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I offered a friend of mine and his around freshmen in high school aged daughter an RPG session. I already run Pathfinder games, so I am familiar with RPG but they are brand new.

The daughter is a big Dr. Who and Supernatural fan, so I want the genre to be in one of those universes. I am not familiar with either at this point but will get up to speed quickly.

Question is - should I go with the Dr. Who RPG game, the Supernatural RPG game, Savage Worlds rules and make up a Dr. Who or Supernatural scenario or do something else?

Let me know what you guys think - I appreciate the help!

Sovereign Court

I cant speak to Supernatural at all. I do own Dr.Who and have only played a few times. (None of my friends are Whovians and a few hate the show) Dr. Who is really heavy on the storytelling end. It helps to be good at improv or be really well prepared. It sort of reminds me of burning wheel. I think they are even putting out GM books based on each Dr for flavor in specific periods. If this girl is a freshmen though she probably doesnt care about Hartnell, Baker, etc.

You can combine Doctor Who and Supernatural using Savage Worlds, World of Darkness (!!!), or RIFTS.

However, start with the Doctor Who system. It's easy for players... slightly less so for GMs.

+1 on the Doctor Who. I'd start there, the box set gives you everything you need to start playing in the Matt Smith era.

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