New Runelords character sheet PDFs broken?

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I didn't want to post this in the other character sheet thread, since this is more of a technical issue I've run into...

I was able to download the new versions of the character sheets for S&S, Class Decks, and the new S&S rulebook. Once downloaded, I put a copy of the PDFs onto my home server so any of the laptops/tablets/phones in my house could access them. And I even renamed some of the PDF files so they were easy to find in my file hierarchy.

However, when I downloaded the new Runelords character sheets to my desktop, the zipped folder and PDF files seemed to be locked or something. I could open and look at the PDFs, but I could not move/copy the PDFs anywhere else. And if I moved the actual zipped folder, then I could no longer open the PDF files within it.

Strangeness ensues. Anyone else experiencing a similar problem, or was it just me who failed my check to defeat this barrier?

I set mine up the same way and had no problems with the RotR PDFs. Maybe scrap the one you have and download it again? I know the zip to PDF can cause a hiccup now and then (I personally get empty zip files way too often... I think it's interruption during download that causes it).

Yeah, I tried downloading it again with the same results. Maybe I'll try again next week. Not sure why it was giving me issues. The other downloads worked fine!

I was able to open and use them fine using Chrome to download and view them on both my desktop and my android tablet. They worked in Adobe, Dropbox, and EzPDF for viewing.

THe only thing I can suggest is clearing your cache and starting fresh to see what happens. Good luck!

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