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I still firmly believe the issue was not the game engine. Myself and many others never even looked at the game or saw an example of play. I personally know a half dozen or so people who backed the kickstarter in my local town and every one of them gave the game a pass when it went to heavy PvP to the point it even affected getting resources for crafting. Pathfinder is not about PvP and a game with the name Pathfinder in the title should not focus on PvP in my opinion.

I think modeling it on any of the RPG games out there would be fine. The graphics are nice to have... but tons of people still play the old gold box games... Bards Tale, Balder's Gate, etc and the graphics where horrible. Many games have new "versions" done by kickstarter that sell very well and make a profit without any PvP. That is what an RPG TT game should go for... and MMO RPG.

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I thought I would poke my head back in and see what was going on after getting the email. Sad to see things have panned out as they are now and I wish Paizo and PFO the best going forward, but while I supported both Kickstarters with a couple hundred dollars; the focus on PvP and not actual Pathfinder MMO style RPG turned me away and I never even loaded anything on the PC. Too much of a Carebear from way back.

Good luck all going forward.

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If you have not seen it before check THIS. site out. Total Awesome and if you are not happy with the results as a DM just hit the button again. Kari Rage runs it from here on the forums and does a great job.

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Am I the only one that thought of Dr Horribles Sing Along Blog on this one? Here I thought Paizo was going to go hard core on people breaking posting rules. :) It's a brand new day

I still think the basic rule of "Don't be a Jerk" should cover 99.9% of the stuff that is wrong with the internet, but it is nice to have some clarity.

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I am under the plan that we will have enough interest in our OP play at the local store to have two tables. The store will provide a set that is not sleeved and if needed I will provide my personal set for group use that is sleeved with the Paizo PACG sleeves. That will allow one table to have sleeves and one table to not have sleeves to hopefully let the people that are bothered by either option to have a table of refuge for their style of play.

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I have been a subscriber for many years on lots of products and have never had anything show up damaged. Once or twice the items in a box were wrong. One time something was there that was not what I ordered and they said I could keep it as a free bonus. And one time an item was missing and they shipped it back out to me right away. (I have had over 100 orders per my history going back to 2005 and most of my stuff ships once per month so they have a consistent history.)

I will also say they have a great rep, and if anything ever did show up damaged and you contacted them directly I would expect they would work with you to make sure you are a happy customer.

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First I want to say thanks. I did not know about that game and it looks cool.

Second I agree that would be a great format for PFRPG! MMO's get too hung up on PvP and Balance and that is not how I play any of our home games in PnP so a non-MMO format is a good thing.

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Our group has gone the full laptop route and we have a mix of items.

We all use Hero Lab for our characters and the DM uses it for the monsters. We can email or IM the pictures of things from the DM to the players and passing notes is very easy.

We can journel the adventure notes and treasure in excel, or word or whatever as well.

On occasion we will use D20 Pro or some other virtual table top but we still like to use the battlemat and minis most of the time.

PDF's work well on most items.

Our group has 2 people with the large 17 inch laptops, 4 people with the netbooks, and one person with an iPad. The mini's work OK, but the small screen size is an issue. The large laptops work great but sometimes we have to plan on making those two sit close together and they have to share dice rolling space. iPads are fine for reading a PDF or something and it is usually used by the DM to hold the module info. He can then show pictures pretty easy while hiding the main game items on his netbook running Hero Lab for the combat portions.

The major issue is making sure everyone is patched and not having anti-virus run on game day as well as being careful with power cables so no one trips and drinks so no one damages a laptop. Finally you need a mature engaged group to avoid someone playing a video game or watching videos or whatever on the internet and not ignoring the game.

We have been going this route for a good 4 or 5 years and are very happy with it.

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I am holding off on this for a bit to see if you open up a subscription option. I would like to sub and hopefully get the hard copy and digital copy kind of like you do with the other products.

Fingers crossed! :)

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These are awesome and I want to say thanks to Loki for making them and tp Scardrad for doing the nice little handouts. Keep them coming folks! :)

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The way we do it is all players build their deck using the cards from their hands, discard pile, deck and buried locations first.

If they have too many of any cards they toss them into the middle of the table for the group. If they have too few cards they pick from the middle of the table after everyone has built their own decks as best they can.

Then if anyone is still short a card and that card is not an option in the middle of the table... they can go to the box to complete their deck.

That being said... selecting a card from the deck that is at least two sets behind the curve is not going to break the game. And I think that rule was mostly targeted at getting a new player into an existing campaign due to character death or just a new player anyway.

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I will second the idea of some classic tales. They could be actually about the item... or tangentially related. As an example some stories about the war between Nex and Geb could be anything from commanders planning and battles to a story of a refuge fleeing the area. Or maybe the story of a nex soldier who died in the battle and then was raised as undead to fight against his former companions by a Geb necromancer.

Along those lines tales of people taking the test of the starstone who may or may not have succeeded. Stories of the people of Thassalonian or Azlanti eras.

Another way to go could be stories based upon the AP's but things that happen AFTER the AP has ended. What's going on in Kelmarane now? What are the goblins in the fens or thistletop up to today?

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I vote that you use a Cultist card for when there is no monster for Ambush to use. (No one expects The Spanish Inquisition!)

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I agree that you do have to make some hard choices. Having a larger hand may let you hold onto spells like Invisibility, Armor, or Blessings that prevent that damage too as you get more options. But yes adding a card to your hand as the very first check can be risky.

I have played in 1-4 player games so far and this Friday I will be in a 6 player game so we will see how it goes. In the larger group the paladin was really good at getting us to the bad guys more quickly.

What I meant for teamwork is that in solo and two player games we often had trouble closing a location after meeting the henchmen. So then we had to empty the entire location deck... and even then had to roll the dice a few turns to close the location. If we did not have the right blessing or ally we had to abandon that location until the cards came up that let us close it. Making an INT 6 check with a d4 is hard even if you have a blessing. LOL

With a larger group you can send a character to a location who has a good chance to close that location on the first try. So you move faster that way and are able to use blessings and ally's to explore more in place of using them to make skill checks or whatever.

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As far as hand size that is exactly what is is supposed to do. The classes like wizard and sorcerer have a large hand size and thus go through the deck faster... just like in the RPG where they have a smaller hit dice. The fighter and barbarian both have 4 card hand sizes and they have more hit points in the RPG. In your example the caster had to hold back a little late in the game and the fighter could keep swinging his sword all day long. I think it is a great way show hit points in the card game that keeps the feel of the game.

As far as the larger party going through the blessings deck. That is what makes it a challenge and a Co-op game. In one and two player games you can use blessings and ally's to help you win a fight as you have a lot of turns. In a larger group people need to spend the blessings and ally's more for extra explorations and use teamwork to win the fights or overcome the skill DC's. This is where the ranger, paladin and some spells or items can make a real difference in getting to the bad guy on a deck.

The early rewards are a random card of some kind... but at higher adventures you tend to get more feats of one kind or another. I personally do not want a character that levels every single time they play a session... and sometimes the random loot you get in a dungeon is vendored in the RPG too. That being said letting the group pick something they are allowed to have in their deck should not be too big of a change for a house rule.

I am not trying to shoot down all of your comments as they are accurate for sure... but they are actually things that I personally LIKE about the game.

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I posted over on the product page for the character add on pack that I would be interested in seeing some "sandbox" add on packs that could have other characters, more detailed rules on character creating and more scenarios, locations, and suggestions for building you own side quest adventures to use during RotRL.

The rules for making your own character are a good start but pretty limited overall.

I know they have more items in the pipe now for the next year and think it is probably selling well enough that they could do some more before a new box set its the pipeline for next year. (Hopefully)

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My plan is to keep them all mixed together all the time. I then set the game up however I am playing it. If I happen to get a card that is from a set that I do not want in this particular game I will pull it and draw a new random card to replace it.

This way I do not have to constantly rebuild the box... and if something does pop up it is easy to deal with at the time it happens. I just need to make sure everyone at the table agrees that any "2" that comes up before the end of Burnt Offerings is redrawn at the time of encounter.

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This was posted by Mike on another forum for card games.


No, that's not the way it works. The card can either copy the text of the top card of the blessings deck discard pile, or have its own. But if it's taking the text of a Blessing of Calistria, it is not *actually* that card. So it doesn't "match" the card, because it is not the card itself.

We have discovered at least one other occasion where we need to add in the bizarre rule "Cards' abilities cannot trigger their own abilities." So we'll be closing off these apparent loopholes soon.
- Mike Selinker


Also This


Sure, no problem.

Let's say I have a Blessing of the Gods (BotG) in my hand. A Blessing of Calistria (BoC) is on top of the blessings deck discard pile.
If I play the BotG as "itself," I can get +1 die or +1 exploration.
If I instead play the BotG to copy the BoC, I can get +1 die, +1 exploration, or +2 dice on a non-combat Dexterity check.
Its power used, I now go to the discard step of the card play.
I then discard the BotG, because it is *not* a BoC, and thus does not match the BoC atop the blessings deck discard pile.

Now, let's instead say I have a BoC in my hand, and another BoC is atop the blessings deck discard pile.
I play the BoC, for +1 die, +1 exploration, or +2 dice on a non-combat Dexterity check.
Now it does match, so instead of discarding my BoC, I recharge it (put in under my deck).

Does that clarify things? If not, please tell me where you think the problem is.




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In my opinion nothing listed about would count. When a cleric casts detect magic it is a divine cleric spell and when a wizard casts the spell it is an arcane wizard spell. Just because they have the same name and same mechanical game effects does not mean that the wizard is casting a divine spell.

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Jiggy wrote:

Well, you have to do something that makes sense with the inability to concentrate. I haven't come up with anything outside of "Hulk smash" that fits the mechanical limitations yet, but I'm open to ideas. ;)

But anyway, sorry to derail the thread. I have a pet peeve about built-in flavor. I've thought of making a "witch" with a Native American vibe whose "cackle" is more like chanting/singing.

I personally have my witch cackle like Nelson when he hits a target with Misfortune.

On a side note I think it does have to be vocal, but as long as you RP it to fit your character most DM's would be fine with that.

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Pugwumpi with class levels... ;)

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chaoseffect wrote:
Patereye wrote:
Bavin Badgerheart wrote:
Demon Lord of Tribbles wrote:
Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:
Demon Lord of Tribbles wrote:
TOZ wrote:
karkon wrote:
SwnyNerdgasm wrote:
TOZ wrote:
The one you have the most fun with.
"Oh, stop you you'll gonna make me blush"....." ON SECOND THOUGH, DO EMPHASIZE IT. IT IS IMPRESSIVE"
please stop going around naked yelling "EMPHASIZE IT. IT IS IMPRESSIVE"
Indoor voices, brah, indoor voices.

Back the original point and the perfect answer to the original question.

The best class is the one that is the most fun to play. :)

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I believe you only get one extra attack per round with a speed weapon. Having two speed weapons does not give two extra attacks... just one. The speed quality does not stack in my opinion based upon my reading of the core book.

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Legacy of Fire was a good one in that is covered a lot of classic high fantasy things that are rare in most adventures. But you have to like the idea of Arabian style adventures to get into it.

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I personally like to use Arcane Mark with Spell Combat and Spell Strike from level 2 on for normal round to round fighting. I can do it all day long and it gets me an extra attack.

I use my other spells while closing to mêlée range to buff and keep my damaging spells with spell combat and maybe spell strike for more important portions of the adventure.

Some folks have said that they are unsure about cantrips and Arcane Mark in particular... but the spell is range touch and it meets all the criteria for spell combat and spell strike per RAW. From an RP point of view my character is a magic version of Zorro and puts his mark on every foe he fights so the DM and party are happy with how it plays out.

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I believe the current copyright law in the US is set at the lifetime of the author/owner plus 100 years after his/her death for the estate. Personally I think the lawyers have gone off the deep end again in saying that much time is required before it hits the public domain... but it is what it is.

So you can plan on that being off limits until September 3rd 2073 at 1201 AM.

But I am not a lawyer or anything so take that with a grain of Google Salt. :)

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I am just finishing up Legacy of Fire with a group of 6 players. They are all about 15~16 as of the final battle. I was thinking of tying in Legacy of the Witchwar to the end of LoF. I have not picked up the module yet and wanted folks thoughts on how well it would work out. See the spoiler for my method of linking the module and the LoF AP.

Legacy of Fire Spoiler with Witchwar Question:
As a method of destroying the heart of Xotani the Firebleeded the book suggests a long quest ending in drowning the molten lava heart in the plane of water. Rather then going that route I was going to tie it into the ice region of Irrisen and the artifact listed in the module sales blurb. Any thoughts on this from folks who have read both the LoF AP and Witchwar? Thanks!

If needed they can get some XP to get them to 16~17 before they hit the dungeon during the travel from Katapesh. I figure with 6 players that they should be OK a little low. I am cross posting this in the modules section of the forums under Legacy of the Witchwar thread as well for folks that want to follow the responses.

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I think if you do a search in the conversions section of the forums you may be able to find what you are looking for.

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From the APG FAQ

Does the Toothy alternate racial trait in the Advanced Player's Guide (page 19) stack with the Razortusk feat (page 168) granting you two bite attacks?

This is one of those areas where we tried to get at the same idea multiple ways. In this case, the answer is no, unless you somehow manage to get an extra mouth. Generally speaking, natural weapons can only be used once per round each. This also applies to the Animal Fury barbarian rage power (Core Rulebook, page 32).

—Jason Bulmahn, 08/13/10

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Sean K Reynolds wrote:
Nemitri wrote:
vow of poverty should be renamed vow of sucking.
Yeah, funny thing about poverty, it sucks.

This made my Monday. ;)

One thing that I always find amusing is the "net nerdrage". A book comes out and some folks scream bloody murder that "power creep" is back and too many choices are ruining the game.

Then when they read the book some other folks scream about how the book was horrible and everything sucks to high heaven.

The game is about choices. Some of them are good for a character and some of them are bad for a character. The good and bad of the choice could be RP related, ease of play related, power level related, etc. Not everything needs to be done just to make your character tougher. And not everything has to suck to avoid power creep. A good mix is a good thing and that is what we have.

That being said, I LOVE the fact that the Vow of Poverty is what it is. It should SUCK for your character in a world were hero's are like Christmas trees and you are the single character willing to give up that power to uphold an ideal. If you make it like it was before being poor is better then being rich because you get EVERYTHING the decked out rich guy has for free... but you do not have to carry anything. ;)

Enjoy the game folks and have fun with it. If something does not work for your group play nice and either house rule it or do not use it.

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Sometimes you want hands.

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:) Waterskin and a sack for the loot! Everything else is optional.

Normal gear would be things like backpacks, rope, food/water, bedroll, torches plus any class specific items such as spellbook, holy symbol, etc.

Magic item wise potions/wands of healing, Bag of Holding/Haversack are on almost all characters.

Outside the box a Hat of Disguise is cheap and very useful in some situations.

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The target is vulnerable to an element. The magic is a barrier to the target preventing the energy from even contacting them. There may also be a saving throw to avoid the damage all together.

So here is the path and logic.

1. Saving throw if allowed to lower damage. This never touches the target so neither vulnerability nor resistance applies.
2. The energy resistance now applies to any remaining damage as this barrier protects the actual target.
3. Any remaining energy damage that exceeds the barrier resistance now affects the target... and if that target is vulnerable then the damage is doubled at this point.

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Paladins are always going to be lawful good. Many people will say that there can be other types. But this game does have a history and changing the flavor of what has been core for so long is not something I would welcome.

The warrior for balance has always been classically the stomping grounds of druids and the like. I think a character of any class in The Green Faith for Golarion would be a good example as well.

But of course you can always put things in your game that keep you and your group happy. But taking a daisy and calling it a rose is on par with calling something a Paladin that is not LG IMO.

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and in case you wanted the bit about fire under water too.

Fire: Nonmagical fire (including alchemist's fire) does not burn underwater. Spells or spell-like effects with the fire descriptor are ineffective underwater unless the caster makes a caster level check (DC 20 + spell level). If the check succeeds, the spell creates a bubble of steam instead of its usual fiery effect, but otherwise the spell works as described. A supernatural fire effect is ineffective underwater unless its description states otherwise. The surface of a body of water blocks line of effect for any fire spell. If the caster has made the caster level check to make the fire spell usable underwater, the surface still blocks the spell's line of effect.

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From the PRD.

Spellcasting Underwater: Casting spells while submerged can be difficult for those who cannot breathe underwater. A creature that cannot breathe water must make a concentration check (DC 15 + spell level) to cast a spell underwater (this is in addition to the caster level check to successfully cast a fire spell underwater). Creatures that can breathe water are unaffected and can cast spells normally. Some spells might function differently underwater, subject to GM discretion.

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Onset means they get the first effects of the disease in 1d3 days. Nothing happens at the time of infection if they fail the save.

Once it takes affect on day 1, 2 or 3 depending on the roll they must make another save. Additionally they have to make another save every day after that as they either get "sicker or better".

Any time they fail a save (other then the initial failed save that caused the disease) they take 1d4 Strength damage. If a 1 or 2 is rolled you are done for that day. If a 3 or 4 is rolled they are given an additional save to avoid becoming blind.

Any time they make a save nothing happens for THAT DAY. If they make the save for TWO DAYS in a row they are cured and the disease goes away. But they still suffer any damage from previous failed saves from the disease.

Here is an example.

Day 1 - Drank bad water infected with above Disease. PC rolls fort save and gets a 3 - fail. DM rolls a d3 and gets a 3.

Player now has a couple of days to go find someone to cure them.

Day 2 - Nothing

Day 3 - Nothing

Day 4 - PC makes a fort save and gets a 17. Nothing happens.

Day 5 - PC makes a fort save and gets a 6. Player takes 1d4 STR damage. Rolls a 2 and loses 2 STR. Nothing else happens.

Day 6 - PC makes a fort save and gets a 14. Player takes 1d4 STR damage. Rolls a 4 and loses 4 STR. Must make an additional save and gets a 15. Player is now blind.

Day 7 - PC makes a fort save and gets a 20. Nothing happens.

Day 8 - PC makes a fort save and gets a 18. Nothing happens and as this is the second consecutive made save the disease ends. They player still has STR damage that will get better over time as normal and is blind forever unless cured by a cleric or something.

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Tim Statler wrote:
A chimp with levels of Rogue.

Would that be a trap monkey? LOL

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wraithstrike wrote:
Heavy Armor Proficiency is not a bad choice, but you will have to use dragonhide armor. I don't know how items are gained in PS so that may be out of your price range.

Dwarven Stone Plate is available in Pathfinder Society... and would fit very well with an earth elemental domain Druid. So the Heavy Armor Prof feat gets you about +5 AC over hide armor. But it depends on your Dex as to how much of a boost it is.