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Compilation of message board clarifications for PFS Rulings

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

Grand Lodge ***** Pathfinder Society Campaign Coordinator

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*Many thanks to Jiggy for help compiling the below clarifications*

With the new rule in Guide 4.2 about messageboard clarifications being binding, and with some folks feeling burdened with the need for awareness (despite board-delving not being a requirement), here is a handy reference guide to message board clarifications.

If there are other clarifications you feel need to be added here, please PM me, or email me at for inclusion of those clarifications.


Scrolls with multiple spells on them (now in FAQ)

Upgrading items (now in FAQ)

Weapon blanches carry to the next scenario

Scenarios to be GM'd as written

GM credit babies don't need stats until they're played

It's okay to let creativity bypass a skill check, but don't arbitrarily change DCs

Use in-character challenges as presented, rather than adding OOC challenges

For first level retrains, you can sell back gear at full price

Weapon cords do not inhibit reloading

If a magic item creates something, you can keep it

You can first level retrain into a race boon

All tiefling/aasimar PCs are "half human"

Stuff about Power Attack and Rend

Snapleaf is a single-use item

No training new tricks

Animal companions know how to use their feats

Follow Paizo FAQ blog posts

Changing factions as part of a first level retrain does not cost PP

Casting evil spells (such as Infernal Healing) is NOT an alignment infraction unless used for evil purposes

Shirt rerolls are allowed on Day Jobs

Things like staves do carry charges to the next scenario

Ring of counterspells carries over

It's okay for a GM's Bestiary to be a PDF

Deathwatch only analyzes creatures you're aware of

If you need to repair gear, A Wizard Did It. Just pay for it.

Enchanted item does not count against your Masterwork Transformed item.

Can Wildblooded and Crossblooded be combined?

Is crossblooded legal for going into the Dragon Disciple prestige class?

How does "Master of Trade" prestige award actually work?

Special Material Alchemical Cartridges

Monk blog clarifications for PFS for FoB, Ki Pool, and refund on amulet of mighty fists

Ring of Spell Knowledge and Scrolls

An item called out to be used by a specific animal is usable by that animal regardless of slot

Can I sell a spellbook back for half price?

Eidolons do not add to day job rolls

Can an animal companion or familiar use a ioun stone

What deities are legal choices for PCs?

Can I use photocopied pages from books, printed copies of PDFs, etc... to satisfy having a source book that covers the rules used to create my character?

Grand Lodge ***** Pathfinder Society Campaign Coordinator


Grand Lodge ***** Pathfinder Society Campaign Coordinator


Grand Lodge ***** Pathfinder Society Campaign Coordinator


Paizo Employee Digital Products Assistant

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All of these items have now been added to the Pathfinder Society FAQ page.

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