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Say the title outloud.


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Please delete my account, I'd like it terminated please. I plan to continue to buy Paizo products, but no longer from this venue.

(AKA Chris)

If you need to verify this, you guys know where you can reach me.

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Just wanted everyone to know that I am lucky enough to have a good gaming group. Even though they are far away and we have to game remotely, I adore every session I have with this group and always look forward to playing with them each week.

If any of my players see this, feel free to pass it on to the rest. If you're not a member of the group, what about your group do you like? Is it a good group, or a bad group? If you could change it, what would you change?

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And I only got two bullets left!

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It's not a tossed salad of doom!?

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Well, is it?

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Dreams from the Woods by Johannes Nyholm.

This short shadow puppet film inspired me to start a thread about imagery in gaming. What do you do to show rather than tell in a game? How do you get your players more immersed in your campaigns?

I use some of the NPC cards that Paizo provides from time to time, and I've also thought about using backdrops. During a Harrowing for one game we turned off all the lights and only used candles to see.

We play mood music, but that's not the kind of thing I mean. What things make your players or yourself visualize what's going on?

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For all those folks once again stranded in the seas beyond PaizoCon, we bring you THE LIFERAFT!!

Through solidarity, we will eventually attain revenge upon those who get to go...

Er, I mean, we'll get over it... yeah, that's the ticket!

Heap much glory on the name of Tensor, the Grand Magus!

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Behold the Ogre's Cave! Beware it's big green denizen, or you might end up in his stew pot! You'd better get to placating him!

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I just thought that was kind of cool. :)

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I love tacos.

That is all.

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I hate to do it, but I have to return my 3 day badge for PaizoCon. I'm gonna miss not being able to go. Paizo store credit is fine if it's easier for the refund.


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Happy Birthday!

The first rule of the Sith: you don't talk about the Sith.

The second rule of the Sith: you don't talk about the Sith.

The third rule of the Sith: There can be only one! Or two... hell, I can't remember.

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It's Chuck Norris Birthday today! Huzzah!

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Anonymous or Colbert playing a joke? Check it out!

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the word "Tact" and the number nine.

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Link to Live Science article.

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I'm not a fancy big city lawyer, but it seems to me that Spell Combat just isn't working the way I think it was intended to work. Even though it tries to up the number of actions that a Magus can perform on a given turn, it also causes them to have a number of problems such as a 15-minute work day, failure to cast successfully, and a fairly large penalty on subsequent attack rolls.

Honestly, something about this just isn't that fun. I hate losing spells, and worse is that I hate to miss in combat. It's frustrating to waste a turn AND lose a spell. Especially at lower levels, where you don't have many spell resources to spend.

One solution I see, and has been said before, is to move Spell Combat to a higher level where the penalties are less burdensome. They really do make the class less enjoyable at lower levels, where you'd like to use the ability but have trouble with it. Moving it could be the solution.

I, however, think that maybe the ability should be replaced. Certain domains, spell schools, and bloodlines give extra spell-like powers to augment a character at lower level, such as Dazing Touch in the enchantment school for a wizard. I'm thinking that these might be the solution.

If the Magus had an ability to gain spell-like or supernatural touch attacks that it could channel through its Spell Strike ability as free actions or even just move actions this would also increase the action economy of the Magus and allow its most flavorful ability to shine a little more. A variety of abilities could be possible here: extra elemental damage, something similar to stunning fist, dazing touch... yada.

I'm getting together with a friend Monday night, I'll playtest this some then and report my comparison. I am also wondering what others would think of something like this instead of Spell Combat or if anyone had a similar idea.

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Where did the flumphs go, James Jacobs?
Why did the dinosaurs die?
Why do they always ask Jimmy
Instead of the guy with one eye?

Please clarify this, James Jacobs
You always play elven females!?
The Devs won't answer my questions!
He's busy with Pathfinder Tales!

Where is the Templar, James Jacobs?
And where the heck is the Gish?
The bard just doesn't cut it,
But it's sort of my class wish!

Who the heck is James Jacobs?
And why does he deserve a song?
Why he is over at Paizo,
Working all day long?

Who's rubbing your feet, James Jacobs?
That came off really creepy.
While Teter isn't looking,
Perhaps ask Sara Marie?


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We've all seen somebody with a crazy-high skill, and we've all probably played a character like that. How have you beaten a skill check, ability, or modifier so far beyond what you need that it became almost- or fully-comical?

Having found it in the best interest of the nation of Off-Topicia, we do hereby ordain and establish this senatorial body. Is there a motion from the floor?

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This place is for all those who couldn't make it to PaizoCon this year. We hope everyone has fun there, but in the mean time lets just try to keep from sinking.

*stuffs styrofoam beneath raft*

We can get our vengeance upon them next year!

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This thread is for you to post the heroic things you hear of or see! There are many deeds deserved of praise that don't make it on the news, everyday things that people should be congratulated for!

For example: just today I heard that our very own Ambrosia Slaad stood up for what she believes in, standing up to a much larger person for his littering. Good work Ambrosia Slaad, you're my hero!

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I just had an interesting question pop up from another player, and we're chatting with our GM about it so we decided to level the question here as well to gain a little more input.

It typically costs money to cast a spell, and we would imagine that cure spells would be one of the most common spells paid for. However, if there are a number of people injured the cleric might use Channel Positive Energy instead for a quick fix.

If that is used, what should the cost for it be? I am thinking that as the level increases it should scale like a spell in terms of cost (maybe use the actual spell cost progression). What do you guys think?


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Anybody else playing this game? Anyone thinking about picking it up?

I for one find that bees are annoying! They give the outside a certain dangerous element. If one manages to get inside... the worst could happen! Oh how terrible that would be!

I demand that the government create legislation to control the Bee population... or to naturalize them and make them speak English instead of constantly buzzing. Then we can annex their colony and there will be free honey for everyone in the Off Topic area... since we thought of it first! I hate to bring up politics in the Off Topic area, but someone had to bring up this most attrocious of dangers... non-naturalized Bees!

The government should refrain from mouse traps too. Elitist Cat Lobbyist control our government! Their plight makes them the bravest of rodents, unlike those muddy Nutria and staticy Rabbits.

***The objective is to create a thread that is both non-sensical and overly political all at once.***

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peck peck peck

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Black Cherry
Lime Green

Need I say more?

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So I head out for a while from work and go over to the local convenience store (in this case a wal-mart) at lunch. I head straight for the center isle for the discounted valentines day candy... and there is nothing good to be had!

I'm greeted instead by a wall of peeps. They aren't even stale yet!


Its only two days after valentines. Where is the good stuff!?

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Never play antagonistically.

Everyone is there to have a good time, and bringing hostility with you to a gaming table is a surefire way to diminish everyone's fun. If you're angry because of something out of game don't take it out on anyone at the table. If you're angry at someone you're currently gaming with then you should find a way to resolve it or forget about it if you can. This is true for everyone at the table, especially the GM. They can quickly ruin everyone else's fun.

We all have different play styles, and most gaming groups will be able to accomodate any playing style. That means everyone must be willing to conform, players and GM alike.

Arguments will certainly arise from time to time, don't trouble yourself with them too much. They'll be in the past soon enough. If you feel like you're being targetted for whatever reason, then at the very least you should act like an adult and find a means of resolving the problem and not escalating it further.

Ultimately, you have to convince yourself to have fun. Most of the problems you'll have at a gaming table you'll be carrying there yourself. Its up to you to save the day.

I know this might seem like common sense, but sometimes common sense needs to be said for it to actually be common.

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When I read the description for creating potions, it says that I cannot make a potion from a spell with a range of personal. However I've come across many potions that are of personal range spells in various sources. Is this just my misreading, or are these unintentional overlooks.


Edit: thought this link might help. Its just over half-way down the page. Magic Item Creation

PRD wrote:

The imbiber of the potion is both the caster and the target. Spells with a range of personal cannot be made into potions.

This seems pretty clear... :(

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Hello everyone,

I couldn't find anything similar with the search feature or a glance through this section, so I made a new thread. So...

I am reading through the feats section of my PFRPG book, when I notice that now Combat Expertise is base attack bonus dependent on its bonus. I also notice that Deadly Aim and Power Attack are also this way. This isn't my misunderstanding, though.

My trouble comes in where it says that I may choose to take a -1 penalty for a +1 dodge bonus... then says the penalty and bonus increase. It doesn't explicitly state it, but does this mean that I cannot choose which penalty to take for what bonus. Am I stuck with a -3 at BAB +8, or can I choose to take a lower penalty for a lower bonus still?

Thanks for the help


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...of a Playboy!

Edit: don't worry. Its work friendly!

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Well, I haven't finished it yet (will tonight hopefully).

What do you guys think of it so far?

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So a funny event happened during EoA.

Our funny story:
I had decided to forshadow some of the events that lead into the final parts of the adventure, specifically the chase. I decided that "torturous" masculine screams could be heard coming from the castle as the queen "sought information" that would incriminate someone else in the death of the king. I had previously noted that many of the male guards were being replaced with females as well.

One of the players came to the conclusion that every single guard was being given a sex change operation!

I must've laughed for a good three minutes strait before I got my composure back. It did fit with every bit of forshadowing I'd been giving, but now they're worried about the queen being somekind of genoicidal amazon.

Okay, funny or no?

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Hello all,

In my current CotCT game I have a player who is a multiclass Bard-Warmage. He wants to take the Battlecaster feat. Neither one of us is sure what exactly this means.

Does he take the feat for each class that grants the ability to cast arcane spells in light armor, or does he take it just once as a blanket feat for both classes?


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Since the Acadamae just sits there and taunts my PCs, I was wondering about prestige classes for the Acadamae. In another thread I had thought about allowing Varisians (who have magical tatoos) to become Red Wizards. What kinds of Prestige Classes would the Acadamae likely produce. I don't want to give my players too many options, but leave enough options to make it a viable path for their characters in the future.

Any opinions?

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Hey everyone. I've seen lots of the "What will you play" threads pop up (I even started one myself :p) but what level will everyone start playing? Are you a tried and true 1st level DM or player, do you think you'll start higher?

That Studly Bird

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