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For Acquisitives you may want to hit 46 by triggering Purveyor of Fortune one last time since it also gives you both an extra fame and rep. And same for Dataphiles etc as well.


If you just want to cast as a kitsune, you can be a psychic caster. Fox shape wouldn't prevent Thought or Emotion components.
If you want to be a full caster the Psychic is Int focused, but uses either Cha or Wis for a secondary. However you can use the Formless Adept archetype to swap to Cha or there is a racial trait to make kitsune +2 Int


They provided Season 10 cards at GenCon this year, which would seem to imply to me that you can still start with S10 cards.
But you know what they say about assuming things....

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Still a pass for me.
Unfortunately there is no way to just get the 1e product, and I'm not willing to pay $60 for 2e pdfs ill never use just to add on the bestiary

It looks like the chronicle sheet has an error.

The Variable Rewards only has one column for gold, presumably for level 1 based on the range


ShadowDax wrote:
My downloads still displays the old 1.0 starfinder field guide

It displayed as the old 2017 release in My Downloads as well, but after I downloaded the guide it was the new one and refreshed the date in My Downloads as well.

Anything for Samsaran in the book?


My planned build was a kindred raised half elf. 7/10/11/19/10/18 at first. With extra mental focus starting at 11.5 and gaining 1.5 per level. Though even a less focused b8 can power 3 implements easily


As much as I was looking forward to a Silksworn (and adding Panoply Savant & Trappings of the Warrior to my Reliquarian...) I think the real key is the versatility and total spells per day compared to a Sorcerer over 1-4

A sorcerer knows 2-4 lvl 1 spells over that period and can cast 3-6 per day (+ Stat bonus). On top of this they have 1 or 2 bloodline powers.
Probably a limited use level one spell equivalent (say 7-10 uses a day with good stats) and a small universal buff

A Silksworn has 4-5 lvl 1 spells and can cast 1-3 a day (+ Stat bonus).
So twice as many to choose from, though on average half as many per day.
However for focus your looking at around 8-18 over those levels with a decent stat array
With an easy average of 3 per implement, this would give 4-5 small universal buffs, but even the base focus power can be on par or better than a level 1 spell. So 10-15 extra level one spell equivalents.

At 4th second levels come on line, and the tradeoff begins again (1 spell with 3 uses versus 5 spells with 1 use), though past that the quicker access to high level spells favors the sorcerer.

Over the lower levels (which seems to be most Society play) it just favors the Occultist.
3 Focus in Conjuration at level one alone wipes out the spells per day difference with a combat useful spell. Standard action Summons for 1 minute? Yes please!

Ah well on the bright-side i don't need to buy Inner Sea Races now, and I think I'll start waiting till the Society update hits before I buy new books.
Between the cut content in Psychic Anthology, Heroes of the High Court and Path of the Righteous it just isn't worth buying blind for Society play and hoping it gets legalized

And certain content such as APs can be played with homerules and still qualify for PFS credit and boon sheets.

Thank you. Please send the shirt separately

I wanted to check on my order, as its been 45 days at this point

I would be interested in a compilation of the piratey one, but would also suggest including hooks for a certain froggy adventure path as well.

Please cancel pending order 4129375
Thank you

Hopefully any feedback isn't too late. this is from my first quick read through

Milo of Clyde- his vestigial companion replaces "Pistol proficiency". I assume that should be Lead Slinger.

Al'Kra- Infectious Despair:The callback to the Shatter Defenses Feat seems unnecessarily confusing (at least it was to me). Perhaps just have it make the target flatfooted (either universally, or just to the binder)

The Nieva Nieces- as written you only have a 25% chance of binding the one you "choose", so the better strategy would be to name the one you don't want and just plan on a 22 DC. Perhaps if you make it "Odds/Evens" (50%) or even better yet any number BUT the one you call (75%) you end up with more control (and actually picking the one you want) but a chance of the wrong party slipping in.

Jehotek- Capstone: does the healing occur only if the target is within the Fire from the Heavens area (My guess as to the intent) or can you just wave your hand once a day and heal the appropriate targets as a separate ability (RAW)

Kandisha- Curse of Kandisha. Should their be a limit to how many curses a target is under, or can you layer all of them on a single target with enough time?

Lord Saruga- Saruga's Curse. Is it only a polymorph effect if its temporary? As the first part ("Like a reincarnate spell") is not normally a polymorph i would read it that way, however as part of the second you also include the dispel information which would then imply only the temporary version is dispelable.

Rasputin -Whip Mastery: Should it also grant proficiency with whips (and maybe scorpion whips)?

The Beast that Births- Capstone: As I read it, you can summon one creature from the Summon Natures Ally IX List for four turns, or if you want multiples it functions *as* SNA V- so either 1d3 from SNA IV or 1d4+1 from SNA I-III, and I'm unclear if they last Binder Level turns or 4. And I'm not sure if that is the intent.

The Worglord- Defy Destiny: not italicized