BBC Psychology: The man who studies everyday evil

Pathfinder Online

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Relevant to this forum and the game on many levels. Enjoy!

Goblin Squad Member

I don't know what you're implying...

<happily feeds more insects into the machine>

*Sits at other end of machine, happily gobbling up mashed bugs*

Goblin Squad Member

*Goes of the roasting pan.*
(The best chicken is grasshopper fed.)

I personally prefer paladins, I find there screams angelic and strangely soothing, quite refreshing after a long day slave trading.

I'm glad to see yall are enjoying :)

Goblin Squad Member

Back in my postgrad days one of the guys in the department was doing a doctoral thesis on the nature of Evil.

Goblin Squad Member

Anyone in customer service studies this on a daily basis. My papers aren't being accepted thou... sadist journals.

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