolls and figure the best path forward from there. Expect to finally be moving again tomorrow or Friday!

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They would move to intercept, that's where their forces are coming from...right now I have a (crappy older) map up of a section of junk mountains. With the tactics rolls posted you could actually start placing your ambush.

Does Jester's Centurion have a name? I created a character slot for eurydice and white angel, was just going to find appropriate tokens for them, of you could load your own if you want, and I have to find the facing base token my friend made and toss some down. Will have the support rules first draft linked today or tomorrow.

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I like the triple asterix for radio comms, think I'll be adopting that myself going forward.

Also, sorry I didn't get this up sooner. Still dealing with fallout from move PLUS now looking at starting a new day job that should suck less than my current one. Roll20 map link can be found here: https://app.roll20.net/join/5048969/tLydEg

Of course, I intended this to be more of a personal scale combat but things go the way they go, lol.

Two of the gangers play some sort of card game as the third walks around the hostages intermittently. They did a terrible job searching you, and the guard seems to be more focused on staring at one pretty teenager than watching the group.

Obvious weapons and tools would be snatched easily, but taking even a moment to conceal small objects would result in getting them by these knuckleheads.

An impact tremor rattles the various crates and objects in the warehouse, followed soon after by another. The gang members at the table look at one another and then the portable camera monitor. The radio squawks with a brief burst of static before one of the external guard's voice shouts, ***Uh, they got 'mechs coming into town! What are we supposed to do?***

The CyBulls change the channel on their radio and call their leaders for orders.

All over the settlement, residents take cover or straight-up flee as the 'mechs begin to march in. ***Attention unknown force. You are intruding on CyBull sovereign territory. You are hereby ordered to stand down and surrender.*** A rather professional sounding voice bursts through on open channels. Long-range scanners pick up a fusion engine firing up, then another and another. They are probably an hour or so away from the warehouse.

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The woman throws her head back with a loud guffaw. "Almost believable!" She pours the jug into a tall stein for Beau. "Lucky guess. Buncha elves walk in with a dwarf and a human priest? Adventurers. Faerun is riddled with them, don't you know? And as fate would have it, this land is due for some heroics. Now I asked myself, 'Kessla? Where would these fine folk be camping at?' and seemed there would only be a few options. So, did you find any dwarven ruins? The ghost of the hills? Any of a dozen other weird rumors that float about? Faeries used to be fashionable, then beastmen, now ghosts. The mercenaries don't like the place. No one wants to go on patrol there is what I hear. May be that that is changing, though. Lately the talk is about cursed dwarves roaming the streets at night. But I could tell stories for hours."

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As much interest as I am getting I'm wondering if I should split the difference and do both stories. I'm not sure I have the energy and time to do both, however. Also, I forgot how much of a headache 2nd edition was!

So I'm still sussing things out, even considering just figuring out a way to use Pathfinder or StarFinder rules and just keep the setting. Hell, we could make that a community project if you guys wanted.

I am half thinking I should just use A Time of War because it really does have the depth I would want in a system. Yeah, character creation is a headache, but we could just do something like a point buy HEAVILY INFLUENCED by life paths, but without the extreme math and need for complicated spreadsheets.

There are a few options for simplified combat, even built into the classic boardgame rules. That's something else I'm thinking about.

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@Tilnar - a little in between. I prefer more heroic types, so loveable rogues who sometimes do mercenary work to finance the big score. For sure a dash of "Firefly" that way. There will be a patron type that is essentially the dropship owner who has been looking for something big. This could easily be one of the PCs, but ideally I wouldn't want a dropship owning PC because it makes me feel like I need to put the ship into fights here and there or otherwise place it at risk for drama :-P

Patron needs hired guns, tech experts, and folks who can get into places they shouldn't be getting into. In other words: he or she needs the PCs.

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As Ko and Ekee clear the last of the undead nearest Farcluun, the bulbous-headed thing continues speaking in someone else's voice.

"Farcluun...don't do this! I will help you get revenge on Andropinis for killing your wife and child. We can do it together!"

Farcluun laughs derisively and pulls the Scroll from his robes. "Still just the scared little girl from Wavery, mighty Queen of Raam? Using your feminine wiles to cajole us lustful men? You're a one trick...what were those animals?"

"Ponies," the woman answers curtly.

"Indeed. A one trick pony. I will have my revenge. Or you master will. Or some lucky slave, like with Kalak. It does not matter. What matters is my ascension. I can right the wrongs. Bring back ponies."

"What makes you think you can succeed where Rajaat failed?"

"I won't make the same mistake he did, Abalach-Re." Farcluun gazes at the scroll.

There is a pause before the woman's voice asks, "Which one?"

"Trusting you." Farcluun drops the scroll into the fire.

The Scroll ignites with black flames that throw a deep purple glow on the hundreds of undead and the two snake-men. Farcluun drops to his knees and the woman's voice screams in rage from the small humanoid's mouth.

There is a collective 'thuwmp' sound as a thousand undead fall to the ground. The fire dies and only the light of the moons give the valley any visibility. Farcluun writhes on the ground in agony for a few seconds, then his obsidian orb cracks like an egg. Then it shatters. He stops moving and groans.

Somewhere the two serpentine humanoids and the big-headed one have disappeared.

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CG Female Elf Cleric (Mystic) 2 | HP 4/4 | AC 5 | DA -3 MDA +2 | PPD 10 RSW 14 PP 13 BW 16 MS 15 | Reaction Adj +2 | Infravision 60' |

Herbalism vs 12: 1d20 ⇒ 2

Yay, I'm up way too late but I nailed a roll before passing out, lol.

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I think we just need Davin and dragon, that's what they mean by 'D&D' right?

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I apologize for the temporary disabling of agency here, but once this is handled, you're totally free to do as you will and I want to get to that part quickly! I'm making a bunch of assumptions here, but again, after this post, TOTALLY ON YOUR OWN!

The group packs up the loot and slings it over the horse after unhitching it from the disabled cart. The dragon heads to hunt some fresh meat as the humanoids walk into Shadowdale.

Along the path they march past a curious sight. Several local town watch surround a wagon with a missing wheel. A body lies on the ground oozing blood and a pair of watch are searching the ditch running along the roadside. The watch give you stern looks as you pass, transmitting a simple message, "we've got this, move along and mind your own business."

After handling some business the heroes find themselves in the Old Skull Inn just before the dinner rush. The large wooden tavern and inn is already filling up fast with visitors and locals both. In one corner of the taproom a tall, well-built human man stands up upon laying eyes on the group. His bushy hair and goatee are thick with white hair and a pair of expensive looking spectacles sits on his face. He waves the group over and takes the pouch from Alyna. He opens it and reads it with a passive face.

"I'm Lhaeo, yes, I recognize you all. I apologize I don't have time for small talk, please, sit. Dinner is on me," he says at first in common, then repeats in flawless Elvish with a bow to Alyna.

"I recognize you because you've already been vetted without being aware of it. There are...things...happening. Lord Elminster has a lot on his plate, as always, but if he took the time to make sure you were all acceptable for this project, it means he has confidence in you.

"The Zhentarim have always been a thorn in our side. The occupation of Daggerdale puts them dangerously close to our doorstep. In addition, we are receiving intelligence that indicates several major plans requiring that occupation to continue indefinitely. After everything that occured a few years back, the Harpers have been spread thin. Which is why Lady Nym was invited here. Elminster was very specific of Harper involvement, which should be no surprise."

Food and drink are brought, including an excellent cask of dwarven ale and some fine wine from Elminster's private stock. "We need people we can trust. Resourceful people. People like yourselves.

"We need to disrupt the Zhentarim. To provide space for the rightful ruler to reclaim his throne and to figure out just what the Zhents are up to. In order to achieve that objective you will need to establish a base of operations somewhere near Dagger Falls. From there you can keep a closer eye on what they're doing and hopefully take covert actions to prevent them from holding onto Daggerdale and expanding their influence further west or along the coast of the Moonsea. Once you have a headquarters we can provide better support for your operation.

"You may find it helpful to make contact with the local resistance movement. Likewise, should you make contact with Lord Morn or his Freedom Riders, you will have additional assistance."

Okay, I'll be fixing some stuff including adding some map markers and links tomorrow, but that's it, you're totally on your own at this point. I'm leaving you at the tavern if you need to interact with Lhaeo. He does give vague promises of rewards but admits Elminster himself can speak on the details and he is only available when he feels like being available.

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This is the discussion thread. Let's see builds when ready, figure out details, and whatever else!

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The Year of the Shadows is now in the past and the Time of Troubles appears to be over, yet a dark shadow brings no end of troubles to the Dales. It is a land in desperate need of heroes...

Character creation:

  • Stats: Roll 2d6+6 six times, arrange as desired. You may roll twice total and select your preferred set.
  • Players from the Maztica thread may import their rolls if they desire.
  • Any Forgotten Realms race, class, or kit from any official Forgotten Realms book is available, as are any options from general AD&D books (Complete series, etc.)
  • Kits from other sources may be allowed with DM approval.
  • Take maximum hit points for first level.
  • Any non-evil alignment is allowed. Good aligned characters are strongly encouraged.
  • Take maximum starting wealth for your class/kit.
  • Languages: any bonus languages as a result of Intelligence score will grant an additional language and a bonus NWP. If you have a 12 Int you have three bonus NWPs and can speak three languages in addition to your native language.
  • Combat styles, expertise, and various "feats" from Player's Option series are fair game. Approval is required, however.

    We will use the AD&D 2nd Edition rules. I am still debating whether I will use Roll20 or Google Drive for maps and handouts. I'm looking for four to six total players. Please post any questions!

    Useful Information

    I will be using material from several modules set in the Dales, especially Daggerdale, but I'm going to mash a few together in a way that allows the characters a chance to bounce around on their own rather than be placed on railroad tracks.

    I will leave it up to the players exactly why their characters came to the region and how they became affiliated with one another. We will presume they've decided to form an adventuring party looking to protect the Dales, fight the Zhents, explore ancient history (Dwarven ruins, elven ruins not far!), or whatever else. Natives to the region work well, they may be interested in helping the House Morn returned to power. Maybe they're affiliated with the Harper's and have been tasked with keeping an eye on the Zhents.

    Don't expect big cities to play a large role. Wilderness and dungeons will be common. The Zhentarim could be used as a favored enemy if desired, they will pop up a lot. Any other guidance or questions? Ask away!

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    Star Law Headquarters
    4th Floor Briefing Room

    ”Welcome to the 'Jacks’. As in, jack of all trades. Your unit will be assigned to work keeping the peace along the Frontier, and your team's specific posting for the next few months is going to be doing security and logistical assistance for a Planetary Survey Administration colonial research team. Don't worry, we will rotate you back to civilization before you know it. In fact, probably too soon.”

    I am looking for 4-6 fresh UPF Star Law officers to begin their careers on the Frontier! Yes, I will in fact be using Star Frontiers Alpha Dawn/Kinght Hawks rules.

    If you don't have access to the rules but really want to do some old school sci-fi gaming, well, don't worry. They are super simple and I can share enough relevant stuff easily.

    Theme: The Jack's can do it, whatever it is.
    Mood: Upbeat pulp adventure!
    Tagline: Upstanding heroes take on a conspiracy threatening the peace along the Frontier.

    The campaign is an original story of my own. I typically expect about three posts/week on average. Sometimes real life allows faster rates, sometimes it doesn't. If anyone plans on being away, just drop a post in the discussion thread so we know! I will use a shared Google Drive folder to display maps and handouts and such. Any other questions? Just ask below!

    Character submissions need to be posted in this thread to be considered. I don't mind if you hold off on spending credits or need to make minor tweaks after the team is selected, or creating an alias until you're in the game for that matter, but for now please provide your character's stats and a brief description, plus any other fancy character info you want to provide about goals, enemies, aspirations, whatever. I'm trying to work up a template for the alias to make character sheets easy, so however you want to organize the info is up to you right now. The story takes place in various locations, so don't assume you'll always be on wild alien planets or futuristic cities, this team will need a range of skills!

    The guidelines below assume you're familiar with the game. If you are looking for a sci-fi game and you don't know the rules but still want in, I am happy to work with you, just ask!

    Creation Guidelines:
    • Roll 1d100 four times, assign pairs as desired (table in spoiler below).
    • If the total for all 8 ability are 360 or less, you may reroll.
    • Any official material is fine, other well sourced materials require my approval.
    • I may allow races from Zebulon with a good backstory/explanation, but prefer to keep it simple so generally trying to avoid that book!
    • I am looking for some pulpy, dashing heroic types!
    • Find a character token or portrait (with an easy way to denote facing) and have it handy. It will make maps easier to work with!

    Ability score chart:

    01-10 = 30
    11-20 = 35
    21-35 = 40
    36-55 = 45
    56-70 = 50
    71-80 = 55
    81-90 = 60
    91-95 = 65
    96-00 = 70

    I will leave recruitment up until November 30th, minimum.

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    Male Kobold Barbarian Savage Technologist 6 | HP 54/65 | AC: 23 FF: 19 T: 13 | CMD: 16 CFF: 13 | F: +8 R: +7 W: +4 | Init: +4 | Per: +10 SM: +1 | Rage: 10/14 | Status:

    Drahlneep hardly noticed anything, his mind wracked with guilt and despair. He took to silently blaming himself. His new people needed him to be the one their enemies tried to bring down. His body. Not the body that Drahlneep gently carried back home.

    They could come for Perrik's mind, he could have handled that fight, not his body, he kept thinking as they trudged through the wilderness.

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    Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

    But seriously, no worries, hope they are going to be alright.

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    Whoops, Fort, just Pavo. I really shouldn't post when working, I always a word or two.

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    The crew bursts into the House of Abadar with an unconscious Maellyra. Acolytes and lay people spring into action as a priest comes to do triage.

    "Oh, my! She is so pale, she must have lost a lot of blood!" the young woman says before realizing there is no blood on her clothes. After some examination and questions for the others, she summons a higher ranking priest to cure the damage left by the poison.

    So they will charge 290gp to cast the spell, or you could opt for lessers at 50gp each casting.

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    Always wondered if you have what it takes to survive the post-apocalyptic Dark Sun campaign setting? Have a hankering for old-school 2nd edition AD&D? Maybe you know Athas well but simply yearn to hear the arena crowd roar once again as you spill your opponent's blood on the parched dust?

    Well, good news, because traders are hiring caravan guards for immediate employment, and they don't care if you're a slave on the run! Yes, it is dangerous work but it is also rewarding. The merchant houses take care of their own and know where to find water.

    If you're interested, submit your 2nd edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dark Sun character below. If you need a refresher on the rules check out this site for the core rules.

    Character creation:

  • Characters start at 3rd level, as normal.
  • Stats: Roll 4+4d4 six times, assign as desired.
  • Any Dark Sun race, class, or kit from any official Dark Sun book is available.
  • Kits from other sources may be allowed with DM approval.
  • Take maximum hit points for first level only, roll as normal for 2nd and 3rd.
  • Any non-evil alignment is allowed. LE may be allowed depending on the concept.
  • Roll for starting wealth and wild talent as normal.
  • Combat styles, expertise, and various "feats" from Player's Option: Combat and Tactics is fair game, just note I will be using group initiative for PbP ease and we will not be using the other Player's Options books.

    You don't need to fill in every detail or create an alias right away. If anyone needs access to the campaign setting box see this folder. That folder will also eventually contain things like combat maps and handouts, but I will repost the link later.

    I will begin as soon as I have three or more ready to go and recruitment will be open to anyone as long as I have no more than six total in the party. I'm planning on using the old modules mostly, however I want the characters to feel free to explore the world. Characters will be assumed to be working for a merchant house at the start of things. I don't have a specific start year/date, but we will be somewhere between the death of Kalak and the reimprisonment of Rajaat.

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    Round 5 Recap

    20.2 - Spitter tries to trick the kobolds to no avail.
    18 - Pavo misses again.
    12 - Leng lays the priestess out.
    7.6 - CR uses a wand on the bulk of the crew.
    7.2 - Maellyra gives CR the hairy eyeball.
    7.1 - k5 misses Pavo.

    Round 6 Start

    Spitter, Leng, and Pavo are up.

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    Pavo moves forward, stumbling on a rock along the way. It echoes down the tunnel and he hears the sound of small creatures swimming just ahead. As he rounds the corner he sees a fairly large pool of water. Ripples indicate the presence of some sort of animals. The ghostly lantern bearer hangs above the lake, and Pavo sees what looks like a broad, flat rock surface and glide gently through the water in the light of the witch's spell.

    There are three tunnels exiting the chamber. "Take that tunnel," Nighttail says, pointing to the western most one. "Most direct route and safest. No traps. When the tunnel turns back to the north, be wary. The defensive plan calls for an ambush there. They will be using slings to attack from a concealed and raised position."

    "If you are not in the trusting mood, feel free to go another way." Nighttail says while looking at Maellyra.

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    Seeking tomorrow's talented professionals...

    Alright, my craving for Shadowrun has taken control of me, so I am resurrecting a storyline I had developed years ago and adapting it for PbP format.

    I have pretty much everything for 4th edition, so that is going to be the ruleset I will go with. I know it has issues, but except for first edition (what? I liked staging...and program carriers…), it is my preferred rules. The year will be 2073, but more to align with 4th edition source material than any other reason. Characters will be based out of Seattle.

    Mapping will be done via Roll20.

    So, if you need a job, chummer, here is how you apply:

    Standard 750 karma point build. Anything from any fourth edition book is fair game, and custom lifestyles are preferred but not required. The common “free contacts” house rule will be used as well, so remember you receive CHAx2 free points for contacts.

    Give me the brief biography, though feel free to keep dark secrets hidden for now, we will work them out if you’re selected.

    Also, provide a detailed answer to one of the following questions in-character:

    Question Set 1:

    What are your short-term goals?

    What are your long-term goals?

    What is your greatest flaw?

    And one from this list:

    Question Set 2:

    If you could kill anyone in the world and get away with it, who would it be and why?

    How did you get your street name?

    Who would mourn you if you died on the job?

    And finally...because initiative and PbP format can be a tough mix, every player must include a “simple AFK script” just as a contingency in case real life unexpectedly distracts someone.

    That’s pretty much it. I will leave recruitment up for about a week, and set a specific cut-off for applications in a few days, so watch this space if you’re interested and ask questions as needed.

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    Welcome to the game everyone! You can find the Roll20 link in the campaign description so check in when you get a moment, claim a slot in the character journal and upload a token/pic. The journal tab will also hold a short list of active quests (some of them are sort of like video game achievements rather than quests), so they can be helpful reminders.

    I try to check in daily, on occasion I might be unavailable for a day or maybe two, but anything longer than that would be announced ahead of time.

    Take a little time to figure out if you want to incorporate background skills or not, or any other minor tweaks you might want to make such as swapping languages or knowledge skills to feel more covered. I will open the game thread in a day or so with an intro. You'll pretty much find action demanding your attention right a way.

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    So just a quick update: I've been brainstorming some feats, but having trouble with decent mechanics for some of them. A couple of them, like Wind-Sailing Vehicle Proficiency (based on the old proficiency from 2nd Edition's "Earth, Air, Fire, and Water"), require creating rules for vehicles like Cliff Gliders. This creates a need for additional outside work. That also applies to some of the things from "Mind Lords of the Last Sea" and "Windriders of the Jagged Cliffs". If you can't tell, my expertise lies in the 2nd Edition :P

    The other issue is that a few are really more like traits than feats.

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    Okay, sorry for the ongoing delays. It seems we have Tania back, though the hot-headed Robhal did already tell Tanrov to take over the role previously assigned to her. I WILL post a big post today/tonight. If I fail to live up to that, at least one player here knows how to get in touch with me and possibly kick my behind...

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    New post coming soon, probably tonight. There is a chance, though no guarantee, that Tania may return, so I won't be writing her out just yet. Robhal has already made his decision to switch roles (tempermental director!), however, so Tanrov is going to have to worry about his lines :P

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    Okay, so I was more distracted by finals and such than I thought, but other than registering for a couple of classes for the summer semester, I should be able to focus more in the next couple of weeks.

    I will need to write Tania's departure into the mix and figure out who will replace her in the play, so that post will be coming soon. There isn't much else to do during the rehearsal segment, so I'm going to try and focus on moving that along, but I'm leaving space open for you to interact with the NPCs or follow up personal matters as needed.

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    Sorry for slow posting this weekend/so far this week. Semester is ending soon, so a lot of paper to write. I should have a substantive post Wednesday at the latest.

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    Some folks with limited/no posting just means I can take more time for setting up the start of Book 2. I'll be verifying things and will have some fluff posts tonight or tomorrow. We'll need to do a little files and Roll20 cleanups, so stay tuned.

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    I'm going to end up checking this thread multiple times today :P

    Liberty's Edge

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    Female Human Bard 1 | AC 15 T: 13 FF: 12 | HP 9/9 | Fort: 1 Ref: 4 Will: 3 | BAB: +0 CMB: -1 CMD: 11 | Init: +2 | Per: +5 SM: +5 | Performance 3/7 | Status: Normal

    Life happens, it rocks.

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    Martino Barzelli wrote:

    Over the next couple of days, Martino casually eavesdrops on conversations in the bakery to find out whether anyone is talking about Arael's rescue.

    Perception vs. human customers: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (9) + 8 = 17
    Treat the roll as 2 lower for any non-human customers.

    Stealth to avoid being noticed eavesdropping: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (4) + 7 = 11

    The next morning when a pair of dottari enter for some early morning pastries, they're discussing how a group of Hellknights messed up big time after taking possession of a prisoner. The conversation ends pretty quickly as one of the guards snaps at Martino, "What are you looking at, peasant? Mind your own business!"

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    I truly enjoy being able to spend time on these minor characters that were included in the AP, but which I didn't want to focus on when I ran this at my local table. One of the really nice things about PbP over a live session. Feel free to make contacts, friends, and enemies of them. They all are currently NPCs, but were intended to be potential allies who could, with the right training and encouragement, have real classes. I am trying to introduce them slowly enough that they get a few moments to be real people, so expect more to come along before the end of the first book in the AP.

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    Male Human Rogue Unchained | HP 15/15 | Hero: 1/3 | AC: 15 FF: 12 Touch: 13 | CMD: 12 CFF: 9 | F: +1 R: +5 W: +1 | Init: +7 | Per: +5 SM: +1 | Status: Normal

    Perception: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (12) + 5 = 17

    Nimar snorts in his sleep and then mutters through a dream, "No, mama, I wouldn't pick the lock Mr. Garrund's chest to see his ancient artifacts..."

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    Nymra and Nimar have just enough buddy-cop thing going on that verbal fights are likely, but I've seen Lethal Weapon and Bad Boys and know that when those shouting matches escalate it is really trouble for the bad guys.

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    So I'm quickly learning the ropes of how these boards work and would like to expand my learning to the GM side of the screen. In order to accomplish this, I'm interested in preparing Council of Thieves, the first AP I ran at my in-person table. I'm an experienced GM (over 20 years on both sides of the screen) and a half-decent writer.

    For those unfamiliar, it takes place almost entirely within the Cheliaxian city of Westcrown and involves heroic PCs operating under the radar to throw off a darkness threatening to overtake the city. I would be applying the downtime rules and would encourage characters who have a stake in protecting and improving the city.

    I would ultimately be interested in no fewer than four and no more than six characters, and would prefer to stick with Paizo material, as I have limited access to 3PP books. If folks think I should proceed, I would also want to utilize some mapping system, possibly Roll20.net or Google Drive, to ensure combat moves smoothly. If enough folks respond I will update this initial post to be a "recruitment thread" and include the character creation details, so double-check it if I run with it.

    So...anyone in?