Shackled City Campaign: the shiny man chronicles: in the beginning

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Kaygan "The gods speak to me" human male paladin
the enigmatic Wil human male wizard/ rogue
Rink id Nar "flowers grow on my head" human male sorcerer
Feston "family man" Bulbous human male cleric of Pelor
Conk "SPOON!!!" 1/2 orc male barbarian
Tolken "let's eat'm" 7' 1/2 orc male fighter
the fair Serina elf maiden ranger/ sorcerer

A long time ago in a land far far away.., on the fringe of the Great Han Empire, south of the Southern Han Desert and the Azure Sea, in sub tropical forest of mountains and dinosaurs, in the crater of a dormant volcano, lives the city of Cauldron. A city for the ambitous to build a reputation (or the fallen to rebuild one), far from Empirial intrigue and civil war. A city surrounded by lost ancient ruins and peril. A city rumored to be connected to the Underdark, by ancient lava tubes. A city rumored to be built upon the ruins of an older civilization. Cauldron a city that has produced a number of Heroes and Villians.

Kaygan was reared at the Lantern Street Orphanage near the cold lake in the center of Cauldron. Kaygan heard the voices of the gods, from the morbid whispers of Wee Jas to the orders of St. Cuthbert. Kaygan heeded the voice of St. Cuthbert over all, and was blessed, with a beneveloent glow and a call to become a Paladin.

Rink also was reared at the Lantern Street Orphanage in Cauldron. Rink was gifted with a brilliant intellect and deep unassuming empathy. Rink' s intellect won him addmission into the College of High Wizardry at the provincial capital of PuWee. He was expelled after an explosion that left Rink bald, losing all his head hair. In place of hair a bed of flowers grew on Rink' s head. Rink soon developed his own magic ability returning to Cauldron as Rink id Nar sorcerer.

Kagan and Rink were joined by the 1/2 orc barbarian Conk and his mighty SPOON!!. Conk liked Kagan's shininess and decided to join him, he also brought along his friend, the enigmatic Wil.

Wil had family ties to a secret society of assassins, the Blood Angels. He was trained in the ways of the Blood Angels, but yearned to study the wizardly magic as his, now deceased, father had once dared.

Feston Bulbous, warrior priest of radiant order of Pelor, was a family man. Feston married young and lived with his large nagging wife and three children. One hot sunny day, after escaping the rath of his wife, Feston had brilliant flash of
inspiration. The Sun worshipper, glimsped Kagan shining under the sun and decided to join him.

So the Company of the shiny man began with Kagan the Paladin, Rink id Nar the sorcerer, Conk the barbarian, the egnigmatic Wil and Feston Bulbous cleric of Pelor.

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