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Freehold DM wrote:
I just want a castle where I can run up a white flag with a red star in the center and set off fireworks whenever I want.

Raise the white flag! Raise the white flag!

Bowser, King of the Koopas wrote:
Stop invading my castles dammit!

Look, Bow, we've talked about this before: you don't have plumbing and there are no beavers! No one is damming anything in the entire kingdom!

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"E.. A... T... M... O... R... E... K... I... B... B... L... E... T... H... U... L... H... U..." huh, okay, let's put them together, and make appropriate edits, "EAT... MORE... KIBBLETHULU...? ... a crummy commercial? Son of a priestess!"

plays sad hulk song as he walks away, heading out to face the world again... wiser

Vanykrye wrote:
I have actively pissed face right now. My company is now not only telling me what hotel I have to stay in, but that I have to pay for it up front out of pocket until they reimburse me. Same thing with the car rental. I'm utterly shocked I'm not having to pay for the flight as well.

“Well in my opinion, the IT are evil!!!”

I’unno, it just felt right to say. What they’re doing to you suuuuuuucks, though.

The Worst Person Ever wrote:
I don’t know what blarping is, but I judge harshly anyone who does it.

Well, I judge you for judging others!

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Maybe a little Prevenge?

A bit of jumpthegunstice?

(ง '̀͜ '́ )ง

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For shame.


Dishonor, even!

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Of course there's a naughty-Cal limit to everything, I'll tell you that right now!

(That's the limit to how naughty Cal will be about anything in particular.)

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The Vagrant Erudite wrote:
Phenomenal Cosmic Power Gamer wrote:

Hey! There are no rules about morale penalty due to tiny living spaces!

There’s even a movement!

Tell that to Robin Williams and Jafar

They stopped returning his calls.

Would you most prefer it if someone:
1) cut a tree down and chopped it up (leaving it to rot),
2) burned a tree, or
3) somehow turned a tree undead?


... “at”


I guess we’d be... “polliNOtors!”

... “polliNOtors!”

Do you get it?! IT’S A PU-

Limeylongears wrote:
KFC has unfortunate effects on my digestive system, as I'm sure everyone was dying to know.

I was! Thanks for the indefinite life-extension, sucker!!! NYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH~!

Good effort!

Just a Mort wrote:

People complain I'm too secretive and never tell anyone anything. But what can I say if you've disapproved of all my hobbies and told me that I should be more "normal" and like the others?

Is it wrong to stay out late to play D&D? Is it wrong to read fantasy books because I like them instead of all those self help books like 7 effective habits for teens? Is it wrong to not want to look at financial planning?

Mort, you are too secretive and never tell us anything! Why aren’t you normal like me or captain yesterday? Playing D&D is the devil! Fantasy is stuff and nonsense, whereas those teen books are totally accurate in every way... basically religiously correct! You should imitate Orthos and me with advanced financial planning!

It’s simple: just change LITERALLY EVERYTHING about who and what you are! No big deal!

please, please, please, please see exactly how much I mean none of the above, kthnx

Orthos, Post-Singularity wrote:
Scintillae wrote:
Orthos, Post-Singularity wrote:
.....×;/!%/×&'€$/:;. Im sure there's irony to be found in this.
Well, yeah. There's a difference between waving it around and going without.

This is why we need robot bodies SAP! So things like this stop happening!

Also all the other benefits!

... robot bodies made of SAP?! What will the trees think?!

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S'orry, Is' ra'ised i'n t'he 80's and 90s'. I can'of help it.

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DungeonmasterCal wrote:
People who try to convince me that I should listen to certain music just because they like it. I was actually FB trolled by a guy because I said I didn't like the rock music of the 90s. There were a tiny handful of bands and artists I liked then but it's very short list. This guy just wouldn't give up trying to make me like the grunge era and other such artists. I finally got rude with him and shut him up. Oy.

But-but-but-but, if you like Creed, you've got to like the obviously superior Alice in Chains band!

sorry, it just gets old after a bit

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*tears of the same, as I is a drow, and they are standard issue to us*

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The solution is clear: we need to burn all pants! PANTSLESS SOCIETY~!

Makes sense to me!

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Their-they're, Vid. There can't all be as good at Englitch as Ire.

Of course I'm naked, I'm a drow! What do you expect?!

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John Napier 698 wrote:
Cover Turtle wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
Oh I almost forgot I'm 32 now. (I think 32 it could be 5932 something like that.)

Happy belated b-day.

Sorry I'm not as much around.
Be feeling doomy and gloomy lately + some other difficulties...

Man-hugs the Turtle.

*Attempts a man-hug, but trips turning it into a painful half-tackle/pile of awkward dudes.*

"Uh... sorry."

*Gets back up and pats shoulder of now-flattened turtle.*

Please note:

The following is very, very wrong for multiple reasons. I am ashamed of it on multiple levels.

... I also apologize for nothing.

Tacticslion wrote:
GM_Beernorg wrote:

I think Bara themed t-shirts should be a thing.

Joining Team Put-a-Shirt-On!

So Bara is joining a wet t-shirt contest, then?

captain yesterday wrote:

Moments that make you proud of your children.

Tiny T-Rex and Crookshanks asked if they could go to the local coffee shop for iced tea and free wi-fi to download games onto their devices, so of course i say yes, and being in a good mood took out my wallet.

Me: I have four dollars if you want it

Tiny T-Rex: Thanks! This will make a great tip!

Clearly at some point we're going to have a talk about money, but not this time.

Do... do you have four dollars if I want it?

(This message has be brought to you by, "Just for Yucks!" Our motto, is, "Remember, don't actually give us money! It just encourages us!")

It's elves, right? You're suggesting elves? I mean, as a human, they're not my cup of tea, but I think I can spot an elf fan from some ways away.

More than could physically fit.

John Napier 698 wrote:
Vlaeros wrote:
John Napier 698 wrote:
Jess Door wrote:

"Using recursion in TSQL is like sumo wrestlers doing ballet. It is possible, but not pretty."

- Phil Factor

Mainly because (T)SQL is more like BASIC than C / C++.

Oh, SNAP!! I got no idea what was just said, but someone just got told!!

No one got told. I was just making a point. C and C++ rely on functions, which makes recursion ( the action of a function calling itself ) easy. The database programming languages like Structured Query Language (SQL) are more linear, like BASIC. SQL really doesn't have the run-time stack support to use recursion well.

Oh, SNAP~! I just got told~! :D

John Napier 698 wrote:
Jess Door wrote:

"Using recursion in TSQL is like sumo wrestlers doing ballet. It is possible, but not pretty."

- Phil Factor

Mainly because (T)SQL is more like BASIC than C / C++.

Oh, SNAP!! I got no idea what was just said, but someone just got told!!

Count me as one more soul to the call... wait. WRONG CALL!

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Cashie wrote:

"What if gold was magical?"


Wait, are you implying that IT ISN'T?!!

Wait, wait, wait, wait.



Has anyone told Abadar, yet?!

(He's going to be soooooooo unhappy...)

captain yesterday wrote:
What does bog standard mean.

You know... standard... for a bog.


Daw wrote:


Oh. Vlaeros, your ideas did bring back a funny memory.
I had a goodish character Deck of Deathed in one of Dave's game. She, and somehow by extension her much more goodly assistant gained a pride of deodanths as devoted fans. Their attempts to help out matched your ideas.

A comparison I accept with... pride.

(•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)


Daw wrote:


Unless the OP is hiding a seriously nefarious intent, and lying that the purpose is to work out a way for the construct to have a soul, NG aligned with a potential to earn an afterlife...

He also specified not terribly evil.

Your ideas fail on the evil part. Furthermore, none of these actually give the construct its OWN soul with a possibility of earning its own afterlife.

LOL, though, do you have an emoji for a face plant? Those are hilarious.



You're doing it for good purposes~!

(Just, like, open twelve new tabs, or something, and do a quick "CTRL+Page down" through them all for the effect)


Vlaeros seems a little... edged, today. Sorry.

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Guys. Guys.

"How do we give it a soul?"

Really?! Really?!

Guys. This isn't that hard, guys.

It's like you're not even trying.

You just give them a soul.


Oh, was just one method not enough for you?!

Well then, may I present, yet one more option!!11!!one!!11!!


High-fives all-round to my victory!
>_>^ ^<_<

Toast to my name!
( ^_^)o自自o(^_^ )

Rejoice at my awesome!

I owned it!


Go home everyone, I nailed it, it's done now.

<insert other cliches/memes here, at will>

I'm so, very sorry for everything.

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J4RH34D wrote:
I wonder how many shades of grey the boards can do?



I'm so sorry for everything.

Lord President Beans wrote:

I made it better!

Drow Fleshwarper wrote:



Not today...

Wait. Wait, wait.

What... what kind... what kind of "paddles" are we... talking about?

I'm, uh... I'm asking... for a friend.

Java Man wrote:
I would also be very interested in seeing the stat block for this CR4 wall...

As would I... for... a friend...

CraziFuzzy wrote:
Kobolds - when I can make it fit - and sometimes when I can't.

What are you talking about? They're kobolds. They're small. They can always fit.

(And you can always fit more, too.)

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How Much is a +11 Weapon Worth?

"More than a +10 Weapon!"

G'night everybody~!

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How weird that mine were, "pepsi the voice of a new generation" and, "What is Your Favorite Old Password"?

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Sharoth wrote:
I figured as much. It was meant more in jest. OTOH, if you did have a real one... ~pulls out the sap and readies it~ Then you might be in trouble. ~grins~




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I'm a helper!

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kevsurp wrote:
guys should some ship be limited to a max tier like fighters and such?

And once again, fighters get the shaft...

This post is a joke.

Well, they have all that digging equipment and are shifty as all get out, so I always assume they're, like, right underneath me at all times.

blahpers wrote:
It's not a well-designed (or at least well-described) ability, as conceptually it's unlikely that the dragon will be able to hit the floor under its foes with its breath weapon without hitting at least one of said foes as well. Nevertheless, Melt Stone is a separate ability that doesn't directly harm creatures--only stone. Flavor it however you like.

But... what if the floor is made of wood?!?!

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Even better

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Clearly, the Golden Mean applies here: he should be called "Bobbert" from hence forth!

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