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Mukluk Muletender wrote:
"Ah-man Seck-het!" Mukluk says, invoking the power.

Bwaha! I can't stop laughing. That just made my day. Maybe one day I'll get to actually play that character.

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This is alchemy's first law of equivalent exchange.

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I told you when I handed the keys of St. Pete over that it'd happen.

Congrats buddy.

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Tels wrote:
Also known as Erinyes.

It was meant more as a joke. I was actually considering the Erinyes when I typed it out. Specifically because my wife is a magical woman capable of raging something fierce. She also grows bat wings on occasion and flies away on secret clandestine missions, but I try not to question every aspect of her.

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Cheapy wrote:
Here's the history of the word 'warlock' if anyone is interested.

Cheapy, I don't think I've ever said it before (and if I have, feel free to compile a table or whatnot) but I love the times you drop in with really awesome stuff for me. Well, for everyone, but my wife says I've deluded myself into thinking it's just for me.

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Male Human Pirate 4 | 29/37 HP, Init +4, AC 18 (Touch 14, Flat 14), Fort +5, Ref +9, Will +3; Perception +5

Standing near the building where he'd left the last cannibal who'd drawn his ire bleeding out on the ground, Cale finished reloading Geraldine and collected the remainder of his and Truk's gear, tossing the latter to the burly half-orc.

Standing just over six feet tall, the good captain's build remains lithe yet muscular despite the amount of clothes he wears. His attire reminiscent of the standard seafarer, Cale wears a cavalcade of browns - blouse, breeches, and on down to his boots - each accenting the other in a vivid scene of earthen colors. At his brow, he wears the traditional captain's tricorne but with a bit of his own flair added to make it his own. At his hip, he carries a cutlass of intricate make and a small double-barreled pistol aside a boarding axe opposite that. A small glint of brass can be seen protruding from the top of his right boot. Various pouches align his belt and pack.

"Now now, Truk'tosh," he says eloquently using a dialect of Taldane muddled down so as to prevent anyone from pinpointing where his accent originated. "Let's not mislead our newfound comrades. They've been gracious enough to rescue us from our captors. The least we can do is present open honesty."

Looking to Iolana, Cale smiles as she draws the blade, ends her rant, and draws a laugh from Truk'tosh. Patting Truk'tosh on the shoulder jovially, Cale simply laughs and replies, "Tis a lovers' quarrel. Nothing more. Miss Zerengo, how you've grown! Tis good to see again as well, dear. I'm afraid you're sorely mistaken about those times, however, but let us discuss this over a drink! The gods smile upon me that I've stumbled upon good souls as I yet again walk these shores. Not much has changed, but enough to muddle my memory of it."

Turning his attention to Gatherine as she bounds up only serves to sweeten Cale's tongue yet again. "See, Truk'tosh, what did I tell you? A distraction ample enough to confound these blasted tribesmen could only come from the sight of three beautiful women such as this! But alas! I was robbed of a proper introduction. I do beg your apology, dear ladies. I, as our dear Miss Zerengo so wonderfully explained, am Captain Castellus Cale, Free Captain of the Shackles and captain of the Furies Gambit. Truk'tosh here is my bosun and most loyal member of my crew. Our fates here seem to have intertwined as again ours have as well, Miss Zerengo. I consider myself most fortunate for that." Taking Iolana's hand, he gives it a small kiss on the back of it and bows low swinging his hat in a wide arc as he introduces himself to the other two women.

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Sandpoint is a quiet little town... No, scratch that. Sandpoint wants to be a quiet little town. Goblins have always been a problem and the Sandpoint Devil used to terrorize the countryside, but the real trouble has come in the last decade. First, there was the Late Unpleasantness, in which a killer known as Chopper claimed 25 victims and a terrible fire ravaged the town, claiming the life of the town’s beloved priest Ezakien Tobyn.

Then, in 4707 at the Swallowtail Festival and dedication of the new church which had been built to replace the one that had burnt down in the fire, goblins attacked Sandpoint, attempting to burn it. It was primarily only through the efforts of a band of heroes that Sandpoint was not overrun by the goblins and burnt to the ground. These heroes ended the goblin threat for the time being, but also discovered other strange goings-on. There are many rumours as to what exactly went down, but during it all, Lonjiku Kaijitsu, one of Sandpoint’s founders died, apparently at the hands of his son Tsuto, who was then killed by the Sandpoint Heroes.

The heroes went on to do work for Magnimar and other places away from Sandpoint, but they were there again the following year, at the next Swallowtail Festival. They had been invited for a feast in their honour. They ended up defending the town from attack yet again. But this time, it wasn’t goblins attacking. It was a dragon! And giants! The Heroes lived up to their reputation and beat back the invasion. They went on to find the source of the invasion, a journey that took them north away from Sandpoint, and Sandpoint once again returned to a semblance of normality.

For the last few years, the town has managed to hold on to the “quiet” descriptor it so desperately wants. Sheriff Belor Hemlock has built up the town’s defences considerably and the people live in relative security. However, goblin activity is on the rise again. The Licktoad goblins of the Brinestump marsh have become unusually aggressive. The reason for this uncharacteristic bravery is quite clear: Somehow they have armed themselves with a considerable supply of fireworks. Several merchant caravans and travellers have been attacked so far. According to the victims, the damage caused by the horses panicking at the sight and sound of the fireworks has been almost as bad as the goblin attacks themselves. With the last few attacks resulting in severe injuries to three travellers, the problem has escalated from an annoyance to a threat. The attacks have not yet inconvenienced Magnimar, and so the City of Monuments has not done anything to help.

Sheriff Hemlock has restored Sandpoint’s old “goblin bounty” after years of inactivity to try to encourage the adventurous sort to seek out and kill goblins. The town of Sandpoint will pay 10 gp for every relatively fresh pair of goblin ears delivered to the town hall. An additional reward of 300 gp will be given to the group who can bring in the head of the Licktoads’ leader, Chief Gutwad.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of adventuring types around these days. Once upon a time, the countryside was full of them, helping to keep goblins at bay. But the removal of the goblin bounty years ago and recent rumours that an ancient Thassilonian city has been discovered have caused adventurers to head to the northern mountains and beyond. Many Sandpoint residents have begun to worry that another Late Unpleasantness may be on its way and that the Sandpoint Heroes won’t be here to defend them this time.

It's an old cliché that every story starts in a tavern, but in Sandpoint, the Rusty Dragon is one of the most popular places, so it’s unsurprising that some stories might start there. It is the oldest inn in town, notable for the impressive (and quite rusty) iron dragon that sits on its roof, gazing out over the town. Its proprietor, Ameiko Kaijitsu, last surviving member of the founding Kaijitsu family, is one of the most popular and beloved personalities in Sandpoint. Many seek out the Rusy Dragon just to hear her music or to eat the spicy and exotic food she serves.

And so, cliché or not, on this morning, the 21st of Rova, 4713, six people whose destinies are about to entwine, find themselves, each for reasons of his or her own, in the Rusy Dragon at the same time...

I like to give credit where it's due, so I cannot lay credit to myself for this post. In preparing for this adventure path, I delved deep into the Paizo repository of knowledge and picked the archives of Lucas, Weynolt, GMT, and numerous other GMs who've come before me in running this. It's with their dedication and all who came before us that make will serve to help us make this epic truly ours.

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I'm looking to run Jade Regent here on the Paizo boards for a six-PC party. Currently I have two folk who've already volunteered themselves to the group and I'm looking for four more with the possibility of one or two backups in case anyone has to drop. If you're interested, please read the information I've posted below and review the Jade Regent Player's Guide here before submitting a concept and character. Thank you and good gaming.


For character creation, I'm going to experiment with a system utilized by a campaign coordinator I'm following on Paizo. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Most of you know me personally and know that I'm very laid-back when it comes to gaming.

Character Submissions: I don’t mind players building mechanically sound characters. In a number/rules heavy game like Pathfinder, it just comes with the territory. However, I am one of those fellas that espouses Quality over Quantity; Fluff over Crunch; Role-playing over Roll-playing. As such, characters that strike me as painstakingly min/maxed will likely get passed over during the application process. I’ve found a good rule of thumb is to come up with a personality concept before deciding on the mechanics, though I will not presume to sit in judgment of whatever creation methods works for others. Just get me something that’s fun to play and fun to watch being played. If the most your character brings to the table is high damage yields, I’m not interested.

Posting Frequency: One post every 48 hours or so is plenty for me. Assuming an agreed-upon penchant for longer posts in general, I’m perfectly fine with actions dragging on a little longer than in other threads. So long as momentum is maintained, I will be content. If action begins to stall, I’ll simply wave my authoritative wand and get things a’scootin’ further. Just give a heads up for any prolonged absences, and I’ll try to let the pace of the game dictate itself (different strokes for different folks and all that). If the honor system doesn’t work out well, I’ll draw a harder line in the near future.

Writing Style: I would prefer well thought out and longer posts as often as possible. Terse posts are not necessarily a bad thing, though I would like to see thought processes and as many descriptive words as possible when players post. I do not have a ton of interest in posting styles that fall squarely in the realm of ‘perfunctory’.

Character Creation:

Pay attention closely, as this is where things get a little more interesting. I’m going to be presenting you options—a sort of checklist for the completionists among you. Now, you don’t necessarily have to go for broke on these, although I hope most of you will. I’ll outline a basic character creation package, and if that is ample opportunity enough for you, feel free to go no further. As for the rest? Provide me with that extra mile, answering my questions in full and earnest, and greater treasures for thee await. Let’s get down to it, shall we? (Oh, I’m a sucker for random rolls, by the way—while I won’t foist that upon anyone, I certainly will encourage it for the gamblers in the room. Results on rolls are final, however; no takesies-backsies. If you roll impossibly high, I’ll cope. If you roll a farmer, I apologize for your poor fortune.)

Starting Level: 1st

Alignment: Any non-evil; I am willing to adjust requirements for those seeking to take feats, classes, etc. that require the prerequisite of an evil alignment (for example, Red Mantis Assassin) providing it does not drastically change the game.

HP: Max for 1st level; after that, you can either roll upon leveling up or take the average. This is a decision you will be locked into upon character creation (and will be applied to each level thereafter, so consider well your choice)

Classes: Any Paizo products. No third-party or custom stuff please. Balanced party recommended.

Firearms: While Varisia is far from Alkenstar, I will provide some options for you if your concept falls within this category. In general, guns are considered Emerging.

Drawbacks: I will be allowing Drawbacks.

Retraining: Allowed.

Submitting a Character:
Create a profile/alias and include relevant information and mechanics inside. I’m going to be asking that character submissions follow the bestiary stat block format for ease of use. If you utilize a character generator like PCGen or HeroLab, you can post the stat block available from said programs. As long as it’s not a nightmare to read and the information is all there, I’ll be content.

Be sure to include the following in your profile, preferably at the bottom and in spoilers:

1. Description
2. Personality
3. Background

And now, onto the extras—

(The Basic Package)
Abilities: 20-Point Buy OR Roll 4d6 six times, drop the lowest down-the-line (no placing).
Starting Wealth: Average wealth OR roll for starting wealth.
Races: Core only
Alignment: Any non-evil
Traits: 2 (one must be a Jade Regent campaign trait)

(The Bonus Package)
The Bonus Package is for those willing to go that extra mile when it comes to creating a character. A variety of benefits will be available to those who put more effort into their character's concept such as personality, description, and background among other things. This package is an all-or-nothing package. In order to utilize it and thus win the benefits, you need to fill out all of the information listed. Otherwise, please refer to the Basic Package.

To drastically change your guise (Pick any Pathfinder Society sanctioned race [this includes racial boons; Goblin not allowed as it conflicts with the area]): Explain your heritage, forebears, and why someone of your kind is tolerated. Convince me. Varisia, for the most part, has a higher tolerance for the less savory races than others, but you’ll need to anchor your character to the region accordingly to buy into those graces.

To qualify for superior training (25-Point Buy OR Roll 4d6 seven times, dropping the lowest and placing where you will): Delve further into your character’s origins and backstory; explain where you received your training or what has influenced your character in such a way to stand above and apart from the typical adventurer.

To earn higher grade gear and belongings (Maximum starting wealth): Expand upon your character’s Personality section—I’m looking for descriptors with explanations (Example: Hard-Working; Emileah was born to a family of laborers, and knows what it means to put in a hard day’s work).

For a reward above and beyond what is provided above (???): Write a story or compose a ballad about your character. This story or song can be about their past, their present, or their future. It can be exaggerated or factual. This is your chance to jump off the rails and strut your stuff—rewards will be proportional to the quality (not quantity) and vary greatly.

[spoilers=House Rules]

I will be utilizing/allowing several additional systems created by Paizo, many of which are outlined in Ultimate Campaign. While most of these items contain information that you as players will not always be privy to, I wanted to inform you that these systems will likely present themselves throughout the campaign. A couple of these (Caravan and Relationships) are directly listed in Jade Regent as systems built into the Adventure Path. As such, I will list these systems first and expand upon it as needed.

Caravan: Early in the adventure, you will gain access to a caravan which will grow and expand with you on your journey. Details about how this will work are outlined in the Player's Guide for Jade Regent. We'll discuss this system further when the time comes.

Relationships: No villain ever seems to understand that when he threatens a hero's family, things go south for him. After all, nothing gives the beleaguered champion one last surge of strength like the sight of a loved one in peril. Relationships are the cornerstone of all that heroes are and can be and will play a significant role as you travel with fellow members of your caravan.

Backgrounds: If you wish to utilize the Background Generator (Page 16, Ultimate Campaign) for your character, you are welcome to do so, but you will not receive any of the benefits of the Bonus Package for doing so. Refer instead to the Basic Package.

Story Feats: These will be allowed if your character meets the prerequisites. Meeting the prerequisites can be done either throughout the Adventure Path or by having it as part of your background. If chosen as part of Background Generation, see 'Backgrounds' above for certain limitations.

Downtime: The use of the Downtime system will be situational, but certain aspects of the campaign may see its utilization as a necessity.

Companions, Contacts, and Cohorts: As you travel throughout the Inner Sea, you may come across certain NPCs with whom a prolonged relationship could prove beneficial.

Honor, Prestige, and Reputation (and other similar systems): Your character is unlikely to remain Adventurer Snuffy for long. You and your party's actions will affect the world around you. Whether that effect is a boon or a bane for you remains to be seen. Will you be famous or infamous?

Investment: That 'Dungeon Dash' game those retired adventurers came up with is going to be the sport of the future! Investing your money can be a good or a bad idea sometimes as the market for certain products is always in flux. This system, like downtime, will be utilized situationally. It could be a failed year for the sport or this could be the year that 'Dungeon Dash' shines! ('Dungeon Dash' is used merely as an example.)

Crafting: While crafting will be allowed, please remember that one must have enough time put into the cation to successfully craft. I am also a fan of Talismanic Components and for those looking to craft (or have something crafted), you can expect to see these new crafting tidbits in the game.

Hero Points: We will be utilizing Hero Points as outlined in the Advanced Player's Guide. If a player elects instead to not to use Hero Points, they will be granted an extra feat at character creation as outlined under 'Antiheroes' in the same sourcebook.

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All of you look awesome, but I got to give it to Helene. I think she definitely got the small details of Sheila's costume down. I must admit though that Helene's smiling a little too much for Sheila. (Just kidding, of course.) Tell Helene I said, "Great job," Jack!

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Thomas Graham wrote:
<goes off to rebuild head and pout that he can't get this for a while>

You aren't allowed a rebuild until official clarification comes down from Mike or John stating that you're allowed a rebuild. Just because your head explodes doesn't entitle you to a rebuild, Thomas!

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As with Kestler, these are in no particular order though I will include the short version reason in the spoiler title. The spoiler itself, upon clicking, will provide spoilers to those of you who have yet to run or play the scenario.

Hall of Drunken Heroes - GM - Two best encounters in any scenario:

The fight with the Primordial Demon in the Dream Realm; my players loved this
The bar fight... I mean, come on...

The Disappeared - GM - Roleplay:

Having run this five times, I've gotten pretty good at coming up with memorable characters for the PCs to run into. For the waiting room, I have included an Illusionary Screen (High Fantasy version of a TV). In the kitchen, I now have the Chelaxian Gordon Ramsey as well as what I believe has become rote with the Chelaxian Ambassador, Wilhelm Armitage (nod to Mission Impossible). In addition, I have printed out a picture of Ambrus Valsin with a photoshopped kiss mark and printed the letter on the back of it as a handout. During the vent scene (which is always easy for them to barrel through) [if you have ideas on how to make it harder, please let me know], I play the Mission Impossible theme and add a 3D element to it all with various skill checks to move through the vents. I pretty much run the Animated Chairs as optional encounters given we're always pushing time at that point. I have made them feel the crunch of time while in the Archives though (as if at any minute someone's going to come barrelling through the doors).

The Blakros Matrimony - GM - Roleplay:

The first time I ran this, I had one player (a Chelaxian brawler) start a fight with the Priest of Abadar because he didn't like the underhanded comments the priest made towards Cheliax. Also, during the reception, I had another player (who was playing with his wife and their characters are also married) toss wine into Nigel Aldain's face after he believed Nigel to be flirting with his wife. As a note, this player was also Grand Lodge. Another character, the group's wizard was entrancing much of the party with various forms of prestidigitation. I let one player play up his Profession: Soldier [which has been the only time he could making it one of his highlight scenarios] to get in good with some other folk as well.

God's Market Gamble - Player - Memorable moment for me:

After the fire in the warehouse that he barely survived (and had to rescue one of our other allies in), my Magus and his party were presented with jail time and a very stern expressment of disappointment from Grandmaster Torch. At that point, my character was just ticked off having barely survived. His response after Torch's speech was simple. "Sir, with respect, if we hadn't gotten out of there, we'd've ended up looking like you."

Before the Dawn, Part II - Player - Memorable moment for me:
My rogue's body was helpless but he was not. No one else wanted to deal with the ancient relic thing dug up in the encampment. When my rogue said screw it, he took it and we ran outside just in time to see a superape. Somehow he fell unconscious and was instantly teleported into the construct. To put it simply, I got to play an effin' Gundam!

Those are my top five favorites. Projecting out to ten would take a bit more time on my part that I currently don't have. Maybe later.

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Since the two bonuses are granted from different bonus types, to my knowledge, the answer is yes.

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For those of you in my region, you don't need to worry about this. I've already made sure that you're all taken care of AS LONG AS you've played at one of my tables at least once. For those of you who've never played at one of my tables, then I'm sorry to say you'll have to get into contact with Kristie, James, or one of the other Venture-Captains.

If you didn't already make a copy of your Chronicle sheets, do so now and ensure that you DO NOT let the originals come into contact with any other forms of paper. The chemical used for the font is what causes the deterioration - it's rare among the fonts used by Paizo for this happen, but it has been known to occur. (Last year I had to destroy some of mine. T.T)

For those of you looking to make a Pugwampi, don't forget to have the legal source with you when playing it at one of your local gamedays or conventions either. You can use this Blog post as official reference though (per the ruling on messageboard clarifications), so if lugging the book or printout around is too much for you, just refer the GM here.

Anyways, if any of my guys need help disposing of their Chronicles, let me know and we'll do our best to get uninfected copies reissued to you.

Thanks again,

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Purple Fluffy CatBunnyGnome wrote:
Nuku wrote:

You mean like the book boons, that are already out there? Freely available and printable at any moment.

The platform already runs on and assumes the honor system.

Not going to argue the point ... other than, I can guarantee you that without a really valid reason Mike isn't going to offer boons up like the book boons.

To piggyback on this, it is the job of the GMs at both the stores and Conventions to make sure that their players are adhering to this honor system. There are rules in place to prevent someone from using any sort of boon they want from these (besides the boons being one-use items generally).

Right now, you are correct in saying that everyone is able to download the Novel Boons. However, to be able to use it at any PFS table (whether home game, gamday, or convention) you need to produce the Novel in some format or another. Will that always happen? No, because as you said yourself, we operate on the honor system. We trust people not to lie, cheat, and steal their way through the 12 levels of their career. Enough of my thoughts on that.

Transitioning to my thoughts on rewarding GMs, here's some background on where I lie with that:

A little over a year ago, I started PFS with my wife. My wife, Katie, managed to bring one of our local game stores back from the brink of PFS destruction at their location and now the store is now one of the biggest PFS attractions in our area, holding weekly games of 3-4 tables, whereas it used to hold games MAYBE once a month with MAYBE one full table. Katie put in so much effort saving PFS at that location that she actively burnt herself out. Alas, she's GMed and played in maybe ten games in the last six months.

My wife didn't burn herself out because of some boon or even because her characters gets ALL of the rewards with NONE of the risk. She burnt herself out because she cared about the people she had played with, the people she GMed for, the people at Paizo, and Pathfinder Society in general. Likewise, I don't GM because I want or expect a boon. I GM because together with my players I get to create a story (whether it's the "Tale of the Crispy Raptor" or "Golarion's First Ever Golden Corral") that is going to be unlike the next time I run a scenario.

Personally, I burn through my wallet faster than I can make the cash by driving to and supporting a variety of game stores within my area. In the past year since I've been a Venture-Lieutenant, I've gotten to see one store come back from the brink of PFS destruction, watch two new stores rise up to form their own monthly game day, watch one of those two stores fall out of PFS grace because of uncooperative ownership only to see it rise again when new more supportive ownership took over. I've gotten to watch the players that first sat down at my Anthem Games table create characters that rose to 12th level and are now going to be participating in Eyes of the Ten this weekend at one of the biggest cons in our region. Their characters out-leveled even the character I first created. I GM at conventions, game days, and home games (trying to build up the confidence of my friends who have social disorders, so that they can one day participate).

As was stated already, it's understandable if you can't make it to a convention to receive said boons. It's understandable if you don't want to. However, I don't GM at conventions for any of those reasons and, if I'm playing, and you are one of those people GMing for even the slightest fraction of those reasons, I don't want to be at your table and I hope that you hang up your GM hat now.

"Explore, Report, Cooperate." Those are our tenets as Pathfinders. If we have to add the subtext of, "but only if boons are available," then I no longer want to be a Pathfinder at the table of those who follow that newfound tenet. If boons are this big of a problem, then I personally say we do away with them altogether.

Thank you to everyone who GMs whether you do it at a home game, game day, or Convention. You're the backbone of the Society. Without you, there'd be no players. Without you, there'd be no reason for us Venture-Officers or even for a company like Paizo to exist and continue operations.

Take what I say with a grain of salt if you want, but thank you if you've read this far.


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ThorGN wrote:
I thought Olaf wanted a bride...

He does. Because cake comes with the bride. After the cake is gone, the bride is just a somber reminder of your lack of cake.

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I had a few very creative ideas come from my group when I ran it for them and I rewarded them thusly.

The party's evoker used a mix of Prestidigitation and Knowledge (Arcana)to impress not only a group of scholars, but quite a crowd that gathered to watch as well. I included a few of the key NPCs in this crowd when he made his Influence checks as well as one or two of the present faction heads.

In addition, the party's fighter wasn't exactly skill heavy walking into the Matrimony, so I allowed him to make the necessary Influence checks with Rubaani as well as some of the Blakros guards utilizing his Profession (Soldier) skill.

These are just a few of the ideas that came up in the course of play and I rewarded them thusly for their creative thinking. The game still ran nearly five hours, but that's to be expected. I wouldn't recommend the game for convention play as Thurston has suggested as well, but it is a good one to offer at a game day where you have a bit of leeway when it comes to time.

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In addition, I've run a few scenarios where the players skipped some of the rooms altogether and moved to the final encounter (whilst still running near the end of time [during a convention, so I couldn't give them too much leeway or we'd've run the risk of pushing the next slot]). In situations like this, I was taught to just subtract any rewards (gold or otherwise) that they would've been rewarded after searching those areas from the final total. I crossed off specific items that weren't found as well as subtracted the gold reward from the final gold count as they never explored those areas.

Essentially, they came, they saw, they conquered - all while skipping the illustrious loot.

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As someone who plays a Shadow-wielding spellsword in both home games and PFS, I really want to thank you for releasing this. While none of this is compatible with PFS, I will be utilizing it for my home games.

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Mystic Lemur wrote:
Not to be a Robert's Rules-Lawyer, but that doesn't even make sense. :P

Why's it got to be MY Rules-Lawyer? I am against this motion! I vote we make it Chris' Rules-Lawyer.

Benrislove wrote:
I want to make a thread simply named "thread" and link chris's quote.

If it didn't take up space and/or annoy me, I would second this motion. I may second it anyways as long as it annoys Chris.

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Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
Severed Ronin wrote:
"I am a leaf on the wind."
I'd go with this one.

That was my initial thought, but anyone else who's watched How It Should Have Ended will know exactly why I believe "Because I'm Batman," comes in a strong second.

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Hmm... It's a toss-up between:

"Because I'm Batman!" or "I am a leaf on the wind."

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Irontruth wrote:
They'll be able to grow really awesome tomatoes in Nebraska.

If by awesome, you really mean THIS!

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I had three out of five not wear masks. I also had three out of five fail their saves.

While it was quite the entertainment, the bonuses from the Mist-template actually helped out the monk PC. Of course, he was referred to as the MONKey from then on out.

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Without looking at PF #10, but looking at that which was posted up here as the description, then cross-referencing it with both Varisia, Birth of Legends, the Additional Resources page, and two dozen different star charts drafted by Galileo himself, I'll say that until further clarification from the Big Bosses I'd allow it's use if the only reference source at the time was PF #10. The mechanics are essentially the same though the wording has been updated in Varisia to reflect certain changes in Golarion lore and Pathfinder Core.

Note: This has been the professional opinion of Robert Beasley and is in no way endorsed by any other person save for those people who endorse it.

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We didn't go through ALL of the dungeon, but we finished at 16th level and just wanted to get a bath and a good decent amount of rum in our system before we went back in. Of course, we never did and that session quickly died with the advent of Pathfinder.

Totally considering just converting our little 3X characters over to PF and picking up where we left off.

I still have two Efreet wishes left...

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Male Human Lvl 12 American Hero

That's good. I was reading from my mobile phone and its a bit difficult to keep up, especially with how busy it gets here at work. I'm constantly work, work, work, check threads, work, work, thread, work, thread, etc. Its a hassle sometimes, but I thoroughly enjoy being able to at least access this at work.

At home is a completely different story. Hardly any free time there. Lol.

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Another one that comes to mind is when my current party was playing through the aforementioned World's Largest Dungeon and we got to the point where we fought the cryo-hydra along the underground river. After my character's Mask of the Skull fails to kill it, our Ranger with her Dragon Bloodlines uses her fire breath to damage the hydra after which our Fighter/Warlock one-shots with a Power Lunge from the Abyss. When it drops we continue to follow the river.

GM: You guys follow the river at which point it opens up into daylight and there's a small path leading down out of the mountain.
Me: Wait.. We're out of the dungeon?
GM: Yeah. -Our jaws drop-
Me: And its just a path going down? No awesome waterfall to jump down into a pool to escape or anything?
GM: No. -With us still in awe-
Me: So we just got done with months in this dungeon salughtering drow, gibbering mouthers, fire elementals, a cryohydra, ice demon, minotaurs, and a freakin' Efreet Warlord, just to end it all on a 'You're out"?
GM: Pretty much.
Me: I'm anti-climactically going to the tavern.

We had a good laugh at that one. Pretty much the entire conversation.

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Dotting as well.

Given I don't have access to really anything else, I'll be coming up with something from Pathfinder. Maybe a test-run of a character I'm already playing, but a bit higher level so I can see how he plays out that way. I'll think of something and let you know, Monkey.

Also, hopefully we'll get to play together in Nightflier's Campaign. Good luck on being chosen. Your background was very impressive.

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This also convinces me to make a character now based off of all these tropes.

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As opposed to the modern day "Beer Hat" you have an "Ale Helm"

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New group of players was meeting up with my old group.

New group - Barbarian (who's a mute) and a Druid/his Brown Bear (Druid is wild shaped into a Brown Bear as well and has a Torc of Animal Speech).

Walking up to the old group, the old group stops to let them by and as the new group is approaching them, our Druid (in bear shape)

"Hey, do you guys know which way it is to Waterdeep?"

After a moment the old group was like ... "Whaaaaa?"

Druid - "Oh, I mean RAWR, RAWR, RAWR! No, seriously, where's Waterdeep?"