Top Ten Favorite Adventures in PFS Play to date.

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Silver Crusade

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Title sounds like it says. This is for all the new players and GM's who are looking for some good ones to pick.


1) Among The Dead
2) The Immortal Conundrum
3) The God's Market Gamble
4) The Penumbral Accords
5) Murder on The Throaty Mermaid
6) Among The Living
7) The Midnight Mirror
8) The Ghenett Manor Gauntlet
9) Our Lady of Silver
10) Quests For Perfection Parts 1-3

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Nice list. The murder on the throaty mermaid is a lot more fun when everyone at the table is 18.

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Not in rank order, but:

Golden Serpent
Gods Market Gamble
Decline of Glory
Silent Tide
Red Harvest
Sewer Dragons of Absalom
QfP series
Before the Dawn series
Assault on the Kingdom of the Impossible
Blackros Museum Madness


My list, although there are lots of great scenarios I haven't played/GMed yet.

1) Murder on the Throaty Mermaid
2) Frostfur Captives
3) Decline of Glory
4) The Darkest Vengeance
5) Citadel of Flame
6) Quest for Perfection 3
7) Rescue at Azlant Ridge
8) Module: Crypt of the Everflame
9) Wonders of the Weave 1: Dog Pharoah's Tomb
10) God's Market Gamble

Looking at my list it seems like I find roleplay, horror, and epic battles the most memorable.

Silver Crusade

Murder on the Throaty Mermaid

Assault on the Kingdom of the Impossible

Heresy of Man 1/2/3

Voices in the Void

Beneath the Silver Tarn

The Frostfur Captives

Temple of Empyrial Enlightenment

Among the Dead

Dark Archive 4/5

In no particular order...

#3-01 The Frostfur Captives
#3-02 Sewer Dragons of Absalom
#24 Decline of Glory
#2-01 The Bloodcove Disguise
#3-18 The God's Market Gamble
#4 The Frozen Fingers of Midnight
#10 Blood at Dralkard Manor
#2-21 The Dalsine Affair
#1 Silent Tide
#3 Murder on the Silken Caravan

The Exchange 5/5

I saw lots of good ones above, but no one picked my fav...

0-06 Black Waters. (Esp. played on a raining night, near windows).

Grand Lodge

No particular order

Voice in the Void
Frostfur Captives
Quest for Perfection 1-3, especially 3
Sewer Dragons
Storming the Diamond Gate
Black Waters
Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment
Citadel of Flame
Godsmarket Gamble
First Steps 1-3

I could go on and on...


Instead of just listing my favourites, I thought I would add a line to say why I like them. Also in no particular order:

  • Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment - great roleplaying, nice creepy feel.
  • Storming the Diamond Gate - since I ran this so much at PaizoCon (and since), I really feel that I've made it my own. The terrain and props help too!
  • Frostfur Captives - goblins are fun!
  • Lost at Bitter End - I ran this one cold on Sunday afternoon at PaizoCon. Maybe it was just the time & place, but we had a great time!
  • Fury of the Fiend - infiltrating a Hellknight encampment plus an epic final battle? Can't go wrong.
  • Delirium's Tangle - another fun scenario with a memorable finale.
  • The Haunting of Hinojai - One of the best in terms of it's spooky feel and unusual challenges.
  • The City of Strangers, Part 1 - I really like Kaer Maga!
  • You Only Die Twice - very unique premise, and a lot of fun.
  • The Ghennet Manor Gauntlet - another one that's quite different from the usual.

I am blessed to be playing in Winnipeg where GM's like Myron, Scott & Matt to put together such great games. So many fantastic player experiences it's hard to pick from that list so mine will be just games I have GM'ed

In no order

Before the Dawn Part 2-I ran a good group through this, that could not hit this one mini we were calling "Mr. Squats".....So that mini ended reused in nearly every combat & the way the big battle was handled was so fun & different.

Shades of Ice Parts 1 & 2-A very good story that really should have ended after part 2 considering how part 3 falls on its face.

Quest for Perfection Part 3-Following the lead of our VC I tried to get the optional to sunder a building with a grappled dwarf... that failed so I sundered the cleric instead.

Gods Market Gamble-The only time I have ever killed a player as a gm in PFS was this game & it was a villain that made so much sense, had believable motivation. It ended in a TPK but was such a good game.

Rise of the Goblin Guild-Singing, fire & goblins!

The Sarkorian Prophecy-Spent 40 min watching a dwarf almost die to the environment & just got better from there

WE BE GOBLINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You only Die Twice-Great final battle & a fun theme that players can get into the roll playing with.

Song of the Sea Witch-That first fight is shockingly hard & the optional at the high tier is such a challenge.

Grand Lodge 5/5

I'm amazed to see Our Lady of Silver on a list. No offense to James MacKenzie, who I enjoy 99% of the time, but that scenario has one of the most frustrating acts in just about any module in existence.

My list would likely consist of (in no particular order)...

- The Frozen Fingers of Midnight
- Mists of Mwangi
- Decline of Glory
- Among the Dead
- Before the Dawn, Part 2: Rescue at Azlant Ridge
- Fury of the Fiend
- Murder on the Throaty Mermaid
- The Frostfur Captives
- Sewer Dragons of Absalom
- Portal of the Sacred Rune

Silver Crusade

Our Lady of Silver is a personal favorite because we still talk about that adventure in my society. It wasn't that frustrating to me but my party had a great.time RPing.

Silver Crusade 5/5

There are many I haven't played or run, but here's a shot.

  • Haunting of Hinojai - by a fair margin the best of Season 3.
  • Sewer Dragons of Absalom - excellent RP opportunities combined with fun and challenging encounters.
  • Before the Dawn, Part 1: The Bloodcove Disguise - a seamless mix of RP and combat, lots of fun (surprised to see Part 2 here, I'd rank it among the three worst scenarios I've run).
  • The Frostfur Captives - ran this once with another GM playing the captives, was a lot of fun.
  • The Dalsine Affair - Really dangerous, but an amazingly intense and atmospheric adventure if run right.
  • Quest for Perfection, Part 3: Defenders of Nesting Swallow - I'd love to see more scenarios that place Pathfinders in unusual situations like this.
  • Decline of Glory - never ran or read this, just played. "Taldor, a hideous affliction".
  • The Ghenett Manor Gauntlet. Another Season 3 gem, a nonlinear adventure with a good theme. It's fun to fail!
  • The Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment - the plot in this one, with multiple twists, is perhaps the best so far.
  • Wonders in the Weave, Part 1: The Dog Pharaoh's Tomb - of the "standard" dungeon delves, the best one I've played so far.

Sovereign Court

I would say:

  • We Be Goblins. By far the most fun I've had.
  • The Dalsine Affair. Good atmosphere and a killer last encounter.
  • Rise of the Goblin Guild. It has goblins, and songs and a kick-ass start to the new season.
  • Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment. Really damn creepy and a lot of fun.
  • Blood Under Absalom.
  • Icebound Outpost.
  • Echoes of the Overwatched. I don't like the final map but the adventure itself more than makes up for it.
  • Penumbral Accords. Very damn creepy, straightforward and rewarding.
  • Murder on the Throaty Mermaid.
  • Assault on the Kingdom of the Impossible, despite the Taldan faction mission...

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Oh such fun I've had with these:

Rebel's Ransom
Dalsine Affair
Hall of Drunken Heroes
Rats of the Round 1
Sarkorian Prohecy
Blood at Dralkard Manor

All of them the most lethal, painful, stay on your toes or get splattered scenarios I've run to date that still have the best stories and RP chances out there.


Dam, I forgot "We Be Goblins". Definitely top 3.

I wish I had run "Blood at Dralkard Manor" before it became obsolete. :(


Jason S wrote:
I wish I had run "Blood at Dralkard Manor" before it became obsolete. :(

You can still run it, you just don't get a chronicle for it. That shouldn't make it less fun!

Grand Lodge

In no particular order:

QfP 1 and 3 (part 2 is lame)
Wonders in the Weave 1: The Dog Pharaoh's Tomb
The Penumbral Accords
The Haunting of Hinojai
Murder on the Throaty Mermaid
Among the Living
We Be Goblins!
Before the Dawn 2: Rescue at Azlant Ridge
The Dalsine Affair
Sewer Dragons of Absalom

Runners Up:
Silent Tide
Mists of Mwangi
Portal of the Sacred Rune
The Midnight Mauler
Citadel of Flame

My list in somewhat of an order starting with my favorite.

King Xeros 7-11 Classic, takes players to a great enviroment.
City of Strangers part I 1-7 Ahem.. Kaer Maga, need more Kaer Maga...
You Can Only Die Twice 5-9
Golemworks Incident 5-9
Hall of Drunken Heroes 7-11
Portal Of the Sacred Rune 7-11
Sewer Dragons 3-7
Citadel Of Flame 1-5
Immortal Conudrum 5-9
Forbidden Furnace of Forgotten Koor 7-11

Don't want to spoil much with comments about the scenarios.

Sovereign Court 5/5

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In chronological order:
0-07 Among the Living
0-16 To Scale the Dragon
1-33 Assault on the Kingdom of Impossible
2-15 Shades of Ice Part I
2-24 Shadow's Last Stand Part II
3-05 Tide of Twilight
3-18 The God's Market Gamble
3-21 Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment
3-24 The Golden Serpent
3-25 Storming the Diamond Gate

Grand Lodge 5/5

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In no particular order:

3-18 God's Market Gamble. The fire got out of hand, quick. That session ended early, but on an epic fail level.

#51 City of Stangers - Part1. I love Ms. feathers. All I see in my mind is John Candy in drag.

3-23 The Goblinblood Dead - Another epic fail, running away with a paralyzed Tengu in tow

2-15 Shades of Ice part 1 - Stellar timing of Unnatural Lust cast on a donkey......

#7 Among the Living: My Taldan cleric came into her own as a person with a unique personality in this scenario.

3-01 Frostfur Captives: Goblins and alchemist fire make for fun roleplaying......

4-11 The Disappeared. Another awesome adventure that highlighted all the great non-combat skills mixed with a time limit. I loved the tension it created.

#8 Slave Pits of Absalom. Ended before it even began (1st encounter), as the rest of my party got apprehended by the City Guards and thrown into jail for d12 months (12), despite her repeated cries of "They're coming, we need to leave now!"

Murderer's Mark. Bard out of butter to cast Grease. Asking at every meal, "is there butter?"

Grand Lodge

In no particular order...

Frostfur Captives (comedy)
Storming the Diamond Gate (epic!)
The Disappeared (clever)
The Jester's Fraud (engaging)
Haunting of Hinojai (creepy)
The Cultist's Kiss (also creepy)
The Cyphermage Dilemma (flavor)
Quest for Perfection part 3 (epic)
Module: Midnight Mirror (amazing investigation)
Pallid Plague (creative)

Lantern Lodge

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As with Kestler, these are in no particular order though I will include the short version reason in the spoiler title. The spoiler itself, upon clicking, will provide spoilers to those of you who have yet to run or play the scenario.

Hall of Drunken Heroes - GM - Two best encounters in any scenario:

The fight with the Primordial Demon in the Dream Realm; my players loved this
The bar fight... I mean, come on...

The Disappeared - GM - Roleplay:

Having run this five times, I've gotten pretty good at coming up with memorable characters for the PCs to run into. For the waiting room, I have included an Illusionary Screen (High Fantasy version of a TV). In the kitchen, I now have the Chelaxian Gordon Ramsey as well as what I believe has become rote with the Chelaxian Ambassador, Wilhelm Armitage (nod to Mission Impossible). In addition, I have printed out a picture of Ambrus Valsin with a photoshopped kiss mark and printed the letter on the back of it as a handout. During the vent scene (which is always easy for them to barrel through) [if you have ideas on how to make it harder, please let me know], I play the Mission Impossible theme and add a 3D element to it all with various skill checks to move through the vents. I pretty much run the Animated Chairs as optional encounters given we're always pushing time at that point. I have made them feel the crunch of time while in the Archives though (as if at any minute someone's going to come barrelling through the doors).

The Blakros Matrimony - GM - Roleplay:

The first time I ran this, I had one player (a Chelaxian brawler) start a fight with the Priest of Abadar because he didn't like the underhanded comments the priest made towards Cheliax. Also, during the reception, I had another player (who was playing with his wife and their characters are also married) toss wine into Nigel Aldain's face after he believed Nigel to be flirting with his wife. As a note, this player was also Grand Lodge. Another character, the group's wizard was entrancing much of the party with various forms of prestidigitation. I let one player play up his Profession: Soldier [which has been the only time he could making it one of his highlight scenarios] to get in good with some other folk as well.

God's Market Gamble - Player - Memorable moment for me:

After the fire in the warehouse that he barely survived (and had to rescue one of our other allies in), my Magus and his party were presented with jail time and a very stern expressment of disappointment from Grandmaster Torch. At that point, my character was just ticked off having barely survived. His response after Torch's speech was simple. "Sir, with respect, if we hadn't gotten out of there, we'd've ended up looking like you."

Before the Dawn, Part II - Player - Memorable moment for me:
My rogue's body was helpless but he was not. No one else wanted to deal with the ancient relic thing dug up in the encampment. When my rogue said screw it, he took it and we ran outside just in time to see a superape. Somehow he fell unconscious and was instantly teleported into the construct. To put it simply, I got to play an effin' Gundam!

Those are my top five favorites. Projecting out to ten would take a bit more time on my part that I currently don't have. Maybe later.

5/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Finland—Tampere aka Rei

I'm always touched when Jukka includes Frozen Fingers of Midnight on his lists. I ran it for him back in Season 0. Baby's first GM experience, ever.

My list in no particular order:
Frozen Fingers of Midnight
The Disappeared
The Blakros Matrimony
Cultist's Kiss
Severing Ties (largely because of the PC I happened to be playing)
Murder on the Silken Caravan
The Midnight Mirror
Tide of Twilight (same PC as in Severing Ties... I think I might enjoy that character more than I thought)
Delirium's Tangle
Storming the Diamond Gate

And one bonus: The Skinsaw Murders, sanctioned from RotR. Oh man.

Liberty's Edge

1. Blackros Matrimony
2. Frostfur Captives
3. Rise of the Goblin Guild
4. We Be Goblins
5. Feast of Ravenmoor
6. From Shore to Sea
7. To Scale the Dragon
8. Red Harvest
9. Curse of the Lady's Light
10. The Mantis Prey

Mostly based off running though the GMs that ran We Be Goblins, Rise of the Goblin Guild and Mantis Prey did such a good job I still have fond memories of those tables.

Sovereign Court 5/5 Venture-Captain, West Virginia—Charleston aka Netopalis

1) The Blakros Matrimony - I've GMmed this 3 times and played it twice. Each time brings new and unique stories that are often talked about and retold over and over again.

2) The Immortal Conundrum - Great opening story, with a roleplay mechanic that gets everybody involved.

3) Severing Ties - Has a reputation for being brutal, but most groups enjoy the espionage and the fantastic opening roleplay. It also has a fight that is particularly interesting and takes some creativity to handle.

4) Murder on the Throaty Mermaid - Who doesn't love a good murder mystery? 18+.

5) The Gods' Market Gamble - CSI: Golarion, with some great opportunities to touch on the PC's dieties.

6) Carrion Hill - Dark and foreboding, the players get a sense of having accomplished something truly epic by the end.

7) The Midnight Mauler - Another great mystery scenario - I'm very fond of them.

8) The Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment - A nice, peaceful scenario, where everything goes right all of the time and there is nothing wrong anywhere ever. Period. Right? Right.

9) The Ghennet Manor Gauntlet - This is a bit more dungeon-crawly than I normally like, but it works out. It requires some unique skills and has some good RP as well. The combat is positively brutal - killed an extremely experienced player's character on the very first fight with it.

10) The Jester's Fraud - Challenging and engaging, this scenario presents a fantastic chase culminating in one of the greatest sandbox encounters I've ever ran. No two runs of this are alike.

Sczarni 4/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Connecticut—Manchester aka Cpt_kirstov

Dotting for later... I will have two seporate lists: favorites to play and favorites to GM.

Silver Crusade

Off the top of my head, in no particular order, not limiting myself to 10, and I'm sure I'm missing some other personal favorites that I'll think of later:

We Be Goblins!
Frostfur Captives
Rise of the Goblin Guild - Yes, I like Pathfinder goblins!

First Steps, part 1 - Varied enough to be fun, and works great with newbies, not just lowbies. I've done this one 6 or 7 times now (mostly as a GM), and I'm still not bored with it. Parts 2 and 3 are pretty good, too, but not good enough to make my favorites list.
Feast of Ravenmoor (module) - Lots of fun if you play up the atmosphere and bring the NPC villagers to life. Epic final fight.
The Blackros Matrimony - Lots of fun role play
The Disappeared - Cue Mission Impossible theme song
Rats of Round Mountain, part 1 - Best BBEG ever!
Storming the Diamond Gate - Couple of fun puzzles, an amusing NPC, and an epic final fight at subtier 3-4. Recently GMed it at 6-7, and the PCs stomped the final fight surprisingly easily.
Assault on the Kingdom of the Impossible - I just love seeing players react to the opening mission briefing. "You mean you want us to intentionally lose a fight?"

Honorable mention - These fit in the "great idea, imperfect execution" category
The Pallid Plague - I love the idea of the unique skill challenge, but unfortunately, the numbers make it work out too difficult for many groups, and you really need 6-7 players to even stand a chance. Definitely don't run this at subtier 1-2.
Severing Ties - Fun RP in the early sections, but the fights at the end are too difficult.
Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment - Like Severing Ties, fun RP, but stupidly difficult combat.

Shadow Lodge 4/5 Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco Bay Area South & West aka JohnF

Fromper wrote:
Assault on the Kingdom of the Impossible - I just love seeing players react to the opening mission briefing. "You mean you want us to intentionally lose a fight?"

I played this recently. When the relevant situation arose I was trying to make it look as though I was putting up at least a bit of a fight, so of course the dice conspired against me; my one and only melee roll was a confirmed critical, with close to maximum damage, that turned out to be fatal.

To make it even worse - just as I was rolling for the additional damage I realised that what I should have done was to use my shirt re-roll when the critical threat came up.

So not only did I make things more difficult for our party than necessary; I also missed an opportunity to do something noteworthy!

Grand Lodge 4/5

1. Frostfur Captives
2. Murder on the Throaty Mermaid
3. Rise of the Goblin Guild
4. Mists of Mwangi
5. God's Market Gamble
6. The Blakros Matrimony
7. The Disappeared
8. Quest for Perfection 1 & 3
9. Before the Dawn Part 1
10. Tbe Pneumbral Accords

5/5 ⦵⦵

Here are my favorites in no particular order:

Mod Feast of Ravenmoor
Mod Mask of the Living God
Mod Carrion Hill
04-06 The Green Market
04-10 Feast of Sigils
04-11 The Disapeared
04-04 King of the Storval Stairs
03-21 The Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment
03-01 The Frostfur Captives
02-01 Before the Dawn Pt.1

Dark Archive

In no particalar order:

Night March of Kalkamedes
Cultists Kiss
Golemworks Incident
Storming the Diamond Gate
Gods Market Gamble
Frostfur Captives
Midnight Mauler
Before the Dawn part 1: The Bloodcove Disguise
Assault on the Kingdom of the Impossible
Citadel of Flame

Shadow Lodge 4/5

This list will have minor spoilers, but since this is the GM side of the boards, that should not deter too many folks. Right, well, in no particular order:

1. Mists of Mwangi: This one's a true classic. It is a pure dungeon crawl, but the twist is so creepy, fun and, in word, Paizo-like, that I just love the scenario

2. City of Strangers, part 1: Don't you just love Kaer Maga, Paizo's Sigil? The scenario itself has some odd encounters in it, but it oozes style and flair. Lovely.

3. Feast of Ravenmoor: As far as low-level modules go, this one rocks my socks off. Difficult, atmospheric and fun.

4. Ghenett Manor Gauntlet: This one makes the list because it is just so different. Manorcrawl instead of dungeoncrawl, great NPCs and quirky encounters.

5. Haunting of Hinojai: It should not have been possible to do J-horror in a campaign such as the Society, but this scenario somehow not only manages it, but does it so well that even I, the resident horror buff, had to do a double take. Such a memorable romp.

6. Among the Dead: I hear you ask "Why?", but here's why: It's all about appearances. What initially appears as just another tumble with some evil cultists is instead a hysterical plunge into a masterpiece of ineptitude. Some cult...

7. Cultist's Kiss: Bestest thing this season due to both great roleplaying opportunities and memorable combat encounters. This one has it all, from zany to downright creepy. Season 4 in a nutshell, basically.

8. The Golemworks Incident: Now I kind of wanted to include In Wrath's Shadow here, but it isn't that exciting out of the box, we just happened to have a really good GM who wasn't afraid to spice it up. Golemworks here is great from the get-go, even though it lacks the sweet Thassilonian tidbits of the aforementioned scenario.

9. Darkest Vengeance: It has one hideously difficult encounter, but even that does not quite spoil the peculiarly atmospheric nature of this scenario. Can't say much about it without spoiling a sweet twist, but definitely a keeper!

10. Murder on the Throaty Mermaid: Enough said, probably the best of the bunch.

Blackros Matrimony - I had an awesoem table and I renamed it the Gnome wedding crashers. Permanently magically seducing the blacros matriach and getting chased off by her husband was icing on the cake

Voices in the void - Again a great table three level 2s and one level 3 in the 3-4 tier. People at the other table were dying and it made the adventure scarier on an already scarey adventure.

The citadel of flame - having that second encounter mess with people was very fun.

The dalsine affair - Having the DM stop the game during the last fight to tells us in a 3 minute rant we stood no chance and that this fight would kill us all and then me right after the rant ending the fight in the very next attack was pretty epic. My first DM tear.

Feast of Sigils - The GM was doing very bad GM things, but the whole prositute soul cookie was incredible.

The Cultist's Kiss was hilarious when we had a moving block party searching the town for clues. Great great party to play with.

We Be goblins This is the only adventure you are meant to be evil. That alone says something.

The Cyphermage Dilemma- I thought this was a very weak mod and not thought out. The means to do what you are meant to do, do not make sense. The DM and me both realized it and without talking about how broken it is he let me device a creative means to arrive at the last area. Plus he was an awesome DM the whole way with his adapting the encounters with my creative ideas. This to me proves a good DM with creative people can make anything fun.

Feast of ravenmoore. Wow this mod is fully thought out. There is so much flavor that it is sad the PCs will never get to see it all. One PC failed a save against EVERY thing in that mod.

Quest for Perfection part 3 Spending my time preparing a tengu costume for a gnome with a nat 20 on the disguise check and pretending to the be a captured tengu baby was hilarious.

5/5 Venture-Agent, California—San Francisco Bay Area North & East aka Pirate Rob

Looking at my PFS adventure reviews.

I gave the following adventures 5 stars:

Hall of Drunken Heroes
No Plunder, No Pay
Eyes of the Ten Pt 1.

I gave the following adventures 4 stars:

Blackros Matrimony
Golemwork's Incident
Rise of the Goblin Guild
Portal of the Sacred Rune
Rats of Round Mountain pt 1
Frozen Fingers of Midnight
Murder on the Silken Caravan
The Hydra's Fang Incident
Silent Tide
The Haunting of Hinojai

Silver Crusade

Doh!!! I forgot Eyes of the Ten, part 1 on my list!

Sovereign Court 5/5

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Card Game, Starfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Fromper wrote:
Doh!!! I forgot Eyes of the Ten, part 1 on my list!

Yeah, I haven't updated my list since the thread was resurrected, but EotT Part I definitely is on mine.


10. Haunting of Hinojai (great overall)
9. Eyes of the Ten (hard to pick one of them as I enjoyed the thing as a whole, esp.

beaky and the barsoom part
8. Rats of Round Mountain (both parts 1 and 2)
7. Mists of Mwangi (for all the reasons listed above)
6. The Harrowing (I loved GMing this "Alice in Wonderland" adventure)
5. Feast of Ravenmoor (I have a soft-spot for this as I think it was one of my players' favorites early in our group's starting days.)
4. Rebel's Ransom (see what having seven wives does to you?!?)
3. Midnight Mauler (both as player and GM, got a laugh out of Kristie which made it fun)
2. Blackros Matrimony (ran this recently and it was a lot of fun... one combat ran over 20 rounds though.)
1. last, not a scenario, but a setting. I love Kaer-Maga and I would love to see a "city sourcebook" or boxed set exclusively for it.

Honorable mention "Hall of Drunken Heroes".

Lantern Lodge

Whiskey Jack wrote:
1. last, not a scenario, but a setting. I love Kaer-Maga and I would love to see a "city sourcebook" or boxed set exclusively for it.

Hey Jack, while this is a wee bit old, might I suggest you look no further than here for said sourcebook. It's a very good read and I've run several 'home' games when I was deployed based out of Kaer Maga.


Severed Ronin wrote:
Hey Jack, while this is a wee bit old, might I suggest you look no further than here for said sourcebook. It's a very good read and I've run several 'home' games when I was deployed based out of Kaer Maga.

I have that sourcebook, but thanks for the tip- other folks may want it if running Godsmouth Heresy and the PFS scenarios that take place there. What I would love to see is a much more in-depth treatment of the city... nice, big maps maybe pawns suited to the "unique" inhabitants of the city... stuff like that. :-)

Silver Crusade

Lady Ophelia wrote:

Title sounds like it says. This is for all the new players and GM's who are looking for some good ones to pick.


1) Among The Dead
2) The Immortal Conundrum
3) The God's Market Gamble
4) The Penumbral Accords
5) Murder on The Throaty Mermaid
6) Among The Living
7) The Midnight Mirror
8) The Ghenett Manor Gauntlet
9) Our Lady of Silver
10) Quests For Perfection Parts 1-3

I should add a section for favorite Season 4 episodes. So I guess I'll add it now:

1) The Blakros Matrimony--Candidate for best PFS Scenario ever in my book.

2) The Disappeared--It's a great challenge!

3) King of The Storval Stairs-- I love this adventure! It's got that epic feel to it.

4) Day of the Demon -- This is the only PFS Scenario in which I was totally okay with getting beat to an inch of my life in. It also made a great transition to my future Season 5 plans.

5) The Green Market -- It's not an easy scenario, but it's an AMAZING one. But my character got to do somethings that justified why she's going on to Eyes of The Ten this summer.

6) The Tower of The Ironwood Watch--So this adventure looks just like your standard sword and board, D&D go raid the tower adventure. But look again when you play/GM it. :D

I haven't done all that many, play or run-wise. But. The Frostfur Captives in Season 3 has quickly become beloved to me. The ability to GM and frustrate/amuse my players with the antics of their goblin 'captives' is just a whole bunch of all-around fun.

Shadow Lodge

I'm not sure I have 10, but

1.) Voice in the Void (DM Perspective, because you can really add so much madness to it.
2.) The God's Market Gamble (simply amazing, and a very nice assortment of encounter types, social, combat, etc. . .)
3.) Penumbral Accords
4.) Among the Living (zombie Apoc for the win)
5.) Frozen Fingers of Midnight (a bit unconventional, but it's one of the greats that really allow players to have a meaningful impact on the world, and seems very epic)
6.) Silent Tide (DM'd only, but as #5, just at x2, and also has some pretty cool puzzles, and easily customizable)

These I have not played or DM's, but know a enough about that I really want to, and not really in any order.
7.) Midight Mauler (Ustalav. yah, that's it. Ustalav)
8.) In Wrath's Shadow (both because of the chronicle sheet, and it really seems like an amazing classic adventure)
9.) The Darkest Vengence (sounds amazing AND is set in Ustalav)
10.) Night March of Kalkamedes (the chronicle is intriguing, and it sounds interesting as well, most likely to DM next)

Those that I despised:
1A) Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment (just terrible, and not really interesting to begin with. This is probably the first scenario ever that me, and at least a few of our party where just completely bored throughout, even with a great GM. The writers GM suggestions where a large part of it, and no matter what we did or had, in the end we had to be saved by NPC's or a TPK in the most unfun, uncinematic, and uninteresting way possible, which would have probably led to all of us giving up on PFS completely. Yah, it's really that bad.)
1B) Severing Ties (was not impressed, but this was the first time I have ever seen someone not only walk away, but discontinue their PFS account entirely. A couple of VC's out there too have simply left players hanging with chronicle sheets and reporting, kind of speaks a lot to this scenario.)

Not really in any order
2.) Quest for Perfection 1-3 (unless your a Monk, meaningless and terribly boring. kind of part of the big Tian Xia push at the time)
3.) The Cyphermage Dilemma (I honestly do not understand why this one has anywhere near the rep it does. Maybe the original was a lot better??? Mediocre at best, but was a huge waste of a game. Might have been better, though not likely by much, if it had had some, oh I don't know, cyphermages. . . Honestly, my mind is kind of blown wondering not only how this scenario was not retired, but also made into the yearly event???)
4.) The Disappeared/Fortress of the Nail (again huge rep with very little interest on my part. Both would have rocked if there where options to succeed that involved

purposefully failing to rescue Zarta, and making sure all other attempts failed, the more style the better
. They both have some absolutely blatant moral and well, just "in good tastes" issues, and I do not at all mean dilemmas, but rather some very WTF!!!!! REALLY?!?!? moments.)
5.) The Sanos Abduction (not a bad scenario, but the Item/Boon on the Chronicle Sheet, being a 1 time only thing ruined it for me, and I've heard I am not alone on that same issue.)

5/5 Venture-Lieutenant, California—San Diego aka RAdeMorris

I know I don't have enough to really make ten, but what the heck.

1. We Be Goblins!
2. First Steps -- Part One: In Service to Lore
3. The Frostfur Captives
4. The Disappeared
5. The Devil We Know -- Part Three: Crypt of Fools

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