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Celestial Armor had a rewording between CRB and Ultimate equipment that snuck through a lot of peoples windows

I brought it up in another thread

CRB PRD wrote:

Aura faint transmutation [good]; CL 5th
Slot armor; Price 22,400 gp; Weight 20 lbs.

This bright silver or gold +3 chainmail is so fine and light that it can be worn under normal clothing without betraying its presence. It has a maximum Dexterity bonus of +8, an armor check penalty of –2, and an arcane spell failure chance of 15%. It is considered light armor and allows the wearer to use fly on command (as the spell) once per day.


Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, fly, creator must be good; Cost 11,350 gp


PRD UE wrote:

Price 22,400 gp; Aura faint transmutation [good]; CL 5th; Weight 20 lbs.
This +3 chainmail is so fine and light that it can be worn under normal clothing without betraying its presence. It has a maximum Dexterity bonus of +8, an armor check penalty of –2, and an arcane spell failure chance of 15%. It is considered light armor and allows the wearer to use fly on command (as the spell) once per day.

Cost 11,350 gp
Craft Magic Arms and Armor, fly, creator must be good

so while I personally will still ascribe to Mike Brocks Ruling if you read the UE Version there appears to be some wiggle room ... would be nice to have a clarification on this in light of these revelations

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Tallow wrote:

Add a level of lorewarden to a character you'd rather rebuild anyways...

and this is an excellent reason why the fact that this is taking so long is a bad thing ... the abusive Ideas and loopholes not only start to flow ... but begin being discussed in public

and as soon as these things become public it puts a sour taste in the mouths of the people whom are making the decisions

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Gregory Rebelo wrote:
Not to take away from the jist of your argument, but some things mentioned here do not originate with the campaign or the coordinators. The early access into prestige classes for example was something that originated with the design team. In the spirit of displaying a better argument for folks out there like myself could you go through those issues and separate those originating with the design team and those originating with the organised play team? Also, if I may make a petty request: could you not make video game comparisons? I feel like the tabletop industry is a very different beast from the video game industry, and when you use examples mixing the two I take your argument less seriously. And I feel like there's a point you are making there that deserves to be understood.

you actually have highlighted the argument ... the majority of things I mentioned was in fact from the design team's hands with only the delays in AR and the lack of transparency on how and why things are being done the way they are falling at PFS Coordinators feet

and note I did not include the Tiefling / Aasimar thing because lets face it ... there was abuse ... and no matter how you shake that tree ... there was gonna be - when you take a product away from people the knee jerk reaction is to of course stockpile - RL instance of this is as soon as you threaten to take peoples guns away .... sporting goods stores have a run on them

and yes ... the table top industry is a VERY Different beast from the MMO Market that is true ... but the reason I used them as an example is that there are simply So many more instances of where MMO's have gone down this path to self ruination and Consumer alienation than I can come up with for table tops
Ask your friends how many of them trust Companies that have pulled this many times in the past and gauge the results

Sure I suppose I could have used 4th ed. as the example that drove its player base away but debating using a vehicle I truly care nothing about (D&D 4th ed. +) ends up not conveying the same feeling and I really could care less about 4th ed or even 5th ed for that matter

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Saw 80 New posts and thought we had gotten a ruling

a lot of what is being Glazed over is the track record of the design team over the last few years - and yes many of us are ignoring the fact of what they have done to add to this issue

ARG alternate racial favored class bonus Nerf
Jingasa and much of the Ultimate Equipment Errata
Early Access to prestige classes for Plane touched characters
Ultimate Magic Archetype Nerfs
Ultimate Combat Archtype Nerfs
Adventurers Guide Nerfs
Statments that their softcover lines dont get as much editing and review love as the hardbacks

the list goes on and on .. its not just 1 thing that has undermined the credibility of the Company ... its everything .... its watching the bridge get made from lego's in Still motion photography ...
most people are going to see 1 thing that affects them directly and go "Well %$^& that Im done" few of us are going to see all the issues that have caused we the Consumers to become disillusioned with the Company

Heck I would be welling to bet Dollars to Donuts thats how the company sees it as well

Yes this is a living campaign
Yes we expect changes
yes inevitably some of the softcover books we bought will be made worthless after the fact - hopefully Months and not years
No I do not believe there is a catchall answer because in the end we are only human
Yes I understand that the thing right now is to do blanket balance passes

but really Heavy handed change one after another after another is Not the way to Keep people playing your game
Look at the MMO Market ... games that undergo this usually pay the price on their bottom line ... granted we aren't talking SWG:NGE Level changes here ... but they are starting to add up

all in all I think what the community is asking for is transparency and Speed ...
and ya its only been a month since the fan got hit with the turd cannon
but we've been having repeat instances of 3+ Month delays on content being cleared vs/ not cleared .. which is another nail of mistrust being stuck into the wall

once you put everything onto the scale it starts weighing heavily in favor of the "Why should I bother" ... now yes MOST of that is on the pathfinder design team ....
but I bet that noone will argue that anything that the PFS Team can do to ease some of the growing tensions surrounding these issues would be Welcome

should the Community have a say in what rules changes become legal vs not legal .... I dont know ... Implementation of such a system would be difficult to do - even the most simple one like having a yes / no / don't care straw poll added to the PFS Forums based on each book would be simply too Cumbersome to implement

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check amazon ... when I thought mine had gotten lost I went ant looked there and they had a couple

but yes Delux Harrow Deck lists as unavailable on paizo

the normal one lists as out of print Pathfinder Chronicles: Harrow Deck

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Id like a ruling on retraning as it relates to Alternate classes going into the parent class (Ninja -> Unchained Rogue) for example

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the problem is that the nerfs and table variations are hurting PFS as a whole

of my group of 7 players I am now the only one that still even regards PFS as fun

DM Beckett put it perfectly with regards to his wife

we get invested in our characters and then have them nerfed out from under us

I realize that 6 players is a relatively small number of people compared to the grand scheme of things ... but look at all the contention on the forums as a whole ... this thread alone is 529 posts long ... others crack into the thousands

BNW also stated it well ... "if the day ends in a Y someone will argue about it"

there are people that I know that refuse to come onto the forums because its so toxic ... all of these things hurt the health of PFS as we know it ....
its got to stop somewhere

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Society field guide was a $20 Book - which most people have had for 3 years
Adventurers Guide is $40

I am personally against a $40 "Tax" to be able to Continue playing a character that is Legal at the time of this Posting and has been for 3 years... but Will not be legal in 1-3 Months Time and on top of that Removes the entire reason for (at least me) taking the Archtype (for me it was the Skill point bonus and not loosing the 2nd level bonus feat - I could care less about expertise)

this Marketing Strategy is getting Dangerously Close to an EA Style Cash Grab or Micro-transaction for my Liking

Notice Im not arguing the Clear Spindle ... it was a 100% Necessary Item to buy ... Im just a little annoyed that it took 7 years for the nerf hammer to come down ... that's a Relatively absurd amount of time to let something go before Nerfing it ...

Im not 100% but I think it may be the Longest period of time for an Item to be Nerfed ...
previous Recordholder was the Cayden Cailene Rapier IIRC ?

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Season 4

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I think its legit that people are asking ....its been over 2 months since the last update ....personally im waiting to see if i buy blood of beasts or not

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Azothath wrote:
ya know, if you have to resort to all caps or interesting symbols it might be time to take a step back from posting. It's just people's opinions and posting it doesn't make it correct.

sorry for the use of interesting Symbols ... those were aimed at myself since I lost an edit I had been working on for a while ... didnt know the site had an hour limit on edit

Deadbeat Doom wrote:

I see your reasoning here, but I would respectfully point out that if Fast Healing says it works like Natural Healing, and Natural Healing contains only information concerning Rest, then it isn't all that far a leap to assume that Fast Healing directly relates to Rest.

As a side note, as far as I know this is not a PFS Argument as this thread is located in Rules Questions, not in Pathfinder Society.

I do get what you are saying though. It would be nice if we could get a FAQ on what, exactly, constitutes Natural Healing.

Forgive me I and allow me to Reclarify

Mine and chess's involvement in this is Seeded in PFS is what I Should have said - it is a rules issue to be sure and due to the involvement of PFS requires a different type of diligence in debate since we should all be using the same Rules

and yes .. it should be that simple .. but the argument that would be used against it is "Thats 1 way of getting natural healing" but yes - I agree with you

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I realize your at GenCon but how would you handle this

a large building is the location of a Hallow and Forbidance Spells
a Graveknight walks in (Desecration Aura)

My initial thought is that the Hallow would suppress the desecration since they are in the same Realm of functionality but after readinfg Im doubting it (since its a constant effect)
or at least limit the effect to the graveknight himself

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Matthew Morris wrote:
TOZ wrote:
The jingasa is now either a use once and replace item or not even worth your time. May as well have been banned.
Yeah. Changing either 1/day crit negation OR luck bonus would have rebalanced it. As is... meh.

once ever with a luck bonus Id have been happy with

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first of all I do feel that this spell probably should be in the realm of a 5th level spell .. trading Area for the casting time ... but that's not my call

secondly.....k why are we having this argument at all

Players WILL break encounters - we know that
Players can and will break entire scenarios

Think back to the story of a Wizard trying to use Dominate person on a particularly high level caster from a season 4 scenario

yes we as GM's have a limited amount of response that we can use

yes .. we as human beings have a right to complain

but the farther I read into this thread the more it looks to be becoming adversarial (i.e. GM's vs Players) Unfortunately this is a growing trend that Ive seen on the forums .. particularly in these ban this or that threads (alter summon monster aside)

PFS is about everyone having fun ...
Loosing a character is RARELY Fun for a Player (I know of a couple of instances where this is not the case but those are fringe)so is allowing players to have a get out of jail free card so harmful ?

is this 1 spell Ruining the fun of GM's So bad that it requires this level of targeted response ?

if the answer to either of these is no then again ... why are we debating this
if the answer is yes to either of these then I think we as players / GM's need to ask ourselves why we feel this way ...

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TBH one thing to keep in mind ... this is a Magus/ Wizard / Sorcerer / Witch Spell only

there are only a handful of cases where I can see this being used for Raise dead or other high cost Spells (Limited Wish and wish are outside the scope of PFS)

one of those is the Mystic Theruge - and only then Really if they have grandfathered shennanagins because its a worthless class otherwise
Samsarrans (I think) could add it to a divine spell list
Pathfnder savant as well (IIRC)

its basically limited to
Symbol Spells
Animate dead
and a few others that slip my mind
Wish / limited wish are outside the scope of the campaign

and before you talk about Heart of the Metal,Pellet blast or anything with a Component cost of 100gp or under - there is a feat that allows you to ignore costs up to that that is legal

in reality I dont think this particularly breaks the game or WBL due to the amount of Fringe cases where it can be used for Super high cost Components

again Im not suprised to see it gone ... but Id like to request a reconsider as well

Maybe with this new document require the Blood to only come from the caster of the spell whos components are emulated ... or maybe if the Str falls to 0 the 2nd spell cant be cast / completed ... or as some have suggested - limit it to standard or 1 round casts only

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by Cayden's luck Im still looking for an adamantine mug

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TheFlyingPhoton wrote:

I was kind of hoping there might already be something that distinguishes between "is half-human" and "has the humanoid type" that my own searches failed to turn up. I was especially hoping there would be something said by campaign leadership, since the agreed upon stance in this disagreement has been, "argument from authority is the best argument."

Wraith235 wrote:

are you the GM or player

if your the GM then the burden of Proof is on them
if your the player then you get to Just Roll with a broken rule set or quit playing with that group

is this Rule actually affecting you as a character in a negative way ?

This has only come up when I am the player. No one in my area is trying to enlarge their melee Outsider.

It mostly only comes up in regards to Hold Person. I almost never see an enemy caster with Hold Person, but every time I do, it just happens to be when someone from the pro-#2 camp is GMing and there are people playing Outsiders (and the Outsiders end up getting targeted with it every single time). This is such a corner case, but the frequency of it is getting frustrating. It's seriously happened the last three or four times this one GM in particular has run over me.
Whenever it comes up, I and the other players that agree with everyone in this thread just let it go. It hasn't caused anything catastrophic.

Wraith235 wrote:
I would say leave

That is way too far for the given situation. The GMs in question are overall good GMs, they just have a few rules blind spots.

They don't GM all that often anyways.

Wraith235 wrote:
or contact a VO in your area
Yeeeeeeeeeeah, about that...

Bottom Line - unless they are an aasimar with Scion of humanity ... they are outsiders(Native) and target humanoid doesnt work on them

and no Faq is required for that ... just look at the entry in the beastiary

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I have a life Oracle that bought a swarmbane clasp just to loan out ... tired of dealing with swarms

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Ron Feldman wrote:
Wraith235 wrote:

A) is Retraining done in Bulk Rather than 1 Item at a time

B) does Ninja Consider to have Synergy with Rogue
C) do we treat this as a Class or an Archtype

A) That's up to you. You would only be limited by the amount of gold and prestige points you have available to pay for the retraining.

B) No. If you look just below the text you quoted, you will see the list of class synergies. Ninja is not listed there. Neither is Samurai.
C) Class. The Ninja is a class, not an archetype.

It seems, though, that you know this, but are rather looking for an exception to be made for the ninja (and perhaps the samurai). If that's the case, it would probably be better to state that explicitly in your initial post and the title of your thread.

no ... Im actually not looking for an exception but rather a ruling, I am well past my bout of retraining (added 2 levels of monk and 1 level of ranger to fix the issues)

but Look at
A) you cannot have both levels of Ninja and Rogue as per the Alternate class rulings
B) so then a 4th level Ninja CANNOT retrain into a 4th level Rogue due to PA Requirements (1PA/day = 7 days non synergy ... Max of 6PA / level)
C) I tend to agree tho there has been language in the past that make Alternate classes more akin to Archtypes than classes

Mike Stated that its possible to do it - Im just asking how

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so before I begin I want to make it clear that while this is NOT a request for any particular retraining .. but more about procedure and clarification on how to do it - I have also asked this question in the past but to no answer

Mike Brock Responded to a thread here

I don't want to be a ninja anymore why can't I rebuild my PFS Ninja for Free

again ... this is NOT questioning this decision and I would have responded there but it seems that the thread was locked before I got to it (at least it seems locked since I cannot respond)

Mike Brock wrote:

You can retrain rogue into unchained rogue or vice versa. You can not retrain ninja into unchained rogue unless you want to use the retraining rules already established.

cool thats the Ruling .. the last part tho makes me ask the question ------ how is this done

the retraining Rules State - Quoted from SRD due to ease of text copy / paste

Pathfinder SRD wrote:

One of the most critical choices you can make about your character is what class to choose when you gain a level.

In general, it takes 7 days to retrain one level in a class into one level in another class. Some classes are more suited for this kind of retraining, as they have a similar focus or purpose—this is called retraining synergy. If your old class has retraining synergy with your new class, retraining that class level takes only 5 days instead of 7 days. Determine class retraining synergies according to Table 3 –8: Retraining Synergies.

Most prestige classes have retraining synergy with base classes that share their common class features. For example, the arcane trickster prestige class requires and advances arcane spellcasting, so it has retraining synergy with all arcane spellcasting classes. It also requires and advances sneak attack, so it has retraining synergy with classes that grant sneak attack. The GM is the final arbiter of whether or not a prestige class has retraining synergy with a base class, but should err on the side of generosity—if you would rather spend time retraining levels over and over again instead of adventuring, that is your choice.

now when you get deeper into this you have to take a look at how Alternate Classes are worded

Pathfinder SRD wrote:

Alternate classes are standalone classes whose basic ideas are very close to established base classes, yet whose required alterations would be too expansive for an archetype. An alternate class operates exactly as a base class, save that a character who takes a level in an alternate class can never take a level in its associated class—a samurai cannot also be a cavalier, and vice versa.

as far as I can tell Class retraining is done 1 at a time not in bulk and also from Highest level to lowest so the question of procedure becomes important

so a Ninja 6 Wanting to retrain into Rogue would have to go by Steps (theoretically)

so the particular questions are

A) is Retraining done in Bulk Rather than 1 Item at a time
B) does Ninja Consider to have Synergy with Rogue
C) do we treat this as a Class or an Archtype

there are probably another few that I could tack onto this but they arent coming to mind

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the scroll in a spring loaded sheath is very much a YMMV as has been covered extensively elsewhere

I know of a table at paizocon that it came up at and the GM Ruled against it ... cost a PC the res / resto costs

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Tsriel wrote:
Kyshkumen wrote:
I see this complaint a lot still and I do not really see it as a valid one anymore. There is a very strong online community with 4 and 5 star gms and online conventions for both VTT and PbP, they even give out boons. The games are there you just need to look a little harder. Try reaching out to one of the Online VOs (yes there are specific VOs just for online play) who would love to show you how to get started.
That's a fair statement to make. However, not every online convention gets Paizo support. To further complicate matters, those conventions are still held to a standard that's expected for RL conventions in order to qualify being able to run special events. Speaking from experience, that's rather extraordinary for it to occur.

as a member of the online community allow me to state that what you have said ... that couldnt be farther from the truth

Joe Cabau(sp?) and now Jesse Davis, Along with Arthur Perkins and Brandon Cecil have done an AMAZING job with the online community -

there was only 1 convention online that did NOT have con support - and it was a cluster from the word go, Reporting was a mess, Organization was abysmal, it was simply NOT handled well- it was also NOT organized by the PFS online VO's and truthfully had very little to do with them (not for a lack of trying)

that said I personally have attended and GM'ed at 5 online conventions (IIRC)and in them I have played
Year of the Shadow Lodge
Bonekeep 1
Bonekeep 2
Bonekeep 3

and I have GM'd
Bonekeep 1
Bonekeep 2
Bonekeep 3
Blood Under Absalom
Race for the Runecarved Key
Siege of the Diamond City
Legacy of the Stonelords

and have recieved boons from each and every convention I have GM'd at .. and won some for playing - aside from the one mentioned above

Each Special had over 50 players signed up to play it and the total convention table count was 60+ IIRC

maybe you were a participant in the 1 con I mentioned above - and ATM I cant even remember what it was called - but if that was your only experience then I would urge you to come try again on one that the VO's put together as it is a uch different experience

edited for context and punctuation

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wanted to drop this here again in case the new seekers arent aware of it

lvl 12+ character list.

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Bob Jonquet wrote:
Wraith235 wrote:
only request I have is to make the update Red on the FAQ page with a Date so that its a little more clearly spelled out
Ummm, actually it is...

I was actually meaning the text of the ruling ... I didnt see red till I scrolled to the top and looked at the hyper links - my bad

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if a player needs to drop 20d4 .. or 20d6 or in the case of a sound Striker (10d20 and 1d8+x*10... + crits) I generally try to make an exception for electronic Dice rollers (tho I have other players witness it)

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just want to drop this here again since some of you new seekers may not know about it

Level 12 Character List

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Mike Bramnik wrote:
Wraith235 wrote:

I am doing a last Min read through right now for a table Im running in an hour and 1/2

I have found 4 of the tasks ... but cannot find the 5th

** spoiler omitted **

whats the 5th one Mentioned in the sidebar

The sidebars on pages 14 and 15 should answer that question.

** spoiler omitted **

Hope you see this in time!

yup spotted that as I was playing ... Massive brain fart ... shows what happens when prepping in a rush


as for the direction ... I find that the Hook is in the elderly NPC at the begining ... as long as you play that part smart hooking the PC's isnt TOO Difficult

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this news is mildly disturbing
I Joined the Sczarni because they were the only group appropriate to my talents and my ultimate desire to make the burned man pay for his ultimate betrayal

tho if Guaril has gone soft there may be additional problems he has yet to foresee

Haqim may be resourceful but I don't think he has the stomach for dirty work .. always expending society's resources searching for pretties for his daughter, only recently representing his moniker as a trade prince

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I just had my evaluation this past Thursday running Bonekeep level 1 in Logan UT.

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Invalidating tactics -

PC's know the Next Room is Occupied by a spellcaster - Decide to Wait APL +4* 10 Min for the casters 10min / level spells and under to dissipate

another Great example of Invalidated Tactics

a particular Season 2 Scenario where a Single Initiative Roll can Completely waste an NPC's 1st 2 Turns (True Strike / Hand of the apprentice only having a 30 ft Range)

I think that the definition of "Invalidation" might be in question here or maybe I'm just off

theres a Quote from Roadhouse

"Remeber .. Be Nice, until its time to Not be nice"
"How will we know when that is"
"I'll tell you"

Basically ... Run as written Until you you Cant anymore ... or
until Actions by the PC's Make using the tactics written feel like your dealing with Lemmings

Remember your NPC's are intelligent .. if the tactics say they "Charge the PC's" ... would they still Charge them across a Spiked pit spell .. or an Obsidian Flow ? (Regardless if they are physically able to or not)

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Id Rather do that for Samsaran

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Im making some assumptions here that you were the GM ... if you wernt please disregard anything referencing you as the GM

sorry what scenario was this ?

and TBH I dont think the Dont be a jerk rule was Skirted IMHO ... it was crossed

Beating an unconscious PC on a subsequent round when there are other targets available is by definition being a jerk ... not to mention you came to the boards specifically to complain about this build -

I admit I have very little faith in humanity - but this sounds premeditated to me - an Assassination as it would seem

I pray this was not a new to PFS player because chances are they wont be returning to the game

also in your statment "the Monster did not have spellcraft so would not know the details of such healing" the same Idea goes for channeling negative energy ....without Knowledge religion the Monster isnt going to know who did it ... and an argument could be made that he wouldnt even know how it was done without it

Furthermore I would love to hear this players take on the events

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I dont know what to tell you then other than by RAW it is Legal

and VC's above all should know that in PFS RAW is Law not RAI

the next step I suppose is to complain about the VC to Campaign leadership tho that's up to you

as for the Dragoon part it doesn't replace it it
your limited to only spears and get an extra buff to it (Archer archtype actually replaces it)

one other thing to keep in mind ... both Archetypes you've mentioned come from Ultimate Combat .. and that book did noone any favors when it came to editing .....more rule loopholes came from that book and Ultimate magic than any other

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the sad part is at the end of the Day until the powers that be come down and rule one way or another (I dont care which honestly) either side of this argument is RAI

one side Saying "if you dont have hair you cant use your hexes"
the other Saying "Feathers / scales / Spines etc. should Count"

RAI is the Bane of Organized Campaigns it Breeds Table Variation and this is no exception

I have listed several examples of the "Same Lines" that eventually went against popular belief ... there are more that have come down
1 that quickly comes off my head is Sohie flurrying in Light Armor

the end of it is no matter how we argue about how things SHOULD be done ... if there is no hard fast rule that it CANT be done when we enforce these Rules as PFS GM's we are breaking one of the Main Rules of PFS

Dont Be a Jerk - we are enforcing our Beliefs on how things should work - Not the Rules themselves

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Id Like to point out ...that nowhere in the requirements does it say the PC / NPC MUST have Hair is only implied

the Archtype has a requirement of Witch and replaces the Witch class features of

Hex Feature
Major Hex
and Grand Hex

since there is no Requirement of "Must Have Hair" the Statments being issued here are based on RAI not RAW

now before I continue I would like to point out that I agree it Should Not be legal

but since we in PFS follow RAW .. and there is no printed Requirement of "Must have hair" I do not believe we can say "this is not a legal Character"

I understand the arguments of "Uses his hair" and all signs point to the requirement being in place

but the bottom line is this is RAI not RAW

Edit: Further all of the witches hexes Use the Prehensile Hair so the requirement would HAVE to be on the Archtype itself

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any clue whats going on with the season 5 EX ... its around this time of year that its generally announced

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thanks to a VO for diging this up for me from the VO Forums

John Compton wrote:

" A group playing Bonekeep is entirely within its rights to want to play up or down. It's their likely loss if they decide to play up. "

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Prosperity gives you 2 extra levels you can hit on your Day Job

45 and 50 ... I dont remember what 45 gave you ... but getting a 50 on day job was 300gp

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ok list is Compiled .... in the process of Editing it

and here it is

Level 12 Character List

Feel Free to Edit / add etc to it ... just Try to keep it under the same Format for Neatness

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Will Johnson wrote:
The cost to scribe spells is the level of the spell squared x 10. The cost to copy a spell from an NPC is the level of the spell squared x 5.

NPC's Charge 1/2 the Ink Cost ... then you must pay the ink Cost in addition

Totals of
0 - 7.5
1 - 15
2 - 60
3 - 135
4 - 240
5 - 375
6 - 540
7 - 995
8 - 1145
9 - 1315

also if you have feats available .. I know I mentioned this before .. but look into Cypher Script .. its amazing especially if your entering into a PRC with Wizard where you dont get new spells automatically anymore

then just retrain it when you get the Blessed Book

edited for Formatting

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Secane wrote:
Andrew Christian wrote:

P1 = Primary Hand


Looking at this break down, it seems the culprits are 1) Double-barreled pistols and 2) weapon cords being ruled as not interfering with reloading.

So if 1) Double-barreled pistols are being banned, and/or 2) weapons cords ruled as interfering with reloading and only 1 per hand only, won't that help stop the problem?

Weapon cords by themselves feels like a very logical way for an adventurer to secure his weapon to him/herself.
In my hometown, policemen have an actual wire cord attaching their pistols to their belts to prevent losing or snatching of their pistols.
If is used in real life, why should it be banned in the game?

and again as has been stated ... there are 2 10k gp ways to recreate this

I dont think weapon cords are the issue ... its the double barreled pistols

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I have an adamantite Kukri I nicknamed Canopener

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No I dont .... this is a situation where Im just having an issue choosing a 2nd trait ... one that fits the character and for the books I own

Helaman wrote:
The great thing is, up until you turn level 2, you can change your character (just not purchased equipment) choices... including traits. Until then just take something generic with your trait like a +1 to a save.

know that as well ...

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Thod wrote:

Killing your own character is not a good idea !

There are now level 1 rebuilding rules. The player should have carried on with the character as it was and could have just rebuild it to a character he feels more happy with.

fixed it for you

I agree ... basically that scenario and any others the character has played are a loss for player credit... and the character he played should be reported as dead

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thank you :) request addition to

Compilation of message board clarifications for PFS Rulings.

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so I have a character that is only going to be able to play First steps Part 2 (which I played today)

Upon Looking at the chronicle I noticed that the GM did not record Prestige / Fame ...

I know the feelings of the Community on how this should be handled and know how I would handle it

I am looking for some official Binding Comment on how First steps is handled from Either Mike or Mark so that we can put it into the Forum Binding Topic

if you

A play them out of order,
B don't play all of them (part 3 Specifically)

I know getting them to respond is sometimes difficult but on this one, as often as this comes up, I believe its needed

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this is in response to the beastie with 5 attacks or the full attack sundering Cloud Giant - and therefore is Separate from the argument


so I have skipped ahead on this so I could add something .. I will remove if I come across it in the next few pages

CRB page 468 - Damaging Magical Weapons

Damaging Magic Weapons: An attacker cannot damage
a magic weapon that has an enhancement bonus unless his
weapon has at least as high an enhancement bonus as the
weapon struck

so unless Monsters remain capable of an equivalent Enchantment bonus to natural attacks based on HD (I recall this from a previous edition but don't have a source) ... your Monster with 5 attacks can break his claws trying to sunder my +1 Weapon and I'll laugh

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never underestimate the ability of your players to Warp common sense

you will be facepalmed every time

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this is a joke

they didn't want a million Quarterstaff magus's with this Feat and a Cajun accent and red hair running around womanizing all the female pathfinders

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I know people that still fight the sipping Jacket because "Minutes per level and hours per level can be translated into rounds per level with simple math"

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