Any reason to go over 45 reputation with a faction?

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So my soldier finally hit 45 Acquisitives reputation last session. Is there any reason to keep going with acquisitives at this point, or is it much wiser to start working on another faction?

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Start working on another faction, currently. There is currently no reason to go higher with a single faction.

Last time Thursty was asked this question, he said that there is no plan at this time to add rewards for reputation beyond Tier 4 (45 reputation) with any given faction.

Also, congratz on hitting Tier 4 with the Acquisitives!

Thanks! Got to figure out where to use my Balanced Nepotism now... Got a couple of the boons to grow a religions influence from GenCon, so some sort of priest seems in order... Maybe wait a bit for COM first though.

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If you have recently run dangerously low on resolve, then you might want to keep slotting your Improved Champion boon.


For Acquisitives you may want to hit 46 by triggering Purveyor of Fortune one last time since it also gives you both an extra fame and rep. And same for Dataphiles etc as well.

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