Building a Mesmerist, but tricks seem..... lame?


Hey all,

So as the title suggests I am building a Mesmerist and I LOVE the class, but the tricks just seem SUPER limited. I can use them like 6 times a day, but only one at a time?

So I can implant one in me to stay alive, and thats it?
At 5th I can have 2 going at once but still only one per person?

This just seems SUPER limiting, am I missing something?

Yeah, the main feature of Tricks is that they're emergency support buttons. They are designed to not be placed not only on yourself, but also your allies. The main feature of the class is not the tricks, it's the Hypnotic Gaze + spell-list centered on Will saves, but tricks are a bone to throw to the Mesmerist so they can still contribute something in combat while they're fishing for a save-or-suck.

That's also why they're a free action to activate so that they don't mess with your main combat pattern.

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Spectral Smoke? You call that an ink defense?

One of my local Venture Officers just finished Eyes of the Ten with a playtest Mesmerist. He'll tell you that the tricks are, in fact, quite potent.

I think my biggest gripe is that you have a lot of uses a day, but can have them planed in a max of 3 people at say 9th level and never get to have more then one in a person, even you.

I would be fine if as the total limit went up you could have multiple in yourself. I guess it just isnt as cool as it sounds.

I kind of want to dip Mesmerist on a Rogue for that flanking trick...

Ryzoken wrote:
I kind of want to dip Mesmerist on a Rogue for that flanking trick...

Except its a standard to implant it. and can only have 1 going at a time.

I want to go into Mes with a Rogue just for the improved Feint :D

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