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I just purchased my thrid set of pawns. Has anybody found a good way to store them? Nothing that I have looked at or tried seems to work very well. Thanx

I went to the dollar store and found a few plastic containers like so

Found some with larger compartments for larger monsters not pictured.

Inspired by one of the PFS guys in my area, I punched out the pawns, glued a piece of card stock to the back of each sheet and when it dried I put the pawns back in their slots. This way I can just store them as sheets. Sadly this inspiration came too late for me to apply it to my beginner box, but when I get the Bestiary Box I will be doing this and just using the box as storage for my sheets.

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A buddy of mine kept the cardboard page they came in originally. Punch them out, use them and slip them right back in. Works great. Maybe after a lot of use they will wear and not fit right any more. But for now that works well.

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Along those same ideas as above:

I keep the original cardboard page they come in, and I print out a pdf page of each pawn sheet. Then I slip both the pawns/cardboard page and the pdf page into 8.5x11 sheet protectors. Keeps the pawns from falling out of the clear sheet protectors, and once I remove a pawn, I can see the pdf sheet below to know where the pawns go back in place.

For now, I keep binders of all the sheets. (One for beginner box, one for bestiary, etc.) C3OE/ref=sr_1_8?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1354573384&sr=1-8

I use this for figs and dice all the time I good 25 of them filled up with figs.

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Plastic sandwich baggies. Store them alphabetically and by size.

Someone else on these boards suggested business card sheet protectors in. 3-ring binder. Works well for me, though I've had some io the tiny pawns slip out, so I make sure they're buffered by a regular one.

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I use business card sheets, with photo album sheets for the largest pawns, froghemoth for example. It works well and it let me alphabetize them, sort of.

I use plano 3750 storage boxes for mine. I got the bestiary box into two of them. Bases included

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Thanks everybody, that gives me some new directions to look.

Wished I would have seen this thread earlier, like the idea of using the orginal backing.

I went a differnt route. For each of the box set of pawns I use a 3" or 4" binder. (4" inch works better). Then use ultrapro card 9 pocket card holders. For multiple pawns with the same image, I put them in the .99 for 100 sleeves, the fold the excess and slide them in. I add a photo copy of the front, back and side of the box and add it to binder cover and spine. Works great for the small, medium and large minis. I just add the in the order I punch them out (which follows the numbering and contents from the back of the box).

The huge pawns I leave in the box, though the ultrapro 4 pocket may be the way to go as you can use it like the 9 displaying only 1 pawn or have the back side display another pawn for 8 on each sheet.

It makes it easy to find a pawn by the table of contents and enjoyable to just flip through.

For the basic box and the adventure path I do same but a smaller binder. And just cut the adventure path color cover and insert that into the binder sleeves.

Process works well for the WOTC tokens too.

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I use a large mechanic style plastic toolbox and went the resealable plastic sandwich bag route. I sort by type of monster (ie monstrous humanoids giants ) etc As it is, I have a 2x Bestiary 1 boxes and one Bestiary 2 box merged into the toolbox with also the Rise of the Runelords pawns. Its now basically completely full.The Size is a bit of an issue, but it can be carried one handed

Here's two photos of my Plano 3450 in action, holding all the non-Huge BB pawns (and some extras I made), all the first-printing BB bases, and the BB dice. It fits perfectly in the BB box with the rest of the components, my dice bag, some dry-erase markers and a couple GameMastery decks.

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I put the whole sheet in a page protector then in a binder. Each set is in a binder. The 1/2" binder works for the Adventure Path Pawns and the 1-1/2" binder works for the box of pawns. I print a list of the pawns that are in numerical and alpha order and put it in a sheet protector in the front.

I use binders that have clear pockets on the outside to put a copy of the box picture. Since the Adventure Path pawns are enclosed in folder like cover I cut it up and use that for the cover, spine, and back of the binder.

Sometimes pawns won't stay in the slot so I use removable tape on the back. But I like the idea of pasting a sheet on the back or even a print out of the pdf so I can see the image of the pawn missing.

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