Rust monster stories.

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It was cool to read about the birth of the rust monster and stories from pro authors. I would like to read other rust monster stories from the Paizo community.

In a game I Dm'd A long time ago, 2nd edition D&D, My cousin had a Kensai character master of the lajatang. Any way she attacked a rust monster and her weapon was destroyed. My cousin announced his charcter kills her self for loosing the weapon. It was quite the dramatic role playing moment and descision. Something I did not even think about at the time, the Kensai could not lose thier special weapon.

Anyway any other rust monster stories.

I was playing a paladin in a world with very rare and expensive firearms (the gunpowder analog burned so hot you had to make the barrel from mithril or better). My character was the basatard son of a duke, who had given him a rifle and appropriate training before leaving to his arranged marriage.

The rust monster ate the gun. Then my armor. Then my great ax.

Then the ghouls attacked....

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