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Loyal Listeners and Faithful Fans, welcome to another episode of GobboCast!

Harad Navar and Ezekial Krows are proud to present not one, not two, but three interviews, all rolled up into one podcast! GobboCast contacted the three organizations in the Land Rush who received their settlements before week one of the Land Rush went live. Joining us as representatives of their respective organizations are:

  • DeciusBrutus of the Seventh Veil and the Settlement of Phaeros
  • Lifedragn of The Empyrean Order and the Settlement of Brighthaven
  • Charlie George of Aeternum and the Settlement of Callambea

Listen in now!

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And are you all in for a special treat, or what?

Early next week, GobboCast will be unleashing a brand new interview with Lee Hammock of GoblinWorks! Harad Navar has the scoop, and we can't wait to submit to the community even more details about our favorite upcoming sandbox MMO!

Stay Tuned!

- GobboCast Team

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Awesome :) Thank you for putting so much work into these.

Goblin Squad Member

Always good to listen to Gobocast.

Well done and thanks to everyone involved, especially the settlement leaders, was an interesting listen

Goblin Squad Member

Loved this, thank you!

Goblin Squad Member

It was our pleasure; the representatives of the three settlements were a blast to speak with, and it adds a little more depth to the game when you can have statements directly from these large organizations as to the why and what when it came to their settlement locations and plans for the future.

We can't wait to release Episode 15 in the next day or two!

Goblin Squad Member

Apologies for not being able to speak directly. I was visiting family in Ohio and had very spotty internet access.

Goblin Squad Member

We appreciated the fact that you would still offer a contribution even with all that was going on; your answers were perfect, and hopefully Harad and I delivered them as you would have.

Goblin Squad Member

I type much better than I speak (or so I feel - my members who attend my meetings could probably verify), so I feel your wonderful voices and clear diction has done more justice to my responses than I may have been able to do so myself. Thank you for reading on my behalf, and allowing our thoughts to be heard clearly.

Goblin Squad Member

It was our pleasure, and I hope we can interest you back on the show as GoblinWorks takes us deeper into Alpha, Early Enrollment and beyond!

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On a future interview with Lee, can you ask him some of the unanswered questions from the Ask Dev Q&A thread?

Goblin Squad Member

I am definitely willing to give it a go.

Goblin Squad Member

@Giorgo, do you mean in the Blogs and Q&A Videos: Submit questions here thread?

Goblin Squad Member

Harad Navar wrote:
@Giorgo, do you mean in the Blogs and Q&A Videos: Submit questions here thread?

Yes; I was at the time in my car typing on my Kindle and could not multitask to check the correct thread title. :)

Lee was answering questions on the live Alpha stream a few days ago, and had I internet access I would have asked him in the live chat... I doubt he has time for new Video blogs, so if you could get some of those unanswered questions taken care of....

Goblin Squad Member

I will try my best.

Goblin Squad Member

Do you guys record on a voice over ip software or do you record localy and sync it up afterwards? If it's the former you should totally record a 5 second clip of yourself in audacity and be amazed by the difference.

Goblin Squad Member

When I was an active host, we did dual audacity and sync up. I think the issue is other folks getting audacity and sending us the files. Not sure though, Harad has stepped up and I'm not entirely sure what he uses.

Goblin Squad Member

I'll be honest, in our effort to get GobboCasts out at a record pace, we've been bucking the conventional means of recording locally on each system and then sending them in to one editor. Instead, we've been doing a simple recording of the teamspeak server as we're rolling along.

Yes, it does cause sound issues, especially for the one who's not recording locally, but once we understand our pace, get things on a better rhythm, and gain more GobboCast Crew, we will be bringing back the high fidelity local-recordings for each pod caster.

So, take this as a request for more help! If you're interested in GobboCast - helping behind the scenes, assisting with the Pod Cast, writing your own Blog for our website - let either myself or Harad know and we'll get you hooked up to the right department!

Goblin Squad Member

Really looking forward to this next episode guys. Also greatly appreciating the previous ones.

I am standing by if you want to PM me a link to it early. ;)

Goblin Squad Member

I can personally atest to the time consuming nature of editing multiple tracks. Syncing them up is fairly easy, but when it comes to editing two, let alone three or four different tracks of audio, you are talking about quite a few hours if not an entire afternoon/evening of editing.

I averaged about three hours or so per episode when I was editing.

Scarab Sages

Can we have a abstract of the Gobocast (Summon Nihimon), some of us (me) have a problem with english listening and/or attention span. (a transcription would be awesome, but since the time to do it, a list of informations will do the job ;) )

Indeed a great job, GOBOs!!!

Goblin Squad Member

Well, Kemedo, since I have this from what I sent them to read... here is my original responses that they read for me. Someone else will need to add their commentary ;)

1. Now that there have been a couple of draft rounds in the Land Rush, we can begin to see how the other guilds are distributed based on their present rank. How successful do you think your guild’s strategy for choosing your settlement’s location in Phase 1 has turned out?

A. Our strategy looks to be in good shape for the moment. We have exactly the neighbors we were looking for as well as some pleasant surprises. Choosing our location was a bit of a risk, as mountain passes are a two way street. They are great for not letting others in, but they can also be used to make it troublesome for you to get out. With the settlements cropping up around us, I feel fairly confident about our ability to move freely in and out of the region. Additionally, with the heavy interest in many of our neighbors to build strong trade relations, I feel that every group is going to be able to have access to a well diversified set of resources. Unfortunately, those were only our minor strategic concerns. The larger reasons for our choice are going to be near impossible to measure until we actually get into game.

2. I think we can reasonably state that your guild will not be able to actually take possession of your settlement location until months into EE. How does your guild feel about forming chartered companies before you can form chartered settlements, and what would that look like?

A.The Empyrean Order has been expecting to have multiple companies ever since the announcement that ideal company sizes would be around 30-40 players with a fall-off of benefits after 50. The announcement really has not changed much. We already expected to have several folks spending a lot of time in the starter settlements to fulfill our organizational goals and mandates. This just means we'll be all the stronger in those locations until we do have good control of the settlement.

3. Lee Hammock has indicated that it might be possible for a NPC proto-settlement, which will become your settlement after the Great Catastrophe, to have different “flavors” based on the cleric, rouge, fighter, and wizard roles. If you were given the chance to pick which flavor your proto-settlement would have, what would pick?

A. Based on internal polls, we have a lot of martial interest. Cannot say for sure at this time, but the lean is definitely in that direction.

4. What will your chartered companies be looking to accomplish in the months before the Great Catastrophe, since you most likely not be able to form a settlement charter before then?

A. Our group was founded on the principle of eliminating griefers across the map. As it became clear that Goblinworks wished to deal with the griefer threat, along with constant bickering over what was or was not griefing, our group sort of evolved into a broader protectorate against non-consensual PvP. Not wanting to be the bullies that tell everyone how to play the game, we then also set more solid definitions of where we would emphasize our mission. Those locations are around our home settlement and neighbors or allies who desire our services as well as around the starter settlements. We are not really prevented from supporting this mission by the presence of proto-settlements as opposed to full settlements. TEO will, along pretty much all desired play-styles, be able to engage in every aspect of the game we desired except for settlement building and managing. We will have the PvP, the PvE, and the exploration. Hopefully crafting will follow soon after.

5. Based on Lee Hammock’s interview, PoI’s and resource outposts will be in play before settlements mechanics are in place. What direction do you see your companies going in trying to develop PoI’s and resource outposts before the Great Catastrophe?

A. I do not think our plan will differ from anyone else's. Build what we can hold and then begin trying to establish a stockpile to give our settlement that little boost when it comes online.

6. What do you see as the most important trade agreements your settlement will be looking to make once you take possession of your settlement after the Greta Catastrophe?

A. I think our most important trade agreements will be those that are intended to build positive relationships with other entities. I know that resources are important, but I think their value is secondary to establishing the player interaction that builds positive relationships. If you find yourselves under seige, it is not that caravan of wood coming in that will save you. Your enemy will probably stop it before it reaches your gates. Rather, it is your friends who will show up with blades and arcane might that could really turn the tides of battle. Conversely, if the settlement is destined to fail, having good friends to take you in until you can find a place to rebuild is likely to be a far superior option to retreating to the NPC towns. At the end of the day I really believe 'Don't go it alone' is as true for organizations as it is for individual players. This is not going to be a game to play by yourself, at any level. And I would rather have many more of those other players collaborating with me than opposing me.

7. To close out our interview today, is there anything particular you want the rest of the PFO Community to know about your settlement?

A. Quite some time ago, we advertised Brighthaven as an open community that other companies could sign onto and help participate in. Unfortunately, we did not get much interest from other companies, though we did get a lot of verbal support and had a few non-company individuals express interest in staying with us. We are currently working on building out our town charter, and are making attempts to stay true to what we had originally advertised. There are some discussions surrounding security in that endeavor, but the outcome of those discussions is not yet clear. We intend to post this charter as the Land Rush begins nearing its end and renewing our invitation to join Brighthaven as independent companies that do not need to join TEO to have a hand in not only managing but leading the settlement. Our timing is partly to be able to write up a very solid charter, and partly to allow the smaller organizations and settlements to merge into groups that are large enough to actually manage the settlements they start with. Despite the current appearance of being the largest group to date, we do want to encourage and see smaller groups take root and blossom. That being said, we are definitely still recruiting and invite everyone to take a look at our Paizo recruiting thread to see what we are about.

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