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I have a bard that just gained a level from six to seven. I am looking around my books to see if there is any prestige classes that I would be interested in taking. Anyone know of a good one? I can't seem to find any that really match up to the concept of a happy, song-singing spell-chucking halfling with a guitar.

I think my DM will be pretty cool with 3PP stuff if that is available.

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I dig the two classes in Complete Arcane. The Seeker of the Song has lots of offensive and other supernatural abilities that help out the party. The other one is a master bard spellcaster, getting spells up to 9th level. You can't take either at level 7, I think, but you can make sure you are prepared for them if they speak to you.

My idea for the Seeker was a little twisted and specialized, but that shows it is a versatile class.

Ah! Thank you I hadn't checked Complete Arcane out yet! Much thanks Ancient one!

If you look at the 2nd Edition AD&D they had Halfling Whistler, which you might be able to talk with your DM about using.

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This is just a list of some of the bardic prestige classes available. It is by no means exhaustive, and your character might not be ready to qualify for some of them. (Not to mention the fact that not all these prestige classes' flavour might suit your halfling character.)

As Steven already mentioned above, in Complete Arcane you can find both the Seeker of the Song and the Sublime Chord prestige classes. The latter prestige class gradually moves into the wizard/sorcerer spell list for spell levels 4 through 9 (it opens up the possibility from spell level 4, and is the only game in town for spell levels 7 to 9).

In Complete Adventurer you can find both the Fochlucan Lyrist and the Virtuoso. The F. Lyrist is the closest that one can get to the old 1e Bard, and I believe that one can qualify as Bard 7 / Rogue 2 / Druid 1. The Virtuoso is a more traditional bardic prestige class.

In Complete Mage you can find the Lyric Thaumaturge.

In Complete Warrior you can find the War Chanter.

In Complete Divine you can find the Evangelist.

There are other possible prestige classes in Complete Scoundrel, but none specifically aimed at Bards (IIRC).

Frostburn has the Stormsinger prestige class.

The Draconomicon has the Dragonsong Lyrist.

If the character in question somehow becomes a spellscale, there are three spellscale bard substitution levels (1, 3, 6) in Races of the Dragon.

Libris Mortis has the Dirgesinger prestige class (non-Good).

Depending upon the campaign setting, other sources might also be available.

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Couple of other sources:

Lords of Madness: Keeper of the Cerulean Sign (arguably for any spellcaster, but bards have the easiest entry)

Book of Exalted Deeds: Troubadour of Stars

Finally, one would be remiss not to mention the Thrall of Malcanthet from DRAGON magazine (#353, and evil only, obviously).

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