Other games with comprehensive SRDs or easy to learn content?

Other RPGs

So my friends and I are vets of 3.5/4e/pathfinder call of Cthulu and Runequest....

and i have to say we default on pathfinder and CoC a lot simply because the rules are either right in fron of you or just so easy to pick up.

We've been looking around for other systems, either quick to grab systems like CoC or systems with solid OGL content and good mechanics like PF.

anyone have any info on these?

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Savage Worlds will set you back $10. So will Barebones Fantasy.

Both are easily found online.

You could also check rpggeek for reviews and ratings of nearly every RPG in existence.


Fate core is Pay what you want at Drive Thru RPG, and it is a great, and pretty easy system to learn.

Fate accelerates even more so.

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Swords & Wizardry is very easy to pick up, has it's own SRD (link), and the PDF is free on the Frog God Games website (link).

There is a supers SRD for playing Mutants & Masterminds 3rd edition

And for Dungeon World

And for Traveller

And for d20 Modern Pathfinder

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No SRD, but Edens Unisystem is found for free with the Witchcraft RPG . While there are slight variations (especially where magic and powers are concerned) it is the same system used in All Flesh Must Be Eaten or Conspiracy X, and it is very easy to learn.

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