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U swhere I jjust tried to access the paizo message baord and someone was posting with my account. Bastard!!!!


Nobles of the Nine Hells, pit fiends form an elite ruling class that oversees vast numbers of lesser devils. Only the archdevils known as the Lords of the Nine stand higher than the pit fiends.
Each pit fiend is lord of a large domain within one of the layers of the Nine Hells and is vassal to the archdevil who rules that layer. A pit fiend might govern a city, command a fortress, lead a great legion, or serve as a seneschal or counselor for an archdevil. With the exception of Asmodeus, each Lord of the Nine commands no more than a dozen or so pit fiends.
As the lords, barons, viziers, and generals of the Nine Hells, pit fiends rarely confront adventurers in person. They are the progenitors of devilish schemes, and they step in only when important plans go awry or when great plots reach fruition. In the Nine Hells proper, pit fiends command vast numbers of lesser devils. Penetrating the defenses of a pit fiend's castle and destroying the mighty devil in its own demesne is a deed of truly epic proportions.


This hulking devil stands 12 feet tall and has red scales, leathery wings, and a long whiplike tail. It carries a massive mace and wears an ornate breastplate decorated with evil runes and symbols.

Pit Fiend Level 26 Elite Soldier (Leader)

Large immortal humanoid (devil) XP 18,000

Initiative +22 Senses Perception +23; darkvision

Aura of Fear (Fear) aura 5; enemies in the aura take a –2 penalty on attack rolls.

Aura of Fire (Fire) aura 5; enemies that enter or start their turns in the aura take 15 fire damage.

HP 350; Bloodied 175
AC 44; Fortitude 42, Reflex 38, Will 40
Resist 30 fire, 15 poison
Saving Throws +2
Speed 12, fly 12 (clumsy), teleport 10
Action Points 1

Melee Flametouched Mace (standard; at-will) • Fire, Weapon
Reach 2; +31 vs. AC; 1d12+11 fire damage plus ongoing 5 fire damage (save ends).

Melee Tail Sting (standard; at-will) • Poison
+31 vs. AC; 1d6+11 damage, and the pit fiend may make a free followup attack. Followup: +29 vs. Fortitude; ongoing 15 poison damage, and the target is weakened (save ends both effects).

Melee Pit Fiend Frenzy (standard; at-will)
The pit fiend makes a flametouched mace attack and a tail sting attack.

Ranged Point of Terror (minor; at-will) • Fear
Range 5; +30 vs. Will; the target takes a –5 penalty to all defenses until the end of the pit fiend's next turn.

Ranged Irresistible Command (minor 1/round; at-will) • Charm, Fire
Range 10; affects one allied devil of lower level than the pit fiend; the target immediately slides up to 5 squares and explodes, dealing 2d10+5 fire damage to all creatures in a close burst 2. The exploding devil is destroyed.

Infernal Summons (standard; encounter) • Conjuration
The pit fiend summons a group of devil allies. Summoned devils roll initiative to determine when they act in the initiative order and gain a +4 bonus to attack rolls as long as the pit fiend is alive. They remain until they are killed, dismissed by the pit fiend (free action), or the encounter ends. PCs do not earn experience points for killing these summoned creatures. The pit fiend chooses to summon one of the following groups of devils:
• 8 legion devil legionnaires (level 21), or
• 2 war devils (level 22), or
• 1 war devil (level 22) and 4 legion devil legionnaires (level 21)

Tactical Teleport (standard; recharge 4 5 6) • Teleportation
The pit fiend can teleport up to 2 allies within 10 squares of it. The targets appear in any other unoccupied squares within 10 squares of the pit fiend.

Alignment Evil
Languages Supernal

Skills Bluff +27, Intimidate +27, Religion +24

Str 32 (+24) Dex 24 (+20) Wis 20 (+18)
Con 27 (+21) Int 22 (+19) Cha 28 (+22)

Equipment flametouched mace, noble signet ring

Pit Fiend Tactics

A pit fiend fights close to its enemies, catching them in its aura of fear and aura of fire. On the first round of combat, it spends an action point to use infernal summons. It then uses point of terror against a tough-looking foe and tactical teleport to place two allies in flanking positions around that foe. With its remaining minor action, the pit fiend uses irresistible command on an ally within range.
A pit fiend alternates between point of terror and irresistible command, sometimes using both if it has a spare move action it can replace with a minor action. Otherwise, the pit fiend uses pit fiend frenzy, teleporting as needed to gain a better position.
A pit fiend does not sacrifice its life needlessly and makes a tactical retreat if death is imminent.

Pit Fiend Lore

A character knows the following information with a successful Religion check:

DC 25: Pit fiends are the nobles of the Nine Hells. Each pit fiend serves as a vassal to one of the nine archdevils and commands a fortress, city, or army in its master's domain.
DC 30: Once every 99 years, a pit fiend can grant a mortal's wish by performing a terrible ritual. Only the most powerful and promising of mortals are offered such a temptation.
DC 35: Well-known pit fiends include Baalzephon, one of the powerful circle of pit fiends known as the Dark Eight; Gazra, who governs the city of Abriymoch in Phlegethos, the Fourth Hell; and Baalberith, the major-domo of the palace of Asmodeus.

What do you think?

P>S> There is a picture of the pitfiend on the Ampersand page at the wotc web page. Also notice the director's chair at the top of the page.

What Dragon magazine has the Neutral Good champion? It was published a while back. I am guessing two maybe three years ago? Any help would be appreciated.

Can a character cast a suggestion through a message spell? For example gnome whispers( message spell) a suggestion to a guard "return to the barracks" from a hiding spot 40' away.

James Wyatt just published an article in the Dungeon online at WotC. You can get there by pressing this button.

In it, James list the races that appear in the "Players Handbook". No mention of gnomes. I'm pissed. I always loved the gnomes. I always thought the 3.5 gnome was the coolest version yet. I guess I'll have to make my own 4e. gnome, when the core rule books come out.

Other than that I liked the article. I like the atmosphere they are going for in fourth edition. James also gives good advise on where to focus when starting a new campaign.

But damn him and his gnome exclusion fallacy. I hate him! I hate him! I hate him!

That was a joke, but I am still pissed about no gnomes.

Gary Teeter wrote' "OK, the personal attacks are too much. I'm closing this thread." regarding "We should win the WAr thread.

Sorry gary and everyone!!!
I do appreciate this community

Anyone read the new "Dragon" article. I for one am empressed with Robert Heinsoo view of D&D. I like the idea of wild abilities and class features. Sounds like it would make the game more fun.

My humble opinion.

I still don't like the spin language they use on most of the commentaries at WotC. But I did like this article.

What do you all think?

In our gaming group when a character makes a reflex saving throw against area effect, the character moves to the edge of the area of effect. A player with evasion moves out of the area of effect. Movement is usually up to the player.

The way we play it, your character jumps are tumbles out of the way, that is what it means to make a reflex save.

Anyway just interested in how other gaming groups handle reflex saves. Do you move the character? Does he stay put in the middle of the area of effect and make the save any way? How do you folks handle reflex saves?

I know this is an unpopular point of view but I stand by it. I for one believe the U.S. should not have gone into Iraq in the first place. But they did, now they need to finish the job. The U.S. and Alqaeda made the situation for the internal strife in Iraq. If the US does not clean up the mess they are partially responsible for, then guess who will? I personally beleive that faliure in restoring a secure and stable Iraq, will encourage U.S. enemies.

I fear that failure in Iraq will lead to the US fighting in Jordan and Isreal.

I had a glimpse of the Book of Nine Swords. From what I have read, it's veiled glimpse into the spell casting system for 4th edition. Personally I like the idea and approach as a spell casting system. I think it can work and feel D&D. My concern is can WotC make it work and keep the D&D feel?

From the first time I played D&D, teamwork has been a draw for me in playing. When I was young a game like monopoly could end up in a fist fight. Here was a game that everyone plays to when together. Cool!

In my recent Save tide campaign, my players had become selfish. They weren't fighting over treasure or anything like that. They would move as fast as they can to the next encounter trying to get the first blow, the first kill, meet the enemy. It was each man for himself, and personal glory. That would be alright, i would be happy to let the body count rise. Accept 1/3 the players were into exploring not fighting. These guy had scouting abilities and wanted to use them. But no, the glory hounds would rush pass them initiate a fight. Worse a new player, playing a cleric was encourged to hang back shoot arrows with precise shot, and save her spells for healing them.

In our last game, I adressed the players with my concerns. I also offered extra experience for team work as an all or nothing reward for the group. They all agreed with me. The scouts were allowed to scout and as a group the devised plans in clearring Lavinia's house.

In the end, our Samurai, had a duel with the lizard man, Chief Lorblorb. He got his butt whooped in front of the other Pcs and Lavinia. Also to my surprise, they let Chief Lorblorb and his pet rust monster Chunkes go. It was cool ending for a D&D game session. Leaving a cool prantoganist alive for later use.

I think I had it easy with my gaming group. Anyway how have others dealt similar issues in the game? Is it even an issue in your game? DO your players an DMs like that kind of competative gloryhound D&D?

I've decided to share my version of Rowyn and Lotus Dragons. The stat blocks are my own on MS word so if they seem funky, they are. The group near the end aare mercenaries. My group devestaed the Lotus Dragon in there first visit to the lair. I had Rowyn recruit more expensive mercenaries to deal with my Pcs. I changed her last name to reflect my the polynesian flavor of my homebrew campaign.
Rowyn Kealani CR 5
Human female rogue 3/ beguiler 2
Med humanoid NE

init: +2, -1 listen, -1 spot

common, aquan, draconic
AC: 18 (combat exp) HD: 5 hp: 25
Spd 30’ sv: +4/+4/+1

+3 +1 rapier (combat exp.) 1d6+1/ 19-20
+6 mw hand c bow 1d4/ 19-20, 60’ black adder poison For 11 1d6 con/ 1d6 con For 11

Str 10 Dex 14 Con 12 Int 14 Wis 8 Cha 15

SQ: armored mage, trap find, trap sense +1, cloak cast (DC+1), surprise cast

Feats: combat expertise, imp. Feint, weapon finesse

Skills: +12 balance, +10 bluff, +12 jump, +8local, +10 dance, +7 sense motive, +12 sleight of hand, +8 swim, +12 tumble, +8 magic device

Spells: 1- (4/ day) charm person, color spray, comp lang., det. secret doors, disguise self, expeditious retreat, hypnotism, mage armor, obscure mist, rouse, silent image, sleep, undetect alignment, whelm; 0- (5/ day) dance light, daze, det. magic, ghost sound, message open/ close, read magic.

Possessions: potion cmw, potion gaseous form, wand animate dead (5), wand ray enfeeble (15), +1 leather armor, +1 rapier, mw hand c. bow, 10 bolts poison black adder (see above), gold earrings (300gp), bejeweled necklace (200gp), skeleton key (all guildhall locks including treasure doors.

Gut Tugger CR 3
Crested felldrake male rogue 2
Sml dragon NE
Darkvision 60’, low-light, scent

init: +6, +7 listen, +7 spot

common, draconic, sylvan
AC: 19 HD: 4 hp: 37
Spd 40’ sv: +6/+8/+3

+5 bite 1d8+1

Str 12 Dex 15 Con 17 Int 10 Wis 10 Cha 10

SQ: immune sleep, paralysis, trapfind, evasion

SA: sneak attack +1d6

Feats: combat expertise, imp. Feint, weapon finesse

Skills: +7 bluff, +2 diplomacy, +11 hide, +10 jump, +6 move silent, +9 sleight of hand,

Possessions: collar of armor +2

Lotus Dragon shadow (10) CR 1
Human rogue 1
Med humanoid NE

init: +6, +0 listen, +0 spot

AC: 14 HD: 1 hp: 8
Spd 30’ sv: +2/+4/+0

+1 rapier 1d6+1/ 18- 20
+1 sap 1d6+1 (non-lethal)
+2 hand. c bow 1d4 sea urchin venom For11 nauseated/ 1 str

Str 12 Dex 15 Con 14 Int 13 Wis 10 Cha 8

SQ: trap find, sneak attack +1d6

Feats: imp init, stealth

Skills: +5 climb, +5 disable device, +3 disguise, +8 hide, + 3 intimidate, +8 move silent, +6 open lock, +5 search, +6 sleight of hand, +5 swim

Possessions: potion clw, urchin poison x2, leather armor, rapier, sap, hand c bow, 10 bolts, thieves tools,10 gp

Lotus Dragon headhunter (3) CR 1
Human ranger 1
Med humanoid NE

init: +6, +1 listen, +1 spot

AC: 14 HD: 1 hp: 10
Spd 30’ sv: +2/+4/+0

+1/+1 short sword 1d6+1/ 19- 20
+2 sap 1d6+1 (non-lethal)
+3 matchlock blunderbuss 3d4/2d4/1d4, 15’ cone Ref (attack roll) no damage

Str 12 Dex 15 Con 14 Int 10 Wis 13 Cha 8

SQ: track, two–weapon, human favored enemy +2

Feats: imp init, weapon finesse (scimitar)

Skills: +5 survival, +6 (+5) move silent, +6 (+5) hide, +3 (+1) swim, +3 (+2) climb, +3 rope use

Possessions: potion clw, urchin leather armor, 2 short swords, blunderbuss, shot & powder (horn) x10

Lotus Dragon enforcer (7) CR 1
Human swashbuckler 1
Med humanoid NE

init: +2, +0 listen, +0 spot

AC: 15 HD: 1 hp: 12
Spd 30’ sv: +4/+2/+0

+4 rapier 1d6+2 18-20
+2 sap 1d6+1 (non-lethal)
+2 match lock musket 2d8/ x3, 40’

Str 14 Dex 15 Con 14 Int 10 Wis 10 Cha 10

SQ: finesse

Feats: quick draw, weapon focus rapier

Skills: +4 intimidate, +6 (+4) tumble, +5 (+5) jump, + 5 (+1) swim, +5 (+3) climb
Possessions: potion clw, stud leather armor, rapier, matchlock musket, shot & powder (horn)

Lotus Dragon soulkknife (2) CR 1
Poky, Zeek twin male Xeph soulknife 1
Med humanoid NE

Darkvision 60’
init: +3, +4 listen, +4 spot

AC: 18 HD: 1 hp: 10
Spd 30’ sv: +2/+5/+0 (+1 spell, power)

+4 mind blade 1d6 /19-20
+3 lt. c. bow 1d8/ 19-20, 60’ sea urchin venom For11 nauseated/ 1 str

Str 10 Dex 16 Con 14 Int 12 Wis 10 Cha 8

SQ: mind blade, natural psion, wild talent, focus soul knife, burst of speed +10’ 3/day, psionic points 3

Feats: finesse mind blade

Skills: +7 (+4)hide, +7 (+4) move silent, +4 spot, +4 listen, +5 (+2) tumble, +2 (-1) jump
Possessions: stud leather, large wood shield, potion CLW, 10 gp, 10 bolts, urchin poison x2

Sammy Kealani CR2
Human female sorcerer 2
Med humanoid NE

init: +6, -1 listen, -1 spot

AC: 12(16 mage armor) HD: 2 hp: 13
Spd 30’ sv: +1/+2/+2

+1 hvy mace 1d8+2
+2 match lock rifle 2d8/ x3, 60’

Str 12 Dex 14 Con 13 Int 10 Wis 8 Cha 17

SQ: familiar (toad)

Feats: imp init, combat cast

Spells: 1- (5/day) fire finger, mage armor, 0- (6/ day) read magic, det. magic, acid splash, ray of frost, electric jolt

Skills: +7 (+10 casting) concentrate, +5 spellcraft, +6 intimidate, bluff +5

Possessions: scroll bulls’s strength, ray enfeebe x2, potion clwx2, 10 shot, wand magic missile (20), 22 gp 5 pp, 2 grenades

Mad Osgot Stoneblaster CR2
Dwarf male fighter 2
Med humanoid LE
Darkvision 60’
init: +2, -1 listen, -1 spot

AC: 18(19 buckler) HD: 2 hp: 30
Spd 20’ sv: +8/+2/-1

+4 dwarf war axe 1d10+2
+6 mw match lock rifle 2d8/ x3, 60’
+6 mw match lock blunderbust 3d4+3 fireshot, 15’ cone
Str 14 Dex 16 Con 20 Int 10 Wis 8 Cha 6

SQ: +4 v. bull rush and trip, +4 AC v. giants, +1 v spell and poison,

Feats: point blank, rapid reload, precise shot

Skills: +4 craft matchlock, +2 alchemy, +3 jump, +3 climb

Possessions: potion cat’s grace, 10 fire shot, potion cmw x2, 10 shot, 22 gp 5 pp, 2 grenades

Kevin the Scarlet CR2
fire Genasi male swashbuckler 2
Med outsider fire CN
Darkvision 60’
init: +2, -1 listen, -1 spot

AC: 18 HD: 3 hp: 20
Spd 50’ sv: +3/+5/-1

+7 mw rapier 1d6+1/ 18-20
+6 match lock musket 2d8/ x3, 40’

Str 12 Dex 18 Con 14 Int 15 Wis 8 Cha 10

SQ: +2 v. fire, grace +1 reflex, weapon finesse, control flame for 5 minutes/ 1 day

Feats: expertise

Skills: +8 jump, +8 climb, +7 bluff, +11 tumble, +11 escape artist, balance +7

Possessions: potion cmw, mw rapier, match lock musket, shot 10, 32 gp 2pp 3 gems 100gp, chain shirt

Peak CR2
Half giant male fighter 1
Med giant N
init: -2, +0 listen, +0 spot

AC: 15 HD: 2 hp: 25
Spd 20’ sv: +8/-1/+0

+8 lg long sword 2d6+5/ 19-20

Str 20 Dex 8 Con 20 Int 10 Wis 10 Cha 8

SQ: +2 v. fire, lg v. trip, bulrush, grapple

Psionic: 1/ day stomp lvl 1

Feats: focus long sword

Skills: +11 jump, +11 climb, survival+2
Possessions: potion cmw, lg longsword, shot 10, 32 gp 2pp 3 gems 100gp, scale mail lg wood shield

Sally CR2
Human female cleric of Orcus 1/ rogue 1
Med humanoid CE

init: +3, +3 listen, +3 spot

AC: 17 (19 shield faith, demon skin) HD: 2 hp: 16
Spd 30’ sv: +4/+5/+6

+4 (+5 divine favor) mw kukri 1d4+1/ 18-20
+3 hand c. bow 1d4/ 19-20 black adder poison For 11 1d6 con/ 1d6 con
+1 bite 1+1profane

Str 12 Dex 16 Con 15 Int 10 Wis 18 Cha 13

SQ: trap find, +1d6 sneak attack, +1 profane bonus unarm attack, 1/day death touch +1d6 dam, death if dam + current hp, rebuke undead

Spells: Domains Demonic, Death 0- det magic, guidance, rd magic/ 1- divine favor +1, shield of faith +1, cause fear, demon skin +1 (domain)

Feats: pro kukri, finesse kukri

Skills: +3 jump, +3 climb, +5 tumble , +5 balance, +7 escape artist, search+4, disable device+4, bluff+3, intimidate+3, +1 arcane, +1 religion
Possessions: potion cmw, mw kukri, 10 bolts, 32 gp 2pp 3 gems 100gp, chain shirt, empty vial, vial black adder poison, vial sea urchin poison x2, stone idol of orcus

So I stopped procrastenating and finally wrote down the rules we are using for firearms in the savage tide campaign. I think the use of fire arms, at least to this extant will be limited to this campaign. For this campaign matchlock fire arms are simple weapons. They are powerful and expensive.

So far in our campaign they have been lots of fun. The bard and psychic warrior in the campaign love firearms. The psychic warrior is becoming the mad bomber. Having been a victim of a gernade attack, the 1/2 orc runs when he sees a lit gernade. THe elf priest of Obad Hai ignores them even if she can use simple weapons. A cool roleplaying move if you ask me.

To note these rule are based on game mechanic physics, instead of real world physics. My game mechanic physics are grounded in having fun.

weapon cost damage critical range increment weight
matchlock musket 150 gp 2d8 x3 40' 25 lb.
special: back fire on a attack roll of 1 1d8 damage, weapon is ruined, misfire on a attack roll of 2; 1 minute to clean weapon
matchlock long rifle 200 gp 2d8 x3 60' 28 lb
special: back fire on a attack roll of 1 1d8 damage, weapon is ruined, misfire on a attack roll of 2; 1 minute to clean weapon
matchlock blundebuss 100 gp 3d4/2d4/1d4 special 15' cone 20 lb.
special: back fire on a attack roll of 1 1d8 damage, weapon is ruined, misfire on a attack roll of 2; 1 minute to clean weapon, may aim shot opponent 1 square away, critical damage on a natural 20/ x3
grenade 30 gp 3d6/2d6/1d6 special 10': 25' diameter 5 lb
special: Ref 13 for 1/2 damage, takes 1 round to explode, roll of 1 explode in hand 3d6 dam Ref 13 1/2 damage, roll of 2 delayed fuse for 1 more round, roll of 3 dude does not explode.
(10)musket/ rifle shot & powder 10 gp 5 lb
(10) blunderbuss shot & powder 10gp 5 lb

1 pound cannon 1000 gp 2d10 x3 60' 300 lb
special: back fire on a attack roll of 1 1d10 10' r damage, weapon is ruined, misfire on a attack roll of 2; 5 minute to clean weapon
6 pound cannon 1500 gp 2d12 x3 80' 400 lb
special: back fire on a attack roll of 1 1d12 10' r damage, weapon is ruined, misfire on a attack roll of 2; 10 minutes to clean weapon
9 pound cannon 3000 gp 3d12 x3 80' 500 lb
special: back fire on a attack roll of 1 1d12+2 10' r damage, weapon is ruined, misfire on a attack roll of 2; 10 minute to clean weapon
12 pound cannon 5000 gp 4d12 x3 80' 800 lb
special: back fire on a attack roll of 1 1d12+4 10' r damage, weapon is ruined, misfire on a attack roll of 2; 10 minute to clean weapon
Bring on the feedback!!!
Come on!!!

This is an assumption, but is the new pathfinder AP set in a mountainous region with high mountain peaks deep valleys and high plateaus? I make that guess with the runelords name and reference to giants, I have not seen a map of Varisia. Plus it would be a cool change from the high seas adventure of the Savage Tide AP.

So all this talk about point buy v. dice rolling ability score generation, has me thinking about the quirky ways I handle it on my games. So I am going to share how I usually handle character generation. I hope the rest of you folks can do the same. I am always looking for other ways of doing things.

1) Roll 4d6 six times. Add the three highest dice. All rolls done in the presence of the DM.

2) players may arrange the scores as they wish.

3) A player can have the DM re-roll one score. But the player is stuck with the score the DM re-rolled.

4) The 70 point minimum. This gives a net gain of +5 in ability bonuses. If the total of all the ability scores is less than 70, then a player may opt to re-roll his ability scores. This is just an option, I have players that will play the scores they have rolled, even below the 70 point minimum.

4a) If they ask, a player may BUY there points with the 70 point minimum. No score may exceed 18 nor be bellow 3; this is prior to racial adjustments.

5) When a character dies, ability scores for a new character are rolled imediatly. This is how I clelbrate the demise of my players well thought out characters Mwhaahahaha.

I was going to start the Savage Tide adventure path. I want to do an oriental adventure campaign. So I am going to base the campaign in Rokugan. Any suggestions on how to convert the Savage Tide Adeveture Path into a Rokugan campaign?

I am looking for a good, FREE website about names. I am looking for a site that describes the orgin and meanings of names, particularly sur names.

I would prefer a site that would be good for teens with short attentions spans. OK paizo brain trust, can you help a poor man out.

Some people have stated that they do not play other races or genders other than thier own, because they would not be able role play them well enough. That got me thinking about different races I have played in the game. I am not talking about fantasy races such as orcs and elves, but real world races i.e. afro-american, asian, polynesian etc.

Currently I am playing an afro-american space marine , Almond Joy. No special reason on why he is afro-american other than that is the way I visualized the character when he was created. I have played an asian women ninja and a 25th century Japanese Samurai in the past. Being Polynesian I have played a number of polynesian bad assess in the past.

But, the majority of my characters have been white guys, which is funny because I am definitly brown. Why? I think because most movies, comic books and art for high adventure fiction(such as featured in RPGs) feature white guys. I think I have a very visual imagination, so I tend to visuallize my PCs, as I probably remember from TV, movies or comic books.

Anyway, DO you roleplay other races, ethnicities outside of your own? WHy or why not?

What do others think about paizo doing a magazine on d20 modern and d20 future or even d20 past? I for one would like to see more periodicals on these games. I love the d20 system and would like to play the other games. It is hard to convince other gamers though. I think with more support, I could get others to play. Who am I kidding if I want it to happen my gamers will play, cause i'm good. (sorry damn ego again)

Anyway what does the rest of you think about paizo doing more to support the d20 modern?

It was cool to read about the birth of the rust monster and stories from pro authors. I would like to read other rust monster stories from the Paizo community.

In a game I Dm'd A long time ago, 2nd edition D&D, My cousin had a Kensai character master of the lajatang. Any way she attacked a rust monster and her weapon was destroyed. My cousin announced his charcter kills her self for loosing the weapon. It was quite the dramatic role playing moment and descision. Something I did not even think about at the time, the Kensai could not lose thier special weapon.

Anyway any other rust monster stories.

In my own homebrew campaign I have one dwarf tribe, who have developed fire arms, the High Forge Mountain tribe. This includes match lock pistols and muskets, cannons and exploding mortars. With my current group of players, we have come up with a dwarf "dragon powder" god, Rutger. Match lock musket and pistol are both exotic weapons feat available only to High Forge Mountain dearves.

I just wanted to know who has fire arms in thier campaign? WHat do the people ofthe Paizo message boards think of fire arms in a D&D game? How does it affect the campaign? Game rules? etc.

A pc in a game I was running had a wife and three young children. The wife was fat and nagging and his children were always crying that is why he went out questing. I have been running the shackled city adventure path and had a jealous Stormblade (Todd Vander-whatever), kidnap one of his children. Even after the characters death the party hates the Stormblades as a whole for the incedent. Even the death of the character lead to some interesting role playing, when the survivors brought the sad news to his wife and kids.

Anyway I want to know what role PC families play in a campaign? How often does a family member appear in the game?

Better yet what interesting stories have been played out involving PC family?

A player in a game I Dm describes his magic missiles as little flowers that fly from his finger tips & hit his target. Then a another flower sprouts from the area hit by the first flower, then wilts and pops off, stinging and leaving a little welt.

I've been thinking of others ways a person could experience a magic missile. But would like to know what others think a magic missile feels like.

Any way the other mages have come up with much more imaginative looking magic missiles, since Rink's magic missile flowers.

P>S>I'm going to ask the other mages what thier magic missiles feel like in the next game we play.

I'm sure this subject has been covered before, but it is new for me. So what is your groups gaming style? Is it epic Good v. Evil, super heroic, gritty realism, maunty haul? Is you groups gaming session driven by strategy & tactics, story, setting or character motivation?

If I were to label my gamings group's style I would call it Saturday morning action/ adventure cartoon. Not in the old D&D cartoon way, but more like the old Thundar the Barbarian cartoon or the old Tarzan cartoon.

IN my game world Good, Evil, Law, Chaos are real. Protection from good will work against a paladin as well as a protection from chaos will work against a Slaad. But most of my players do not care for alignment, so they are neutral. They can be kind and compationate to thier friends and allies, but have been cruel and brutal to thier enemies. So many of the PCs are motivated by fame, fortune, glory and prestige (an assumption on my part I really don't know). 2 out of 8 are good aligned, but thier motivation seems the same.

Like many Saturday morning cartoons our group can be very campy. One character is a halfling from the hillshire, who learned his ranger trade from the kebler elves. One character has a bed of flowers on his head instead of hair. HIs magic missiles manefest as flowers that shoot from his fingers (Now that company is in the underdark, the flowers have been replaced with mushrrooms. One character is a 7 1/2 ' tall 1/2 orc, who weilds a ten foot long full blade (straight out of Inyusha baby).

All though heroic our group is not super heroic (after all I have been able to kill 5 out of 8 in one battle). Now at 7th level my groups characters runs on walls, scout invisibly, leap of cliffs (feather fall jumping), wield over sized weapons and throw fireballs.

I am using the shakled city adventure path, so although most of the PCs are not motivated by a desire to combat evil. all the bad guys are difinitly evil. So I guess by default the PCs are fighting for the side of good like any Saterday morning cartoon hero.

Using the adventure path makes our game difinitly story driven. But each PC reacts to the situation in the game as individuals and for thier own reasons. They do not always act in the most strategic or tactical way, actually prefering to react out of thier own PC's motivation.

Most of the gaming sessions are full of action and adventure. But we have had a few games where not a single die was rolled. Those are what you call role playing sessions as opposed to roll playing sessions.

Also, like a good Saturday action/ adventure cartoon are gaming sessions are lots of fun.

“The Fall of Drool Knuckledragger”

The red dragon rose 30’ above the meadow, flew directly over one of the four wood and fabric towers around Jared’s shack and let loose with an awful gout of flame. The dragon flame engulfs the tower, the fence of that corner, four horses and Allen’s nephews Bail and Shave.

Drool, the ½ orc barbarian, acts without hesitation loosing two arrows from his enchanted mighty composite bow, striking the dragon in the head and left shoulder below the wing joint. Rink the sorcerer hesitates and tries to speak with the dragon, then decides negotiations are out of the question castes a haste upon those close including himself Tolken, Blud and Drool. Tolken also hesitates, realizing he has no weapons to deal with a mighty flying dragon. Jasmine begins to run from the fearsome red dragon. The halfling Rinaldo mounts his dog Tintin and flees. The Dwarf Grendar also flees upon his horse.

The red dragon flies directly over its assailant, the ½ orc barbarian Drool and looses its fiery breath engulfing Drool and Rink and scorching Tolken, who moves quickly enough to avoid the worst of the dragon’s fiery assault. This second fiery breath is not as powerful as the first and all three survive. Drool holds his ground and shoots three arrows at the dragon hovering 30’ above him. One arrow strikes the red dragon in the anus, enraging the awesome scaly beast.

The angry dragon descends next to Drool biting the ½ orc in the shoulder. Then Rin gathers his courage and shoots a hail of arrows with his enchanted bow, hitting the dragon with a number of electrified arrows. Jasmine also gathers her courage and leaps to attack the fearsome beast with her very large battle axe, striking the dragon in the right hind quarter.

Blud and Rink simultaneously cast true strike and enlarge upon the mighty ½ orc warrior Tolken. Wil, catching up with the rest of the party after leaving Cauldron late, so as to finish studying on the underdark, prepares to cast a lightning bolt at the red dragon.

But it is to late, the fearsome red dragon mauls Drool with claws, fangs, wings and a mighty tail slap. Drool’s bloody body drops to the ground, the life rendered from it. Just then, Wil’s lightning bolt strikes the red dragon. Tolken finally acts advancing his enlarged self with his enlarged mercurial full blade striking a devastating blow along the dragons left flank.

After killing Drool and the devastating attack by Tolken the red dragon decides to retreat. The scaly monster leaps into the air flies bellow the crest of the knoll, so as to avoid anymore lightning bolts and electric arrows.

Chronicles of the Lake Warrior

This begins the story of the surviving members of “The Shiny Man Company” and their attempt to bring down the Ebon Triad and recover the eight wands of water control.

The Lake Warriors
Tolken male half orc fighter
The enigmatic Wil male human wizard
Rink id Nar male human sorcerer
Blud D Ell male human Cleric of Lira
Rin halfling male ranger
Drool Nukl Dragger male half orc barbarian
Haley female human rogue

Three strangers and a crying widow

The survivors, Tolken, the half orc fighter, Wil the enigmatic wizard and Rink the funny sorcerer, emerge from the falls above Arid’s pond. The rain has cleared and they are greeted by the morning Sun as they emerge from the wet darkness.

Tolken returns to his small smithy shop along the water front. The half orc warrior is bloodied and tired. A number of friends are dead from battles below cauldron, Conk the half orc barbarian, Feston Bulbous the cleric of Pelor, Red in red, Kagon the shiny man, and the beautiful fair elf maiden Serina. Tolken will miss his friends, but the 7 ½’’ orc is to tired to grief and falls asleep quickly.

The enigmatic Wil returns home, distraught by the loss of his childhood friend Conk. Wil’s mother shows her concern for her boy and offers some tea and sweet bisquits. But Wil ignores the attention of his mother and falls asleep quickly.

Rink decides to tell Feston’s wife, Griselda, about the unfortunate cleric’s demise. The large rotund women grasps the unfortunate little sorcerer in a bear hug and begins to wail. “Ohh my dear Feston,” Griselda cries, “what is a mother to do?” Gripped in a bear hug Rink cannot move. The children surround Rink and their mother and begin to wail. Rink is locked in a blubbering embrace with Griselda and her three young children.

The wailing can be heard outside the Bulbous’ home and draws the attention of three strangers. Blud has come to Cauldron seeking his fate and fate has brought him to Cauldron during a festival, the Flood Season Festival. Blud is a warrior priest of Lira goddess of fate and war Blud carries a warhammer and wears platemail armor two sizes too big.

Drool gladly finds himself in Cauldron during the Flood Season Festival. Drool is a hulking half orc half wit barbarian from the north. Drool wanders the sunny streets of Cauldron right into the kneeling Blud, who is contemplating the wailing laments from the nearby house.

Drool nearly walks over Blud as they both stop in front of the wailing woman’s house. What twist of fate has caused such grief from inside the house ponders Blud. Just then a halfling on a dog rides up to the pair, bearing a basket of pastries. The little halfling asks the pair “Is this the house of Feston Bulbous cleric of Pelor?” Both armored men shrug their shoulders. The little fellow shrugs his shoulders and approaches the door of the house where the wailing and blubbering issues forth with his gift basket.

The little halfling bearing gifts, calls from the door, “Hello, is the home of Feston Bulbous, the shining man?” “Hello, I have pastries and sweets.”

“Kristoff help your mother and get the door.” Then Griselda continues, “Ooh what am I to do? My husband Feston is dead!” A fat little boy opens the door, a snot bubble bursts below his red nose and across his rosey freckled face. A tear falls from the chubby boys eye as he sniffles. The halfling offers the boy a honey sweetened muffin. The boy grabs the muffin and begins to eat it, sniffles then smiles.

“Kristoff…, who is it dear…? What do they want?” Yells Griselda. “High I’m Rin and I am looking for Feston Bulbous.” Smiles the little halfing. Griselda breaks and begins wailing and lamenting, “Wooa my dear husband Feston is dead!!!” Rin offers her a muffin, throws it at the large rotund woman to stop her crying. Griselda screams with indignation’ “How dare you throw a muffin at a grieving widow!!! Good day sir!!!” Then Griselda slams the door on Rin’s little face.

With that, Rin decides to deliver his message to Jenya Urikas at the church of St. Cuthbert. The little halfling was sent by the church of Yondalla to help Jenya with coming trouble with the Ebon Triad. With not much else to do and caught up in the drama before them surrounding the little halfling, Blud and Drool decide to follow Rin to see what other trouble may befall the curious little fellow.

My party consists of 8 players. They walked through tongue eater and the band of thugs and alleybashers at the lucky monkey inn. Some of the things I did were:

-had the two dinosaurs ambush the party on the road as they approuched the Luckey Monkey Inn

-double the number of thugs and alleybashers left at the inn and maxed out there hitpoints.

-added a hitdie to the baboons in the courtyard and maxed there hit points.

any advice on beefing up the assault on the Ebon Triad at the kopu ruins would be much appreciated.

A long time ago in a land far far away.., on the fringe of the Great Han Empire, south of the Southern Han Desert and the Azure Sea, in sub tropical forest of mountains and dinosaurs, in the crater of a dormant volcano, lives the city of Cauldron. A city for the ambitous to build a reputation (or the fallen to rebuild one), far from Empirial intrigue and civil war. A city surrounded by lost ancient ruins and peril. A city rumored to be connected to the Underdark, by ancient lava tubes. A city rumored to be built upon the ruins of an older civilization. Cauldron a city that has produced a number of Heroes and Villians.

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