Team work in D&D.


From the first time I played D&D, teamwork has been a draw for me in playing. When I was young a game like monopoly could end up in a fist fight. Here was a game that everyone plays to when together. Cool!

In my recent Save tide campaign, my players had become selfish. They weren't fighting over treasure or anything like that. They would move as fast as they can to the next encounter trying to get the first blow, the first kill, meet the enemy. It was each man for himself, and personal glory. That would be alright, i would be happy to let the body count rise. Accept 1/3 the players were into exploring not fighting. These guy had scouting abilities and wanted to use them. But no, the glory hounds would rush pass them initiate a fight. Worse a new player, playing a cleric was encourged to hang back shoot arrows with precise shot, and save her spells for healing them.

In our last game, I adressed the players with my concerns. I also offered extra experience for team work as an all or nothing reward for the group. They all agreed with me. The scouts were allowed to scout and as a group the devised plans in clearring Lavinia's house.

In the end, our Samurai, had a duel with the lizard man, Chief Lorblorb. He got his butt whooped in front of the other Pcs and Lavinia. Also to my surprise, they let Chief Lorblorb and his pet rust monster Chunkes go. It was cool ending for a D&D game session. Leaving a cool prantoganist alive for later use.

I think I had it easy with my gaming group. Anyway how have others dealt similar issues in the game? Is it even an issue in your game? DO your players an DMs like that kind of competative gloryhound D&D?

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