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If you could post the link to the discussion where Paizo said that they were not planning on releasing older AP Pawn sets that would be greatly appreciated.

@Juda de Kerioth

I've been hoping that they'll make Pawn sets for the OOP adventure Paths as well. Kingmaker has been one I'd like to see personally.

Paizo Pawn Development Team:

Thanks for making these a huge help when I game face to face and the price point is great. I have most of the Big Box sets (save the Inner Sea). One suggestion, if you are not planning on going retroactively back to make Pawns for old APs

For your consideration...Would you make a Big Box for all the Old APs? Kind of Classic Adventure Path Pawn Set? An individual set for an one AP might that is OOP might not sell well, but a group of 4 (or so) collected might be just the right thing.

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Anyone know if will there be official Pathfinder Pawns set for Emerald Spire?

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Dustin Ashe wrote:
I'm somewhat excited for this book. But I am overjoyed at the prospect of getting Monster Codex pawns. Please say those are in the works.

Haven't seen any reply to this yet, but I'm with Dustin on this. A Typical Big Box of Pawns is around 300 of the them. That breaks down to about 15 Pawns for each of the 20 Monsters.

If Paizo makes this a Pawn Box set, then we'll get the sheets of Gobos, giants, ogres, orcs and so many more (well at least 16 more until they release Monster Codex 2!) that that I see the fans clamoring for in Pawn threads.

So...will we see a Monster Codex Pawn set?!!!!

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+1 to what MendedWall12 does.

I went the 3-Ring Binder route. IMHO, the 5" Binder works best, 3" and 4" will work though for the Box Sets. The Adventure path you can use smaller sizes (1" to 2"). I use Ultra Pro 9-sleeve Sheets for my Medium and Smalls. I also use the 100 card sleeves for a dollar for multiples an insert those into the sleeve sheets so I can conserve space and makes it harder for them to fall out. I use a Ultra Pro 6 Sleeve for Large and then the 4 Sleeve for Huge. I give each pawn (other then Medium/Smalls) their own slot in the sheets.

As each of the cards is numbered, I just put them in order. The Binders I use have clear inserts on the front, binding and back so I photo copy box cover, side and back. The back has the list of the pawns in order/numbered so it makes for a quick reference. For the Adventure paths, I just cut the cardboard stuff up. For the bases, I just leave them in the bestiary boxes.

It does take some prep to get set-up and with a 5" Binder you're adding another $15 to $20, plus a set of 100 Ultra-Pro 9 Sleeves will run another $20 (probably get you through a couple of bestiary boxes) same with the 6-sleeve and 4 sleeve, though you probably could find it cheaper.

Is it worth the cost and time - IMHO, Yes.

It makes it very easy to search through for a monster or NPC at a Glance, or read the back find the specific monster/npc number and go right to it. Ideally, if I do some prep I can throw all the planned monsters pawns in a box and be ready to go.

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Pathfinder Pawns: Bestiary 2 Box has in their small pawns (#2) the Agathion, Vulpinal. This would probably do very well for what you're looking for.