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Anyone read the new "Dragon" article. I for one am empressed with Robert Heinsoo view of D&D. I like the idea of wild abilities and class features. Sounds like it would make the game more fun.

My humble opinion.

I still don't like the spin language they use on most of the commentaries at WotC. But I did like this article.

What do you all think?

I liked it. After all the PR faux pas that WotC has made, it was kind of refreshing to read something frank about what drives them: the love of the game.

Scarab Sages

I hated it. Sure, they love the game. We all do. Duh. They wax nostalgic about "the good ol' days" while they go out of their way to say "all that was crap, here comes 4E".

Ok, so the good ol' days were crap and 4E will be better. We get a laundry list of their D&D "pedigree" and some minor anecdotes about how "this rule change was awesome in my game!" garbage.

I read stuff like that from regular ol' DMs all the time. Its a good read. Some house rules are awesome. But to get forced fed this tripe in an "official" publication is lame. Save that crap for the boards or your personal blogs.

Someone has been spending too much time in the catacombs of Wrath.

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