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Ryan Dancey wrote:


...and all you have to do now is tell people you have it and welcome them to your groups.

Just not in game. No way to welcome them in game.

Ryan Dancey wrote:

...everyone who gets one also has a connection of some kind with someone who is already playing the game. Those recruits are in the social network of Pathfinder Online as soon as they start play.

We had a connection before, that was true. Maybe we can alt+tab out of the game or log off completely and go talk to them again sometime.

Ryan Dancey wrote:

We will help you communicate, ...


Ryan Dancey wrote:

Those landing pages need to have a very visible very prominent primary point of contact with an email address so people can easily and quickly communicate with a real human to ask questions and make a connection!

Yes, easily and quickly communicating with real humans would be fantastic. If only some technology existed to do this...

Ryan Dancey wrote:

Settlements are social first, game mechanics second. The thing people ask about most often in MMOs is how to be a part of a fun, interesting social group. It can be hard to figure out how to make a connection with a group.

Yes, it is incredibly hard to make any connection in game, well put.

Ryan Dancey wrote:

Social Media

Facebook is designed to foster the "sharing" of a social context.

When you tweet and use the #pathfinderonline hashtag or when you use @Goblinworksinc in your tweet, we'll see it and retweet your message to our followers which gives you added visibility too!

One way we can do that is for you, our players, to get engaged with discussions on Reddit in an organic, natural way.

Have a great pitch for why your Settlement is a great group of people to play with and make yourself easily accessible for communication (always leave a contact email or web site in your posts!)


OP is a 2000 word essay describing the fact that people love to talk to one another and this is the primary reason MMOs work. Builds game with no chat function.


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I'll sign on for anyone who wants to add me to your address book. Roughshod of TEO: The Golden Scales Company of Brighthaven.

I don't speak for either TEO or Golden Scales, but we have always expressed open commerce and trade. I posted an earlier reply in your other thread, so I won't go into as much detail here.

I've added the names here to my address book. I'll try to follow up with you later on the Goblinworks forum when we have a more permanent home for EE. Please feel free to add / message me later if you need a contact.

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Darcnes wrote:
I would like to cordially invite any individuals, companies, and settlements with designs on crafting, trade or paid services to join us in efforts to build not only a functional, but a flourishing network of commerce.

Invitation accepted! I've been brainstorming on this very idea ever since I joined up in the Landrush.

As a member of TEO Company: The Golden Scales at Brighthaven, I do not speak for the leadership. We will adapt and invest in all that is available as it rolls out in EE, as any good merchants would. I suppose all I can offer with certainty here is that I would love to be on your Friends list as the game launches and that we should follow up with each other on needs as the game evolves.

My primary desire in the game is to be an ACE character (Aristocrat/Commoner/Expert) and to pursue profit where profit can be found.

To answer your second question,

Darcnes wrote:

Likewise, what do you anticipate needing from the community to be successful in your endeavors?

Given our current lack of knowledge on the game itself, what I could really use is just a good contact list of like-minded people. A good person to person network is a worthy goal for now before we can actually get our hands on the game. I agree that no one area can or should dominate trade, so a variety of active hubs is best for all of us.

Beyond the game itself, it will be very important for those of us who are "Economy-minded" or whatever term you prefer, to be as open and clear for Crowdforging purposes as possible. The ever precious "trade secrets" to our markets and profit are great and all, but perhaps if we have a more global understanding of what it feels like as a player to participated in the sandbox economy of PFO, we can make better recommendations to GW on how to improve it. I pledge to do the best I can to contribute to this, "trade secrets" being what they are and all. I'd say we should all sign some sort of elaborate nonbinding agreement but there are so many of them already :P

Glad to see Dagedai and Freevale here with a representative. I look forward to seeing where you are on the map, and I look forward to seeing you on the Goblinworks forums as a more permanent home in the future.

Anyone who wants to add me please do so. You can feel free to contact me later in EE and if I can't help you directly, I can find someone in Brighthaven who can. If outside of Brighthaven, perhaps one of my fellow contacts in another Settlement. A rising tide... you get the idea ;)

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Roughshod wrote:

For obtaining materials, is the only way with mob drops? Are there any material nodes like an iron deposit or an herb - that are collectible in a non-combat way? (Bulk resource not counted, as those are not used in this crafting process? or...?)

You can tell who the pure ACE characters are in this thread because we're going "only monster drops? AAAH ONLY monster drops??"

They actually specified in the video that materials could be obtained from resource collection, too. Recipes are another matter, of course.

Hmm ok, I re-listened to it a few times and you're correct. They cover it at the beginning then only talk about the creature drops/chests after that, so I was concerned. Whew!

The recipes aren't a big deal IMO, those can be dropped wherever. Just COD them to my post office box in Brighthaven... :P

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For obtaining materials, is the only way with mob drops? Are there any material nodes like an iron deposit or an herb - that are collectible in a non-combat way? (Bulk resource not counted, as those are not used in this crafting process? or...?)

You can tell who the pure ACE characters are in this thread because we're going "only monster drops? AAAH ONLY monster drops??"

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Having to train up a skill before you can carry a standard into battle sounds pretty good.

Yeah I think it is a cool design to give a little different functionality to the ACE roles when it comes to groups. They can participate in the large battles too. Fighters can also get it though so no one is left out when it comes to those banners. From the same blog post:


The way the keywords for implements are designed, certain of them may have significant crossover, particularly among non-casting roles. For example, Fighters can use a Banner/Warhorn at nearly full effect, ...

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Notmyrealname wrote:

Does anyone like the idea of each Company being able to construct it's own Standard or Flag to carry into battles? There could be a variety of Standards ranging from a simple and easy to craft one that is just for looks to more useful and harder to make ones.

The harder to make ones could give increasingly better bonuses but cost more to construct. The down side would be that if you all die the Standard is captured. One Company could only have one active Standard at a time although they could own several.

Has this idea been talked about before? I thought it would add a lot to the gameplay to see groups in the distance and see a Standard flying over them. It would be cool in large battles too.

In one of the earlier blogs, GW said:


Our solution was implements. These are a class of weapon that produces expendable effects ("expendables" is the general term, but for style reasons we also refer to them as "spells" for casters and "maneuvers" for non-casters). Implements are often at least a little bit magical, allowing us enough story leeway to explain why martial abilities run out over the course of a day. Example implements are:

An Aristocrat's Banner/Warhorn, which contains party-buffing maneuvers

So if you're talking about the mechanical implementation of a Standard, I think GW agrees and has it in some level of development based on that quote.

Notmyrealname wrote:

Custom designs might be way down the road as far as what GW can do but there are a lot of possibilities for some generic designs that could be painted on your standard after you buy it from an NPC or something like that.

Most of the follow-up posts are about this second half of the OP. If we're talking about a small, simple graphic I don't see how that would be overwhelming for downloads. Make it limited, like a 100x100 or 100x200 pixel space.

EVE allows this for the big groups - basically the groups submit their icons and periodically CCP reviews and approves some, then releases them in a batch update with other updated game material. Maybe it could be limited to the larger Kingdoms down the road if GW finds it too staff intensive to do for all of the Companies.

For reference, here is the EVE bit:

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I joined TEO last week (was in the pre-100 group, mid-90-ish) and wanted to post here as a testimonial for new players looking into joining. I am very happy with the choice and would recommend it if you're interested.

The private forums are active and friendly, the leadership is calm, responsive, and thoughtful (which if you've ever been in a volatile guild situation in other MMOs you know is a huge plus).

If you're like me, you had some of these questions in your decision:

If I join TEO (or the other 2 previous land rush winners), isn't it like throwing away my land-vote? Should I give it to another smaller settlement so it 'counts'?
Totally up to you! Valid concern. If you're interested in a smaller group then there are a lot of options. I believe there are several smaller Companies forming up around the two major areas as of now (as well as all the non-affiliated ones, of course). I don't speak for any company, so I'll leave the descriptions of the regions to the respective Companies.

As far as your vote, evaluate what you want out of the land rush. Is it land you want, or is it a group? If it is a group, your vote still counts regardless of where you put it.

I've looked at the map, but it doesn't mean much to me. What areas are important? Why is one spot better than another?
Beats me man, beats me. The two biggest power areas are South East and North, but it is early still and "biggest power" may mean something a lot different in August. It might be totally different in two weeks. If you feel strongly about a specific hex type then go for that. I'd suggest narrowing down a region if it matters to you, then looking at groups in that region.

How does alignment factor into this?
I've never played D&D so I am only passingly familiar with alignment. I read the blog ( and googled Neutral Good as well as a few others. Neutral Good (NG) seems like a pretty good fit for me, so TEO and their settlement Brighthaven fit well. If alignment matters to you (from a purely gameplay perspective, it does) then figure out your most likely alignment and narrow down a group to that type.

In summary, if you're leaning towards a large stable settlement and a great group of people, I urge you to consider TEO. If not TEO, there are other groups in our neck of the woods which also might be a great fit for you as well. I look forward to seeing you in game!

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AvenaOats wrote:

Yeah I'd like some clarity on this. I don't even know which race to pick, let along which settlement on the 'Land Rush!'.

Need info to make decisions so waiting until then myself.

Yeah, I agree it is remarkably hard to make an informed decision on settlement choices despite what seems to be a sea of knowledge. What we've got is a lot of recruitment posts, but no way to evaluate the overall situation.

For what it is worth, I joined TEO last week and am very happy with it. I assumed the largest guilds will have the best advantage when it comes to land and resources, as well as a lot of diversification potential when it comes to roles.

Let's hope when the new Goblinworks forums open up they'll let us have better ways to sort information as well as send PMs.

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Thanks for the answers, I am a little surprised it is not already in the design but I hope/assume the EE races will be more documented at release?

I want to play an ACE character with a little cleric mixed in as time allows, so all of my main roles should be available at the start of EE however limited in functionality. So my main character starts day 1, just wondered what race has to do with ACE stats.

Like would a dwarf be better at mining, a human at farming, an elf at herbalism... boy that would be tough for the micromanaging resource collectors.

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So many memories of growing up on a WoW PVP server.

In WoW there was a jungle region called Stranglethorn Vale. My roommate and I were completely destroyed by a horde mage without ever getting a hit on him. We found him a few days later and staged an ambush (he was a rogue, I was a hunter). My roommate ambushed him from stealth and I engaged at max range. He *destroyed* us without seeming to notice. This was back in vanilla (he may have been using those long since banned mods, or maybe that is just our ego telling us how he could do so well).

I once held my own against 3 other opponents in the Stranglethorn Arena (this is an open-world PVP zone, no teams, free-for-all). As a holy paladin I was able to stalemate them for over 30 minutes, none of us ever having the required time (like 20-30 seconds) to loot the prize chest in the center of the arena. It was exhausting :P

I don't really consider myself a pvper, but a lot of the best gaming memories I have are from that server.

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When it comes to picking a race, is there a practical consideration to the choice or is it just aesthetics? Further, are there race specific goods or armor? I don't really RP so the race isn't a concern there for me.

Also, when can we reserve our character names?

I've searched here and the blogs, but I can't find an answer. Im sure this must be out there somewhere. Thanks for any answers :)

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Caldeathe Baequiannia wrote:

I've been thinking of trying another online game to get my feet wet before PFO gets going. I note that today's 24 hour only humble bundle is an EVE online trial pack that includes 30 days of game time for as little as $4.00

Anybody have any thoughts about whether a month of EVE would be remotely useful to me in prepping for PFO?

Yeah I think it would be good. I've tried it off and on for a few months at a time for the last several years. It has a lot of things that bug me too much to play it, but it is a good example for some of the concepts (or potential pitfalls) of PFO. I've been revisiting my memories of EVE constantly for the last week thinking about EE :)