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Dude..... Thats what I needed!

Thank you SO MUCH

Hey all,

So im playing a Mystic past life Samsaran Life Oracle in a new Age of Worms Campaign.

I decided my MPL class will be SHAMAN.

I can not fond a list of spell that ARE on the Shamman list, but are NOT on the cleric?

Any help would be great.


Hey all,

So I will soon be playing in a Eberron setting Age of Worms adventure path.

As it is with a new group I thought it best to fall back on a character archetype I enjoy.

I typically play fairly noncombatant Textbook style characters.
I toss a bit of battlefield control in for somthing to do but mostly go with "Guy that knows stuff"

Sometimes this is a Divination school savant Arcanist, Sometimes it is a flavor of bar.
But my favorite by far is a Lore Oracle, either dual cursed or seer.
Both of these Archetypes give you on the fly things to either improve your own rolls (seer) or make others better (Dual cursed).

I have had a lot of success with a dual cursed Loracle 1/Witch X.

In light of that I thought perhaps I should look to the Shaman as it is a Oracle/Witch from the start.

The main thing that makes a lore oracle good is 2 revelations, one adds Cha to AC, the other gives a massive +20 to knowledge checks many times a day.

I cant see where Lore Shaman is actually good at knowing things?

I assume Im missing something?

Any help would be appreciated.

Hey all.

Is there any way to use the swashbucklers Opportune Parry and Riposte for others within my reach?

Thanks for the help.

Hey guys YEARS ago there was a post about what your character should be able to do by X level.

Anyone have a link?

Doc is still down, anyone have an archived copy?

So jokes aside, Is there an actual answer to this one?

I fall firmly in the "Animate it once, then its dead and gone" camp

Hey all.

So to charge a Blood Reservoir of Physical Prowess I take 4 con damage.

Can I do this at the end of a scenario and have the charges carry over?
Or do I have to hurt myself before the briefing each game and hope there is time to heal?

Hey all,

Just curios if any company you know of have done a 3.X+ in depth overview of the City of Brass?

Like Maps, a good breakdown?

Kinda like the old Waterdeep set.

Thanks all.

Honestly this question has been a thorn in the side of our group for a while now.

No pearls/pages really cuts into what an arcanist should be able to do IMO

Lol, perfect.

Thanks man

Hey all.

So my wife's XXX-5 character is currently a Fighter.

She was reading through the books and the Hell Knight PRC caught her eye.

But how do you do the "You must slay a devil with HD greater than your own. This victory must be witnessed by a Hell knight." Part?

I checked the additional resources and its a legal PRC so I assume there is a way for PFS.

Thank you

Hey all,

So I'm looking for spells like rope trick and magnificent mansion.

Are there any other? Any help would be appreciated thank you

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Douglas Muir 406 wrote:
Thefurmonger wrote:
Im reading it, tho im mostly upset for YOU. You spent countless hours writing a guide for a class they just killed.

Eh, about 3/4 of the Guide is still relevant. And over the three years (!) since I wrote and posted it, lots of people have used it to have fun. Three years is a pretty good run. No complaints.

I may or may not update it; TBD.

Doug M.

I hope that even if you dont fully update, that you put a blurb at the front explaining what happened. If only because it is PFS legal (or was)

Are you still writing guides? I really like your writing style.

Im reading it, tho im mostly upset for YOU. You spent countless hours writing a guide for a class they just killed.

So after buying the new book and giving the new version a read.....

Imp is just a Familiar now...

Minimum level 8 to enter now....

Needs a "Meh" feat to enter....

In your opinion, is it still even worth it?

I'm thinking no, unless there is some HUGE gem, I'm just not seeing.

Perfect!! Thank you!

Awesome guide

Hey guys,

maybe I missed it but I'm currently playing a Arcanist 5 and hes about to level to Diabolist 1.

So im building my Imp companion and am i missing something? Or does my imp not have any elemental resistances?

Does he have some based on being a devil?

Its not really spelled out.

Thanks all.

For the curious yes he does have 1 4th level spell a day Most days its Dimension door.

3rds are normally 2x Vampiric touch for some in combat healing and a fly.

Sadly due to 2 archetypes only one arcana (6th level) and that was enduring blade.
Not the most optimal choice ill admit, but its worked fairly well

Anyway here is the character, feel free to look it over.

Consumables are not tracked on this sheet.

Good call, we may go slow at this point o enjoy the last of it.

Thanks guys

Thank you BNW,

Now to decide where to finish out our last 2 games before EoT.

Hey all.

So my wife and I are in a strange situation.

Our level 11 (and 1/3) characters are Still Lantern Lodge...

The Last thing we did was both GM 4-21 before the cut-off for the free faction change.

That was in Aug of 13'

We had planned to do more but then life did what it does and we had to take some time off......

Ok so a LOT of time.

But we are back!!

Anyway, we both have the Honorific (LL) "Master" and "Honored brother/sister"

I assume we keep those?

Are there still faction vanities?

Any guidance would rock.

Thx guys.

I really appreciate the advice guys, yeah I do Mirror Image and Shield, I was just looking for other Statics I may not have thought of.

The Stone + wayfinder is awesome.

Hey all.

So this is a PFS question.

I am looking for things I may have forgotten to up my AC.

Character is a Magus (Kensai,Bladebound) 10/ Freehand Fighter 1

I use Mage armor and always fight defensively using full Crane Style tree.

Equipment is

Belt of Str/Dex +4
Headband of Int +4
Amulet NA +2
Ring prot +2

Armor is a no-go as I have to be unarmored.
Weapon enchants dont work as i cant add to my weapon

I do get Int to AC if that helps.


Potato disciple wrote:

I'm actually currently working on one. going to be out soon!



I was thinking VMC Barbarian (if allowed) would be a nice flavor. And it's pretty good for busting heads.

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Hey all,

So I was curious if there is a guide to the Goliath Druid out there?

Seems different enough from the standard to need a totally different build.

Thanks all.

To start with i have to agree with Ellioti.

If you find a GM that would let that fly good on you.

However you can do better with a Bounty Hunter Slayer at level 2.

They can give up SA to add a dirty trick to an attack.

Hey all.

Basic question, when im shapeshifted and my gear melds into my form does it still weigh the same? nothing? same but adjusted for size?

Thanks for the help.

Normally he plays the dashing hero style fighter. Sword/board.

This is a departure from the norm.

Now mind you the group is really more Narrative driven then optimised. (And yes, you CAN do both, I am sure there are highly optimised parties of all tier 1 classes, AM Barbarians, and other crazy shit that also are highly immersive roleplayers, telling an amazing story with each action. However, that is not us)

We generally have things like Vanilla Rangers, Straight Fighters, and even when people do go for say a full progression caster there is no need to pull out all the stops.

Anyway, the straight razor was just a visual cue to get the flavor of the character. Now mind you, there is nothing wrong with useing one.

The character can be thought of as the archetypical enforcer, kneebreaker, collector, you know, the dude named "Lefty" that nobody wants a visit from.

Hey all.

So in our upcoming group we are all doing morally grey characters.

A lot of us decided to do characters that grew up on the street having to steal for a living.

The campaign is about 75/25 RP/Combat

And currently we have

Kitsune Mesmerist (Vizier)

Human Sorcerer (Verdant) that will be making liberal use of the vine power to steal/disarm

Dwarf Kineticist (Aether)

Alchemist (Vivisectionist/Churgeon)

half orc Skald.

Anyway when talking about the character my friend would do (He normally plays BSF types) the following was said.

"I just picture the dude that stands in the corner cleaning his nails with a straight razor, he has a bowler on and has a name like "Snitty Two-Toes""

And with that he loved the concept. however needs a bit of help building it.

So are we looking Fighter, maybe Cad?


Rogue? Thug maybe?


Thanks in advance

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I have to say, this is the stupidest thing I think I have ever read.

A player that did this at a game I am running would be invited to leave.

So a swashbuckler?

Just tossing out that i would LOVE to see a Mesmerist guide.

Hey all,

Has anyone done a list of spells the mesmerist gets early?

Ryzoken wrote:
I kind of want to dip Mesmerist on a Rogue for that flanking trick...

Except its a standard to implant it. and can only have 1 going at a time.

I think my biggest gripe is that you have a lot of uses a day, but can have them planed in a max of 3 people at say 9th level and never get to have more then one in a person, even you.

I would be fine if as the total limit went up you could have multiple in yourself. I guess it just isnt as cool as it sounds.

Hey all,

So as the title suggests I am building a Mesmerist and I LOVE the class, but the tricks just seem SUPER limited. I can use them like 6 times a day, but only one at a time?

So I can implant one in me to stay alive, and thats it?
At 5th I can have 2 going at once but still only one per person?

This just seems SUPER limiting, am I missing something?

The Fourth Horseman wrote:
Sebastian Hirsch wrote:
They didn't mention it, and I suspect that any clarification/errata regarding this issue would have to change/clarify the dragon disciple... so you might have to wait for a CRB errata.
I agree with this, but I also agree with the disappointment.

Same, I was really hopeful

Anything on Bloodrager to DD? (Sorry cant view it till i get home)

This why my wife's sorcerer has Heighten spell.

Every game she asks who wants a heightened continual flame, only 50 gp.

I also do this fairly often with decent level characters. Pick up stuff I dont/cant use just to make others better.

Roasa Annarey Hellena de Noire wrote:
Thefurmonger wrote:
Blazej wrote:

I have known one player with significant position in society play that who called out that they had specifically made a high lethality melee character while intentionally minimizing his defenses against enchantments to give GM tools (his dominated character) to kill the party.

How does this NOT break the "Don't be an ass" rule we have in place?

I would be...... Lets go with "Upset" if my character died to this.

Well when does 'diligent efforts' finish? I once had to fight one of my party members as he rather stupidly got possessed by a Shadow Demon. We (me and the other cleric) cast 3 protections from evil and two hold persons. (astonishingly enough the idiot had luck enough to save against those...but not the mind jar)

In the meantime, he had nearly killed the ranger (whose axe beak fled with his stabilzed body), put one other player to negs twice and put two others down by half.

It took BOTH clerics to put down him along with the others we kept healing up, the other critters the shadow demon had AND keep the others healthy. Even after I put him to -14, I was ready to cast stabilize..

But then the critter that took him came out, and I got to make a knowledge (Planes) roll to know it was either leave him or me.. and if I died.. only the ranger was safely away.

So, I guess by your terms.. I was a jerk because I decided to save the rest of the party and not him. My cleric's take.. needs of the many.. verse the one. She decided to let him die..and would have killed him..

Of course he stupidly kicked open the door while the rest of us were cleaning up the last fight.. because he was 'bored'.

I'm not sure how you think thats at all the same thing?

Blazej wrote:

I have known one player with significant position in society play that who called out that they had specifically made a high lethality melee character while intentionally minimizing his defenses against enchantments to give GM tools (his dominated character) to kill the party.

How does this NOT break the "Don't be an ass" rule we have in place?

I would be...... Lets go with "Upset" if my character died to this.

TimD wrote:

There was a thread about paying for more content to try to raise the amount of money PFS generated for Paizo in order to possibly increase staff to handle increasing scenario output.

I had recommended having some sort of opt-in program similar to what RPGA did where players could have some sort of paid PFS membership that would provide some sort of non-mechanical benefit. Having some sort of way to vet actual book purchases would be worth the $ to me to be able to use photocopies rather than having to haul around crazy amounts of physical product. From what I understand this might actually help Paizo since physical, rather than .pdf, product is a main part of their financial strategy (see the many many posts by Vic about why there is no .pdf subscription plan) and continue to support PFS as their main tool for marketing at the same time.

I'm not sure what specific form it would take, but might be an alternative to "have VO's sign off" (especially as there are hundreds of VO's out there and it's doubtful a VO from CA would recognize the signature of a VO from GA).


I would pay for this.

Honestly this is 90% why I use d20pfsrd, the faq/errata thing.

it is just so nice to see all the info there.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Take the blackened mystery.

Perfect, thanks

Thanks a lot guys, all the advice is being read and discussed.

While my wife loves Pathfinder, she also does not want a super complex character.

Thus far she has done.... (all PFS)

Tattooed sorc, super high Init, buffer (11th)

Two handed fighter, greatsword... smash.... (3rd)

Ninja, vanish/stab (5th)

The flame oracle may be a great way to go, shame they dont get scorching tho.

As pointed out upthread yes there could have been reasons this happened, maybe the players ran out of the room as soon as warned, maybe X other thing happened. The game is dynamic.

I cant imagine running a game like..

GM: Tells the players the kobolds warn them.

Player: "ok as you know i had expeditious retreat up so i run out to meet them, my speed is 70 and i double"

GM: "you cant, the adventure says the fight is in here"

In our game, right before the waves started some players were going to go out and free the statue person. that would have changed the location.

The point is that "It depends" IS the answer.

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Robert Hetherington wrote:
The why is we don't know the details and are giving the gm the benefit of the doubt rather than jumping on them based on one side of a story.

^^^101% this

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