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Got it. In the future I will see if I can change the method of shipping before completing the sale.

Does this order really need to be split into five packages? It could very easily fit into one fairly small box. $26 in shipping for card sleeves is pretty high. Yes, there are a lot of them but they would all fit into a box that is 12" x 6" x 4" Is local pick up an option if it cannot go into one box?

In addition the sub I am starting back up for the ACG keeps changing to the core set. I picked that up locally and want to start with Crimson. Order in my cart is ready to go once all prices are correct for any sale along with the sub starting at the right point. Thanks!

I added a bunch of items that show on sale when I look at the item page, but is shows no discount in my cart. I would like to place the order but want to confirm I will get the sale price as listed. Thanks.

Got it and thanks!

OK. I have tried several more times over the last few days and still no change. Everything I do just times out after I click on step three. It works fine up to that point.

I think that would be great. It is still not working for me in Chrome, Edge, or IE. I get step one green, step 2 black, and when I go to step three I just get the little timer window.

It is the items in my shopping cart and you should have both CC and Phone info for me on file. Thanks.

I have been trying off and on to check out for the last four hours. It never finishes and eventually takes me back to asking for a password. Is there something wrong with the website currently or have you changed something so a specific browser is required or security settings. I have not had an issue in the past. Currently using Chrome.


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I still firmly believe the issue was not the game engine. Myself and many others never even looked at the game or saw an example of play. I personally know a half dozen or so people who backed the kickstarter in my local town and every one of them gave the game a pass when it went to heavy PvP to the point it even affected getting resources for crafting. Pathfinder is not about PvP and a game with the name Pathfinder in the title should not focus on PvP in my opinion.

I think modeling it on any of the RPG games out there would be fine. The graphics are nice to have... but tons of people still play the old gold box games... Bards Tale, Balder's Gate, etc and the graphics where horrible. Many games have new "versions" done by kickstarter that sell very well and make a profit without any PvP. That is what an RPG TT game should go for... and MMO RPG.

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I thought I would poke my head back in and see what was going on after getting the email. Sad to see things have panned out as they are now and I wish Paizo and PFO the best going forward, but while I supported both Kickstarters with a couple hundred dollars; the focus on PvP and not actual Pathfinder MMO style RPG turned me away and I never even loaded anything on the PC. Too much of a Carebear from way back.

Good luck all going forward.

Luckstone is an example of a card that can be played after a check. The language is clear on the card that you can do it before or after for that +1. (Before or After does affect what you do with that card after it is played however.)

Amazon release dates are totally fake and I would not recommend putting any faith in those times. Base set is out now and shipping to various people directly as well as local shops.

Whenever you recharge a card it is from your hand. I will add unless something instructs you to do otherwise. (Like a cure spell or something that specifically says recharge from your discard pile).

Sajan with Drunken Master has the same issue. I think it is fine. Most of the cures are for 1d4+1 and the potion is only 1d4... so allowing it into the recharge mix is not game breaking in my opinion.

Just RP it for them... they make the race and when the mother of a humanoid race gives birth to a rat carrion eater the village takes it out to the lake and drowns the monster.

Really, making races is a DM tool for when they are building the world... not for a player to try and create the perfect "thing". A one shot TMNT type game could be fun, but as you said an Adventure Path set in Golarion is not going to go well for monster creatures most of the time. It is hard enough if you try and play an Orc or Gnoll let alone a thing that is totally unknown.

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If you have not seen it before check THIS. site out. Total Awesome and if you are not happy with the results as a DM just hit the button again. Kari Rage runs it from here on the forums and does a great job.

So if you give Fluenta the card feats that let her have 5 spells in deck... and she casts all of the higher level cards that then get banished and replaced with "B" cards... does the deck have 5 "B" cards that are either basic or non-basic in her deck? And if she does not is the choice of expanding her deck spell limit to five really just making her have a smaller overall deck if she ever casts any spells and cannot replace them?

I know it is season zero and many things are being figured out but this card is going to be very odd and make people either start off with a deck size of 15 or 16 when it should be 18 or 19 due to the rebuild rules as written. Players are going to have to clearly know the intention of this character is to never cast her higher level spells and they cannot and will not be replaced unless you get lucky and choose that as your draft reward for your last scenario. Choosing 5 spells for this character on the card feats is going to be a trap in my opinion.

Still the flavor of the character is cool, and I am very much looking to try things out in season zero so do not take this as a negative comment... just trying to understand the intent and how this is going to play out when you have a event going on with a player sitting down to an advanced scenario with a deck smaller then everyone else.

Nope the game is fun as it stands. New rule books and options are what is needed.

Now a Pathfinder Modern style book based upon Supernatural/Buffy/Warehouse 13 could be fun.

And while it is not my cup of tea a Pathfinder Super Hero off shoot would be cool too.

But no, I am very happy with the sword and sorcery that is Pathfinder as it stands.

I know people are upset and that is fine that you express your thoughts back to Paizo, but I would also like to point out that they have many shipping options.

I have all my orders set to ship once a month with the subs... but is not an option available to ship everything the second it is available? With what I subscribe to that would result in a half dozen boxes every month so I would much rather wait myself and save a few bucks and work on my patience.

Finally, if I am mistaken on that, as a suggestion to Paizo based upon some feedback from everyone in this post maybe adding a "never hold anything" option to the website shipping options would be a good idea. I doubt people would use that on a consistent basis, but for times like Paizocon, Christmas, or Gencon when lots of things come out smaller shipments may help both Paizo with smaller batch processing and the customers get what they want sooner.

Anyway thanks for the update and have a great weekend everyone.

OK and thanks for the clarification, but now I am very confused on the fighter deck.

They have a lot of spells (11 unique names) that have adventure deck 1 or higher. And as written the two fighters who can carry spells cannot ever recharge them with the powers as listed so will always banish them after one casting of the spell. So any drafted card of spell 1 or higher is a one use spell for that character until they get another reward of that level? Depending on the number of "B" spell cards in the fighter deck I do not know how Flenta will be able to carry and use 5 spell cards that she can unlock.

My only thought at this point is that some of the other characters from S&S may be "unlocked" for play such as Seltyiel who are then instructed to use the Fighter Class deck for guild play. This would then explain why so many spells are in the fighter deck that realistically cannot be used by the base characters in the deck.

This location has nothing to do with normal methods of evasion via spells or character abilities and no rule was ever in effect to discard a card to evade an encounter.

If anyone moves to the temple they must discard one card. That is the rule for this specific location.

Additionally, any character can "Run Away to claim Sanctuary at the Temple" (evade) by discarding 2 cards. (During a normal move you pay one card that has nothing to do with evasion.) They phrased it that way so that you would not think you need to pay 2 cards to gain the evade ability plus pay an additional one per that locations rules.

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Am I the only one that thought of Dr Horribles Sing Along Blog on this one? Here I thought Paizo was going to go hard core on people breaking posting rules. :) It's a brand new day

I still think the basic rule of "Don't be a Jerk" should cover 99.9% of the stuff that is wrong with the internet, but it is nice to have some clarity.

Yes, you can have more then one card on Display at a time. Each effect from something on Display will trigger when it is supposed to trigger.

Also note that if you display a spell like Strength or Blizzard before an encounter starts... then that does NOT count as played during the check for things like Blessing of PHarasma or monsters that prevent you from playing spells with the attack trait.

At least that is how I understand it and how we have been playing it at our tables.

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I am under the plan that we will have enough interest in our OP play at the local store to have two tables. The store will provide a set that is not sleeved and if needed I will provide my personal set for group use that is sleeved with the Paizo PACG sleeves. That will allow one table to have sleeves and one table to not have sleeves to hopefully let the people that are bothered by either option to have a table of refuge for their style of play.

Pure Awesome on all fronts!

I was able to open and use them fine using Chrome to download and view them on both my desktop and my android tablet. They worked in Adobe, Dropbox, and EzPDF for viewing.

THe only thing I can suggest is clearing your cache and starting fresh to see what happens. Good luck!

The last 10 iconics are part of the Advanced Class Guide that just came out at Gencon. I am not even sure if the street date for that has hit yet, but it will this weekend if not.

Anyway, they will be posted but they are brand new at this time.

They have a suggested deck list for the iconics in the guild rule book for starting characters and adventure 4 + characters. All others you build your own deck based upon the rules as outlined in the guild rules. (Note you can also build your own starting deck using "B" Basics+ for the iconics too.)

For guild play yes. The characters deck is limited and built differently than in normal home play. You are limited to cards in the class deck that are Basic (or B if out of basic) plus any upgrades available that you have earned. And since no sign off on a full deck is needed I have to believe the intent is to have a flexibly deck for guild play. That is one of the advantages of NOT getting to keep more than one card or anything else gained during play from the main game box.

The Blacksmith Character can also get a spell but only one.

A very interesting thing on the guild play rules is that banishing cards from your deck during play does not really affect your deck after you rebuild it. After a scenario you can rebuild you deck using any card you have unlocked from rewards since banishing does not also require you to erase that reward from your tracking sheets.

So while you do have to banish that cool spell when you use it... at the end of the scenario you can just put it back in your deck for the next scenario. (I am not talking about spells you picked up in play from the game box... but cards such as Spell 3 that you may have selected as a reward during previous scenarios.)

Paizo has a community use set of pictures that you can download for free. HERE is the one that has the Adventure Card Game Logo... and HERE is the full list of choices. You could make several sticker type things at Kinko's with these for your own use... but not for sell.

Base set and add-ons are in the warehouse and will ship by Aug 22nd. Class decks are delayed until the september shipments.

I am on board with turn based as well. Something that combines the RPG with more of a tactical play style over a twitch play style would be great.

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Hopefully it will be something that is not PvP focused and more of a PC vs AI style RPG. Maybe even turn based or with module packs that can be fan created. I backed both kickstarters to support the idea of PFO but frankly have little interest in claiming my time once the game goes live. An alternate style RPG based on Pathfinder would be awesome to see.

Howdy All,

I thought I would share some info on how I have set up my cards for PACG for those that sleeve thier cards. I expect this may be useful for folks who are going to do OP guild gaming.

I sleeve all of my cards for normal use. However, I have not been using the actual character/role cards at all. I have been printing out the character sheets and laminating them then marking that sheet up with a sharpy. That worked fine for home games but could be too big for event use. (I use the iconic figures rather then the token card.)

So here is what I have used for the last couple of weeks and it works great.

I use the normal Ultra Pro sleeves that are clear for the character, token, and role cards. This sleeve is something I write on with a black sharpy for skills, powers, etc. I then insert that card and sleeve into this rigid sleeve for game use. This makes the card very durable and avoids wearing off the markings on the inner sleeve. Everyone in my game group is now using it.

The rigid sleeves are too large to fit into the Paizo box slots, but I just rubber band them together and put them into the slot for the add on deck boxes. (along with other stuff like dice, pencil, sharpy, spare sleeves, etc)

If you have other ways to protect you character cards while still tracking character advancement please feel free to post that below as well so everyone has lots of options to give a try.

(Also Paizo folks... I love that Utra Pro is coming out with a box to hold the game sleeved so kudos for that. If possible you may want to add some of those rigid sleeves to your site and see how they go? I know I would buy a few as I have seven class decks coming as well as S&S so will need to have a couple of more boxes for the 61 new character, role, and token cards.)

Also, you can use the RotRL, S&S, and even the class decks to create your own scenarios and adventures. There have been several posted by fans in the homebrew section and there is nothing wrong with using your characters from the end of RotRL to run some supper tough home brew games.

Gives something for the RPG DM something to do for fun in the card game to expand the adventure.

That adventure case is awesome. I have been having a heck of a time managing my sleeved cards by using the box as designed plus a tool box for what does not fit.

No real rules or info is out yet beyond some basics. But yes, the class decks are required to play for each player and the organizer or store will need to have the skull and shackles box set. Your character will be registered on the society web site and you will get tracking sheets to show what you have played in historically. Beyond that is is unknown what the actual scenarios, boons, advancement method will be used. Once Gen Con hits next week we will have the full info.

I know I am looking forward to it and can't wait. Also note the class decks have been delayed due to a printing error so only folks at Gen Con will be able to participate until September per a blog post.

Most metal figs that need to be put together and painted are a classic thing in the gaming world and has been around since before Pathfinder, D&D, or even many gamers where born. The newer pre-painted plastic figs are great for busy people and for DM's who do not have the time to paint everything for their games. So both markets are very valid and helpful. I would not say that the metal figs are considered "unfinished" as what they really are is something that allows you to create your own unique version of your character. Some folks even buy several and modify them with little saws and drills to make the perfect fig that is also a work of art.

All that being said... HERE is a link to Paizo singles for the plastic prepainted items that are also very cool and ready to go.

My guess is that she will have a power that says she can discard ( recharge) items with the magic trait rather than banish or bury them. Or perhaps treat her Knowledge/Use Magic Device skill to recharge items that have the magic trait.

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I have been a subscriber for many years on lots of products and have never had anything show up damaged. Once or twice the items in a box were wrong. One time something was there that was not what I ordered and they said I could keep it as a free bonus. And one time an item was missing and they shipped it back out to me right away. (I have had over 100 orders per my history going back to 2005 and most of my stuff ships once per month so they have a consistent history.)

I will also say they have a great rep, and if anything ever did show up damaged and you contacted them directly I would expect they would work with you to make sure you are a happy customer.

No worries and we shall see how they go with the new class decks. But I would think that they would have some rules for some form of "dual wielding" ranger in that class deck and since when you dual wield you have a main hand and an off hand that wording hints at it.

(But then again taking RPG thinking into the card game has gotten me in trouble before. I played many games before it clicked that Valeros could cast Cure when he picked up the card.)

The trait of "off hand" may allow the use of two weapons with a future character.

The spell was changed with the FAQ as it should be. And since it is a swift action you can cast a Metamagic fireball of your choice AND cold ice strike in the same round... Plus it is flat out awesome for a Qingong Monk.

Nice! This made my Friday!

One of the local PFS guys talked to me about this for one of our local stores. I may be interested in being a coordinator for the Bellingham WA area if there is a need, but I need a little more info on what that would require of my time before I commit. Anyway... setting that out there is you need some folks in NE Wa state.

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First I want to say thanks. I did not know about that game and it looks cool.

Second I agree that would be a great format for PFRPG! MMO's get too hung up on PvP and Balance and that is not how I play any of our home games in PnP so a non-MMO format is a good thing.

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Our group has gone the full laptop route and we have a mix of items.

We all use Hero Lab for our characters and the DM uses it for the monsters. We can email or IM the pictures of things from the DM to the players and passing notes is very easy.

We can journel the adventure notes and treasure in excel, or word or whatever as well.

On occasion we will use D20 Pro or some other virtual table top but we still like to use the battlemat and minis most of the time.

PDF's work well on most items.

Our group has 2 people with the large 17 inch laptops, 4 people with the netbooks, and one person with an iPad. The mini's work OK, but the small screen size is an issue. The large laptops work great but sometimes we have to plan on making those two sit close together and they have to share dice rolling space. iPads are fine for reading a PDF or something and it is usually used by the DM to hold the module info. He can then show pictures pretty easy while hiding the main game items on his netbook running Hero Lab for the combat portions.

The major issue is making sure everyone is patched and not having anti-virus run on game day as well as being careful with power cables so no one trips and drinks so no one damages a laptop. Finally you need a mature engaged group to avoid someone playing a video game or watching videos or whatever on the internet and not ignoring the game.

We have been going this route for a good 4 or 5 years and are very happy with it.

Playing with the rules only to gain a game advantage is usually a big no-no. DM permission of course overrides all, but you can only use one rod per round. If you want more metamagic effects on a spell you have to provide them yourself.

"A caster may only use one metamagic rod on any given spell, but it is permissible to combine a rod with metamagic feats possessed by the rod's wielder."

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I am holding off on this for a bit to see if you open up a subscription option. I would like to sub and hopefully get the hard copy and digital copy kind of like you do with the other products.

Fingers crossed! :)

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