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Behold the Ogre's Cave! Beware it's big green denizen, or you might end up in his stew pot! You'd better get to placating him!


It smells in here...



... what's in this pot?

Zis is ze grue stue.

Big feet step in either a lot of messes, or one big mess. Bwah! *hack cough*

I don't smell that bad.

I do.

Galloping Glutton wrote:
Zis is ze grue stue.

Guffaw! A rival!

Spotty Carpet wrote:
I do.

Gary! So nice of you to drop by.

Pretty old reference to Gary Teter Day. That was taig's avatar for a while. He didn't even get the date right though.

You need some decorations....



Fishes a hand out of the stewpot and munches on it

What stinks in here? It's this thread's fetid rotting corpse. <Eats thread.>

Shadow Lodge

I prefer my threads at least three days dead before I eat them. The maggots add flavor.

Liberty's Edge

Protein too.

I still don't understand how you can eat their heads, they bite and gnash all the way down.

Shadow Lodge

That's part of why they are more appealing 3 days dead. Someone keeps turning them into zombie threads before I can eat them though. They are more fun to eat when they wiggle like that but they tickle going down.

The Exchange

Mostly dead, but it didnt die............ahahahahaa

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