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Shenanigans and tomfoolery.

Welcome to the club! Have some prunes.

Yay, two pages in a row, just like olde tymes!

Vanykrye wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:
Handlebar mustache with perfectly coifed hair while wearing perfectly fitting name brand jeans, a thin flannel shirt from Eddie Bauer, while holding a Starbucks coffee cup at a local organic co-op, that's what a Madison douchebag hipster looks like.
And if not the handlebar, then a David Letterman beard. Or a David Letterman beard with the handlebar.

Why back in my day they were called ZZ Top beards and they usually meant you were supposed to have a hot rod and two super hot chicks (or whoever you prefer) draped on each shoulder.

Oh how times have changed.

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Ah yes, the good old days of derailing rage with bore hunts, creating twenty aliases a day, Futurama quotes, and goading people into stating up lichs.

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Scintillae wrote:
Could've been worse. Could've been naked bloatmage. Enjoy that image.

It's summer at the pool with my older brothers all over again!

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TriOmegaZero wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
T-lion post dump!
We used to call those blitzes...

Why back in my day, we called them letters, or a manifesto! And they were delivered by postal carriers, or printed at home and anonymously stuffed into the library magazine rack.

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When I was dating, an App was something you bought to show your date you care enough to take her somewhere other than McDonald's.

I never found it all that necessary.

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They obviously didn't drink their mercury tincture.

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At least the kid's mom tied him down, why back in my day you had to hang onto the CB antenna and like it.

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It's 60 degrees, so no hat.

It's drizzling though, which evidently is cause to wear jackets... Oh come on, umbrellas now!

Damn parents today, can't handle inclement weather, why back in my day...

I'm wearing shorts and my Pac Man back in the day T-shirt, I'm not cold in the slightest and the drizzle isn't even enough to make my clothes wet.

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Why back in my day TB was something to be avoided, even once.

Kids today, ain't got no respect.

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Crookshanks wrote:

We get to cut open cow and sheep brains


Why when I was young growing up on the farm not only did we have to dissect a cow brain I had to watch as your grampy and Henry the crazy old guy that lived down the road ate it afterwards (thankfully I only had to try it).

Poor fools, stuck with only Knight Rider to get your Hasselhoff.

I had Knight Rider AND Baywatch.

According to Wikipedia that is, Baywatch was kind of a red one piece and blond slow motion bouncing blur.

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Should I feel sad that no one gets my Looney Tunes jokes, or old. Cause I kinda feel both.

Puts a sign in the front yard that says No teenagers. Solicitors welcome.

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Ha! I knew my overreliance on my phone would benefit me someday.

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Oh man, we could've gone on a ye olde timey Fox hunt. I already have the ye olde timey hound dog.

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Wait, did he just call us old?

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Kids today!

I'm going to assume that's what they called primordial dinosaurs.

Tacticslion wrote:
Yet another query: you monster. Specifically, you [dice=CR] 1d30 (or less) monster! Which are you?! ... and would this have been your first choice? If not, which would be?

Leprechaun, that's all, never really understood why people wanted to play as monsters.

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Samy wrote:
Seems like someone's still living in the Victorian times.

They had the best phonographs! and those corsets!!

Aren't you twelve. :-D

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It seems like Shakespeare in church should be a thing.

Really make them appreciate thine olde englishe.

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They're doing traffic enforcement on the main thoroughfare two blocks from our domicile. I'm made aware of this fact, by the occasional squawk of the constable's siren.

Edit: Nakedness is timeless.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:
with a rapier :)

Very well then, if that's how you want it. But not until after tea. No reason to be uncivilized after all.

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Edit: oh, I see, someone else.

Poppycock, that's not really a thing.

In my day, we had to know how to spell our country's name.

Just saying. :-)

Cort Odekirk wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
Liz Courts wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:
Liz Courts wrote:

Pray-zos go to our IT staff.

I hear accepted offerings like small batch bourbon go over well.

Pah, bourbon. Single malt Scotch from Islay is where the life is at.
Feh. I must be a filthy 'Murican because I much prefer bourbon over Scotch.
The only bourbon I enjoy is bourbon chicken.
Super hard to get into the bottle....

Dang it! wrong bird son!

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Why back in my day, we had to get our computer games from Radioshack, and they all sucked.

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Redbeard the Scruffy wrote:
I hate yard work, Freehold can't decide between East and West, Tac went to the fair with his kids, Aranna in Winry from FMA, cap loves the 50s, and NH's wife digs the color black.

Hey Now!

The fifties were the best!... as long as I get to be Jeff Bridges, I don't want to be Tobey McGuire. :-)

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It's very good, you'll love Billy Murray and the Groundhog.

I feel old now. :-D

Edit: And while viewing our relics of olde, watch Ghostbusters, one of the best movies ever made. :-)

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Sounds like something an old person would say.

Quit making excuses old man!


You all are old, get with the times, I don't even listen to the radio anymore.

The fact that I have enough 90s music on my ITunes library to last 6 days is irrelevant.

I hope.

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I still do.

For paying bills and rent mostly, they aren't something I take with me every day.

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If it helps, I'm only 39 so you're almost there. :-)

Captain Yesterday fun fact: I used to walk 4 and half miles, uphill, and through the snow to get to work.

Let that be a lesson to you, cliches exist for a reason.

Listening to Robbin' The Hood by Sublime, talk about a walk down memory lane.

Good times, then and now.

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Those sound like fightin' words to me, I say, perhaps a round of fisticuffs will settle the matter.

Especially if they have to wear those big f**#ing wigs.

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It was 70 here, once.

Can't say I remember it, I bet it was magical.

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Sharoth wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:
The fall from Cool Hip Dad to "Old Man" is so sudden, you never even see it coming.
I know Old Man Yesterday.

Who let you on my lawn, Dangnabbit! Why do I even pay taxes!

Challenge him to a duel!!

Puts things in perspective every time.

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Ponderosa had the best all you can eat buffet when I was a kid.

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The Green Tea Gamer wrote:
Why can humans breed with everything but dwarves? JJ says their DNA is incompatible, but yet dhampirs exist, which means a corpse is more recipient of human DNA than a dwarf, which is basically just a short tough human. Okay, a vampire used to be human. Oreads exist. That's a human banging a walking rock. Are you telling me a piece of limestone is more capable of receiving seed than a dwarf? How much alcohol was involved to make this happen?

I won't lie this was a hard question, and actually in trying to come up with a joke i hit on the actual answer, one that even the mighty T-Rex himself could go along with.

Dark Sun actually did have a race of half dwarves (will look up the name in a second) just research them a bit, bust out the old race builder from the advanced race guide and knock it out, should be pretty easy.

By the way, i have a well established weakness for dwarves and halflings:-)

And the next Elf i play will be the first (i do actually have one for Hell's Rebels, Pomeroy Franchot a Medium)

In Ye Olden Times, one didn't wear clothing whilst discussing collegiate athletics.

Limeylongears wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:
Trick or treating in Madison went from 4-8 we got out by 5 and got heckled for being early, things picked up considerably after 5:30 and the people from the badger game got home and started really drinking :-)
What is 'the badger game' ?

The local collegiate football team.

Verily, we laid waste to Rutgers, alas the New York pansies barely put up a fight

Hey now!

These shenanigans will not stand!

Shenanigans I declare on thee!