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Anyone in customer service studies this on a daily basis. My papers aren't being accepted thou... sadist journals.

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+1 to OP.

Can't see myself playing this game for more than another few weeks without chat.

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TEO Cheatle wrote:
#2 - Social Aspects, like Company/Settlement Chat

I'd vote for only 1 thing right now, improved chat. I played for a few days without using a third party website or program just to see if it could work. It didn't work at all.

The help channel devolves into a de facto general chat until someone (I've only seen Bonny) tries to reshape it into a 'help' channel. Of course, when Ryan or another dev gets on and wants to chat whatever whenever they're allowed to use 'help' as a general chat.

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1) The game is very confusing (Maybe I am getting slow in my old age, I don't see others complaining of this?). I played a priest-or-something-like-it for 2 days and never once figured out how to cast heal correctly. I think I healed a goblin a few times and gave up.

I've lead healing for 25 man raids in WoW on 'hard' content back a few expansions ago. Why can't I figure out how to heal in this game? It is not just that, most skills and feats and whatever-else have very little information to go along with it.

I have to consult forums and guides on day one to even know what to spend the 1000 first exp on. This entire part has to be fixed for the game to work beyond ~3,000 hardcore EE players.

2) As others have said, there is no content as of now. I think a lot of us are just planning to "get a character cooking" at the start of EE on some exp and infrequent gathering and let the game develop on without us. Then if it ever gets fun, we'll jump back in and spend that exp.

p.s. I gather healing has something to do with switching to my off-set weapon selection and having a focus equipped. This mechanic and mechanics like it are just not fun. They're clunky and do not add to game play. You either have to pick one mechanic or the other (either healers are only healing and part of a party, or healing is not a viable option for simultaneously fighting solo). IMO anyway. That is why I stopped trying to heal altogether.

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Wow, good thing I chose today to start playing the alpha :)

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Awesome :) Thank you for putting so much work into these.

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Dario wrote:
Bitter Thorn wrote:
Beta will only allow clerics of 9 deities?
I believe at the start they will have one god per alignment, with plans to add more over time. My information is rather old though, so I hope someone will correct me if I'm misleading you.

You're correct as far as I know:

Stephen Cheney wrote:

I think Sarenrae was the only one we subbed in. The starting list is:

LG: Iomedae; NG: Sarenrae; CG: Desna;
LN: Abadar; N: Gozreh; CN: Gorum;
LE: Asmodeus; NE: Norgorber; CE: Lamashtu

It seems likely to me that the next set of gods we'd include would be another one from each alignment, so every alignment has two options. That will likely mean crowdforging to decide between gods on some of the alignments that still have more than one major* deity left.

*possibly including in the choices minor deities that are really important locally, like Hanspur and Gyronna

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I have a question for the community / devs about bind points. Can anyone set a bind (resurrection) point to any proto-settlement they want? After all there is no management structure yet in place for the proto-settlements yet, they are all just NPC settlement placeholders.

Maybe this is a noob question, but I've searched and can't find an answer.

Edit: To be clearer in the relevance to WoT, let me suggest a scenario where there are two competing companies of roughly the same size. In theory they could both bind to the same NPC settlement and fight for the next door tower. When any company member dies, they have the same distance to run back from their bind point as the other company. The winning company has no way to "displace" the aggressors from being on top of them during the entire WoT 4-5 month period unless the aggressors voluntarily unbind from that settlement and go elsewhere.

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Kemedo wrote:
The person below me will not compare PFO with another sucessfull MMO, as all the web-media does every-single-time when a MMO launches.

Ok, I will try my best :) Perhaps if I compare PFO with another successful MMO several hundred times before it launches, I can get it out of my system before hand.

The Empyrean Order is still welcoming all interested players! Crafters and merchants, explorers, fighters, and everything in between. We encourage you to message with questions and stop by if you would like to know more.

The person below me drinks at least 8 cans of Diet Mt. Dew daily.

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I'm going to speculate wildly that PFO has been redesigned around a tower defense game. Think this is clear from the OP. :)

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What parts are you interested in?

I don't have time to play competitively PvP wise either. I've made it clear in my own guild that I'm not in the PvP wing and so have others to their respective guilds.

There are a lot of crafting-and-building only players and groups forming up all over the place. It isn't just all about PvP, it is just that PvP is the driving engine of consumption that gives us sandbox crafters something to produce towards. Without PvP no one would need to buy our stuff very often.

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Are you able to give more details on the number of building slots available vs the number of buildings needed to maximize an "Area of Focus" ?

For example, say a woodlands settlement wants to maximize all products wood related. They might need a carpenter, sawmill, and botanist. If the settlement has (just for a number), 10 building slots, then that takes almost 1/3rd of the settlement's capacity to maximize wood products. Likewise if they spent 3 spaces on ranger related buildings, that settlement might only be able to focus on 2-3 major "Areas of Focus."

If settlements want to maximize a field, how many fields do you see them being able to do?
Are you able to give details on core alignment vs deity alignment - are they able to be within 1 step?

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@Lee and @Stephen -

Are you able to give more details on the number of building slots available vs the number of buildings needed to maximize an "Area of Focus" ?

For example, say a woodlands settlement wants to maximize all products wood related. They might need a carpenter, sawmill, and botanist. If the settlement has (just for a number), 10 building slots, then that takes almost 1/3rd of the settlement's capacity to maximize wood products. Likewise if they spent 3 spaces on ranger related buildings, that settlement might only be able to focus on 2-3 major "Areas of Focus."

If settlements want to maximize a field, how many do you see them being able to do?

P.S. really loved the podcast! Looking forward to more.

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<Magistry> Athansor wrote:

Thanks Roughshod.

We'll see how bad the hike is from the opposite end of the early enrollment world.

Hmm as the crow flies it looks like about 1-2 hours depending on conditions. Maybe... I'll visit on the major holidays. You know, Taxfest and Thanksgiving.

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Why only POIs and Feuds?


Influence has a number of varied uses to complement a company's chosen focus. We'll cover influence mechanics in more detail in a later blog post, but here's a quick overview:

All companies may use influence to forge alliances with other companies or settlements, usually to establish trade arrangements or provide mutual security.
For empire-builders, influence is spent to claim territory in the Crusader Road region. When a company clears the dangerous inhabitants from wilderness hex, they may spend their influence to claim that location for their own.
For mercenaries, bandits, and agitators, influence can be used to declare a feud—a state of PvP hostilities like a war between settlements, but at shorter notice and for a shorter period—against another company or settlement.
For traders and crafters, influence can be spent on boons to help dominate an economy or profession, and on shoring up caravan defenses when transporting goods across the lands.
Finally, for adventuring companies, influence can be spent to claim great rewards from successful escalation cycles, either for the benefit of the company itself or for its sponsoring settlement.

-Join together with the band

I could see a PvE mercenary "guild" set:

  • Its 1C to build a sponsored settlement.
  • Its 2C to boost PvE rewards, say clearing escalations or running Emerald Spire.
  • Its 3C to, I don't know. Mercenary's-R-Us?

I'm keen on boosts to economy and professions. What adventurers are going to turn down "great rewards" from the stuff they already do? Feuds and land may be what we're focusing on now because we're all here because of the Land Rush, but I think a lot of players in the future will be focused more on PvE content uses of influence. When you want a PUG group of friend/ally players to just go clear out some mobs, why not be in a secondary company picking up bonus rewards? I think there are a ton of uses for secondary companies beyond feuds.

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Armenfrast wrote:

With pleasure. On your way please take the opportunity to kill some of the creatures wandering near our territory and do not forget to leave a substantial tithe - building a holy vault|cathedral will surely prove to be expensive.

I'm hoping I can kill two birds with one stone and just drop a massive sack of gold on creatures.

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Belated congrats :) As a future cleric of Abadar I look forward to visiting Riverbank.

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I think this sounds perfect. Signed for my 3rd CC on my main.

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Having googled "Blaeringr" and come up at an unclear definition, I'm going to skip the game part for now.
We are still accepting members to both TEO and Brighthaven. Join The Empyrean Order here on the Land Rush website.

Also / alternatively, consider making a membership on our forums and you can ask us whatever in our public forum section. Questions about Brighthaven or TEO? Great! Do you have just regular questions about PFO? We can help with that too. One of the benefits in having a lot of active and helpful people in TEO is the knowledge base that comes along with it. This is one of the reasons I joined TEO, as I'm sure Early Enrollment will be a confusing time and I wanted to have a lot of people who could potentially answer my questions.

We also have members who are shift workers as well as European members, so there is a growing number of players that will be potentially online at all times to go adventuring with. I am a shift worker myself and so if you're around at 2 am CST, that would be terrific!

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In EVE I eventually got used to crafting components just as much as regular gear. A valuable piece of wreckage is more of a treat than a useless "named" item. Ex: "Rango Tango's Beta Implant of Space Bumping... wtf is this junk... OH ITS WORTH 100M ISK YES, YES!"

I doubt PFO would have a system that tells you the average local price of each item on mouseover, but it would be nice. In a true player economy game you can find as much value in the cash price of an item as the utility of it. I think PFO would trend towards that, especially if it can link in the mind of the looter the immediate "value" of that item.

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Congrats on the land rush! Looking forward to visiting :)

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Welcome Theats, always glad to meet a fellow ACE character. I think construction/domestic management/diplomacy falls under the same Aristocrat skill umbrella, if I've read the tea leaves correctly.

Nice to see your avatar on here is somehow the great grandfather of my CotP forum avatar. I suppose that makes us avatar relatives.

As for the Reagan/poofy-hat-charming-man avatar relation, I see none yet. But the person below me does.

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@Ryan - Thank you for the reply!

Ryan Dancey wrote:
There's a huge EVE community and I know from direct personal experience that a lot of those players are deeply dissatisfied with the EVE experience. ... and my sense is that there are a lot of people in those communities who would like to try again, this time with a platform designed to limit sociopathic behavior.

Next target demographic: the dismayed.

Yeah this would be me, and judging by the constant "well in EVE..." comments there more on the forums.

I backed PFO because it seemed like my best shot at a decent MMO within the next decade (assuming there might be one decent MMO per decade and I live for the next 5 decades, god willing). I haven't played an MMO seriously since around 2009 because real life doesn't include raid time. Gave up on the prospect until your Kickstarter, which was the first I ever backed. I wonder how much of the PFO base is new/re-entering the MMO pool like me.

Anyway, not too concerned with these murder simulator fears. More stabbin' less gabbin'. Will work itself out.

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Best of luck :) I'm planning on being a cleric, but following Abadar. If that doesn't pan out thou, Sarenrae is my backup.

There are a lot of NG settlements in the south, would be happy to see your church in the neighborhood. I'll visit when I can!

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I'm installing a computer in the bathroom... or maybe it would be better to just install a bathroom under my computer. Wait, is this thread visible to the public? :O

But more seriously, I suppose I'll have to get a new headset too, let me know how that G430 works out. My mouse sometimes goes haywire too, suppose I'll have to update that too, oye.

I remember way back when WoW came out and it was a *thing* to buy a mouse with more than 3 buttons.

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The first week or two of Alpha Testing will be an internal test with Goblinworks and Paizo employees and family members.

I've been meaning to mention that I am your cousin. You know, the one from the family. Yes.

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Can't wait to find out more about how the alignment with Abadar plays out on a cleric. Will it give bonus/skill to combat, or more fitting will it relate to banks/buildings/civilization?

Also how to align to a LN deity while I'm planning on being in a NG settlement... For that matter, how does one play NG or LN differently if all the examples on the blog are just of "evil" acts like killing NPCs or players (I won't be doing either). Ahhhhh! So many questions!

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Congrats, looking forward to visiting! Very happy for the neighborhood :)

T7V Avari wrote:
Keeper's Pass, officially the coolest settlement name so far.


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Congrats to all, happy to see some neighbors!