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Hey all,

So im playing a Mystic past life Samsaran Life Oracle in a new Age of Worms Campaign.

I decided my MPL class will be SHAMAN.

I can not fond a list of spell that ARE on the Shamman list, but are NOT on the cleric?

Any help would be great.

Cleric has 100% of all divine spells within their alignment to access. Since Shaman is a blend of Oracle and Witch, and Oracle shares the cleric list, that leaves you with only Witch arcane spells to draw from. And a Majority of those are shared wit the Cleric spell list as well.
You can go to d20pfsrd, find the witch list and go through and find any spell that does NOT list cleric on it.

Not quite. There are plenty of divine spells that are not on the cleric spell list, and a (very) small fraction of them are available to shamans but not witches. Entice fey and grove of respite come to mind.

This is a pain to search for, though. You might be able to grab d20pfsrd's spreadsheet and make something work if you're into macro magic.

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If you want to be the strongest buffer in the world and don't mind cheese you can get Holy Sword as a 4th level shaman spell and cast it on your allies to give them free +6 equivalent weapons.

fearcypher wrote:
If you want to be the strongest buffer in the world and don't mind cheese you can get Holy Sword as a 4th level shaman spell and cast it on your allies to give them free +6 equivalent weapons.

holy i think is +2 so (+5)+(+2) is +7. but then again

"The spell is automatically canceled 1 round after the weapon leaves your hand" + range touch - mean only your weapon can be used for more then one round.

A little Excel Magic :

0-Level Shaman Spells
Spell Name
Arcane Mark
Dancing Lights
Know Direction
Touch of Fatigue

1st-Level Shaman Spells
Burning Hands
Calm Animals
Charm Animal
Charm Person
Cheetah's Sprint
Chill Touch
Dancing Darkness
Darting Duplicate
Detect Animals or Plants
Discern Next of Kin
Endothermic Touch
Gentle Breeze
Heightened Awareness
Hex Vulnerability
Hex Ward
Hide from Animals
Hydraulic Push
Itching Curse
Linked Legacy
Monkey Fish
Nature's Paths
Pass without Trace
Produce Flame
Sense Spirit Magic
Spirit Call
Stone Shield
Summon Nature's Ally I
Thorn Javelin
Underbrush Decoy
Wave Shield

2nd-Level Shaman Spells
Spell Name
Alpha Instinct
Alter Self
Animal Messenger
Animal Purpose Training
Aquatic Cavalry
Burdened Thoughts
Burning Gaze
Commune with Birds
Dream Shield
Eagle Eye
False Life
Flame Blade
Focused Scrutiny
Fog Cloud
Fool's Gold
Garrulous Grin
Insect Scouts
Languid Venom
Merge with Familiar
Quick Change
Raven's Flight
Scale Spikes
Secret Speech
Shared Sacrifice
Shield Companion
Sickening Entanglement
Splinter Spell Resistance
Spore Burst
Summon Nature's Ally II
Summon Swarm
Tree Shape
Vine Strike
Warp Wood
Wild Instinct
Winter Grasp
Wood Shape

3rd-Level Shaman Spells
Spell Name
Akashic Communion
Anchored Step
Assume Appearance
Call Lightning
Clear Grove
Deep Slumber
Dominate Animal
Earth Tremor
Fey Form I
Fins to Feet
Font of Spirit Magic
Hex Glyph
Hollow Blades
Jealous Rage
Mindlocked Messenger
Motes of Dusk And Dawn
Nauseating Trail
Pierce Disguise
Pocketful of Vipers
Polymorph Familiar
Quell Energy
Scale Spikes, Greater
Signs of the Land
Sleet Storm
Soothing Mud
Stench of Prey
Stinking Cloud
Stricken Heart
Summon Nature's Ally III
Thorny Entanglement

4th-Level Shaman Spells
Spell Name
Aerial Tracks
Animal Ambassador
Assume Appearance, Greater
Ball Lightning
Bloody Arrows
Claim Identity
Command Plants
Contingent Venom
Curse of Burning Sleep
Detect Scrying
Earth Glide
False Life, Greater
Familiar Melding
Forest's Sense
Guardian Monument, Lesser
Ice Storm
Innocuous Shape
Life Blast
Masochistic Shadow
Phantasmal Reminder
Rain of Frogs
Slowing Mud
Solid Fog
Spike Stones
Summon Nature's Ally IV
They Know
Thorn Body
Vicarious View
Vigilant Rest
Wandering Star Motes
Watchful Animal

5th-Level Shaman Spells
Spell Name
Animal Growth
Baleful Polymorph
Banishing Blade
Bind Sage
Callback, Greater
Call Lightning Storm
Cave Fangs
Charm Person, Mass
Commune with Nature
Companion Transposition
Control Winds
Dominate Person
Empathy Conduit
Entice Fey, Lesser
Feast on Fear
Fey Form II
Grove of Respite
Hex Glyph, Greater
Hunter's Blessing
Imbue Hex
Mask From Divination
Overland Flight
Release The Hounds
Summon Nature's Ally V
Swallow Poison
Tidal Surge
Vengeful Stinger
Wall of Fire
Wall of Thorns

6th-Level Shaman Spells
Spell Name
Baleful Shadow Transmutation
Claim Identity, Greater
Cone of Cold
Fey Form III
Fire Seeds
Flesh to Stone
Green Caress
Reincarnate Spy
Shadow Transmutation
Stone to Flesh
Summon Nature's Ally VI

7th-Level Shaman Spells
Spell Name
Animate Plants
Cloak of Dreams
Creeping Doom
Entice Fey
Fairy Ring Retreat
Ice Body
Legendary Proportions
Stone Tell
Summon Nature's Ally VII
Transport via Plants
Verminous Transformation

8th-Level Shaman Spells
Spell Name
Animal Shapes
Blood Mist
Fey Form IV
Horrid Wilting
Irresistible Dance
Magic Army
Summon Nature's Ally VIII

9th-Level Shaman Spells
Spell Name
Curse of Fell Seasons
Elemental Swarm
Entice Fey, Greater
Shadow Transmutation, Greater
Summon Nature's Ally IX
Wail of the Banshee

Nicely done!

Dude..... Thats what I needed!

Thank you SO MUCH

You're welcome.

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