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Shakespeare truly a man before his time writing thrash metal before the electric guitar heck before electricity was invented...

Yes if one puts ones fingers in ones ears and go LALALAALLAA one can ignore many a thing.

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hmm Is it bad that my ideal wedding would be a giant D&D Larp?



Look here now boi we don't take kindly to people that don't take kindly to Nerds around these parts. Ya hear Smorz heck-nard?

10 is a nicer number then 11. I'm all for 10.

It does say so in the name...

Solid rain? Sleet, hail, snow?!?!?!?

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That took me longer then is should have. :(

I was like: Are lobsters known for being particularly selfish?

Then I said it out loud...

So i'm wearing the dunce (/peasant) hat now.

I just wanna see some cool laser sword fights!

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Ahh a dragon!

Cap'n Yesterdays Winter Revenge wrote:

The groundhogs are lying little f$$%ers.

I will bathe the tundra with their blood.

If I had any free time, and the tundra wasn't buried under four feet of snow, and it seems like a lot of work.

OK that's funny right their I don't care who you are.

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I like potaters.

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Weird. Couple came in for room, they "don't do credit or debit cards" Well We have to have one so I sent them elsewhere. Who doesn't do debit cards? Some people are weird.

LOL. Welcome to "paranoid Westerner".

There's a remarkably-large group that's been around for decades (I had to deal with some of them in the early 1990's) who believe that if you use a credit card, your every move is being tracked, and therefore you should never use a card.

I'd be interested in whether they had cell phones...

Da man is out to git ya you gotta watch out for them and theirs.

gran rey de los mono wrote:
I know that live news reporting isn't the easiest gig, but sometimes I don't think they're even trying anymore. Earlier tonight I heard a reporter use this segue: "If you are seeing snow plows working around the clock, it's because of the snow fall. Here with more is...". Really? Snow plows are working because of snow fall? That's incredible!

That sounds right to me....

YEAH what if dat dere done happened?!?

That's cuz you ain't hip!

I don't done recognize those= Jimmy Buffet songs but I like em.

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TL:DR - I don't believe Goblins should have +2 Dex, +2 Cha, -2 Wis, +2 Free; I believe that Goblins should have +2 Dex, +2 Con, -2 Wis, +2 Free. It makes more sense with their biography and common background.


But I'm going to be building a Goblin Paladin riding a Warg while I can...

Where'd you get all that dere silver for that armor of yours?

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When I was a kid, there was no drooling emoji. You had to go to the girl's house and drool.
Third time I've seen that one. Not sure if all of them were from you but I suspect...
Read it again and it will be the fourth.

Can I go and skip the 4th time and go right to the fifth?

Whut the weird fella who wears make up and dat dun live in my lil room next to my bed room said.

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Vidmaster7 wrote:
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Cuddling a koala without getting chlamydia?
I think Cuddling a koala is challenging enough. I think people see them and think cute and forget the part where they will freakin kill you.
See, there you go confusing koalas with drop bears.
They are for sure the same thing.
Nope. Drop bears look like koalas, but are much more dangerous.

Oh ok... wouldn't those just be wild koalas?

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Fur a minut dar I done thought you waz talk'n bout somethin else.

That is sure weird then. it dun seem ta do anythin to me.

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Not everyone who is good at doing things is also good at murder. It's just the rules for creating adventurers are skewed toward murder.

I also like to create my worlds that way. I have lots of NPCs with some PC like abilities but not at all combat capable in general

But that is NOT Golarion and it is NOT Pathfinder. As written, those NPCs DO have PC classes, hundreds of hitpoints, lots of magic items, etc.

Just look at the NPC Codexes if you don't believe me.

I'm not at all sure that the best answer to the question is, essentially, house rule NPCs so that you're no longer playing Pathfinder.

Also, its easy to go too far the OTHER direction. If the PCs are the only ones capable of fighting that clan of giants outside of town then why the heck didn't that clan of giants take over the town LAST week (or year) when the PCs weren't around (or were too low level)?

If the environment has threats enough around to threaten high level PCs then there MUST be defences around sufficient to defend against those threats BEFORE the PCs get high level.

One reason why many campaigns involve lots of travel :-)

Because even a clan of giants can fall to 1st-level commoners in sufficient numbers. Alternately, the giants were lazy and hadn't run out of food yet or were too busy sacking the four previous towns who weren't fortunate enough to have heroes wandering through.

I'm obligated to take a little umbrage at the notion that a world in which most NPCs don't reach much in the way of levels and/or have lots of magic items is "NOT Pathfinder". It may not be Golarion, but Pathfinder campaign settings are many and varied, and cries of "badwrongfun" tend to be frowned upon here. Even in Golarion, plenty of published modules feature areas where nontrivial magic items and even mid-level NPCs simply aren't present.

Regarding classless NPCs: It's true that the default rules have at least a level of NPC class for


Its a hard life but someone has to farm that dirt 22 hours a day.

Vidmaster7 wrote:
Very_Simple_Commoner wrote:
I don't get it...
Used both name and what you said.

For what now?

I don't get it...

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I like your hat.

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I like bacon.

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well it sure wont masticated.

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Dats whut I usta do but den the doctor said dats why my teeth done went and mi.. migr.. migrated!

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Dats sound logic right dare can't argue with dat no sirree.

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I made it to third level once. my pig lasted quite a bit longer.

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Rysky wrote:

Day don ate my dirt farm. Da whole dang thing.

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I can't make em into bacon If'in I ever put em down Orcus will appear and skin me alive... He might even kill me.

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Can I take my pig in?

Sure take the Behir's side.

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A man goes out into a heavy rain with nothing to shield himself from it, yet his hair doesn't get wet. How?

** spoiler omitted **

He used that spray stuff they have that makes water just roll right off.
Isn't that stuff toxic and for cars?
I didn't say it was a great idea or that he lived now did I? (they have stuff for cloths now to that does it but I wouldn't put it on your skin or hair.)
Neat. I hadn't heard about the clothes stuff.
I wish I could remember the name but I saw a video on youtube for it.
Was it "Super Big Happy No-No Water Time Spray"?


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Da boss was gonna answer you'n but then he decided he should go un' git someone who could s'plain it on you level. whatever that means.

YA go un' fill a cloth sack full o oranges and then you go un' hit someone u don't like with it and it's suppose to bruise em less.

Well If'n I had to guess I'd would say it was my cousin Cletus who came first. Hes the one who went and sold me the chickens.

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I have chickens! That is a kind of super power if you think about it.

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A Mite Excessive wrote:
Commoner with the dead template.

Yay I'm better then something. I only have the chicken-bound and peasant hat flaws!

*Swats chicken*

I can relate.

If I take off my hat birds will peck at my exposed brains.