So I bought Dark Heresy Second Edition

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I picked up the book at the store as I have been wanting to get into 40K rpgs for a while now and this was recommended to me. I gave it a skim and it looks pretty good but I would like someone, or a group of someones, to help me learn how to play this and possibly get a game going. I've played two 40K video games and red a webcomic based on dark heresy. I have never touched the tabletop war game though as it is a bit out of my price range and I like RPGs more than combat heavy war games.

I have skype but I will try to pay attention to any replies here, though if you want to talk or somehow get a game going, skype is a better choice for me.

So yeah, hope some folks can help out someone starting from total scratch here.

I don't play over the computer or anything, and though I have the second edition of DH, I normally am involved more with DW or RT. I have played some BC which is more compatible, and I do have the books for DH 2e.

I could try to answer any questions you might have, but I'm not currently in a campaign to play any of the 40K's currently.

Well, the problem is I like to do a back and forth dialog over a voice chat usually since it is instantaneous. and I can read as I talk. I've been slowly reading the book now and it looks good. See, it is not that I have questions specifically, it is that I like to confirm how I am thinking something works to make sure I am doing it correctly.

Well, I tried several sites but I guess I'm not gonna find anyone. Wasted my money I guess.

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Have you tried the recruitment board?

Thought that was for DMs looking for pathfinder PbP groups only

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There are plenty non pathfinder gamess there and quite a few 'looking for GM' threads - I don't know if those are generally succesful, though.

Actually trying to find that board. Don't know why I can't though.

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Have you minimized the 'online campaigns' tab?

You can minimize tabs? Never knew. I don't see how though as that tab only has a subscribe button. Also sorry if I am being annoying and thanks for the help.

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There is a triangle on the left of each messageboard heading. Click it to minimize that heading. If all sub-forums are minimized, you can also minimize the overriding forum.

Got it, thanks. So in recruitment I can look for help? I thought that was just for Gms to recruit players but ok.

Well it is for GMs looking for players, but what you could do is mention that you're looking to get a game going, but that you'll be learning the rules same as everyone else. Just make it clear that it's going to be a learning experience, and that if there's anyone who knows the rules already and can help you get a grip on the system, they're welcome to join.

Eh I get anxiety about that then. Guess i'll just wait and hope someone experienced in Dark Heresy 2nd ed finds this.

Recommend that you check out the Warhammer 40K Google+ Community. They sometimes have people looking for groups. You could post there. Additionally, you might find someone interested in playing using Fantasy Grounds 2 the VTT or Roll20, might want to post there as well.

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