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Does this order really need to be split into five packages? It could very easily fit into one fairly small box. $26 in shipping for card sleeves is pretty high. Yes, there are a lot of them but they would all fit into a box that is 12" x 6" x 4" Is local pick up an option if it cannot go into one box?

I added a bunch of items that show on sale when I look at the item page, but is shows no discount in my cart. I would like to place the order but want to confirm I will get the sale price as listed. Thanks.

I have been trying off and on to check out for the last four hours. It never finishes and eventually takes me back to asking for a password. Is there something wrong with the website currently or have you changed something so a specific browser is required or security settings. I have not had an issue in the past. Currently using Chrome.


Howdy All,

I thought I would share some info on how I have set up my cards for PACG for those that sleeve thier cards. I expect this may be useful for folks who are going to do OP guild gaming.

I sleeve all of my cards for normal use. However, I have not been using the actual character/role cards at all. I have been printing out the character sheets and laminating them then marking that sheet up with a sharpy. That worked fine for home games but could be too big for event use. (I use the iconic figures rather then the token card.)

So here is what I have used for the last couple of weeks and it works great.

I use the normal Ultra Pro sleeves that are clear for the character, token, and role cards. This sleeve is something I write on with a black sharpy for skills, powers, etc. I then insert that card and sleeve into this rigid sleeve for game use. This makes the card very durable and avoids wearing off the markings on the inner sleeve. Everyone in my game group is now using it.

The rigid sleeves are too large to fit into the Paizo box slots, but I just rubber band them together and put them into the slot for the add on deck boxes. (along with other stuff like dice, pencil, sharpy, spare sleeves, etc)

If you have other ways to protect you character cards while still tracking character advancement please feel free to post that below as well so everyone has lots of options to give a try.

(Also Paizo folks... I love that Utra Pro is coming out with a box to hold the game sleeved so kudos for that. If possible you may want to add some of those rigid sleeves to your site and see how they go? I know I would buy a few as I have seven class decks coming as well as S&S so will need to have a couple of more boxes for the 61 new character, role, and token cards.)


I picked up a full case at a local game store that just opened up here in town. Great figures in the case, but I have a total of four figures that were damaged when I opened it up. Is there a way to get replacements for them? I can provide pictures if needed and the feedback is appreciated.

This scenario is designed to be a whimsical play in PACG. It is loosely based upon what many RPG groups have faced before. A new DM trying to have fun with all the cool stuff when he/she builds a first adventure. :) Our group of five played this a couple of times and everyone had a fair amount of fun with it. Please post any feedback or suggestions below.

DM's First Adventure It is a night of high adventure as the party of brave hero's begins an epic quest to find and defeat the dreaded Sand Point Devil! The hero's will have to return to seek safety at The Temple when the enemy is too great... and they may even have to go to the Rusty Dragon to fortify their courage for the fights to come.

Setup: Select the locations below based upon the number of players as normal. Also select the villain as normal. Then take all of the named henchman plus the ally card Ilsoari Gendethus and shuffle them. Select random cards from this pile to provide either a henchman or villain for each location to be used. (eg : In a single player game you would select two cards and in a full group you would use all seven plus the villain.) If Ilsoari is already in a players deck select a random named ally from the box in his place.

Players: Location
1: Temple
1: Nettlemaze
1: Warrens
2: Woods
3: Deeper Dungeons
4: Farmhouse
5: Mountain Peak
6: The Rusty Dragon

Villain: The Sandpoint Devil (Ignore the Banish portion of the text on this card for this scenario.)

Henchmen: Tangletooth, Lyrie Akenja, Orik Vancaskerkin, Koruvus, Bruthazmus, Tsuto Kaijitsu, & Ilsoari Gandethus (ally card).

During This Scenario: This adventure uses all the named henchman from the base set and adventure 1. It also uses an ally with a unique power as one of the possible henchmen. Each location uses the rules as normal and each henchman uses their rules as normal. However, the Ally Ilsoari Gandethus cannot be used to close a location directly. Ilsoari Gandethus has a special set of text added for this scenario.
1 - The Sandpoint Devil is summoned on a 1 OR a 12.
2 - If the Sandpoint Devil is summoned search all locations for the Sandpoint Devil and move him to the active player to encounter. The Sandpoint Devil does not follow the "Summon" special rules in this instance and is a normal encounter with a villain. (Shuffle all decks as needed after this encounter if the game is still active.)

Reward: Each character chooses a random card of the type that is their favorite card. (eg : Valeros gets a random weapon and Seoni gets a random spell. Lem can choose any boon card but NOT a loot card.)

Love the studded leather on Shalelo & the halfling paladin(?) is awesome too :)

I am starting to wonder if we have been using the Close a Location mechanic incorrectly. As far as I know you have three ways that you can close a location and one way to temporarily close a location.

1. A location deck has zero cards - On your turn you can try and close that location if you are at that location and the active player.
2. A henchman is encountered and defeated. (See follow up comments below.)
3. The villain is encountered and defeated. (See follow up comments below.)
4. The villain is encountered somewhere and any player at another location can try to temporarily close that location. If two players are at another location one of them gets to try and close it but not both as only one check is allowed per location.

Here are the follow up questions.

2B. If you defeat a henchman as the active player are you the only person that can make the check at that location or can the character with the best chance try and close it for you as long as they are also at that location with you? Only one check is allowed overall but I thought this is an area where teamwork could come into play. As an example if Valeros killed the henchman could Kyra make the Divine 6 check for him as long as she was at the same location?

3B. If the villain is defeated but he has places to run off to... do you have to try and temporarily close the location where he was or not? If you do not temporarily close it does it count into the math for pulling blessings as a possible escape location? (Basically can the villain hide in the same place where he was if you defeated him or does he always flee somewhere else? This came up when we had one other open location plus the location where the villain was when encountered. A debate was suggested to try and close it so he had to go to the only open location and thus we would all know where he was.)

I think maybe we are overthinking it myself. ;)

This came up in a game last night and I thought I understood the card... but some other folks at the table read it opposite me and now I am unsure as I can see their point. So here is the card text as written.

The Poison Pill - Add 2 to your checks to acquire allies.

So if I am in this scenario and I want to acquire an ally that has a "Check to Acquire : Wisdom 5" Does that mean I roll my Wisdom +2 vs DC 5 or does it mean that the "Check to Acquire : Wisdom 5" is increased by two to "Check to Acquire : Wisdom 5+2=7"

Does the Poison Pill make picking up allies easier or harder?

I am getting my figures out to use for the game rather than having the large art card taking up more table space then it has to. So far here is what I have and what I am missing. Does anyone know if any of the missing figures are available other than in card stock or metal format? (I am listing where the ones I have came from so others can get them if they want to... unfortunately some are out of stock at this time.)

Amiri. - Shattered Star and Out of Stock

Lem. - Shattered Star and Out of Stock

Ezren, Kyra, Valeros, & Merisiel. - Beginner Box Heroes

Seoni. - Rise of the Rune Lords and Out of Stock

Harsk. - Rise of the Rune Lords

Seelah. - Hero's and Monsters

Lini - Not sure if it is out yet so suggestions wanted.

Sajan - Not sure if it is out yet so suggestions wanted.

I think I need to do a little brain check and adjustment on myself. ;)

When you build the decks characters are limited on what cards they can have. Ezren does not have any blessings, Valeros does not have any spells, an Seoni does not have any armor. That is all cut and dried and understandable.

However, what if Ezren picks up a blessing by making an acquire check when exploring. Not too big a deal... he gets it and can us it just like everyone else. At the end of that game he can trade it to someone else or send it back to the box as he is not allowed to keep blessing in his deck.

Here is where the brain adjustment from my RPG rules brain comes in. What happens if Seoni picks up half plate or Valeros pick up a spell such as cure or mass cure. Can they use those items as a one shot? Spells say to banish and armor says to banish or bury depending on damage reduced or proficiency.

All the spells say if you do not have the skill of Divine and/or Arcane then the card is banished... but that text is AFTER the spell text. So can Valeros cure himself or someone else with a spell if he manages to acquire it while on an adventure and exploring then he banishes the card? The way I was thinking it would go is he would keep it in his hand as a pitch card for when he takes damage... that would then put it in his discard to trade after the game since fighters cannot cast spells normally. (Or trade it during the game with someone in his location.) But a reading of the rules says that maybe he CAN use it... but only once.

Players may have to start forgetting the RPG rules in some cases when playing the card game if that is the case... but it could make for some fun options. :)

OK, That Sandpoint Devil looks pretty cool. Having to beat it twice at a 20 both times certainly puts it in the top bad guy spot I have seen so far. I could see how that could chew threw the blessings deck pretty quick.

Howdy All,

I just picked up an Asus TF700T running Android 4 and would like any suggestions you have on the best apps for gaming... or even in general. Anything targeted at gaming and Pathfinder in specific would be good to know about. I also really need to get a good bookself program and PDF reader that is quick to browse the Paizo Lite PDF's while at the table.

And please try and keep this focused on Android comments. I picked the tablet I have for a variety of reasons and am not looking to change to an iPad. I know the whole apple/android thing is almost as bad as talking about D&D editions. :)

Thanks all!

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