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Very glad to see the announcement about official Pathfinder products for Fantasy Grounds.

Paizo Readers,
IMHO, the cost of the products is well worth I just in prep time and speed of playHighly recommend this product. I ran the first Kingmaker for a couple of players a few years ago on FGII. I only had the physical book l, the free PFRD for FGII and what images I could scan or find online. Lots of prep work and we used HeroLab to level up. There is a learning curve (I'm looking at you port forwarding), with some of the features certainly.

Now though, The drag and drop for XP and leveling, pre-built encounters on the maps and everything linked will make the game a breeze to game master. Trust me this is well worth it.

Full disclosure I've owned the Ultimate editon for several years (since like late 2010 early 2011) playing mostly Castles & Crusades. I have the Deadlands, Mutants & Masterminds, and the 5e rules set. Got announcement email from FG and came over here to see what the comments section had to say. Note I haven't played any VTT or TT RPG in a while. When I last ran C&C, it did not have all the 5e features, but still was great fun. Running 5e was way, way easier! The features they added in with 5e liscene are a huge boon to old and new VTT players. Watched the videos that Doug uploaded for The Officiial Pathfinder lisecener and just seeing the demo video having all the new features this purchase is a no brainer. What are you waiting for - get it now!! On a budget? Start planning go for it - the monthly ultimate subscription ($9.99) and the core rules ($49.99) and the stolen lands for kingmaker ($19.99) are a great start for $90.00 (cheaper if you picked up the PDFs!!!) Then go get your Pathfinder game on with your gamer friends across the globe.

Sales pitch aside FGII is a solid VTT and I hope you give it a chance and try it out.

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If you could post the link to the discussion where Paizo said that they were not planning on releasing older AP Pawn sets that would be greatly appreciated.

@Juda de Kerioth

I've been hoping that they'll make Pawn sets for the OOP adventure Paths as well. Kingmaker has been one I'd like to see personally.

Paizo Pawn Development Team:

Thanks for making these a huge help when I game face to face and the price point is great. I have most of the Big Box sets (save the Inner Sea). One suggestion, if you are not planning on going retroactively back to make Pawns for old APs

For your consideration...Would you make a Big Box for all the Old APs? Kind of Classic Adventure Path Pawn Set? An individual set for an one AP might that is OOP might not sell well, but a group of 4 (or so) collected might be just the right thing.

Vic Wertz wrote:
I haven't seen one myself, so I don't know for sure. I *think* they'll be out at Gen Con.

Reference the Adventure Cases in the original announcement back in April 24th, 2014.

Adventure Case: A sturdy storage case capable of holding over 1,200 sleeved cards, including an entire PACG Base Set plus all expansion decks for that set plus dividers (MSRP tbd)

Any additional information on this or expected date of appearance?

I'm mostly a VTT gamer (Fantasy Grounds 2), so a it is easy to set the grid on a PDF map, making these maps fit the larger scale your going for.

On the table though not so much. The Island Map pack or the Island Flip map with the Island on one side and the beach on the other, would probably be more useful.

Like Mosaic said, you can just cut the tiles. The vehicle map pack was intended to be cut, so that is an option as well.

Hooktooth wrote:
I have bestiary boxes 1, 2 and 3 and I needed place to put them so i bought two three inch binders and filled them with trading card holders I then put the pawns in the holders and put a small pice of tape at the top so the pawns would not fall out while I was flipping through the binder.

I do pretty much the same thing. For the big boxes (Bestiaries and NPC Codex), I use a 4 or 5 Inch Binder and Trading Card Holders (9 slots or so from Ultra Pro, typically buy a pack of 100) for the Small and Medium Pawns. I keep one pawn in each slot, where there are duplicates or multiples, I'll put them in a card sleeves (I use the 99 cent pack of 100) then slide them into a Card slot. This keeps them tight and prevents them from falling out. I'll photo copy the box cover, back and side, and slide those into the binder cover for ease of reference.

For the Adventure Path Pawns 2 inch binder is sufficient using the same Card Holders. I simply cut up the cover of the set (Back, Side/Binder, and Front) instead of photo copying.

For the Large pawns, I fit one large pawn in the 9 Sleeve Ultra Pro, I don't double up those pawns.

For the Huge pawns, I went ahead and got the photo sleeves with 4 pockets and put one huge pawn per slot.

What I like about the binder and trading card holders is that I can keep them all in numerical order (all the pawns have numbers on them). It's a quick flip through the binder to see what I need for an adventure, and easy to know when I'm missing something.

Recommend that you check out the Warhammer 40K Google+ Community. They sometimes have people looking for groups. You could post there. Additionally, you might find someone interested in playing using Fantasy Grounds 2 the VTT or Roll20, might want to post there as well.

Here are a few for your consideration...

1. AD&D Battlesystem
2. Fields of Battle (Troll Lord Games) for Castles & Crusades,
3. Domains of War for Adventurer Conquerer King
4. Hordes of The Things (HOTT) is a easy entry miniature system.
5. Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game or the War of the Ring miniature game system from Games Worshop
6. Testament: Roleplaying in the Biblical era has a good quick mass battle system
7. War from Alderac Entertainment Group (AED)
8. Warpath
9. Cry Havoc by Monte Cook
10. Field of Glory
11. Ultimate War from Legendary Games
12. GURPS Mass Combat rules
13. Book of Battle for Pendragon
14. Bushido by FGU has mass combat system
15. Rules Cyclopedia for D&D basic also has a mass combat system
16. Warhammer or Warmaster by Games Workshop

hope this helps!

Haven't played it but picked up a bunch of the game books in PDF when it came out in the bundle of holding a few months back. Interesting background on the world, and seemed more rp focused.

More for me at least a novelty to mine for ideas, like the vance books themselves

Goz wrote:
2.) How do other GMs deal with the "fog of war"? (I was thinking of maybe black construction paper covering undiscovered rooms)

A block of post-it notes will work pretty good and allow you to reveal and then put back on as they players go.

Emerald Spire just shipped so headed my way. Hoody Hoo!

Just a bump from upthread:

TheMetal1 wrote:
Anyone know if will there be official Pathfinder Pawns set for Emerald Spire?
Tradyk wrote:
Or a Paper Minis set?

Still curious on this, anyone else? Perhaps Pathfinder Battles set? Thoughts?

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Anyone know if will there be official Pathfinder Pawns set for Emerald Spire?

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Dustin Ashe wrote:
I'm somewhat excited for this book. But I am overjoyed at the prospect of getting Monster Codex pawns. Please say those are in the works.

Haven't seen any reply to this yet, but I'm with Dustin on this. A Typical Big Box of Pawns is around 300 of the them. That breaks down to about 15 Pawns for each of the 20 Monsters.

If Paizo makes this a Pawn Box set, then we'll get the sheets of Gobos, giants, ogres, orcs and so many more (well at least 16 more until they release Monster Codex 2!) that that I see the fans clamoring for in Pawn threads.

So...will we see a Monster Codex Pawn set?!!!!

Perhaps what Vic means is Paizo will do something like Steve Jackson Games does with there Munchkin promo cards. Typically at the start of the new calendar year they offer the years promo Munchkin packs until stock runs out.

So maybe at years end we'll see the 2014 PACG Promo Pack?

Just saw this today. Very happy to see Ultra-Pro doing more for the PACG.

I think the Adventure Mat will be area will be great. The Adventure case will be a huge help, as I sleeve all the cards for my games - both board games and card games (CCG/LCG). Because I do that the base set and add on character set barely fit. There is just no way to fit all the cards in the slots provided in the box.

I typically switch between Fantasy Flight Games' Sleeves and Ultra-Pro for standard Card Games. FFG I'll order direct, but Ultra-Pro I can get a my FLGS. I started with clear FFG Sleeves for the Pathfinder game, so likely I won't switch to their Deck Protectors.

Though to keep my Adventure Paths separate, I might try it with the Skull & Shackles set. As mentioned up thread by Hawkmoon269, "...having a few different images wouldn't give you any knowledge of the cards, as long as you didn't try to sleeve all the cards of a type with a particular image." Clear Sleeves for Rise of the Rune Lords, and the PACG Deck Protectors for Skull & Shackles. Just makes it easier to mix in/out down the line and with all the cards sleeved the same for a set. I'll keep the Character/Location Cards clear though.

Definitely will pick up the Ultra-Pro Character Mat sets. I think some of the characters will be the same from Rise of the Rune Lords, so it will be interesting to see if they use new art on the mats for Skull & Shackles. On a positive note, having the repeat of characters gives you an opportunity to try two of the same type - like two Fighters.

Anyway, 'nuff said. Thanks Paizo & Ultra-Pro for doing this.

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+1 to what MendedWall12 does.

I went the 3-Ring Binder route. IMHO, the 5" Binder works best, 3" and 4" will work though for the Box Sets. The Adventure path you can use smaller sizes (1" to 2"). I use Ultra Pro 9-sleeve Sheets for my Medium and Smalls. I also use the 100 card sleeves for a dollar for multiples an insert those into the sleeve sheets so I can conserve space and makes it harder for them to fall out. I use a Ultra Pro 6 Sleeve for Large and then the 4 Sleeve for Huge. I give each pawn (other then Medium/Smalls) their own slot in the sheets.

As each of the cards is numbered, I just put them in order. The Binders I use have clear inserts on the front, binding and back so I photo copy box cover, side and back. The back has the list of the pawns in order/numbered so it makes for a quick reference. For the Adventure paths, I just cut the cardboard stuff up. For the bases, I just leave them in the bestiary boxes.

It does take some prep to get set-up and with a 5" Binder you're adding another $15 to $20, plus a set of 100 Ultra-Pro 9 Sleeves will run another $20 (probably get you through a couple of bestiary boxes) same with the 6-sleeve and 4 sleeve, though you probably could find it cheaper.

Is it worth the cost and time - IMHO, Yes.

It makes it very easy to search through for a monster or NPC at a Glance, or read the back find the specific monster/npc number and go right to it. Ideally, if I do some prep I can throw all the planned monsters pawns in a box and be ready to go.

Sure I'd like to see it too, but I don't think a Colossal sized pawn could fit in the packaging that Paizo is using now for the Adventure Paths or for the Box Sets.

Think about the Colossal sized Red Dragon miniature that Wizards of the Coast put out, but I think that is just too big for a single cardboard sheet that Paizo is using now.

Perhaps a Gargantuan 10 Pack, with a single figure on each sheet and one or two Gargantuan bases would be a better gradual the next step.

Even then, I'd like to see Paizo do something similar to what Steve Jackson Games did with Ogre Designer Edition. In ODE the made the Ogre a 3D Pawn and included Flat Ogres as well. Having a Gargantuan Dragon or Cthulhu pawn that that fits in the bases like all the rest of the line and then having a 3-D Type Pawn would be cool.

While there is art already existing for a Gargantuan and even Colossal Pawn, a 3-D version is the challenge both in design and cost.

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Pathfinder Pawns: Bestiary 2 Box has in their small pawns (#2) the Agathion, Vulpinal. This would probably do very well for what you're looking for.

+1 on Lords of Water - it's like Catan but instead of sheep, wheat, wood, and ore you work to get rogues, wizards, clerics and fighters who you can trade in for quests that give you victory points.
I'd also recommend Munchkin Quest, Descent (2nd Edition), all 3 D&D Adventure Series games (Legend of Drizzit, Wrath of Ashardalon and Castle Ravenloft) - which are slightly expanded by all 5 Dungeon Command sets which isn't to bad a game itself.

+1 on the Doctor Who. I'd start there, the box set gives you everything you need to start playing in the Matt Smith era.

There is a supers SRD for playing Mutants & Masterminds 3rd edition

And for Dungeon World

And for Traveller

And for d20 Modern Pathfinder

Wished I would have seen this thread earlier, like the idea of using the orginal backing.

I went a differnt route. For each of the box set of pawns I use a 3" or 4" binder. (4" inch works better). Then use ultrapro card 9 pocket card holders. For multiple pawns with the same image, I put them in the .99 for 100 sleeves, the fold the excess and slide them in. I add a photo copy of the front, back and side of the box and add it to binder cover and spine. Works great for the small, medium and large minis. I just add the in the order I punch them out (which follows the numbering and contents from the back of the box).

The huge pawns I leave in the box, though the ultrapro 4 pocket may be the way to go as you can use it like the 9 displaying only 1 pawn or have the back side display another pawn for 8 on each sheet.

It makes it easy to find a pawn by the table of contents and enjoyable to just flip through.

For the basic box and the adventure path I do same but a smaller binder. And just cut the adventure path color cover and insert that into the binder sleeves.

Process works well for the WOTC tokens too.

Thanks for making the links, well links!

The Chick Tracks and Arguements on the webpage are over 20 years old, the list of people whose lives were ruined is dated with the last entry in 1988.

Anyway, All Games Considered did a descent podcast on the subject with multiple perspectives. Here is the blurb and the link:


AGC 101 April 21 2009 (What Would Gamers Do?) (1:17:08)

With Mark Kinney, Carol, Mags, David Mattingly, and Chris from the Jesus Geeks podcast. Remembering Dave Arneson. The US Monopoly Championships. What the heck is a speed die? Oh, yeah, apparently there was some kind of minor news about pdfs as well. A glance through Goodman Games' Level Up. A look at Christian objections towards gaming, and religious games and themes in games. A little feedback, chatter on upcoming episodes, and Mark's talking about forum alternatives again. What are your favorite episode from the last year, because we might do this Ennies thing...

you can download it here:


go to podcast site for yourself here:


or go to a podfeed and look up Episode 101 (21 April 2009) here:

Don't know where you're at for your deployment, but my most recent trip I did something similiar. I brought along with me the Imperial Guard boxed set, along with the uber-paint kit, and a plastic baneblade. I figured I've got plenty of time and I'll just paint. Well, I actually me some other folks and we ended up painting and gaming. About 1/2 didn't know how to play the game at all (there were about 4 to 5 of us).

We mostly ordered direct from GW of their online site, but I called back to my FLGS and did a big order just to funnel them some business as well. Everything arrived in great condition.

If I was you starting from scratch, what heck - get the new paint kit and brushes, a can of primer order the boxed rule set, the space marine Codex and an Army carrying box. That way, with the boxed rule set you have orks and space marines and you'll be able to run thru the scenario with some folks that are interested. As you finish up the models order more. It gives you something to bug the mailroom guy about anyway.

If you look at the 2nd Edition AD&D they had Halfling Whistler, which you might be able to talk with your DM about using.

Have you checked out Twilight 2013, it might give you some ideas since your already considering Twilight 2000. They have a tiered approach for various levels of realism in combat, etc. What T2000 version were you looking at 1, 2, or 2.2? (Twilight 2013 is the 3rd edition of T2000 just released in PDF last fall.)

I've got a couple of Super's Games. Mutants and Masterminds 2nd Edition (Green Ronin), Heroes Unlimited 2 (Palladium,and Silver Age Sentinels (Guardians of the Order). They're all pretty good, but play a bit differently.

Here is my 2 cents:

1. M&M - Format: d20 based, no levels, points/skills based increases.

Availability: Most of the books can be bought in PDF or Hardcover. You can get the Mutants and Masterminds Beginners Guide for a few bucks on PDF if you want to see the general mechanics of play. Has a lot of expansion as mentioned in other posts to include third party input from their M&M Superlink.

2. SAS - d20 based, Class based.

Availability: Company that made it is now out of business. But you can still get the stuff on PDF. The d20 Stingy Gamers Edition comes with the rules and is about the same price as M&M's Beginners guide in PDF. Obviously, with it being OOP, you probably won't see anything new, but your imagination can provide more than enought options for you.

3. HU2 - d20 based, uses Palladium's Megaversal System, class/level based.

Availability: Palladium has a magazine they publish that supports all their system including HU2. They have setting material like M&M and 3 powers books to expand upon and you can cross over easily into the many and varied worlds of Palladium's Megaverse (i.e Rifts, Palladium Fantasy, Ninjas and Superspies, Robotech, etc.) No starter rules.

If your able get all three, they're all bit different, but fun. For $40.00 you could get the M&M Beginners Guide PDF, SAS Stingy Gamers Edition PDF, and the HU2 Rulebook.

Hope this helps, God Bless.

Congratulations to all the finalist. God Bless you all in your writing for the next round. I'll be praying for you all!

Jacque’s Seed of Giant-kind (Cloud Giant)

The seed is a walnut with a whitish blue hue. One round after planting the seed in the ground, a large, leafy vine 20 feet in diameter, bursts forth from the soil reaching to its full height. There are numerous hand and footholds surrounding the vine’s stalk, allowing for easy Climbing (DC 10). The vine stretches up into the sky for 1,000 feet, disappearing into a cloud. Anyone caught within the 20 foot diameter of the stalk during the round it appears must make a reflex save (DC 20) or risk being snagged by the vine. Failure indicates the person is caught up by the vine as it grows and is elevated 1d10 x 100 feet along the stalk. Treat the cloud as the Cloud Island from page 155 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide with giant-sized fruit trees covering the surface. From the vine’s stalk will be a winding path through the trees to the castle of a Cloud Giant (see page 120 of the Monster Manual for encounter details on Cloud Giants).

Strong Evocation; CL 17th; Craft Wondrous Item, Plant Growth, Control Weather, Miracle; Price 66,150 gp; Cost 10,000 XP

After reading and reviewing the other posts/submission and having time to think about it here is my own brief after action review. I realized I violated the SRD requirements multiple times, didn't explain the control weather, left out details i.e. what if it was planted in the underdark; and it may be more of a plot device than something useful to the PCs. Enjoy.