Ifrit blaster. having some issues. [PFS]


Hey all.

So my wife is looking to make a new PFS character and wants to try a blaster. With a Ifrit boon it just seemed to fit.

We were looking at a flame oracle or the normal sorcerer. She FAR prefers spont casting to prepared.

I was looking around for a good guide that goes in depth on blasting but as blasting largely sucks, there doesnt seem to be one.

Any help would be awesome.

I heard something about a blockbuster wizard. maybe you can extrapolate? and sorcerer may fit better butbthat depends on party composition.

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The blockbuster wizard guide is good. http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2pwg7?Brewers-Guide-to-the-Blockbuster-Wizard

The links appears broken though unfortunately.

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Yeah sadly the guide seems to be gone, and uses the wizard route (Admixture IIRC)

As the iconic blaster is a sor, i would have thought there would be something out there.

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Oracles just seem more awesome to me than sorcerers. I've messed around with building both of them, and oracles just seem better. But I also happen to like the divine spell list more. You can be a blackened flame oracle (slight overlap in spells, but thematically works and is still fun--and you're not useless at lvl 1 like a lot of oracle builds have you believe).

Take this for what it's worth. I've never actually played either one. Also, you'll kinda be wasting the ifrit racial if you play an oracle instead of a sorcerer.

Building a blaster sorcerer is pretty easy. Just max out your charisma and some dex if you plan to use range touch attacks. Try to get your caster level as high as possible. Do you have more specific questions?

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Prioritize spells that have add on effects, like ear piercing scream, or few immunities, like magic missile.

Not a blaster, quite, but a heavens mystery Oracle with awesome display and the ifrit alternate racial trait hypnotic gets +1 DC to their color spray (and other illusion pattern spells), subtracts their charisma mod from the creatures HD for determining effect, and once per day can force their target to reroll it's save.

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As an ifrit, taking the Fire-Starter alternate racial trait may be worthwhile for the synergy with the Burning Magic revelation as a Flame oracle. Sorcerer makes a better blaster in general (better spell list) than an oracle, but a single level dip can be useful (along with Extra Revelation for Cinder Dance).

For raw damage, being an oracle and dipping one level into crossblooded draconic (red)/orc sorceror gives a massive +2 per die bonus to all your fire spells.

However, for flexibility you might instead consider being an elemental (fire) or efreeti bloodline sorceror, and selecting spells of other energy types (ball lightning, acid arrow, cone of cold, etc.) This will allow you to either use these spells as is or shift their energy type to fire, allowing you to bypass many monsters’ energy resistances. As an added bonus, as an ifrit your charisma will count as two higher for spellcasting if you choose these bloodlines.

For battlefield control, picking up the Dazing metamagic is hard to beat. Use every trick you can think of to boost the DC--high charisma, spell focus, and so on.

Cross-blooded draconic and fire elemental will let you turn other energy types into fire and add +1 per die roll.

the +1 damage may not look like much but it's +28.5% damage on d6 rolls.

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Blasting in pathfinder, you seriously only need one thing...grab the dazing spell metamagic rod(for spontaneous caster the metamagic feat is sadly not an option, it takes too long to use.), as soon as you can and just throw dazing blasts at your enemies, that's pretty much it. It's simple and it works.

The Ifrit does work best with the sorceror Elemental (fire) bloodline. This adds 2 to the CL or 2 to your charisma score for spell casting.

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Eltacolibre wrote:
Blasting in pathfinder, you seriously only need one thing...grab the dazing spell metamagic rod(for spontaneous caster the metamagic feat is sadly not an option, it takes too long to use.), as soon as you can and just throw dazing blasts at your enemies, that's pretty much it. It's simple and it works.

For three rounds...

the metamagic rod is usable three times a day, and expensive enough that you aren't going to have a whole lot of them.

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Eltacolibre wrote:
...for spontaneous caster the metamagic feat is sadly not an option, it takes too long to use...

Hmm, I have to disagree. Using a metamagic feat will increase a spell’s casting time from a standard action to a full round action, which means no move action, but with a good range on spells and a good concentration check bonus for casting defensively, full casters should be able to get by on 5-foot steps much of the time.

the rod increases time for spont casters anyway

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For PFS sorcerers, dazing feat is not really a great option anyway, since adding 3 levels to a spell is usually going to put it out of reach.

Some ideas of feats/traits/bloodlines to take (note I dont play PFS some may not be legal or useful)


Spell Focus- +1 to the DC of savings throws against spells of a school of your choice (evocation). /Greater for another +1

Spell Penetration- Treated as +2 caster level against spell resistance. /greater for another +2

Spontaneous Metafocus- Chose a spell, you can cast it with metamagics without increasing casting time.

Spell Specialization- Chose a spell, your caster level is considered 2 higher for casting that spell.

Mage's tattoo- +1 caster level for spell of a chosen school.

Spell perfection- (This is a higher level feat) Lets you add metamagics to a specific spell without increasing spell level nor casting time. Also bonuses to spell penetration and spell focus.

Magical Lineage- Chose a spell, when adding a metamagic feat lower its caster level by 1 after. (say fireball level 3 + 3 from dazing -1 from this = 5)

Metamagic Master- same as Magical lineage, should stack.


Orc- +1 damage per die is pretty huge and not regulated to a specific damage type. Also gives you darkvision 60ft in exchange for light sensitivity. Everything else about this bloodline is pretty meh to a blaster.

Arcane- +1 to DC on your spells when you use metamagic feats.
- Arcane bond can get you a bonded item (look up pfs rules for that) or a familiar.
- Metamagic Adept is spotanious metafocus for all your spells a limited # of times per day.
- Then you get a free spell known

Draconic- Pick and element, you get the orc bonus for that element only.
- dragon resistance increases your resistance to your element and grants armor

Elemental- You can change other energies to the type you chose (I'd chose non fire to make fireball/scorching ray more versatile)
- you gain resistance to that element (another reason not to chose fire)
-You can explode yourself into an elemental ball once per day.

Lore Seeker- You gain disable devise and bonuses to spotting traps.
- Then a huge boost to spells gained from your bloodline (+4 concentration, +4 to overcome spell resistance, +4 related skill checks)

Tattooed sorcerer- You get to be way cool. Er you gain a familiar that gets absorbed into your skin
-Bonus Mage's Tattoo feat (makes your spells +1 caster level)

You have lots of good options.

I would avoid the Fire Affinity and the Elemental bloodline altogether though, even if you never use whatever you swap Fire Affinity for.

Magus has an archetype that makes it a spontaneous charisma caster called Eldritch Scion. That can make for a really nasty sword-fighter/blaster.

Bard has an archetype called Flame Dancer that gets Fireball at 8th, but you are a bard so you have something else to do until your blasting gets good.

Sorcerer has two good archetypes for this, but you generally want to be a Tattooed Sorcerer if this is your main class and a Crossblooded Sorcerer if you are just dipping for the bloodline arcana. I would suggest the Marid bloodline for a Tattooed Sorcerer so that you can have fun with the metamagic feat Rime Spell. I would suggest Draconic(red, gold, or brass)/Orc for a dip, because damage.

Oracle has a lot going for it as well between the blackened curse and the flame mystery. You will want at least one or the other if not both. You can do some fun things with other mysteries like life or nature so check out all of this class including the various archetypes.

The traits Magical Lineage and Wayang Spellhunter are very, very good for blasters. Most builds put them on fireball, what they do is make metamagic cheaper and I have seen them on a good number of spells.

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@OP: I'll write up a short guide and post when the rough draft is done. Though looks like this thread has already covered the gist.

Thanks a lot guys, all the advice is being read and discussed.

While my wife loves Pathfinder, she also does not want a super complex character.

Thus far she has done.... (all PFS)

Tattooed sorc, super high Init, buffer (11th)

Two handed fighter, greatsword... smash.... (3rd)

Ninja, vanish/stab (5th)

The flame oracle may be a great way to go, shame they dont get scorching tho.

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Take the blackened mystery.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Take the blackened mystery.

Perfect, thanks

I'd still go for a Wizard. If she wants the simplicity of a spontaneous caster, just explain to her that, as a super-duper blaster blockbuster sort of Wizard, 90% of her spell slots after she gets to cast 3rd level spells will be some form of Fireball anyways.

Wizard is a waste of Ifrit stat bonus though. That's all I have against going wizard.

Elemental focus in addition to spell focus

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I sent the link directly to the OP. But also posted it in the Guide to Guides here:

http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2m612&page=21?Guide-to-the-Class-Guides#103 3

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