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Bob Bob Bob wrote:

Oh, you're asking about houserules. I'll flag this to be moved.

As written is only hits adjacent creatures once. If you're going to make it hit Large creatures multiple times (4, because it would splash up as well) you should also give them 8x as many hit points (because they're 8 times as large) or reduce the damage by 1/8th in each square because it only hits part of the creature.

Bobby, you don't know what you're talking about.

It's a Core Rule that says that creatures standing 5 feet from the point of where the acid hits takes 1 Point of Damage.

If you hit a Large creature that takes up a 10x10 square that means it gets hit in multiple squares - that's ridiculous, but that's how the rules work.

maouse wrote:
Well, thanks for the discussion... I am going to run it based on logic and RAW instead of the failed "its like a fireball" - which it isn't.

Your assessment is correct; the others on the this thread are incorrect.

a LARGE Creature, by definition, occupies multiple squares.

If you through a Splash weapon at a Medium creature that covers a 5x5 square, that means the two Medium creatures flanking it take some minor damage as per the ruling (such as Acid Flask doing 1 point of damage to the two medium creatures standing next to the medium creature that you hit).

Look at this basic image when you have three medium Creatures -


If you hit target B they take 1d6 damage, and targets A and C take 1 point each - because they are standing next to target B, which occupies a five foot square.

If the monster was like this:


and you hit the Bolded "B" in the bottom right corner then the "spread effect" would expand to all of "B" as it's a Large Creature that occupies a 10x10 square.

From the SRD via Acid Flask - Every creature within 5 feet of the point where the acid hits takes 1 point of acid damage from the splash.

Since a LARGE Creature has 5 feet in multiple directions that means that it suffers that 1 point of "Splash damage" defined in the rules in the smaller sections.

The Large Creature doesn't take the 1d6 Damage in each square; just the one you hit, but the "Splash Damage" via the SRD says that it takes 1 point of damage in the squares touching the target you hit.

That's pretty basic.

Hello! I keep trying to update the main page for my Campaign but every time I click "Edit my Campaign" it just keeps telling me that I can't update it as there's an error but the Paizo Team is working on it.

I don't know how to fix the error; I can't update my own Campaign Page; I don't know how to do anything to fix or adjust my own Campaign Site for my players.

Can someone please tell me how to fix this issue?

Thank you!

I've been running a campaign for several months now and lately I've been trying to update the Campaign Page with new information.

However, whenever I hit the button that says "Edit Campaign" it bounces me to the image that says that there is some kind of technical error, that the staff have been alerted to the issue and that it should be fixed soon.

It has been more than a week and this is something that has not been fixed, yet.

When with this be fixed?

Thank you!

When I started posting this evening I noticed an issue with the formatting of the page.

Specifically: I cannot see the side of the page where the "Favorites" or the "Time Stamp" is unless I use my right arrow key and scroll to the right for quite a long time.

This also has the problem of stretching a single paragraph into a single line of text that can stretch for over a thousand words of text without wrapping around to the next line.

I have also noticed on certain forums that many short answers tend to have their text spread out over the page as if they were "force justified" - leaving huge gaps between not only words, but the letters in the words.

This error does not happen on all of the campaigns I am participating in; only some of them.

The error is also noticeable on more than just some of the campaign pages. The formatting error is also appears on the "My Account" page, when the "box" for alias's is very narrow and the box following it has a border on the right that I cannot find unless I keep sliding the page to the right for an extremely long time.

I have tried logging out and logging in again, but so far the error has persisted.

Is there anything I can do to correct this on my end? Is this a problem other people have noticed? Please let me know what I can do to correct this.

Thank you so much!

This is Connor, son of Ceorl, and I'm good to go!

DM Papa.DRB wrote:
Dain, the gunslinger is not in the CRB or APG, so that class is not allowed. Sorry.-- david

Ah! Sorry about that. The information I use for my source material had grouped Gunslinger in with Base Classes which appeared in the Advanced Players guide.

I can adjust then and have something for later tonight, then.

What are your thoughts on "Archtypes?" Are they allowed, and could we use Archtypes from something like "Paizo: Ultimate Combat"?

Cool - I have a concept I'm tinkering with; a bit of a Skill Monkey type, but that will largely depend on the Archtype options - if at all.

Should have something later this evening...

Make you a sword
of me...

If you will have me, I will make a character background as soon as possible. It will be done by tomorrow evening.

See you soon!

GM RDNinja wrote:

The setting will be a steampunk-ish real world setting, in the vein of the works of H. G. Wells, Jules Verne, etc. In terms of real history, it should follow pretty closely, except for recent technological development:

-The year is 190X. Theodore Roosevelt is president, and Edward VII rules in England.
-Cars are readily available to your characters, but are not widely commercialized. Likewise with radio and indoor electric lights.
-Dirigibles are common, both for commercial freight and mass transportation, and as military ships.
-Babbage engines are common, and there are rumors of AIs created in the last few years. However they are unpredictable and irreproducible.
-It's common knowledge that Mars has (or formerly had) a canal-building civilization, but there has been no contact with space aliens of any kind. Civilizations on other known planets are the subject of much speculation.
-The existence of psychic and occult phenomena is not widely accepted, but the idea is popular among the intelligentsia.


I'll need time to read through the new rules; but I'm certainly interested.

Not sure what I'm thinking of playing yet, but for some reason I'm thinking of something from Gangs of New York with a Steam Punk/Robert E. Howard type feel...

I'll have more when I can!


Hello, I'm very interested in participating, but I am wondering if you allow Gunslingers in your game (I mean eventually)? Also, do you have an restrictions on "Archtypes"?

Late Night DM wrote:
Understood, once our new arrival is set up we will resume game.

Sorry; it will take me a bit to build my character (it's been so long since I had to recall things like Spot/Listen/Search and 1/2 Skill Rank in non-proficient skills).

That reminds me; all of d20 stuff generally has a +1 Skill Point bump to reflect the fact that we're already humans. In other words; if it says "9 Skill Points" for a class; it generally means "8 Skill Points" but we get 9 BECAUSE we're humans.

Is that rule still in play?

Also, I sadly have 3 separate doctor's appointments tomorrow before work; but if I don't get my character done tonight I'll do my best to have something up as soon as possible.

Sorry for any delays.

That said; would we have what any normal tourist might bring on a trip to CA when we start; or something more specific?

Hey - I've just got an invite about this game and I'm eager to give it a try.

Meanwhile, GM, it seems that you're already using the charts via Defense Adjustments - when I sent you the earlier PM it was because I was assuming you were using the Core Rules from Pathfinder instead - sorry about that; I should have read ahead :)

Also, I don't know if it will matter much, but I find this link to work pretty well for most of my d20 Modern Campaigns: Link here

Meantime; I'll try to have something up soon!

Does Cover grant bonuses to Touch AC? I thought it was more like Armor?

Chris Lambertz wrote:
Nope. No modifications have been made to dice rolling recently.

Thank you for that information; I was curious mainly because of the extremely bad luck the crew I'm with keeps running into lately. Your answer does help, though.

It seems like it's just been bad luck. Hopefully our luck will turn soon :)

Vic Wertz wrote:
Our random number seed doesn't use techniques like that. Whether you roll 1000 dice in a single post, or roll 1 die in each of 1000 posts in one day, or 1 die in 1 post per day for 1000 days, you should see a similar amount of randomness.

Cool. I appreciate that as well, it's helpful to hear.

Meanwhile, I appreciate all the information you've both provided on the subject.

Thank you both!

Patrick Harris @ MU wrote:

] My impression (read: limited understanding) of this conversation:

A: "Math math math?"
B: "Psh, math math math."

Fair enough; I'll try to put this another way:


Did the moderators of the site change the coding of the system to make it more challenging to roll higher on a d20 than it has been in the past?

That's a simple black and white question. I don't know how to contact the site administrator directly, or I would have done that instead.

By the way, it's just my opinion but I don't think your your post was very nice or helpful in answering the question.

I just wanted an answer to the question, that's all.

Thank you.

HangarFlying wrote:

Rolls that I will put into my calculator.

** spoiler omitted **...

Most "random number generators" take in account outside variables which change during the day so you can't find patterns.

Variables such as User Accounts; time of postings; date of postings; and so on; all of those variables which change from day to day and minute to minute make a huge difference on the outcome of most software "Randomizers" so that people can't find patterns, because as external information changes, so too will the outcome of the randomizer.

So rolling 100 d20's in one post; or even 1,000 – that doesn't matter to the base calculator of the random outcomes.

You need to get a wide variety of subjects from a wide variety of times and dates to see the averages.

But none of it matters, though.

Drejk wrote:
Good. Now repeat that ten times and calculate standard deviation...

That's one option, but again, that's only one player.

In the campaign I'm playing not one of the six players is having decent luck; and after an entire week of not being able to hit more than 75% of the time, I'm just wondering if it's more than coincidence.

If 1 player consistently rolled bad, maybe they have bad luck, maybe their avatar/account has a glitch - but all of us?

Anyhow, I just thought I'd ask if it was an intentional coding issue to "even things out", or something else.

If it's just bad luck; that's one thing. If the coding was changed to even things out; well, I guess I'd just like to know either way.

Okay, I need to head out, but I'll check back later today.

Thanks again for all your help!

Drejk wrote:
41 rolls are far not enough to be considered viable sample showing that the rolls are skewed.

That makes a lot of a sense, and I get the math to it, the thing is, I guess at was:

Did the general staff get together to compare notes at a meeting on how the site is doing and say (for example) - "Guys, I've noticed that players keep rolling fairly high in the games in general. There's been a lot of TPK's lately (Total Party Kills) and players are mowing through monsters so easily it's becoming boring. I think we need to even out the trend a bit so there is the chance of missing terribly as well as an unusually high amount of critical hits and critical confirmations. So let's go into the coding and make a few adjustments to lower the averages so things seem more 'average' rather than nothing but great rolls."

Now, I don't know if that happened or not, and chances are it didn't happen. But I wondered (based on the current results) if it did happen because having a general staff meeting and deciding to make adjustments at the start of the month seems possible.

The thing is, it could be nothing but bad luck and I understand that and I'll accept it.

What I'm trying to find out is if it is just really bad luck, or if the staff made a choice to alter the coding to lower the averages intentionally, because that is possible, too.

If I'm wrong, that's cool. But that's why I put it up on this thread, so that the moderators could tell me a definitive "yes we altered the coding" or "no, we didn't alter the coding, it's probably just bad luck at this point".

Hey guys; I noticed that there's been a pretty frustrating trend in the campaign I'm playing for the past week regarding d20 rolls.

At first I thought it was nothing but bad luck, but I did a count in my game between 6 players and discovered that of the 41 d20 rolls made by 6 different players since Friday the 1st of November the following were the results:

30 of those rolls were 10 or below, the bulk of them being at best 8 or 9; and 15 of 41 d20 rolls in the same week were natural 5 or less.

Of the rolls that managed to beat a 10:

1 was an 11.

2 were 12's

3 of those rolls were 14.

1 was a 13.

1 was a 16.

1 was a 17.

2 were 19's.

I mean, we all have bad luck; but as it stands when more than 75% of 41 d20 rolls are 10 or less, and not one of them is a natural 20, I start to wonder if there's a glitch.

Is that something that may have happened? Could there be a glitch in the system?

Also, if there isn't a glitch, is there any way to just take a look at it anyway?

The thing is, I come to these games to feel like a hero, and when it takes more than a week for our entire 2nd level party of 6 players to kill a CR 3 (I think) monster; or the GM to hit us either, it feels pretty discouraging and makes me not want to even refresh the site or continue playing.

I don't know about the general staff or other players on the board; but it's my personal opinion that I'd rather be hitting more than missing.

I hope this doesn't sound petty or childish, but I was just wondering if it could be looked into.

If you guys check things out and find that it's really nothing but bad luck and there was no alterations to coding, well, I'll just suffer through it. But I'm actually wondering if something was changed in the coding in general because I've noticed this trend of lower rolls in a second campaign I've been playing also (though there the rolls are not as bad) but it seems to have started as of the 1st of November, so maybe it's not a coincidence?

Okay, that's pretty much it. Thanks again for any feedback in the matter; I'm pretty sure it may just be really bad luck, but I thought I'd bring it to your attention, just in case because after an entire week it seems crazy that 6 different players and 41 d20 rolls have that much bad luck in common :)

(By the way, the campaign is located Here if you'd like to check the results).

Yes - sorry about that, I'm still kind of stuck on ideas.

I think I can get something up for you by Sunday night, right now I'm hammering some details out, but it should be up soon :)

DM Variel wrote:
Dain haven't seen you on here for a bit. You still with us on this!

Hey, I'm sorry for the lack of posting lately. There's a lot of new material to cover in the new book; on top of that the meds I've been taking for that stupid injury have kind of left me feeling a bit woozy and have been somewhat problematic for me (headaches, dizziness, sleepiness and upset stomach).

Anyhow, that combined with some of the problems I've had to go through with legal since it was work related and other issues have been distracting me a bit.

I'd like to get something up for this game soon; but I'm afraid it may take me a bit longer just to deal with the stuff.

I'm hoping to have something this Friday by the latest, though.

Sorry for any delays.

My current concept is a paladin "gun tank"; specifically so I can do smiting damage at range. I have a pretty good idea about the design, but I'm open to any suggestions.

I figure if I'm able to effect demons and hell knights at range with touch attack smite weapons, that could be useful; plus I'm able to "Lay on Hands" and possibly Channel when I get up there.

But that's all been on the back-burner, because I'm still trying to marry this with the Hero/Epic rules stuff and I've barely had a chance to read through it.

If anyone has any suggestions or pointers for me - please let me know, I'm open to them.

Talk to you all soon...

To all:

Guys, I'm honestly not trying to critique anyone in this game or cause any stress. I just wanted to know real clear in my head what kind of game we're getting into.

But after thinking about it, right now my plan is to just play my character and that's how I'll have fun, and that's pretty much it.

Anyway, sorry for all of that. I shouldn't have gone into it; please ignore the posts and you guys do what you want to do with how you do your builds no worries. Meantime, I'll still enjoy playing my guy either way, so it's all good.

Cool beans! Thanks for the heads-up Variel, that will help a bit when I reshuffle my skills.

Again, sorry for the delay, I'm sure the GM will be around soon.

I may end up just going ahead and making the character anyway, but we'll have to see what happens.

Well, Rain, I'm glad to see you're back!

Your inquisitor sounds very cool :)

I'm thinking of a fairly mundane fighter type; I'll have something up later tonight.

But as of now, I don't have a copy of the Player's Companion. Is there a way I can get a copy of it?

Thank you!

DM Immortal wrote:

The wolf animal companion eventually turns large like a dire wolf anyway at level 7 but that is a good idea.

As I told you in PM, I think you are selling yourself short in terms of not being able to do two games but that's your call.

Well, I did respond to your PM just now...

If I can see a copy of the Players Guide somehow, I may come along if that's okay.

Just let me know what's up.

Hey guys, this game seems fairly interesting, and I’m up for it in theory, but I don’t think I can handle two games at the same time right now.

I’d like to “dot it”, though.

If it changes later, I may ask to join in (if the GM allows it later on the line, that all depends on how the story is going and so on).

I hope it goes well, though and that you all have a great game!


Waiph, I noticed your last post; a suggestion, I know it's a bit unconventional, but maybe the GM will allow you to have a milk-white Dire Wolf suited to the frozen northlands as your animal companion?

A dire wolf is pretty powerful for a starting animal companion, but maybe he could be young cub and sort of "age" into his more powerful self as you level?

Again, this is all pretty unconventional, I know. I mean, I've never even heard of a world in which the hero spent his time in the frozen wastes with a Dire Wolf as his animal companion, but if it turns out to be a good concept, maybe you could turn that concept into a story or book, and then maybe parlay it into a series on HBO ;)

But yeah, I'll bet Dire Wolves are frequent in the frozen wastelands of the north; maybe the GM will let you do that...

Dang - now I'm tempted to actually try two games after all...

Hey guys, if you’d still like to have me on board, I think I’d like to give this world a shot.

It feels more “good” oriented, and I think it’s more open to teamly-ness, which is a bit of a relief :)

If everything is cool, I should add there is a program called “WinZip”.

It seems that this program is needed to open the free downloaded content from Paizo to check out the game. I had downloaded that several years ago when I was reading over some Kingmaker material, but the 30 day period expired many years and I don’t know how to open the Player’s Guide for the Wrath of the Righteous game without it.

Does anyone know how I can see or find this file without WinZip – or, failing that, how I can get WinZip? If someone can assist me, that would be great.


FYI - I'm thinking of doing a Ranged Fighter, if that's okay with everyone via tactics?

Waiph had suggested our characters knew each other and that I might be trying to "recruit him" to come along with the group. I'm down for that if everyone else is okay with it.

Variel, if you’re okay with that, please let me know.

Regarding this matter, I sent you an additional PM.

GeraintElberion wrote:


Apologies; it was very late for me, I was very tired and have been fairly stressed lately. If the post came off as rude, I honestly didn't mean it to. I was just in a hurry and sincerely confused and after re-reading the post, I agree that it doesn't seem like a nice way for me to have written it.

I'm sorry if came across as rude, though. I didn't mean it to.

Marc Radle wrote:

As Torger said, you can only delete or edit a post for an hour after posting. After that, your post is permanent. Unless a moderator removes it of course.

As an aside ... Did you intend to come off sounding so impetuous and demanding?

I apologize that my post seemed somehow distasteful to you.

I was typing in haste and with a lack of sleep.

Yet your aside came across as if you were trying to provoke a negative response from me.

Why would you craft your response that way?

There wasn't a reason to be insulting. I was just asking questions.

I am completely aware that the delete function disappears after an hour; but the delete function is no longer an option, no matter how long it is.

If this is somehow an error; I would like it to be corrected.

If it is not an error; I'd like to know why.

Those are reasonable questions.

Again, when you look at the options on the side of the board you have several of them - delete is not one of them.

What can be done to contact Paizo directly and inform them that this issue is a problem and one that people would like fixed?

I have a problem in general where my computer can "double post" somehow. It's an annoying issue that happens from time to time, and I see a post - then the same post is made nearly seconds after the first one.

I tried to "delete" the first post, but it doesn't work, so now I have a bunch of empty posts on the board.

DeathQuaker suggests that there is a way to contact the moderator directly and have them go back and clean up all the blank posts instead of allowing me the option of doing that.

How do I contact the moderator directly and tell them that is not only a problem in general, but instruct them to go through and take care of the mess?

If they are not going to allow me to do it, when/how are they going to clean the excess posts from the boards?

Why was the "delete" function removed from the posting options?

It is causing a lot of trouble.

Please return the function.

Why has it been removed?

Please give an answer.

Oh well, bad luck.

Does anyone here know of another Skull and Shackles game that is recruiting? If anyone does - please let me know.

Thank you.

Aramuth wrote:
@dain120475 That class makes me think an Errol Flynn type character swinging on a rope doing a Captain Morgan stance. Even better Chunk sliding down the sail in the Goonies. You should check out the Duelist PrC from the basic book. The two classes are pretty much the same thing.

I believe you meant Sloth sliding down the sail; Chunk just held on to his back... ;)

Actually, in the other Skull and Shackles game I was playing, my guy was actually named "Flynn".

However "Flynn" was a bit too bookish and somewhat uncomfortable about being a pirate (I thought the game was more "nice guys" - I picked the "Surgeon Template" and modeled part of him after Erol Flynn's "Captain Blood" and "Serenity's" Simon Tamm.

Sadly the Simon Tamm part was a bit too overplayed, and eventually I ended up being the monkey in the wrench because I wasn't "piratey" enough.

This guy is a bit harder; a bit more darker.

I modeled him off of Lucius Vorrenus from HBO's "Rome" (second season, when he formally became the leader of the criminal gang in the subura); coupled with a bit of "Alexander 'Lex' Luthor" from Smallville (from the earlier seasons, when Lex was a pretty decent guy, who was slowly being corrupted by his surroundings).

But his movement and action will be more flamboyant and elegant; his fighting style is more suited to "Starkiller" from "The Force Unleashed" - and I guess in Dante's case his Bridget would be akin to "Juno Eclipse" :)

Other than that, I guess we'll see how things unfold.

All of this assumes the GM is willing to allow me to play, of course. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

My other option was a ronnin turned wako from the lands of Minkai - I thought that might be fun, too - but I'm excited to have the chance to play this class.

Well, wish me luck! I'm looking forward to meeting you guys in-game :)

DM Bound Shade - here are the notes for my character. Please let me know what you think, and if you're interested in having me play. Thanks again!

Backstory Details:

Name: Dante Vorrenus
Country of Origin: Cheliax

Brief History:

Dante’s history is a bit complex. To know him best we must first go back to his maternal grandfather, Martin.

Martin was a minor nobleman and a Hellknight (though he had retired from their service). His wife died in child birth and he had one child – a daughter known as Isabella.

He was not an affectionate father; and paid little attention to his daughter, except as a device to enlarge his house.

When Isabella was seventeen she was on a journey from the harbors Cheliax to travel east over sea to the southeastern spur of the Empire. It was faster for her to travel by ship; and as the daughter of a modest nobleman, she was afforded the rank and privilege to do so.

During the journey her ship was attacked by pirates from The Shackles; it was presumed that all were lost in the assault.

Hearing of the news Martin was grief stricken and reproached himself for the distance between him and his kin. Further; his determination to enact vengeance on an insult to his family prompted him to marshal a small company of men, charter a privateer and strike out to enact vengeance on these rogues.

During the next year he attacked and slaughtered many pirates in the Inner Seas; as well as many innocent sailors; simply to bring vengeance on anyone who may have killed his daughter.

Eventually, though, he found a ship and upon attacking it he discovered that his daughter lived, and was now a consort to the captain of the ship. During the melee he was grievously wounded and would die of his wounds in less than a month, yet he was still responsible for freeing his daughter and slaughtering the men who took her from him.

His daughter was reunited with Martin, and the two returned to his estates.

Soon after Martin had passed on because of his wounds and Isabella was the sole heir. However, it was discovered that she was pregnant by the former captain of the ship who her own father had slain in liberating her.

When her son Dante was born, she did what she could to raise him well; but having a son out of wedlock, born of a pirate with no rank and title did not attract suitors. Her lands and property were not tempting enough to draw the attention of a potential husband, and with no personal income, the property fell into gradual disrepair and she was forced to do what she could to keep her son living.

By the time he was six years old, all of the family servants and serfs were let go and allowed to leave due to lack of income. By the time Dante was thirteen years old the lands of the estate were rented out for “sharecropping” purposes. By the time Dante was seventeen his mother was forced to sell the property to a local squire who paid far less than its true worth, even with the disrepair.

Isabella took the bulk of the money and paid for his enlistment into the Imperial Naval academy. She used the rest of the money and purchased a small tavern and currently runs it to make a living.

With the commission purchased by his mother, Dante joined the Imperial Navy as acting Ensign and served with them for about two years (he was given his commission at 18). At that time he was granted his formal officers papers and given command of a minor vessel. During one of the missions he encountered a group of rebels and captured them.

It was Imperial law that the rebels must be executed; yet the ship was currently ferrying an Imperial Diplomat (Ferdinand Vespucci); who insisted that the rebels endure torture before execution.

Dante felt that was inappropriate. There was no legal reason to torture these folk, and in any case, Dante did not care for torture, feeling it distasteful and, in this case - unnecessary. Furthermore, he sensed that Vespucci was doing it out of personal amusement and simply because he enjoyed the action.

Vespucci insisted that his legal rights overruled Dante’s; claiming legal authority on the ship as Imperial Diplomat, and that Dante was not even a formally commissioned captain, only “acting captain” as he was merely the skipper to bring the diplomat to the next port of call.

However, Vespucci’s claim was incorrect; Dante was formally “captain” of the ship, even provisionally, and – as such; his word was law. This did not dissuade Vespucci, instead, it only seemed to encourage a righteous zealotry in the form of arrogant behavior to Dante that this “young pup” would have the impudence to stand against his formal authority.

Even so, Dante refused to torture the folk or allow it to occur, and at this time Vespucci’s personal body-guard attempted to force the issue.

A melee ensued between those loyal to Dante and those to Vespucci. However, the fracas was small as there were few men on board at this time on both sides.

Even so; Vespucci’s men may have prevailed, yet some of the rebels who were waiting their fate managed to break out and aid Dante; killing Vespucci’s men, and any who stood against Dante’s action.

After the combat ensued Dante was in a dilemma.

He had killed an Imperial Diplomat – and though he had the legal right as Master of the ship – he was also aided by rebels who had escaped their bonds in the fight. In short – he would be damned if he returned for trial.

Meanwhile, one of the rebel leaders; a young lass from Sargava (Bridget Teach) – prevailed upon him to get out when he could; to quit the Imperial Navy and come with them.

In truth, Dante was more moved by the woman herself rather than her arguments. He found her beautiful, passionate, and exciting. Furthermore, her enthusiasm for her cause stirred him.

The few sailors on board left alive understood that if any of them returned to Cheliax, they would be considered outlaw and traitor – and therefore executed. Meanwhile, they had a possession of the ship (though it was not very large or fast) and with it the means to escape south before this incident would be detected.

Furthermore, Bridget suggested to Dante that the Shackles was filled with the chance for a man to get a fresh start.

Dante allowed himself to be persuaded to travel south.

He was not eager to do so, but felt that he had little choice. Also, he was intrigued by Bridget’s passion for her assaults on Cheliax.

A curious metamorphosis had come over Dante and a sense of fatalism in the young man (he was now 21). He no longer cared for the strict rules of law that he had been hammered into his head. His opinion was that such rules of law were put aside by powerful men when it suited them, and the nuances of law could be disregarded and maneuvered around with ease, not because a man was “right” but because he knew how to manipulate precedent.

Though this was the norm in most houses in Cheliax, Dante had grown up with another side of that angle. His mother’s praise for his grandfather’s efforts to free her – his unrelenting pursuit to get the job done, his determination to free her no matter what; these details encouraged him to believe that there was a unique sense of honor among his people; a code that made sense to him, and one he had naively believed in without question.

With the understanding that this code was no longer true; even the fabrication he held dear – he believed instead that no code was worthwhile and nothing really mattered.

A sense of cynicism and bitterness hardened him as they sailed south – and it drove him to do vicious acts against any ship he encountered. Even so – he was always good to his men; and always fair with his crew. He never was unjust with them, always made sure they got their equal cut, and always made sure they were taken care of.

These actions were instinctual for him, however, he did not reason them out, he merely acted with that in mind.

Meanwhile, seeing his actions growing darker disturbed Bridget and she encouraged him to mellow his fatalism, and suggested that there were indeed some causes which were worth fighting for. Losing what you believe in did not mean you needed to end up giving up everything.

Dante was conflicted – the hatred he used to push himself was comfortable, it didn’t allow the feeling of any emotion; including shame, or guilt, or fear, or self-doubt or loathing. Only hate at the world for robbing him of what he held dear.

Even so – his heart was moved by Bridget, who had stayed his hand more than once on more brutal actions. Yet his anger remained, and he sense that in time his love for Bridget and his own anger would ignite a dangerous situation for her. In short, he was afraid that one day he may grow angry at her, and hurt her; and he could not live with that.

Arriving at a new port; Dante took his cut of the ship’s loot as acting captain and turned over the ship to Bridget and the crew; who had by now bonded well together.

It was sad partings on both sides, but Dante felt he must get away from his past and “find himself” on the seas, not knowing what the future would bring, only that the sea’s infinite possibilities, and they prompted him to seek a new start in general.

This is now where we find Dante Vorrenus.

I hope the backstory was okay to read and sets the stage for the character. If you like him – let me know, and I’ll have his sheet up and running for you as soon as possible.

Thank you again for your consideration!

DM Bound Shade wrote:
@dain120475: My main problem with the class right now is that it seems to be poorly written. Clarification is needed on many of the abilities. Other than that, it seems okay to me. I'd just have to iron out some of what's there first.

Outstanding! I'll have a backstory up for you very soon.

It should be up by tomorrow evening at the latest.

I'm looking forward to coming aboard!

DM Bound Shade wrote:

I'm reopening recruitment for this game. We've recently lost two players, and as I generally favor a group ranging from 5 - 7 people, I'm looking for 1 to 2 more players. Mainly, I'm looking for skill users, although I'm sure another front-liner or healer wouldn't be turned down.

My expectations of a player:

  • Able to post once daily. I understand that life gets in the way, so long as it feels like you’re posting daily, I’m good. Issues come up in my own life as well, but I’d ask that you inform me if something is coming up that is going to keep you away.

  • Quality posting. I prefer not to have to root through spelling mistakes and terrible grammar. Consistent structure is a boon.

  • The ability to work in a team together. I don’t mind party conflict as long as people are enjoying it. It can often add spice to the game. I’ve seen this only happen amongst people that communicate and are up for it. Which is to say, not often. Thus, I am leery of it.

  • Keep talking, even if it is only in the discussion thread. Ask questions, be proactive rather than reactive. I don’t mind handling questions for things that you might even be the least little unsure about. PM me about problems, plans, goals, if you had an issue with a call I made, so on and so forth. Communication is key to me.

  • Roleplaying. I love engaging others in telling stories rather than playing a skirmish game. Personally, I still feel that this is one of my weak points, and I want to have players that engage and challenge not only myself, but also the other players.

  • People who are willing to do risky things. I like to reward those that try to pull off unlikely, but epic stunts. It's not about trying to do anything that comes to mind, but rather about throwing some memorable actions into play.

Stat Stuff
** spoiler omitted **...

I am extremely interested in the position.

That said - I have a few concepts and I noticed your caveat regarding "3rd Party Character Concepts". I have an idea for a concept, but I wanted to know; what do you think of the Swashbuckler class?

I am not married to the idea, but it will effect my concept.

I enjoy social RP quite a bit, and I love to write. I typically post at least once a day; though generally more, so long as the game allows it.

As soon as I know more about the potential Swashbuckler class, I'll have a formal concept for you to peruse.

Thank you again for your consideration, I look forward to hearing from you soon!

I am specifically looking to play in Skull and Shackles game.

I have been playing in a group for a while; but it seems to be dropping off via interest.

I'm looking for a group that is just starting on book 2; when we're already friends and have bonded together and have our ship and are ready for actual action (plus we only started book 2 in the game I'm in; I don't want to get ahead of the story :)

If anyone is putting together such a game - please let me know.

I'm down with it, and I like to write.


Note: The last two songs were penned by dain.

DM Immortal wrote:

Happy Birthday Variels Daughter!

Ok first Rickety et al.

Rickety makes his way into the Commons and immediately goes and speaks to the Steward of the Commons, Chandra Bristlewick. She immediately goes pale when Rickety informs her what happened. At which point, she reaches below the bar and pulls out a small brightly colored bird. She whispers in the birds ear for a few moments before letting it loose. It wings its way out through a hole in the wall near the eaves and heads north.

Rickety turns around and seeing you there says Well I done what I could. Chandra's sent one o'her animal messengers to let them know what happened. Likely they know already with their magics and all. Pausing he runs his hands over his bald head and says You all done right by me an mine and I pay my debts. I'll take 500 gold off the price I quoted ye already. Bartlet's a good man and I'm happy he didn't go sliding down that snakes gullet.


Horatio et al

You make your way around to the watch tower without too much fuss. It took you most of the morning to make it there even with the path as it is narrow and full of switchbacks as it makes its way through the jungle and up the cliff. Getting to the top you come upon the cleverly hidden, from the sea side that is, tower. It is little more than a covered platform 60 feet up. You hear snoring even from 60 feet away up there.

Upon hearing the snores, I spit a stream of tobacco juice to the leeward and scowl furiously.

Looking at the platform, my eyes narrow in disgust and I hoist myself up to the tower’s platform above.

”Oh for gods’ sake... Hey! Get on your feet you piss poor sons of squid filth. You hear me?” I yell out as I swing myself onto the wooden deck and look down at the man who is snoring.

While I’m up there, I will check the woodwork to see its current condition.

Knowledge: Engineering to gauge the construction and see if any work needs to be done.
1d20 + 7 ⇒ (5) + 7 = 12

imimrtl wrote:
I would be fine with getting back into Kingmaker on the second book. Anyone willing to run?

I am willing to run the game, if you are interested in playing.

shrodingerscat wrote:

Checking interest for a homebrew fantasy game, using the pathfinder rules, with the E6 subset (for keeping things a bit more gritty)

All I can say now is that it would be an original world, most likely something I create with heavy player input and that it would be VERY sandboxy and character driven, so characters with their own motivations are what I'd be looking for.

Link for E6, for those not familiar: E6

I'm interested - it kind of reminds me of the old Star Wars "D6" system - which is very similar in a lot of ways; but far more streamlined.

But I need to know more about it before I say yes or no.

What other details are there at this time?

I will keep your mom in my prayers - I hope she feels better soon and that you are okay, too.

You should see an edited sheet. Let me know if I am missing things.


The following site is for Dain’s Kingmaker Chronicles and is not open for recruitment. It exists for players who are specifically trained and recruited for the purpose of gathering information, compiling facts, and solving cases involving paranormal, extra-planar, otherworldly and supernatural mysteries in the nation of Praxis.

Praxis is situated south of Brevoy and in the northern area formally known as the River Kingdoms. It is filled with great challenges, including many complex and unusual mysteries. As such - a team of specialist investigators was needed to be compiled to solve these cases.

These are their stories. Dramatic Entrance

This thread is dedicated to the province of Arasmes.

Ariarh Kane wrote:

Since none of us are working with coordinates and positions and Ras moved back to us last round, it can be VERY difficult to discern where any of us are at this time. I supposed Ras was within 5 ft of us but again no coordinates to confirm exactly where. Ry called down lightning this round which is only a standard action as casting was a full round previously. Doesn't this allow her more leeway?

Indeed! Didn't know it was only a standard action.

However - you also need to 1. Draw your weapon (move action) - and 2. Attack the Creature (attack action) and 3. Move to hit the creature (he is not standing next to you - because you and Brett are already at the cave mouth - and I would assume Ras and Shae are right behind, not to mention Dior).

The creature needs to occupy at least a 5x5 square - he isn't on top of you and Brett - nor is he on top of Shae or Arasmes - with Kae and Clari gone from the group - and Isani - he'd be as close to Ras as possible - because he already knows what Ras is capable of from last battle, which would put him back farther from you and the front of the cave...

Meanwhile - you believe that he'd be going after the spellcasters now...

Then - when the "artillery" is taken out - he'll downshift - probably - with the healing staff - who will likely be exhausting powers on keeping the fighters up.

Ka'etil Malas'rae wrote:

Ka'etil will respond to Grishnak with a hearty pat on the back. "Something to eat sounds good." Kae follows Grishank along, into the room, and takes a seat in one chair, putting his feet up on another. He'll take a cup of what Grishnak offers, and have a sip, then get down to business.

hearing grishnak's responses

"I'll figure out how exactly i want to handle the situation publicly, but there's gotta be some kind of consequence for hassling Sylvath, like you suggested. Levying a fine sounds like an idea, I'll figure it out. Now, to keep things running smoothly, It'd make things easier if you got a license for running events, call the cut you were going to give me a tax, maybe tax winnings in general... Anyway I'll work out those sorts of details. You'll still make your money, and things should run more smoothly for me," Ka'etil suggests.

Then with a nod and another sip of the drink, he continues, "However it works out, if you take the slap on the wrist, and step in line and stay under the radar for a while I should be able to get things settled."

Kae laughs and smiles as Grishnak tells him about the drug shipment. He stands up and extends a hand to Grishnak to shake it. "Now that's something i can work with. Sharing that information, we can seize the shipment, stop the Pesh from entering the city. Perfect!"

"In terms of what we've been doing, there was a threat up north in the Temple of Erastil. It has been purged. From where exactly do these northerners that you mentioned come from? Who are they, and where can they be found? I'd like to meet with them, if they are so interested in us and our activities. And any other word about the other city that's been established, and the place to he south with the portals that you warned me about previously?"

last time grishnak mentioned: 3. Bombshell news: Grishnak heard that there has been a cult operating near your city for years, far away to the south – about a week or two – so they...

Grishank takes another gulp of the stale ale -

"The lads that looking for rumor on you be from Brevoy, lad - as I said - they all have the same trick of the accent, and lingo and such - most of them be real sly in questioning - we only put that together recent-like..." Grishank adds.

"I don't know if things be correct about the temple - whatever you done to it be out of my concern - I'm thinking you have something north more... mundane, but that doesn't mean less dangerous, eh?" Grishnak adds.

Grishnak then resolves to take your advice and be more subtle - though he is somewhat confused on what this "radar" you speak of is...

It seems quite clear the city to the south west he told you about is one and the same as the one Khromm mentioned - though that shall all be clear later - point is - in this case his information is accurate!

Finally -

I don't know who you run into first until I know more about your plans - for now, everyone is in Cloudwatch Keep - except Ariarh who is with DeVille - though you don't know that. If you have any other plans - let me know - and we can go form there. I won't be able to tell you who in the party you meet next - until I know more about your plans and where you go next.

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